Friday, December 31, 2010

The tile ninjas were done at 2am. *yawn* today: grout girl comes on scene! Sans cape per Dody's suggestion. :)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Today: we are tile ninjas!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

And once again we are up before the kids on Christmas morning. :)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

 the weeks been crazy of course. is tomorrow really Christmas already?? cant believe its come up so fast! work again today 11-close (around 4) and after getting home, we'll take gifts for my parents to their house for our annual Christmas Eve at mom's house.  today is her birthday, so we celebrate (as long as she doesn't have to cook LOL)
the kids are looking forward to it, so am I. she asked waht I'd be bringing, but since I'm working, cant really think of anything. I do have some left over chili... not alot, but maybe over some chips? IDK.
my dad is coming early in the morning! this will be the first Cmas morning he's been with us in a number of years! he's usually here later in the day, but he confessed he doesnt like driving home in the dark. (we ask him to stay the night, but he wants to get home to his own bed) so he'll be here bright and early, which will be a surprise for the kids! weeee!
I did get Cmas cards sent out, but I was only able to buy 20 pic cards, so some wont have a pic this year. I also didnt do a letter. sorry!
but for those who didnt get one and for all of our friends, we wish you a blessed and very happy Christmas!!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Not much sadder than seeing a young girl begging her boyfriend not to dump her. Be strong girl, there are better ones!
Yay, seeing Tangled with the boys :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Yay, got my Christmas cards out! :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Great day! Cmas play @ church. Kids were a hoot! Even Gpa got to see our rockstars :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Actually got the tree up and decorated now. Go me! LOL!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Work party tonite, no school tomorrow and i get to sleep in! Woo!
Theres a snow drift as tall as sarina in our back yard! :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Peanut butter pie for the work party tomorrow! YUM!

Friday, December 10, 2010

It will get better. It will get better... Right? I'm believing that no matter how many times I have to remind myself.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Fixing dinner. Sarina said no to the chicken and ate the green peppers!

Monday, December 06, 2010

Pulled a double yesterday. Recouping a bit before going in tonite.

Friday, December 03, 2010

OMG! Just had to call in a 911 call for a house fire! No, not ours thank God!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Hoping tonite goes well...
Garrett is not happy that I'm going to work today. :(

Friday, November 26, 2010

That was fun :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Munchin donuts with katlyn
I REALLY hate Wildblue right now!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm so pooped today. not from work, but from work. Orientation was fine, kinda fun even. took about an hour. I was on the go all day yesterday it seemed. all kinds of errands to run before going to pick up C from my moms. then taking him in town for B-ball and having to stay in town since dh was getting home late. in the midst of all this, I totally rearranged my dining area shelves. it needed it anyway cause once we start putting in the new cabinets, the shelf unit there would have to move. now its done and just the small kids bookshelf is there. I'll get some pics to share today. I've got most everything put up, but a lot of stuff still out. we're getting rid of two of the shelves, so I dont have enough room for everything now. I've goodwilled a bunch of stuff, a few things I'm going to see if a friend wants, some other stuff trashed.
once I get the rest of my kitchen cabinets in, I'll have a lot more room for things, so may be able to put the rest of this stuff up. 
also considering using the old kitchen cabinets for my office space.  they are smaller cabinets (only 24" where the new ones are 30", and not quite as deep) and still match the new cabinets in color. I could have a pretty sweet system set up over here if we do use them. I'll talk to dh about it.

my car is still in the shop.  I'm driving dh's escape til its done. I'm glad I've got it, but I'll be SO glad when my car is done!

several of us have been chasing our noses this week. LOL! runny noses and watery eyes were about my undoing yesterday! GAH! doing better so far today. the dust that I kicked up by taking everything out of the shelves yesterday was terrible! kinda embarrassing really. LOL

I never even got OL yesterday, unless I sent a text in. dont even remember if I did that. 

Sarina has taken to wearing her hair in pigtails lately. so cute. its in a ponytail right now cause she only found one band. 

taking k to get her hair cut today. its going to be short and super layered. she wants to be able to spike it. plus then coloring it blue/black. interesting. she's lucky I'm cool with this stuff.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sitting at a mcds with S, G and G while the 2 tots play in the playplace :)

Friday, November 19, 2010


We have food for another week!
Just feel so dang alone sometimes...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sarina is feeling better this evening, though she's still a bit coughy. tomorrow is the last day of school for the kids then they get a week of vacation from school for thanksgiving. a whole week. we never got that! :P I hope the weather is good so they can at least get outside during that time.

