Saturday, December 30, 2006

why no pay off

well, found out why its been so dang hard to get anything paid off this year.
we're on our first baby step in Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover and have only gotten one small bill paid off.
Course the holidays make it hard to save a lot of money and such, but still, we seen dh has made about 6K less this year than last! that's like 2 months of no money! no dang wonder its so hard.
Living on the edge of disaster as it is and that makes it even harder. ugh. tax returns will be great in helping with this stuff. *sigh*

well, I feel mostly normal

I finally got a decent sleep last night. wasnt perfect, but much above anything that had happened over the two previous nights!
Garrett has gone from eating 4 containers of baby food a day plus nursing to only taking 1/2 to 1 a day (and that is with a lot of prodding from me). so obviously my milk is not up to par on that much eating he'll be doing from me and he's basically hungry all the time. makes for some very... very long nights. *yawn* up every 1 1/2 to two hours and not napping like normal during the day. he seriously has had bags under his little eyes! (mine are more like luggage under the eyes).
but last night I was able to get him to eat one container of food around dinner time, he nursed as normal at bedtime and was only up at 2 this morning to nurse again. then slept til 7 when dh brought him to our bed for me as I barely had the ability to raise my head. :)
he's playing with his baby piano now, fully content for a while.
oh, he did do a nice pooh by himself yesterday! *woo* been a long time since that happened. but he also has a runny nose and a bit of a sore throat, so that may actually be the reason.
I'm also wondering if he's finally on the verge of cutting his bottom teeth. he's been sucking on his bottom lip this week. hasnt done that since those two bottom teeth first came up through the gums (where you can see them behind the gums, not breaking through the gumline).

I did get clobbered last night though.
my oldest DS put the groceries up for me yesterday and stacked all the cans up in the pantry on one side. I seen it last night and was rearranging them like they should be, when one of said LARGE soup cans fell out onto the top of my right big toe, edge first, and cut and bruised me. *yeooooooooooooooowch!!!!!!!!!!*
I squalled out when it happened and dh was worried about me cause I usually only say something like "Ouch!" if I hurt myself. last night it was more like I screamed out "AAAAAAAAh!" LOL!
it's not as swelled up as I figured it would be, just a bit discolored, but very sore. my foot pops a lot when I walk too. that could be from me not being able to pop my toes efficiently though cause that hurts right now too. :-P I'm just a little limpy but havent tried wearing any shoes either. egads! we're supposed to go out shopping a bit today too. we'll see how I do.

DS did of course apologize to me and felt very badly that it happened.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

on a regular update type thing, Garrett had another suppository on Monday night and has slept great since. LOL! amazing how that effects him. he's also backed off his eating so he's down from 4 containers of baby food a day to about 3.
we've been enjoying his advancing on perfecting the hand over knee crawling this weekend (he's been much happier after the good poop!). he's getting faster and is learning quickly on how to grab onto things to pull up. (this is normally my lap LOL) I think this will be an exciting month for him! oh, and for a while now its been 'no pillow or blanket padding required' for him sitting and playing. he's a pro now!

Christmas recap

hope everyone had a great Christmas out there!
we had a blast of course, always a great day. :)
Christmas Eve was spent taking my mom to pizza hut for her birthday. she had a big ice cream cake and we all had buffet.
that evening we went to their house to open the presents they had for the kids. they were ready to open as soon as we walked in the door! LOL! Canaan about has conniptions in the waiting! LOL! they got the kids a portable DVD player for the van and each of them got a personal gift as well. my brother and SIL and step brother and his wife were also there. it was good and fun!
kids got to bed around 10:30 (amazingly) and baby went to bed around midnight!! LOL! we got the presents under the tree and hit the sack. we were worried that we'd be up early, but we were the first ones up (amazingly again). katlyn followed close behind, then Gavin, Canaan and Hunter was the last. (Garrett slept til about 9, which we didn't make the kids wait on him since he didn't care what was going on anyway. LOL )
let's see, I guess the best gifts the kids got (in order of how excited they were):
Canaan: Pokemon Emerald (let him exchange a CD and use his $ and I helped with the rest to get this), new tenni shoes, Thundercat Tee, rollerblades
Katlyn: Disney Princess wall stickers, barbies, $25 GC with which she bought 2 new pair of jeans yesterday, bows, Disney princess calendar
Gavin: Mario tee shirt (which is way to big so he uses it to sleep in), Nintendo theme pj pants, Superman toboggan, gloves and tee, new Spiderman tenni shoes, hot wheels playset
Hunter: Big Honkin tricycle! (all the kids have been riding this around the house LOL ), new tenni shoes, hot wheels playset
Garrett: new blanket (by mamaw), walker, LOTS of Gerber puffs, hat/glove set, onesies, socks, tag book, fleece one-piece

