Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Garretts first ride on the bus!

I had dreams this morning (as I laid back in bed to enjoy the quiet after the big kids left), that I didnt get G ready in time so he dressed himself. long sleeve shirt, shorts and it was snowing outside!  can we say I was thinking about him catching the bus today?
he caught the bus fine. I think she got there about 10:10. not sure cause i didnt have my phone on me. he jumped on the trampoline, picked rocks and played in the yard while we waited. S eventually wandered back up to the porch to play with Lily.
he was amazed at teh big ol bus there to pick HIM up! I thought it'd be a small bus, but nope, its a big one!
S is watching Fresh Beats while I do this. she's not asked for "gary" yet but I figure it'll be soon.

a few jumps while waiting for the bus!

being told to watch for the bus drivers signal to cross the street

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Garretts first day of preschool

I consider today a success! I had plenty of grouchy "OMG" moments, but we got through most of it already with no bruises or other boo boos and my hair is in tact, so I call it a success
I got G to school about 11:30 since I thought they started at 12. nope. they started at 11:30 all was fine though and he went right on in, only a couple of times running back to me for a mommy moment, then off again to explore his new room. the other kids were already involved in book time (wow, they were SITTING and looking at books : ). tomorrow the bus will be picking him up, so he'll be picked up anywhere from 10 to 10:30! wow!! he wont get off the bus with K until about 4:15, so that's a lot of time with just S and I!
today I splurged and took she and I to McDs for lunch after dropping him off. took a bunch of stuff to cosign as I had to do a mad dash through all the tubs to find fall items for the boys! thankfully I found a lot of 4t stuff for G to wear .
S fell asleep on the way home so I let her stay there til we left to go get G. maybe she'll get regular naps now!
ok, bus driver just called and he has to be ready by 10 am!
macaroni for dinner tonight. thinking of fixign some of the kids lunches for school...

so G didnt go to school yesterday, not his fault, the school were out yesterday for an in-service day he goes today though! I'm excited and just hope I remember to take pics! he wont go in til noon, so that gives Sarina plenty of time to sleep and me to wake upthe temps have been crazy cool so far this week. yesterday highs were in the upper 60s/low 70s and today its supposed to be 67. the only bad thing is we have no heat.  we need to get a new computer board for the heat pump and til we do its only set to put out a/c. the lows have been in the mid 40s so by morning its chilly in here.
I hate cold weather and yes, I feel a cold coming on since yesterday.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

in the morning I'm going to a moms GTG! I was called up and invited for the starting up of a new moms group in town, so figure I'll drag the kids out to see about it. :) hopefully we'll survive LOL

some funny things: I rented a new series from netflix this week. um, needless to say I wasnt prepared for it! I'd not seen it on tv, just have been seeing the ads for it, so got it. good thing I didnt pop it into the tvs dvd player so the kids could see!!! it's True Blood LOL! WOW, can we say I was going woah !!!!!!!! dh laughed at me when I told him LOL! warning to the masses: NOT TO BE VIEWED AROUND KIDS!!! omgosh! LOL!!!!

Sarina was a TOTAL pill today. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh (is that long enough?) everything was something to cry at today. not just a cry, the head thrown back, squealing/screeching sobbing cries that eventually end up with a toddler flopped on the floor in a heap of wails. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh (ok, that one looks better) and she wouldnt take a nap! even worse! she DID go to bed easily tonight though! HA!!
she's also woken up once during the night the past two nights. totally not like her at.all. I cant even remember the last time she woke during the night before this. I'm figuring its those darn canine teeth. all four of them are still MIA and her with an otherwise full set of choppers (we can call her gappy LOL) so I think they're trying to make an appearance and she's not taking it very well.
come on tooth fairy, throw me some teeth erupting dust!!

Garrett amazed me today! now this will seem awful to you all I'm sure, but truly i was amazed! that boy watched 3 (count them), three full length movies today! :huh: yeah! tell me about it, I was floored! he was watchign one of the early morning shows like Kai Lan or something when he seen a commercial for the new Scooby movie. "I wanna watch Scooby momma!" and he kept on and on, so I said fine adn got the first one I came to, which was the first live action movie. I popped it in thinking he'd sit for 5 minutes and then be off playing. NOPE! he sat and watched the whole thing (minus one quick pee break). laughing at it during the funny parts even! when the credits started rolling, he started hollering for more!
so I found Scooby Doo 2 and put it in. thinking surely he'd be up in 5 minutes! NOPE! he watched the whole dang thing! :huh: (he thought the farting was especially funny LOL)
when that was done he was yelling for more schooby, but I'd forgotten about the animated ones and talked him into Alladin instead. he agreed and watched about 90% of that one!
now this just floors me cause this kid normally is just in and out of things so fast! I've NEVER seen him dedicate that much attention to one thing (besides playdoh or trucks. and the 10% of Alladin was missed because of playdoh LOL).
so yeah, I let him sit through 3 movies today, but hey! maybe its showing he can sit still and pay attention now! that's a positive thing to me! LOL!!!