Got my schedule for next week, not a lot of hours yet, but its a start at least. I was told it'd be slow at first, so I'm ok with it. Robert has already asked if it's worth it. *sigh* yeah, its still more money than I'd have had before. Not like anyone else is hiring part time for what I need in this town. :P I think he's expecting me to bring in a load of $ the first week or something. sheesh. 

Having lunch with Hunter today :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Garrett just farted in front of a group of people, then made sure they knew by saying "i farted!" Lol!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Back in the working force later this week!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Made scones for breakfast. They were awesome with butter and strawberry jam!

Friday, November 12, 2010

had a good time with my sis today. always do! they ended up calling her in at 4 so we had to cut it a bit short, but I got home in time to get dinner anyway, so it worked out.
garrett showed his butt the whole time, of course, but she's a trooper and we made it through. LOL!
I did find C two polo shirts for $10 at one of the mall stores. they were having a Veterans weekend sale.  he's been wanting some for church, so that was an awesome deal. did find the converse all star boots that K wants, but those things are expensive :P I think we'll just stick with getting her a couple more pairs of converse knock offs and make her happy with that 

I'm looking for a used Nintendo DS on ebay for Gavin. Does anyone here have one they want to sell that's in good condition? 

found out dh's check wont deposit in the bank account til monday.  yeah. that's just awesome.  I made a partial house payment today, I REALLY hope it doesnt clear the bank til monday. *sigh*

dh gets to work tomorrow. K has a bday party to go to. there's a moms GTG tomorrow evening, we're goign to see the Cmas open house in town. its always so pretty!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

S and G both got a finger stick today and you'd have thought they had a limb cut off! :p

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Sometimes things are soooooooooo frustrating!!!!!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Yes, I voted! :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween costumes 2010

these are the same pics on FB

later tonight, gavin comes up and was rubbing my tummy. he says 'wow, Sheik has a big tummy' *sigh* thanks kid, you sure know how to boost an ego. :P

showing off my ponytail

these were taken after we got back home.

so there ya go! the boys love their shields and swords. I'm making them keep their shields in my room while not playing with them, they took a bit of work!
and dh said we'll try to go to the anime-con this coming year in Nashville! Woot!! K and I would love to go and he has to go just cause its in Nashville and I DO NOT drive in Nashville. LMBO!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

My baby girl LOVES black olives. (they make me do an awful face!) today they were her breakfast of choice. She refused my biscuit after one bite.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Crap. Water leak from somewhere in the washing machine. Not what we need. *sigh*

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Gavin pulled his own tooth for the first time last nite :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Is thankful for many things but family ranks up there right under God.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

15 years of diapers are done!

Sarina is potty trained now and I'm super glad about the loss of diapers! we have the pack thats left and I put them on her at night, though she's not had a wet diaper in a couple weeks. she wakes at night and comes to the potty if she has to go. 
she had poop going issues this last week and it got her in trouble (since I knew she could do it, she just hem-hawed around til she went on herself) but today she was back on the potty to do her business for me.  she got a sticker for that! (plus a lot of clapping, cheering and all that good stuff)

and so I can have it in here, I took her measures this week and this girl amazes me with her growing  she is now 38" and 34.4 lbs. C is the only sib who was bigger than her at this age, and that is just barely and mostly cause he weighed more (38 lbs). amazing. yep! she keeps this up and she's on track to be taller than katlyn at full height (K is already 5'7" at 13). I just KNEW all the kids would be taller than me! dang! 

dh is out of town the rest of the week, which is good cause we REALLY need the money it'll bring in!! ugh, its been a very slow month, even had to ask my dad for some $ to get C birthday gifts. I hate that. but dad of course thought it was no big deal and sent him some $. C spent wisely too, I'm very proud of him.

I'm off track on my WL. I've gained 1.1 lbs dang it. ugh. not being able to get to the gym on a regular basis throws me off. I'm awful about working out at home.  no excuse for it, I'm just awful about it. LOL

Garrett's had a whole month of septemer of good school days! the teachers always tell me how awesome he's been and he gets excited too cause he gets an icy pop when he gets home.  bribery? maybe, but it works and its cheap LOL

I redeemed some mypoints for a lowe's gift card $50! I may save it to go towards the kitchen, which we want to start around Christmas, dont know yet. there's so many little things we want to do to the bathrooms still.  we'll see, at least I have it to play with! 
still no sink in the kids bath. with dh out of town, that threw it off. oh well. they have a shower/tub and toilet, so that's enough for now. i'm working on spackling the walls this week and getting the primer on and hopefully the walls painted. that way when dh gets back in, we can put the newly cut mirror back up and be ready for the sink!
can I say I love tile floors in there??? YES! water on the floor? no problem now! 

and I will get those pics off the camera. i will, i will, i will! things arent finished though, so its all still work in progress stuff. but you can see where its come from to where its going at least!