they all got more stuff, but those were the highlights. :) got pics and stuff too, just gotta upload.
Twinkie is funny though, when we put all the presents under the tree, she got huffy (or excited) and started trying to open the gifts! I had to put up the soft stuff cause she was ripping into them! LMBO!! told dh its a good thing we don't put gifts under the tree til Cmas eve cause the kids would be getting in trouble for what Twinkie was doing! LOL!!! she's also taken to smacking off certain ornaments and growling at them. straaaaaaaaaaange cat. LOL

oh, for me, I got a nice 5 qt two-handled saucepan (what I asked for!), a GC for Best Buy to get memory for my puter, $125 in GC for JCP! ( WOW! ), opal earrings, $100 (for Robert and I from my dad!) and Pirates of the Carribean game. (don't know why dh didn't get the movie, but oh well.  I'll catch it on sale at the movie store soon).

dh got a $50 home depot card, $25 Lowe's card, $100 GC from his dad-not sure where too, probably one of the above 'man stores' ;) , XMen 3, Fable (game for xbox), the $100 I mentioned in my list (we're putting it towards our home ins and van tags that are both due by the 31st), and a Dr Pepper gift set (hat, tee, vintage lunchbox).

my dad was up yesterday since he didn't make it down Christmas day. it was hectic cause he took us out to Cracker Barrel and they were soooooooo busy (took about an hour from the time we got there til we got our food). then we went to Wal-Mart cause I had to get a couple things, plus K wanted to get her jeans and I wanted to let C trade in for his pokemon game he wanted. course it was nuts out there, but we made it.
my sis and the kids came to the house when we got home as well. they all stayed til 5 and C went home with them to be with his cousin Nathan and cousin Heather stayed here to be with Katlyn. :)
FIL left out last night after 6 as well, so almost back to normal around here.

we'll be going to my sis' house today to take heather back and get Canaan and katlyn also wants to stop by TRU to get a soft bodied Disney princess doll like heather got.

Christmas pics

There are more up in the flickr stream, just click and go in. :)

Friday, December 22, 2006


Garrett wandering.
started over here (notice how he kicks his leg out behind him now LOL! )

then over there...

all I did was push his saucer out of the way cause he likes chewing on it. LOL
Twinkie playing in the Christmas box

and some 6 m shots of G
kissing Tigger

he was SO fascinated with the blanket print! LOL

watching Nemo. I LOVE this mobile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the brow! LMBO

compared to pooh

that's also an 18m shirt he's wearing there.

Monday, December 18, 2006

new pics up!

G-man is 6 months old now!

Monday, December 11, 2006

this, that and the other thing

had a good day, it was gorgeous outside for one, so the kids got to play outside after school was done. Canaan finished another book today, only 4 more for him to finish up by the 21st. Katlyn has 3 more books I believe.

I called the ped today about using the milk of magnesia on Garrett now. they of course asked if we were doing all the usual (oatmeal instead of rice, no bananas or carrots, etc...) told we've BTDT and 2 months is long enough! plus with the hope of helping his reflux!!! (and extra !!!! in there too). so they okayed a tsp a day for him. I only did 3/4 a tsp today as we rarely use meds and it kinda worries me. but nothing happened today, no magic poopie or anything so I'll up to the 1 tsp tomorrow.
he enjoyed it too, its cherry flavor and he gulped it right down. I *suppose* it helped the reflux afterwards. he has his good days and bad days and today was a good day. dont know if it was due to the MoM or just being a good day. we'll see how he continues.
he's still a grouch most of the day. my goodness. when he hits a grouchy spell, he hits a BIG dang grouchy spell! oy! cranky-crankopotomous!
still no teeth in there, I check every day cause I dont want to be surprised while he's nursing!! grouchiness due to teething? maybe. course I think its part personality. he can be the sweetest-smiliest baby most times, but then the switch flips and its all growling and grrrrrrring! LMBO!
I just put him down in his bed to watch his fish a bit ago. he was restless in my lap after nursing (and a huge burp!). hopefully he'll drift off on his own.

