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at the eye dr with gav.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

well its good news! the jiggling behind the steering wheel is only because the previous owner(s) had the frame lowered too low and it rubs against a rubber 'bumper' in the undercarriage. nothing is being damaged, but we'll set up an appt and get the frame raised up about an inch and then it'll be fine.
we're goign to wait on the window til its warm outside since it stays up right now. you can hear the motor, but its just clicking. we'll find out later what's up with that.
my rear brakes will need to be replaced probably within 6 months or so, not any 'right now thing', and that's about it.  said it was a really good truck and had been overall taken good care of, so big sigh of relief about all that!

after dh got home, we headed out to the health food store. he picked up some joint complex to try out, then we went to walmart. (this was in a close neighboring town, newer than our walmart and they have a ton more stuff!) they had a bunch of stuff on clearance, plus thier food was cheaper! got my 12 pack of DP for 3.33 (here its 4.13) and got dh a 2 liter DP for .88 (over 1.00 here). finally found G some new tennishoes with his Cmas gift card. spider man shoes that light up. he's truly fascinated! he's was wearing them and his diaper for a long time tonight.
the boys bought some new transformers with their giftcards and dh got C a new guitar book to study on. (sissy was kinda pouting that she didnt get anything, but sh'es used up all her g/c and the only things she was looking at were $20-30!)
so after that we went to arby's for lunch since everyone was hungry. omgosh! we really should have gone somewhere else! we spent $33 to eat there! I said "what?!" when he told me the total. that was our dining out for the weekend. *sigh*

home after that! I finished reading a book, dh watched some tv and the kids played around in various things.

I feel huge today. getting up is a chore even now. kinda comical acutally. I'm actually dreading what the scales say on monday.

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coloring my hair!

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options on the new truck-what do the buttons in the squares mean??

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my package for my shower swap buddy OL

well checks

back home! K didnt have to get any shots today (to her happiness). her vision was 20/20, all the extras were awesome. she's 5'1 1/2" tall and 107lbs (in other words, very tall and slim for a 10 year old LOL).
G did get three shots, poor little guy. after an initial scream at being poked though, he did great, just giving the nurses 'the lip' after I got him up. he TOTALLY charmed the nurses, even slapping one on the butt several times! she was almost crying she was laughing so hard!
he was SO active during the whole visit. the term ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM would describe him perfectly! the doc said "so I take it he's feeling rather well today?" LMBO!! when we were leaving, she asked him "where's mama?" to which he cocked his head toward me and started this crazy little laugh (imagine his tongue sticking out while he's laughing like "you know I know what you think I know") and she got so tickled at him for that. total ham!!
so his stats are 34" tall, 27.7 1/2 lbs, HC 19.5". almost exactly the same size as K at his age! weird that.  his feet are 1 1/2 sizes bigger though. LOL!
she was pleased with his vocab (I wrote a list of words and phrases that he says) and said he's very much on track, especially since he understands commands and simple directions. made me relieved.

we stopped and got ice cream cones afterwards.
this was the first time my mom got to ride in the new truck. she said its like riding in one of those fancy limo cars.

trying to think of what to fix for dinner. maybe baked spaghetti?

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I normally have a glass of chocolate milk each morning

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stuff left to put up after cleaning out the old van

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her coming home outfit!

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Garrett now knows how to open the fridge. :P

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

uh oh... trouble time.

so tonight C got in a bit of trouble again. over something dumb too. all it was, I asked him to go to the garage to the extra fridge and bring in a gallon of milk cause what we had was almost gone (I actually finished it off a bit ago in a bowl of cereal). that way we'd have milk for the morning and if he wanted it, it'd be there. but nooooooooooo. he had a fit at the thought of going out to the garage cause it's "too cold" (yet it'd be twice as cold in the morning) and that he'd do it in the morning while he's getting ready. (he was still dressed when I asked him this). then he says he has to go take a shower (he always does this when I ask him to do anything around 9pm-and he should already have had his shower by this point!). so he runs off and gets in the shower...just before dh was going to since he didnt bother to ask dh if he was getting in. so dh comes back in the living room to ask how long C has been in the shower (by this point its been about 10 minutes) and he waits another 5 for him to get out (he got out that quickly cause I had K go bang on the door to tell him daddy was waiting on him to get out!). while we're waiting, I tell dh that he jumped in the shower so fast to get out of going to get a jug of milk for me. (by this point I'd already gone out to get it myself!).
so when he finally drug himself out of the shower and got his pjs on, dh was in a foul mood.
the first thing was that his hair was hanging to his nose since it was wet and dh couldnt see his eyes.... wrong thing to do! he was told its being cut tomorrow! (C=*gasp!*) then he got the 'why was it so hard to go get a jug of milk tonight compared to the morning? you dont even remember to pull the trash can to the road on mondays w/o being reminded, much less to get the trash out of the house and you think we believe you'll remember to get a jug of milk when its going to be about 18* then?'
plus some other things cause C had said sulkily while heading to the shower that "I didnt believe him anymore that he'd do stuff". some things yes, but he has NO memory for doing things on a school morning.

so he went to bed sulky tonight and with a warning and an appt for a cut just cause he wouldnt go get a jug of milk. *sigh* they do learn some day, right?