I want to put one of these up in their bath at some point. there's no window in there and its so dark. this would at least brighten it up during the day.

ok, gotta change out of my tinkerbell pj pants so I can go get Garrett. I have two free zaxbys kidsmeal coupons and I want to use them today!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Looking forward to my net working right again. Sometime. :p

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Playing hookie today by spending it with the hubby and (most of) the kids.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Finally! A great day for garrett at school! :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Making banana bread muffins since my net is almost nonexistant

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Getting ready to watch The Expendables with my hubby. :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hanging out at the park til time to get C for the ortho

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

 so I know I'm not a posting diva these days. this is the first time I've been at the puter today and the kids will be home soon and I still dont have anything out for dinner. :P

garretts had a bad school week. I mentioned in stacy's journal that monday they called me to come pick him up. he was wreaking havoc and had only been there about an hour! throwing shoes, running out of the classroom and down the hall, trying to pull the fire alarm, etc. what a mess. they've never called to have him taken home. yesterday was better, he got 2 of 4 stars, but today he got 1 of 4. :P they're hoping he's just readjusting to being back in school and it'll all kick in soon. I do too. he's not out of reason here at home, so I guess he saves a lot of it for them.  he looks forward to going to school though, doesnt complain at all. 

monday was just a BAD day. C went in late casue of an upset tummy, K wanted to stay home, but she'd been recovering all weekend so I sent her on. Gav's nurse called from school cause he was nauseous, then the call about Garrett. argh!
the good part was my mom came to clean my house that day.  so at least my house was clean! LOL!

I did get the kids entry area walls done today. waiting to make sure the paint is dry before snapping a pic.

havent been able to go to the gym like I want since school started.  been hard to get there at all really. I've been a few times, but never for as long as I need. ugh.

some other awesome news I got yesterday is that my younger sister is pg!!! this is awesome cause they've been trying for 5 years and have gone through several fertility treatments. this cycle though she was waiting to start her meds cause she just felt like she was going to start af. well, the test popped up immediately when she tested! her EDD is the beginning of April! Sarina gets a birthday buddy!!

sarina has done really well with her pottying this week (after a horrible monday, of course LOL) she's even gone there herself today and called me when she was done (to my surprise). still waiting for that poop on the potty, but hey, we're saving diapers no matter.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Just got the wonderfully awesome, blessedly fantastic news that I'm going to be an aunt again!!!! Congrats Kimmy, Jeff and Courtney!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Prepping for gavins Mario bday party :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Holding at 158 this morning. Nice to see the Wii scale go down. Now if my little person would thin up. :)
Off to do stuff with hubby and the 2 youngest.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Waiting for a cub scout meeting to start :)

Friday, August 06, 2010

WOOT! Got my autographed book from Heather Webber today!!!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Great first day of school! H has gav's 3rd gr teacher, Gav has his fav teacher, and the big kids didnt complain (much).
She made it to 130 before having an accident. Not bad :)

the kids took forever to go to sleep last night. the boys at least, K was knocked out quick as usual. they were up easy this morning though, jabbering like chickens 
they did wake Garrett up, but no biggie. he'll be getting up with them next week. it'll be a new schedule again for us!

hey, did I mention I now have a housekeeper??!! ok, its just my mom, but its what she does for part time work.  I officially hired her (though she said she'd do it for nothing) and she'll come once or twice a month to help set my house in order!  she does an awesome job, dont know how she does it, but I want it more often.  too bad that gene didnt rub off on me huh? 

Sarina is going diaper free for now. I'm out of diapers and she tends to remember to potty if she's in the flesh. LOL no accidents so far, but I'm not expecting it to stay that way. 

Monday, August 02, 2010

Sitting at the 8th grade open house


Can't believe the kids start school in two days. The summer went by fast, but it was a good one. My babies are growing up so fast it brings tears to my eyes. We're super proud of all six of them too! We've been truly blessed with some wonderful kids. Thank you Jesus!

I must admit

Finding apps for an iPod is fun :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Awesome day today. Thx Heather for letting us drive you crazy Lol!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Omgosh!! Theres no a/c at the dojo. *sweating profusely*

Sunday, July 25, 2010

So freaking proud of the 14 yo all-star players!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Feels good

To know the hard work I've been putting in at the gym isn't going unnoticed. Just this week I've gotten two great comps from people who hadn't seen me in a while.
To know someone else can tell a difference is awesome. :)
My hubby is a great encouragement to me, he's never failed to love me and my body, no matter my size. He loves seeing me take care of myself though.
I want to continue in my pursuit of a better body. I want to be one of those ladies you can't imagine they've ever had ONE kid, much less 6. :)
A friend said the other week that I couldn't expect my tummy to get back to looking like it dis before kids (as in looking kinda flat) and I accepted that as a challenge!! Might take me a year or more, but I want to be proud of all of me! To know I've done my best, KWIM?
7 months in and I'm down almost 20 lbs. Can't wait to see how it continues!