his next preschool eval is on friday!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

c's bday party

so I'm resting finally! its been SUCH a long day. wow, bday party days always make me dog tired!
so it started out I still had to go to the store this morning. FIL got in last night late and I had to get up early thanks to hunter LOL.
I got done with food getting about 10. back to the house so we can get everything finished up and together to head to the park. I even still had to decorate the cake! (which thankfully was easy per C's wishes!)
so we're running late and about 1 we're heading to the park... only to find out its CLOSED today cause of a tractor pull!  yeah, if we wanted in the park at 1:00, we'd have to pay $5 per person for a pull that was at 7pm!! I gave them a few choice words to say the least! UGH! so we turned back around to come home for teh party.
my house was a wreck and all these people are here *sigh* how embarrassing! :P
throwing stuff around and making a quick clean up though I guess it was doable. we finally ate about 2:30 I think.
C had 6 friends over, my mom and Sdad, my dad, our family, my brother, my SIL and her fiance and my FIL. :) 21 people, not bad!
we set up some quick table space outside to give more room (my house is just way too small to accomodate all these people inside!!) and it worked out much better.
dh and FIL took C and his friends bowling around 5. still waiting on them to get home! I'm sure they're having a ball!
got pics, just need to resize to share.

gavin and hunter went home with my dad, we'll pick them up tomorrow after the reunion they were super excited to be going of course!

we'll be leaving about 9am and I have NO idea when we'll be back. I know i'll be tired cause it'll be a lot of driving. :P

I know C got a lot of $, I think $60 last he told me. that's what he wanted! we'll see how long he keeps it LOL!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

braces are done!

today went really well. for those who have me on FB, I tried to post updates as we progressed, but the pics I sent didnt go through. I've tried posting tonight on there, but FB is being a PILL and its just not working. :P I do have pics from PB that I'll post in here though

our time at the ortho office was about 3 hours. he got blue bands put on front. he's learning quickly about what he can or cant eat. *snort* his first venture after the office was to get a jr burger. uh huh. I tried to talk him out of it, but do we know how hard headed a teen is? yep! he got about half of it down before giving up and eating 2 of my chic nuggets, then a few fries adn called it quits. he tried ramen tonight and that was not well. its not really the braces that are bothering him, its the expander in the roof of his mouth. it seems to catch all the food
he loves his new toothbrush (oral b pro sonic thing) courtesy of the orthodontists office (which it should be considering how much these braces cost!)
my sis came over and hung out with me for about half the visit, made it nice since C was kinda occupied LOL!
afterwards I took him to the mall to get the new Skillet CD for his bday and we went to wendys. (read above)

a few other stops to get errands done as well. gosh, Sams, best buy, guitar repair shop, gavin's school, $ store, picked up the two LO's from mom in town, then home for when sis got off the bus.

sarina has a fever tonight. she's not been as poopy, but tired and cranky would describe her very well. she's still awake right now tho and is in the "I'm not tired! really I'm not *yawn*" stage. LOL

tomorrow I have parent/teacher meetings. my earliest is at 8 am. dang it. :P

ok, I'll do pics next post.

oh, FIL didnt get in tonight, he had another load to carry, so will be in tomorrow, as will dh.

I love this pic. he's discovered that eating a burger will not be the same for the next 20 months!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

so in the morning, C goes to get his braces and expanders put on! I'm taking me a book along since I have no idea how long this will take. i'm hoping to meet up with my sis as well. I told C I'd take him to FYE afterwards for a new CD he's wanting. it'll be his bday gift (which he's very excited to get it before his bday too )

FIL is supposed to be in tomorrow as well. it'll be a busy weekend! tomorrow is braces, kids are off on friday, plus FIL will be in and I have my usual running to do. saturday we're having C's 14th bday party! it'll be out at the park so there wont be a ton of clean up! then sunday we'll be going to Burkesville for a family reunion on dh's side as well as hoping to meet up with my dad that day since he'll be in the neighboring town.
friday is also parent/teacher meetings! gotta remember that!
monday the kids are off school of course.

sarina's not felt 100% today. she's had the poops and her bottom has been getting red cause of it. not sure what's causing it: teeth? bug? dont know. she had a low grade fever this morning, but otherwise is fine. no runny nose, etc, just the poops. we're still waiting on her canine teeth to come in, so those could be the culprits. guess we'll find out.