I got most of Landon's cloth taggie book finished tonight while dh kept G entertained. I have all the 'pages' done, now I need to bind it together. wasnt very hard to make, just coming up with ideas for interactive stuff on each page that racked my brain! LOL! hopefully he will like it though! still going to make him and G a pair of pj pants as well. may do some for G and H as well. they both love pj pants!

still have a lot of Cmas cards to get finished and mailed. I sent off about 8 this week, it was all the stamps I had. LOL! got the rest to finish up! ... I should really be doing that now!

tomorrow will be a full day, got a list of stuff to get done and may be adding another Sonic shop in on it, which is cool with me!


new Santa pics

Katlyn did not want to visit Santa!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

weekend recap

guess its time for a real update now huh?
dh got home today around lunch (woo!) we watched Pirates 2 and K and I put the ornaments on the tree. will take another pic tomorrow. I'm aggrevated at my lights though. when I put them all on, they all worked. the same day I put them on, one strand half went out. I cant find the bulb of course, so I tucked the 'dead' end into the tree and rearranged the other lights to lighten up the dark spots. (its fixed in the last pics I posted). well, we came home last night and my one strand of colored lights that have different flash settings has one color out. they go red, blue, green all the way down the strand and ALL the red lights are out!!  ARGH!!! WHY do they make lights like that?!! its still pretty, but DANG IT!! LOL!
I dug out some more Cmas stuff today, my animated angels and Scooby Doo and stuff like that. still havent found the plug for my fiber optic tree.  that miffs me to no end too. tomorrow we'll get the tubs out of the house and back in the garage to make room again!

let's see, last night was a TERRIBLE night. one of the nights from hell so to speak. G went down at 10, woke about 10:30, nursed, back to bed around 11, I go to bed at 11:50 and he's up at 12:20 til after 2.
now, back track a bit and yesterday, Hunter had complained that his tummy was hurting. he seemed fine all day long otherwise. well, as soon as we got in from my moms last night, he runs to the potty and throws up. yuck. but at least he made it to the potty! shortly after that he starts running a fever. so he's on the couch last night and I'm keeping an eye on him, worried he'll need to go to the bathroom again (he got sick once more before bed). he ended up sleeping well, except for waking up once after 2 am (after G had finally went to sleep) and asked for a drink of water.
just after G finally went to sleep, K started coughing. good grief. this was just after I laid down again. and this girl will just keep on coughing all night long unless prompted to get her butt out of bed and do something for it. (canaan is the same way). so I had to go back to the room and make her get something to drink to keep from waking the baby with the noise she was making.
I finally got to sleep after that and G woke at 6:30 to eat. brought him to bed and we slept til 8:45 when I got up to get ready for church.

C and K were in the choir today for the Cmas singing (got lots of pics still need to unload) and the other kids were good for me while they were up.
we had a church dinner afterwards which is always kinda hectic feeling for me cause dh doesnt usually come so its just me and the kids. my mom and step dad are there to help, but I still feel overwhelmed sometimes. had to nurse G at the table while people were in line to get thier plates cause he was hungry too.

the best part of that is at the end of the dinner, they have drawings for big hams and Wmart gift cards ($20). well, the whole time they're drawing numbers I'm saying "momma needs a GC!" and the guy by me (who has won a ham the past 2 years) is saying "gotta have a ham!" LOL! well, the last ham that was drawn, HE got! he got all excited of course (everyone was laughing cause its a running joke that he plants his tickets LOL!!) and he asked if I won a ham too in all the excitement. I said no, but I sure could use a GC! the next number drawn was for a GC and guess whose number it was?! ME!!!!  I was bouncing in my seat! LMBO!! he (Chris) said "no way! you serious?!"  it was awesome!!! I thanked the Lord for that right there and was near tears!

so tonight, after watching the movie, I had to take them back to the movie store, so C and I went in together and daddy stayed here with the other kids. I took C to Hardees and we both got some chili cheese fries and sat with some one on one time and yakked. he really liked that. (me too!). he had a speaking part in the singing today and was wanting to know how I thought he did. ;)
after that we went to Wmart cause I used my GC to get H and G's Cmas presents and part of K's!
guess that's about it.
OH, saturday at moms I got to be a fireman! the burn barrel spit out some kindling or something and set the yard next to my parents house on fire and it burned down all the underbrush all the way down to the creek bed!the wind was blowing the 'right way' and it stayed away from the house, thank God, but we had to get out the fires from where it was cause there are tons of leaves down there and there are farming fields all around! it took about an hour, but we got it out. I did the waterhose while papaw got the tractor out to get burning logs out of the dry areas and stuff. the older kids hauled up water and ice from the creek.
freaky stuff!!!