The little things

I can drive my car as a stick shift instead of an automatic. My iPod has given me a new enjoyment of music. My carpet is clean(er). Hubby will be home tomorrow. Canaan's all star team is going to state. I enjoy my gym time.

Monday, July 12, 2010

:) potty please!

On our way to a completely potty trained house...well, except for the dog. I've been changing diapers for almost 15 years!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


I really do wish the foot pain would go away. I've gotten pretty good at ignoring it, but I'd rather it not be there in the first place.


Hunter just asked me if I was fixing a "real egg with the syrup inside".

Friday, July 09, 2010


Waaaaaaay top early for me to be up, but gotta get the kids to camp.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

I got to compliment another mom today on how well behaved her kids were. I always love when people tell me so. It really made her day and her smile was huge!


Not me but the weather. Summer is summer as usual here in the south, but man, I do enjoy those days when it's only in the upper 80s.


Now I can update from my iPod so maybe i'll actually remember to do it! :)

Monday, June 21, 2010


 I got some awesome news today! OMG!
ok, to start with, last week while at the gym, when leaving I weighed myself (as usual) and it came up 158 lbs (these are the typical sliding dr type scales). I was surprised, but chalked it up to a fluke cause my home scales weighed me at 163 that morning, obviously just something flippy that day.
well, today when leaving I weigh myself and it came up 155!! I reweighed myself like 5 times! then I turned to Ben (gym owner) and said "Ben, I'm starting to like your scales better than mine cause they weigh me less!" so he asked if the gym scales were zeroed out. he checked them out to make sure they were set correctly and they WERE!!! so I'VE MADE MY GOAL AND DIDNT EVEN KNOW IT!!!!!!!!! I was smacking him on the arm saying "OMG OMG! do you know how awesome this is???!!!!"  he was laughing at me. LOL! needless to say I was bouncing out of the gym today and called hubby to tell him too!
I get to set a new goal now, but do you realize all the weight I've lost?? WOW!!! I DID IT!!!!!  I'm so freaking proud of myself and not out of vanity or anything, just knowing that I stuck with it and even enjoy it and actually DID it!!!!
I'm going to leave my ticker as is for a while just so I can enjoy it.  gotta think of what I want my next goal to be now.

for some comparisons, I'll post measures I've got. 
the first ones are from 2005, the last time I was this size

weight: 155
bust 41.5", ribs 33", waist 34", hips 38"

my heaviest this time around (weight is from home, but the gym scales were 3 lb heavier then. weirdness!)

weight: 174
bust 41.5", ribs 34.25", waist 37", hips 39"

and my current measures that I just took this morning (using the GYM scale number)
weight 155
bust 40", ribs 33.25", waist 35", hips 37.75"

my goal for my waist is 34" currently. long way to go, but closer than I was! my bust/rib measures flucuate so much each week it seems. can be .25" to .50" difference sometimes. :P I might set my new weight goal for 149, just so I can break that 150 line, KWIM?

so I'm a happy camper! happy happy happy! and I needed it too after the crappy morning start. LOL!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

 so I've been kinda productive today! I finally planted my two mater plants for outside and my basil for the kitchen. then I went looking for scone recipes and found an easy one with high ratings. they're really good! I had 3 I think and Garret had like 4. Sarina ate one. got a whole plate for everyone else! I think the recipe says it makes 8, but heck no! I got at least 16 and these are big ones! triangle shaped sized about 4" long, 2-3" across at the widest part.

when I make them for K's party, I'm going to use a small cutouts (thinking of using my alphabet letter cutouts) for them. they puff up too and putting a smidge of strawberry jam on them? yeah baby!

tried a cucumber mint recipe for tea sandwiches...  so not doing that one! sticking with things like the chic salad, egg salad, etc!

