Saturday, May 12, 2007

everyone wang chung tonight

long HOT day out there! we actually got in town at a fairly early time today. so proud of myself. LOL!
found a couple yard sales with summer clothes for the littlest man and some cute tinkerbell stuff for K (I'm holding those back til later). there weren't a lot of sales out today, or at least ones I really wanted to bother with, but I did find stuff I wanted/needed at all the ones I went to. the best was the last one here in town where I found one of G's bday gifts! I've been looking for a ride-on toy for him but hadn't found one I really liked and the ones at the consignment store just didn't 'flip my switch'. BUT I found him a new-in-the-box Winnie the Pooh ride on for $5 today!  she said her granddaughter had gotten it for Christmas, but she had so much stuff they never opened it! dh (or me) will need to put it together and I want to check the battery, JIC to make sure it makes all the noises its supposed to. LOL!
and at the consignment store I found the other thing I wanted for him, a sand and water table! it only came in recently, cause I was in last week and it wasn't there. I'm just going to use it for water cause Garrett (and ALL the kids) love playing in water! it was $25 and I've got it on layaway.

so I'm pleased as punch! TWO birthday kids gifts taken care of! only 3 more kids to go! I have no idea what to get those boys either. will have to do some thinking...

had to take the van in to the shop today. the a/c wasnt working! NOT cool (literally!). they said it had a block in the line (something about a... um... pressure thingy that lets the coolant get to the compressors I think. but it also only had one pound of coolant (freon?) in it, so they added in 3lbs. they think it may have a small leak somewhere between the front and rear units so they ran some dye in and I'll take it back in next week to see if there in fact is a leak and if so, they'll be able to find it. hopefully it wont BE leaking though and it was just the 'stuck flappy thing' that they oiled up (or whatever LOL! ) today and all is well. we just want it fixed, GOT to have an a/c!!
thankfully my hubby was there when all this was explained so HE Knows what they're talking about while I'm just nodding my head in agreement. LMBO!!

Canaan's game with the neighboring town was canceled today. they did drive over there, but the field was flooded.

birthday plans! well, I'd thought to have K's party june 2nd (her bday is actually the 6th), but tonight I found out from my mom that john and tasha will have Landon's bday that day out at the park. so I'll push hers back to the next weekend instead. AND since we'll be doing that, we'll put Garrett's party with hers so my dad wont have to drive over here twice in june (a 2hr+ drive one way). I wanted to do hers the 2nd and his on the 16th so there'd be a free weekend in between (cause Hunter's bday party will be on July 7th). oy! so I asked Katlyn if she would mind having Garrett's celebration the same day as hers and she said she didn't mind at all. (such a sweety!)  I told her I'd make them both their own cakes. (which she was happy about of course). so we'll stick with the Hawaiian/beach theme, will just be adding half of a boyish touch to it. (did I mention I picked up some "first birthday" balloons for G on my MDO?) and I know the perfect shirts for all the kids to wear for the party! hehe!

not sure what we'll be doing tomorrow. dh is working, and mom wants to go yard saleing. dont know if she'll stop by to pick us up or not. C has already said he doesn't want to go. LOL!

G is toddling about more and more. I'd call him a part-time walker now. he loves that dang rag to hold on to. cracks me up!! he'll yank it at my hand, demanding that I take hold of it for him and off he goes. I keep letting go of it while he's walking about and when he notices or tries to "pull it from me" he'll see I'm not there and laughs or falls. he's such a goober. everyone was getting tickled at him at goodyear today (where we took the van) cause I was making him walk (or else be on my hip) cause the floor was so nasty! his feet were black from the dirt! ew!!!! (and no, I didn't have any shoes with me cause I hadn't expected to be there. :P) so he walked around inspecting their tires and greeting people at the doors. LOL! so glad they have a tv with cartoon network though, at least the kids got to watch that to stay entertained (at least a little bit) and dh got there about an hour into the wait.

I know there's more. but this has taken me an hour or more to write up between doing other stuff.

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