Thursday, December 07, 2006


he loves to lay on pillows!

more tree pics


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

tree pics


he reaches for me!

some cool news this morning: Garrett reaches for me when I put my hands out to him now! he's been working on it this past week, but this morning he really did it! so sweet!!!

the tree is up!

well, we put the tree up today. I just decided to go for it. no ornaments on it yet, but the lights are on and its purdy like that.  the kids helped a lot and we got pics too! got a lot to unload from the camera.

mom picked up C and K tonight. they have practice at church for the Christmas choir this coming Sunday. I'll go over tomorrow so they can stay the night. its to be dang cold tomorrow too. yuck! so we'll hang out at moms with the fireplace.

digging up some recipes for cocoa mix to give out as gifts too.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

take up the challenge!

yeah, this is good. :)
satire at its best!

Monday, December 04, 2006


been a pretty good day. C had an attitude today for whatever reason. he finally realized I wasnt playing by bedtime when he was the first to go to bed. (how much does it take?!) he apologized then for 'being a jerk' as he put it. we'll see how tomorrow goes.

they are excited about getting these things done by the 21st at least (well, the part of 'not getting new books out til after the new year' is what they really like! :LOL ) we'll see how they do.

dh made it up to Virginia so far. he's about 3 hours from where he needs to be.

the kids and I played board games tonight. C wanted to play Clue, so we did that about 3 rounds and played UNO a few times. he ended up dropping out of both games at points just cause of being a butt today. course would then get mad when I wouldnt let him back in. booger.

G went to bed at 10 ish tonight. I'm actually kinda worried how tonight will go. he took a long nap this afternoon (about 3 hrs) and then to bed at 10. eep! please sleep little one!

oh, wanted to post about how fuzzy his hair is getting now. its so cute, when its all nice and clean it sticks up all over.  the kids think its just the coolest and cutest!


we had a good night, thank goodness.  put G to bed at 10:30, he slept til about 5:30 then back to bed at 6 and slept til after 8. the kids got up with him then so I snoozed til about 8:30.
he's having fun kicking his symphony gym right now, had him a morning nursing to fill his tummy and I thought he was going to nap, but nope. he woke right up. ah well. :) at least he's a happy baby so far today.

kids are working now. had to get on Katlyn cause she was trying to skimp on some subjects.  she kinda freaked when I said "bring me your books" LOL caught! so she's off doing some more stuff now.
we're setting a goal to have all the books they're currently working in to be completed by the 21st. nothing outstanding over the Christmas break! Git 'r done!!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

sleep already...

last night was in a word: awful! he was up @ 5 times. don't know what was up with him, besides just being UP. we made it through and even went to church today still. he and I did take a 2 hr nap this afternoon though. I felt normal afterwards and wasn't walking crooked anymore.
gotta get off here and hang out some more with dh. he's leaving out in the morning (and its Baltimore so I can remind myself where he's at. )


I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Hello ::  what ya doin?
  2. Flinstone ::  fruity pebbles
  3. Corn :: flakes
  4. Interview :: job
  5. Deviant :: time waster
  6. Concept :: imagine that
  7. Bridge :: get over it
  8. Karen :: Marie Moning
  9. Encounter :: meet up
  10. Biological :: clock overload

Saturday, December 02, 2006

...not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse...

oh, sorry, wrong entry.
the house is quiet except for my keyboard clicking. I'll be heading the same way as the rest of the family soon.

yesterday was a good day at my moms, we had a big country dinner (beans, taters, mac-n-cheese, tomatoes, cornbread, cole slaw, turkey meatloaf and sweet tea. yum!). we stayed over late while the men watched Rambo and mom and I played on the puter with stuff.

G slept ok last night, up at 4 and down about an hour later.

I think he's going through something... maybe a growing spurt, possible teething discomfort or his system readjusting to the solids, not sure, but his patterns have changed this week. like last night he wouldnt settle down after nursing so I ended up just taking him to his bed and laying him down. well, putting him on his belly just had him up and looking at me, so I flipped him over and turned on hsi new Nemo mobile. he went to sleep! a first for that!
he did it again today for a nap! woudlnt settle down on me like usual, so I just put him to bed and turned on his music. crash, out like a light. amazing.