I got my cheshire cat drawn today, now to cut it out and paint it 

S and G have been good today. a few meltdowns as is normal, but good. found a preschool game for G on the puter and he's been enjoying that. Sarina too, though she does like clicking random things too often so I'm closing out odd computer windows. 

the days gone rather slow. I guess cause I didnt have to go in town (preschool) today. seems like I have a ton of time. LOL

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I've been painting my kitchen this week! finally decided the colors I wanted to go over that awful flower crap on my wall! got it done tonight and I'm super pleased with the results! I feel like we have a grown up kitchen now LOL! I do have pics, just gotta unload them and upload. next I'll finally start on my bathroom I think. I got the drywall tape this week so I can at least get the strips off my walls and fix those. I want to do the bathroom in lite blues and greens, like an ocean feel. 

so update on the week. hmmm, it'll probably be skippy, but here goes: C had 3 games yesterday! 2 first with the high school in the city. they lost both, but got back in time for me to pick him up and run him to the park for the park game (they got a late start). they ended up winning that one (yay, their 2nd win!!)

yesterday we also had an unexpected animal visitor. katlyn about tripped over a raccoon in the back yard!  it was during the day too. so odd! I got pics of it as well, not often you see a raccoon in the daytime. of course something had to be wrong with it to be hanging out like it was. seriously, it woulndt run from us or anything. I tried calling animal control, but they left at 3 (it was 4 by this time), sheriffs office was working on getting a cage when papaw got off work and just brought his pistol over. the sheriff did say distemper was going around really bad in the raccoons right now and obviously this little guy had something wrong with it. I was really worried garrett would try to go grab it or something (it was that lethargic!). papaw took care of it for us. sad yes, but cant have it hanging out here waiting to die, KWIM?

tomorrow katlyn has a band concert that I'm going to have to miss because I'm scheduled to work stupid concessions at the high school field at the same time.  freaking figures! she'll be basically right beside me cause she'll be at the HS gym, but man.

dh is having issues with one of his bosses at work. this guy really needs his head checked. everybody down there thinks he has a split personality and he's been giving his Mr. Hyde to dh lately! dh is laying it on the line tomorrow with all three bosses. we'll see what happens. he has places to go if he loses this job and I'll support him. no reason to deal with people calling you a liar and that you're wrong about your job 90% of the time, especially when DH is the one 90% of contractors ASK to work for them!  whatever it takes, I want my man happy in his job. 

I'm sure there's more, but that's the highlights I guess. oh, FIL is to be in tomorrow sometime. not sure how long he's staying, probably just through the weekend.

only one week of school left!

Friday, May 07, 2010

dh got home tonight! he has to go back next week for a couple of days.

the rest of this school year will be interesting! the kids were informed yesterday (and parents) that they'll be going to school on 2 saturdays! the 15th and 22nd! wow! I've NEVER had a saturday school day. of course they're complaining "I'm not going!" it'll be interesting to see how many kids actually show up on those days. 

C has a baseball tourney tomorrow all day in the neighboring county. gotta have him at the school about 8 am. he and dh are at a varsity game tonight.

in fun news, when losing weight its one thing to see it on your scale at home, its another when you see it other places! at the gym yesterday I've dropped 7 lbs from my highest I've weighed on them since I started going!! that felt GOOD to see tHAT scale go down!
then on the Wii today I did my Wii fit checkin and it was -5+ lbs since my last checkin.  that was the first time I met a goal on that thing  of course it tells me I should weigh about 132 and yeah, I weighed 135 in high school, but I just dont see that happening in this body now : but as long as I'm moving down on the scales, I'm happy!

tonight was a true test! we went to eat Chinese food! ack!! LOL! I stuck to meats and veggies, didnt get any starches and had jello for a dessert, water to drink of course. I'm full, but I didnt leave there feeling like my tummy was about to explode! and it was only the 2nd time I've eaten today, so hopefully it wont set me back.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010


thought I'd post that we're doing well up here. we were hit with the same rain as Nashville that caused the flooding this past weekend, but we got about 12" while the Nashville area got about 15", plus with them being on the Cumberland and all...
we were out of school for 2 days due to impassable roads and flood conditions. We have at least two major creeks/rivers that I can think of running through our town, so flooding was pretty bad in several areas. I dont think anyone was hurt or lost in our area though, thank God.
Nashville area was not so lucky. If your local news hasnt been talking about it, look it up and see the damage, its terrible down there! a lot of loss and disaster and still waiting for the waters to go down.


 so we do have school today!  they had to reroute for some neighborhoods and areas and are going to work with those that dont feel safe driving in still. still a number of impassable roads here and even a few neighborhoods that have water in or up to the houses. 
if anyone is interested, I linked a friends photos in my FB of pics around nashville. dh got pics on his camera yesterday going back to work, but he's heading to SC today and I dont think he left his camera here, so I'll have to get them this weekend.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

yes, I'm here!

no, I've not fallen off the face of the earth, just been caught up in mom business and been updating on Facebook and kinda bypassed my blog. for anyone who would like to find me on FB, just send a message or leave a comment. if you know my last name, just find me. LOL!

we got to go to Chattanooga last week for the kids spring break! it was great! that was our first vacation since I was pregnant with Hunter (so that'd be 2002). we went to the Chatt Zoo (small but nice) and Lookout Mountain. found a nice playground up on the mountain in a neighborhood called Fairyland. no kidding! all the street posts were wooden with the arrow design of story books with names like Alladin, Wood Nymph, Cinderella, etc. so cute!
the weather was beautiful and the kids even got in the pool (them, not me!). we hope to go back when summer break hits. :)

Canaan is playing high school JV baseball this year, and Park League baseball as well. so we're back and forth with practices or games every weekday and part of the weekends. keeps me running! (him too, but that's good for him... keeps him out of trouble. LOL).