Wow! 27 weeks!

in just a couple of hours I'm officially in 3rd tri! and I'll get to read a new message on my ticker. sounds so close to the end
gotta remember to take a belly pic tomorrow too. I"m feeling rounder right now. like I look down and its a ball of tummy sticking out now, not all around my middle so much as rounding out.


new bed for baby!

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at home, watching tv

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knitted hat!

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new suburban to hold the whole family!

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baby gift!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


switched to Directv
we got the new directv installed today! the kids are of course GLUED to the tv with the channels they've been waiting to get (cartoon network and disney) so I'm letting them enjoy it for now.  amazing that I've barely heard a peep out of them.
as for me, I've got it on TLC and watching Baby Story for the first time since I guess G was due! a sure thing to make me get in the baby mood.

I did go through the tub of clothes in K's closet (yes, again) to see if I had anything that'd do ok as a coming home outfit. didnt find anything. actually only had a few things in there that were NB size, mostly dresses, but short sleeved. did get the few socks out that I'm going to pick from to take with us to the hospital, but that's all. cant wait to get more stuff so I can see if there'll be something in there that will work.

I'm feeling kinda bleh today. my pelvis hurts still from yesterdays sitting at the sewing machine. I walk slow and with a slight limp even. dont call me in a hurry cause it takes me a while to get there!

I have gotten a few things done, a load of laundry, vacuumed while the tv guy was here, picked up, went through clothes, lunch. just the basics. guess I cant say I've nto done anything though, huh?

tonight is the homeschool meeting. it'll be a soup dinner, which is fine with me. I've gotta take 3 gallons of drink, so we'll be stopping by to pick those up before we go. dont feel like making stuff to take since I only have one 1 gallon jug that is spillproof. :P

had fun with baby today. thought I'd get out the bebe sounds thingy. course couldnt pick up a h/b, but it did aggrevate her that I was mushing around in her space, so I got a lot of thumping on the mic.  also watched my belly bouncing for a while. so cute! 

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family dinner night at pizza hut

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Garrett antics

we had a FUNNY thing happen last night! we were at captain ds for dinner (yeah, shouldnt have done that one, but it was the first time we were out since sunday) and while we were eating, this BIG guy came walking beside us and decided to sit down in the booth by us. now he was big as in really tall, but also heavy, not super heavy, but he filled up the area by us as he stood there (dh and I were sitting at the end sides of the table and Garrett was in the high chair on the end where the guy was standing). well, all of a sudden, G turns around, sees this guys butt right beside him and SMACKS HIM ON THE BUTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  OMGOSH!!!!!!!!!! I ended up spitting out a piece of corn across the table at hunter, I think Katlyn could have snorted her drink out of her nose she was laughing so hard, C almost fell out of his chair laughing and dh turned 10 shades of red trying not to bust out harder than he was! OMGOODNESS!!!!!!
and I dont even know if the guy NOTICED cause he never looked at G til he sat down finally! CRAZY!!! we apologized of course, but man, the laughter kept on for a good 5 minutes! LMBO!!!!
then G has learned a new trick. he already knew how to take his pants off, but now he can take his shirts off over his head! so last night he stripped down totally naked for us while the kids were playing before bed.  well, he DID still have on socks...  'so yeah they call him the streak!' ROFLMBO!!!
good thing for zip up pjs cause he's not figured THAT out yet! *whew!*

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I was woke up this morning at 7 by a persistant knocking.
in my womb! little miss was up and perky this morning, playing around for a few hours. she was awake til like 9 am! Canaan got to feel her again this evening as she was squirming around, felt like she was stretching her legs around. he was 'neated' out by it.

dh actually made a kind of dinner tonight! *wow!* I'd just woken up from a shortish nap when he started asking what was for dinner (ugh, not even hungry, dont ask me for food!) and obviously he seen I was in no hurry to do anything (though he'd not been in the kitchen all day... I'll try not to gripe about that part). so he finally decided to DIY and fix some food. fried taters, he thawed some shrimp too. I ate the taters. I dont usually expect people to make dinner for me, especially here at home, so it was nice to get to eat some of that. LOL!

we finished off all the pinwheels for lunch, the kids loved them things, even Garrett. C and K finished off both 2 liters of sierra mist (much to the aggrevation of gav and H), almost finished another bag of chips and half of the queso that was left. about 8 slices of summer sausage left. guess that means I'll have to actually fix a dinner tomorrow. dang. LMBO!

dh goes back to work tomorrow and C goes back to school on thursday. I got everyone in bed 'early' tonight (compared to what they have been KWIM?) so it was 10:30 before it got quiet, even from garrett. booger was banging on the walls and hollering in there!

dh finally got to finish watching bourne ultimatum tonight and we also watched balls of fury (goofy funny movie LOL). I've stayed inside all day cause it got only to like the 20's or high 20s outside. no need for me to be out there! LOL!


donuts for breakfast!


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