Not really *thinking* its teeth now. they popped up to the gum line really quick last month, but then stopped. no reddness for now, so I'm thinking they may hold off til at least 6 months (which is just fine with me!) the latest one of mine have cut a first tooth is Katlyn at 7 months, so we'll see!

he has acted like poohing is causing him bigger problems today, but the poohs seem normal for him. not firming up hard or anything, thank goodness.
he's been very, VERY grouchy today though, still has a snotty nose (no fever or any other sign of cold/congestion/anything) so its just running its course, whatever it is. he really only gets snotty when he's upset. and well, since he's been such a grouch today, that's been a lot! LOL!
I think he's slept through one night this week too. bleh. not napping the greatest either. no wonder he's grouchy. LOL!

we watched Superman Returns tonight and we all really liked it. Canaan is now wanting a Superman costume for Christmas. LOL!

oh, my friend in Albany sent me another box of clothes for Garrett! all 12m and one 18 m pair of overalls. there was like 20 pieces probably in the box, so he is SET for 12m clothes! which is good since that's all he wears now. some 18m shirts do fine on him, especially lengthwise, but pants are of course too long for him yet. my kids legs dont sprout til later.

dh is going to Boston this coming week. hopefully it wont run past the coming weekend. makes for a long week when we dont see daddy around. the kids get rambuncious too.

we *may* do some more Christmas decorating tomorrow. I've not decided. got to rearrange things in the living room to do so, but man, C and K are having fits to get the tree up! I did put up the little fiber optic one, but I have to find the plug for it. must have stuck it in oen of the other Cmas boxes last year. :P just cant believe Cmas is just around the corner. wowzers! also means I REALLY need to get busy on some handmade stuff I'm doing! LOL!

ok, off to go to bed, my eyes are crossing on me.

Friday, December 01, 2006

its cold outside!

we didnt go bowling yesterday, was way too late after getting the groceries done. cool news though, I saved over $60 on my food yesterday!  still spent a lot, but I've stocked up! probably wont have to get anything but milk next week.

garrett is trying to help me type if you find odd stuff in here. lOL

so I had to pull out his next size shoes today. size 4. yep, kid's gonna have big feet. at least I've got plenty of shoes for him (I only use them to help keep his feet warm through the winter). I took an extra pair to my brother today for Landon. My friend Lisa had given me a pair of Nike Shox (black) with that box of 12m stuff and I found a pair just like them only silver in his clothes trunk. same size and all. Landon is only in a 3 still, so he's got an extra pair now. :) I've got at least 4 other pair of size 4's for Garrett, so no loss here! (all given between the last 3 kids).

I was late getting to bed last night cause Katlyn didtn want to go to sleep. she'd had a bad dream the night before and didnt tell me about it til bedtime and was then upset (crying upset). so I had to have a heart to heart with her. it was about 11:30 when Garrett got to bed then. and about 1 when I did.  I hate trying to go to bed when the wind is carrying on so much and it was awful last night!
Garrett woke at 4 to eat and was restless cause I dindt hear him at first cause of the noise of the wind. so by the time I got in there he had already crawled down to one end of the bed and had turned around and was on his way back up. LOL! when he seen me he lunged at me and when I picked him up, he grabbed me and started kissing my face!  (his kisses are to start sucking on your cheek and licking it  ). so I ended up laying on the couch with him to nurse til he went to sleep. dh woke me up about 6 this morning to do that. LOL!

we're going to go to my moms in a bit. she invited us over for dinner tonight and to spend the day. I'll get DSL over there. *woo!* got some stuff to upload and all that as well so will keep busy!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

today was a good food day for him. he finished off the jar of peas and also had a bowl of cereal (spiked w/ apple juice) for dinner. he's nursed and is currently playing in the floor beside me. :rolleyes: bedtime kid, come on! he's wide awake. me, I'm like this :tired: .


tomorrow will be our last warm day before the cold nasty stuff hits. I'm trying to decide what to do! we can go bowling tomorrow around 1:30 or I can get all my grocery getting done while its still nice and not have to get out so much on Friday. :P


wow, G is settling himself down on the floor. he's getting tired! whoops, flipped over. :lol: hopefully he'll be in bed and sleeping well by midnight. don't know why he's being such a night owl. NO caffeine at all for me today (and lord knows I needed it! LOL)

oh, he has had a bit of runny nose today. not sure where he picked that up from, so it could have been part of the reason for his stressful night.


aw, this is so cute: he's wallering all over sissy's pillow cause he's so tired. :mushy: I put it behind him when he's sitting (its one of those pillows with the sides on it) and its really soft. I got pics cause it was so cute. :heee: very tired baby!oh my gosh! he's actually SNORING!! he's NEVER fallen asleep like this before! WOW!

new pics!

this was funny actually. he was sitting here playing so nice after everyone went to bed (I was in my computer chair) and as soon as I snapped the pic, the red moon popped off and he went backwards! LOL!

snagging some of mommy's ice cream! he raised a fit to get it and started sucking on it to get him some. hehe!

now trying to snag daddy's popcorn!

peas and prunes today! looks terrible. LOL! he made a ton of funny faces!