Hunter is still taking kung fu, he loves showing us his new moves. I love seeing how dedicated he is to it and how intense. :)

Gavin is waiting for soccer to start as far as sports go.

Katlyn is into her artwork and music. what can we say, she's just not a sports person and that's ok. can't say mommy ever was growing up!

Garrett is loving preschool now, he's made so much progress! I think he'll be sad when summer break comes.

Sarina will be TWO tomorrow, the 15th! our little Precious celebrating her 2nd birthday with us! love it!

from baby girl to big girl, we sure do love her!

Monday, March 08, 2010

 good weekend, but dang if it didnt go so fast. *sigh*
dh came in on friday night. saturday morning he and C had baseball stuff. that took til about 3.
as soon as they got in me and the girls had to rush off to the city for the movie. we got there just in time, about 40 seconds of the last preview played before the movie started when we sat down  we seen Alice in Wonderland. it was good, I was skeptical about it, but I did like it. (not love, just like ) I guess it grows on you. the base story was the classic good vs. evil, just very colorfully done. I do think they should have put a PG-13 on the rating though. some of the images were not what I'd want my little ones to see. 
got home about 8:30.
we stayed home from church yesterday since we'd not had any family time yet. we had to take old furniture to goodwill, couldnt pick up the table, and dropped off the compaq at best buy AGAIN. (if I close the puter it goes into standby mode and wont wake up with out taking out the battery. plus the Windows key is different and it wont verify it and wont let you change it!) so its off to the hospital again. thankfully the toshiba is behaving perfectly for me.

lily went to the groomer on saturday, they cut her hair waaaay too short.  I wanted to leave her long til it was warmer, but she has a summer cut now. poor thing has been shivering all the time. she looks half her size though I didnt realize she was still so small! her hair is pretty darn thick now! which is awesome cause when we got her it was all scraggly and thin, I think due to the care her previous owners gave her. so she's quite healthy now! 

garretts burn place is looking very good!! no open wounds anymore, the skin is growing over it now and its getting much smaller I'm so glad! I'm hoping by the end of the week he wont need a bandage on it. 

I'm down some more weight!! I'm down to 170 and I've dropped another inch this past week! I'm starting to feel a difference in my jeans more often which I love! havent been to the gym since thursday so I'm looking forward to going tonight!

canaan has a scrimmage tonight with the HS team, so he'll be late getting home.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

here, barely 
started with the sickies yesterday. head cold, achy crap, fever type stuff. been dosing up on the vit D3 and Vit C and feel better today. no fever, no aches, no sore throat, but I'm still a bit fuzzy. at least I can function though, right?
been running like a loon. seems my only down time is after I drop G2 off at school.
C's ball practices have moved to 6-9pm each night. dont they think of families when they decide these things? ugh. so with dh out of town (and supposed to be out next week as well) its up to me to be taxi service all day. I've been in town 3 times just today, that's a 14m round trip each time  maybe I should invest in that VW sooner rather than later. LOL
I did get boys laundry done today. hm... well, its washed. still gotta move it to the dryer.

we got our tax refund back on sunday!  we're paying off the one small CC bill and ALL the other smaller bills that have been a thorn in our sides the last few months. one I wasnt expecting was just over 1100.00, so that bit a good chunk out of the refund. still have enough to do all we planned, just not as much left over for getting insulation for the garage like dh wanted.

Sarina says I love you now!  she came up to me today and for the first time said "I loo loo"awwwwwwwww!!!! she told mamaw that on sunday after mamaw'd said it first. so sweet!!

