Thursday, May 31, 2007

just stuff and stuff

I must have really needed to sleep last night. I need to put myself to
bed earlier.
Booger wouldnt get comfy laying on me to go to sleep last night, so I
just put him in his bed. a couple times of laying his head back down and
he was out.
he woke around 3 (I think) but dh had to wake me cause I was sleeping so
paci and laid him back down, waited a minute and had to go pee really
bad, so went to potty. came back to make sure he was snoozing and sat on
the couch and slept for an hour.
I woke when G hollered out and it scared me. I guess he was dreaming. he
was stuck in a corner, so I pulled him out and put him on his pillow and
he was fine til about 7 this morning.
brought him to bed with his cold sippy (which he hates and will fuss the
whole time) then he slept til about 9:15.
I was up about 8, as were K and gavin.

its cloudy outside today, but I don't think its supposed to rain. it'd
be really nice if it would. I dont think we've had rain since about May

cant believe tomorrow is the first day of june! katlyn's bday is just 6
days away and Garrett's is 17!
bday party is still on the 9th. mom and I will be going to BG tomorrow
to hunt for more party stuff. they have a party store up there I want to
check out.
course then have to get ready for hunter and Gavin's. I may use the same
theme for them (they both love spiderman of course ) so that'll be easy.

oh, forgot to mention, last week at a yard sale, I found a pack of
classic theme winnie the pooh desert plates with matching napkins for
"baby's first birthday". I'm going to use those for Garrett's cake at
the party cause I've always called him pooh bear. I know it doesnt go
with the theme, but for a quarter I couldnt resist.

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