I'm sure there's more cause I know I Thought of something a bit ago I wanted to tell, but darned if I dont remember now! drat!

oh, one thing though! I finally lost weight this week! only 1.5 lbs, but at least it went DOWN instead of up!! 

gotta meet FIL about 8:30 am tomorrow in a neighboring town to drop him off some stuff on his way through. gotta have G2 ready for school in case I dont get back here til drop off time. at least no kung fu tomorrow, so the kids will all ride the bus home, just have to pick up C when he's done. I feel like I have a part time job with all the time I'm out of the house anymore.

my laptop is still down. should hear from best buy this week that's its back from the 'hospital'. hard sharing puters with the kids when I'm used to my own. I know, I know, wah wah wah LOL!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

 everyone is better now. still some coughing going on, but that's it.
poison ivy is on the way out, he did get it spread to a small spot on his arm and his fingers before we got it under control.

we got about 6" of snow here, which is a big deal LOL! churches cancelled, school will be out monday and likely tuesday too. I couldnt believe they called school of on FRIDAY just cause the storm was coming! it didnt even START snowing til about 3 that afternoon and didnt start sticking til that evening!!  another wasted snow day! these people are freaks! the kids will spend half their summer in school at this rate cause of the idiots in charge.

dh is planning on taking the kids to the park today for sledding. the park has a couple of big hills that people flock to for sledding. I hate cold weather though, so not sure if I'll go. 

we took the kids out in the snow yesterday and they lasted about 20 minutes. Sarina didnt like it AT ALL!! she cried the WHOLE time she was outside  never even touched the snow or anything. she'll be just like her momma! Garrett got mad cause he couldnt ride through the snow on his bikes. K and Gav were jumping behind snow drifts like forts

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

hmmm, guess I should update to myself

dh made it to Canada ok. we're texting since we dont have international call plans. he's getting pics for us to see too.
looks like Garrett will be home from school today. they said he cried the whole way home on the bus yesterday  and he had a fever. (why did no one call me??) he was pretty cranky, even after a nap yesterday til he got some motrin in him then he perked up. he's sleeping in my bed right now cause the boys have woke him up 3 days in a row getting ready for school.
I was hoping to meet up with my sis either today or thursday. we'll see what comes up.
my new phone came in yesterday!  my other one-the touch screen completely stopped working a few days ago, so I lost some contacts (even though I told it to save all to my sim card) so any of you girls that had given me your #, please text me or something cause they're' gone.
there are still some weird things about my replacement phone, like adding pics to the contacts. its not doing like my other phone did, so I'll have to read up on it

I ordered a snap on case for it too, off ebay, so it should be here in the next couple of days.  the first case I've bought for a phone! its pink plaid

my house is still clean! since my mom cleaned my house the other week? Ive maintained it and I feel very proud of myself LOL, I could actually take pics of my house if I wanted and not be freaked LOL!!

in the gym, I moved up to 15 lb dumbbells last night for my bicep curls! I did 3 reps of 15 so I was very proud of myself! in most other machines I do 3 reps of 15 and then top off with 5 more for an even 50. LOL I think we've been going for 4 weeks now? hmmm, I'll have to check on that.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


so our power was down for like 1.5 hrs tonight when a storm passed through. the kids were bouncing off the walls til I got them into doing things like Simon Says and stuff.  thankfully i'd cooked stuff in the crock pot so it was hot.
I did realize I need to refill a couple of the oil lamps though.
FIL gave me $113 to go grocery getting on, so I hit Food Lion again today! I spent $176, but my coupons totaled $95.  yesterday I spent $102 and coupons were $52. the only thing I have to get for a while is our WIC stuff since FL didnt have the stuff there to get it. (no milk or bread items left). I now have stuffed cabinets and the fridge out in the garage is holding a bunch of stuff! I wont have to grocery get for 3 weeks!
wednesday they're supposed to cut things to 60% off so I'll go see if they still have freezer items left then. they werent much of a good buy today.

got to hear at least 10 people compliment Sarina on her hair today

S has a cough still, G2 is sounding better. I'm using hylands cough syrup for them. they like it at least.
I bought a thermal thermometer the other day with some left over Cmas money. I got a $10 one cause the $40 one the pharmacist said she kept getting error readings and didnt like it. the $10 is ok, though it takes a more accurate reading if I read from the crook of the neck than the temple like it says to do.

my replacement phone is on the way. I'll be glad when it gets here cause my phone is currently only good for answering a call and sending a text.  I cant access the menu or my contacts to make a call or go to other apps. suuuuuuuuucks!


I had to call the warranty dept for my phone yesterday. the calibration on the touch screen went haywire for some reason this past week and its about an inch off on the screen. makes for a somewhat useless phone really. resetting it and all the other stuff made no difference either.  but I've got a replacement coming.

our local food lion is going otu of business  the only good thing is this week everything is 30% off, next week 60% off. grandpa gave me an extra $100 to go shopping with so I can stock up on things we use!  I went yesterday and just did a regular grocery getting day, spent $100 and loaded up! now with another $100 I'll be stuffing some cabinets!  they also still accept coupons, so its a double plus  poor dh though, this is the only store in town that sells his popcorn (pop secret homestyle) so we're buying all we can. not sure where we'll get it from after this.

FIL was in town yesterday, passing through on a haul. he treated me and the two LOs to lunch at wendys. tori and her fiance came out to visit as well. I swear I dont think T likes me anymore.  not sure what's up with that. the last time she was out was in november for that test she asked my help to study for, then she failed the test and she's not been out since except when FIL was in. no texting, chatting OL, nothing. whatever. I'm not begging someone to be my friend and I'm not even sure what nutty feather got up her butt to act like she is anyway. :P

Garrett has a nasty sounding cough, Sarina had a slight fever last night. K went to school after being home on tuesday for low fever and stomach ache. Gavin's hurt his ankle, though I sent him on to school with a note for no 'active' activity. Canaan has baseball every day now, so he had to drop kung fu til things settle down. we go to the gym almost every night since he does ball so often: just hit the gym while we're in town.

you can see the definition of my calf muscles now!  my arms have gotten bigger due to muscle gain and I can see a definite improvement on my stamina.


I'll try to get back tomorrow and post more. just put sarina down. tried to upload pics tonight, but PB wasnt cooperating. :P
good day, dh worked, C had ball, no gym cause dh was so late getting home.
I did find GOOD news today though! I was trying on shoes while waiting for C to finish with ball and I can now wear size 8's!!!!!!!!! I used to wear an 8 before having babies when I went up to a 9 then eventually on the brink of a 10! I've noticed lately though that my shoes were getting slippery on me, just thought it was them being broke in. nope! I tried on several pairs of 8's today and they all fit!!!!  that makes me just as happy as losing 5 lbs!  I've been praying for that for a WHILE now. its hard enough finding shoes in a 9, much less a 9W, but now I can start hunting through the 8's!!! God is so cool!!!!
and I cant attribute it to the gym cause I've not dropped next to anything yet!


I finally got my hair cut yesterday!  my normal stylist is out after foot surgery, so I had to go to walmart's supercuts. I was worried, but my hair was bad enough that I braved it.  I had her cut off ALL the dead ends left over from last years perm! gah, that stuff was awful!  its much shorter now, though not crazy short, but feeling MUCH better!! I can also style it to flip out and it'll be like Alice's on Twilight

we didnt go to the gym last night  dh wanted to watch NCIS and C had a hard workout at ball. we'll go tonight though  I can already see a difference in my arms! I have a muscle popping out in the back when I straighten my arm down to flex it!

the kids get a long weekend again this coming weekend. they're out friday for teachers in-service and then off on monday for MLK. this kind of stuff really throws them off. :P me too since I cant keep up with what day it is

OH, weirdness of the week! no one would guess what I got in the mail yesterday! (even I wouldnt ) I got a sample box of Enfamil formula for babies!!  i was like WTH??!! LOL  I have NO idea why they sent that! and NO I didnt sign up for it! unless they messed up my pg date with Sarina? IDK! there's a lady at church in mid-pg so I'm going to see if she wants it. just thought it was SO wierd!! LOL!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

so we're out of school the rest of the weekend. really, I dont see the need, rediculous how jittery the schools are anymore. we do have emergency pick up points we can use if they dont want to go to all the back roads. we never use them though.
C had an ortho appt today, he was aggravated though cause they only graded him a 2 on his cleaning and he's to wear two sets of bands now. poor guy. goes back in 5 weeks and will be getting brackets on his back lower teeth. i'm sure he'll be complaining after that one too.
went to the gym afterwards, halfway through I realized I didnt put my deo on  LOL! luckily the gym wasnt that busy this morning, wish I could do that often! C's friend Graham met us there and we worked out for 1.5 hrs. I only did just over an hour and then went around with the boys as they worked out. I got in 30 minutes of cardio (3 ten minute intervals) and the rest were weights. I got up to 70 lbs on the leg press today! did 50 on the V squat! last time I did 40 and 20 on those. go me! I'm sure my legs will be feeling it tomorrow, but that's ok!
the boys enjoyed themselves, we may go tomorrow perhaps, who knows. I like going!

dh doesnt get to come in today. the truck coming from Canada got caught in the snow and wont arrive til tonight. he'll be home tomorrow though (he's back in AL).

oh oh oh , I found some AWESOME deals at waldenbooks yesterday. they're closing the store and stuff is 50-70% off. I got some Zelda manga put back for birthdays, a Thor premiere edition hardback comic for dh for Valentine's day and other stuff. I'm really hoping I have some extra $ this weekend so I can go back and get more stuff  I'm such a book nerd!