Friday, February 29, 2008

 I didnt sleep next to nothing last night. got so aggravated with that. I slept maybe 4 hours. *grrrr* just couldnt get comfy and my brain wouldn't shut down.
we got up at 7 to get ready to leave for Nashville. the funny thing was gavin. he was so excited (really? excited about going to the eye dr?) he was up and dressed when C got up and had his coat on and game boy in hand to walk out the door before dh and I even got up!!!
the drive down was fine. love having dh do the driving for nashville!
so the bottom line is that his vision is great in both eyes and glasses will not do any more to correct the straightness of his eyes. so he'll be having surgery on May 9th at 12:45. he'll have a pre op appt the Tuesday before and a post op appt the Tuesday after. he doesnt really understand exactly what's going to happen yet. he did ask if he gets to wear the white hospital gown.
they'll be tightening the muscles on the outside of each eye since they tightened up both eyes on the inside when he was 13 months old. no eye patches or glasses will be needed afterwards.
I had hoped to get it done before baby came, but the only opening was for monday and there was no way we could get everything done before then. oh well.

we ate at Olive Garden finally around 1 or 2. (first time we'd eaten anything today!) I'm still stuffed! no room in the tummy I tell ya and all I had was soup and salad. :P

then we headed home to our own town. (dang, I'm so tired!) I got to stop by my SIL's parents and pick up a few bags of baby girl clothes that they were given. all but about 4 pcs are 12-18m and up though, so it'll be for this coming winter or next summer.
that's the first stuff I've been given though, so it was exciting to go through it all!

have had some episodes of feeling awful today. hasnt been as bad as yesterday though, thank goodness. mostly I'm just dang tired. LOL!

K went to stay the night with a friend, so its just the boys tonight! dh has to work saturday and sunday. *pout* and I'll have to go to town tomorrow for banking and groceries since we didnt get any of that done today. bleh. at least C will be with me to help.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

not much planned for the day. C is back in school. (can I say my oldest is a priss???) he's so stressed about his clothes these days! omgosh! I wasnt this bad!! he wanted to dress up to go to mcds last night cause "there might be girls there" and then today, he had on a nice pair of cargo khaki pants with his tee, but he changed last minute cause he said they "made him look like he had stick legs with a big head"  geez!!! the only reason why he didnt wear them is cause he's used to wearing his old jeans. he has like 3 pair that he switches between all week.  I'm going to have to have a talk about "if you look like you only have 3 pair of pants..." good grief.
I told him last night I was goign to start calling him John after my brother. he used to drive everyone NUTS with his compulsion to have himself look PERFECT! oh gosh, the stories I could tell! LOL!!

let's see, my complaint of the day so far? if anyone plans on calling someone at 6:30 in the morning, make sure you have the RIGHT number!!!! I got a call this morning asking for Hilda! sheesh.

and um, no , I'm not actually grouchy today. :)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

and in baby news

oh, baby girl has been making a lot of pressure on my pelvis the past couple of days, plus is either getting longer or just stretching out more so that my tummy is getting some not so lovely attention. I've started having reflux (indigestion??) and that's nasty!  its worse when I drink a lot of course, but man, I had to drink a ton last night cause it burned my throat so much.
I've also been peeing like a raincloud too! ah, the joys of 'just went to pee, now I have to tinkle'.


 in other good news, got a big bill paid off today!! I'm so glad to be rid of it! that'll save us like $180 a month cause I'm always late on the stupid thing because of how it falls in the month.  so now we say "hey hey hey: goodbye!!!"
dh has to get new tires for this ford soon, so we'll be working on those. (yes, the refund is gone now. *pout*) but we took care of our property taxes, one CC type bill and my new laptop *giggle*. still $200 leftover to go towards his tires though, so it'll help. amazing how fast $ can go adios!

I'm getting back on track with dave ramsey though. with the holidays it was hard to do anything besides stay afloat, but things will pick up now and plus it helps having one of our big bills paid off. so time to start cracking the whip again and take care of this crap!


 its been fun playing with this thing. I'm at moms where I can get high speed with the wireless router even!  been able to DL all the stuff I need and get updates for my other programs asap! awesome!!
the kids are still itching to get their hands on it
still working out the logisticss of where to set stuff up at home (w/ the printer and all that stuff) but that's cool!
and while at walmart today we passed by their laptops and they had the kissing cousin to my puter. C says 'there's yours mom' to which I said 'nope, I got mine for $50 less and I have another gig of memory. " so awesome deal!

dh is still working so we're just hanging out here.

today has been a bad pelvic day. walking walmart was hard! slow, very slow going there. have had a ton of BH today and lots of pelvic pressure and pain. :P sleeping is getting hard to do cause my hips hurt so much after laying on them, but I cant lay on my back of course. bleh.


 ok, I've got some BIG news!!! I'm SO excited and feel so special!!!
I got a real birthday present tonight!!
dh went with me and I got my first laptop!!!!! I'm so freaking/stinking tickled pink!! wow oh wow!
I'm still working on getting it set up to have all the stuff I need, but I got my OL access installed at least and my favs, so can work from there. and tomorrow I'll go over to my moms and finish installing the other stuff since I can pick up her wifi connection there. this will be SO cool!!!!
getting a pic of what I got to share with ya'll.
dh is so good to me, I tell ya! just a love bug!

its a compaq (which I know is by HP, but still never thought I'd own one LOL) and was on special. I didnt want to go expensive at all, but didnt want to skimp on stuff I knew I'd want/need and this one had great reviews on it!
the kids are excited of course cause they think they can be on the desktop anytime they want now. LOL!
I do have to work on figuring some stuff out, like how do you keep from making the touchpad mouse scroll a page while you're typing??? LOL!!! I got a wireless mouse to use with it since I'm so used to that (adn its PINK! LMBO).
so I'm feeling the love tonight!

Monday, February 18, 2008

ramble ramble

how's this for a rambling post...

I got the travel swing put together today and feel like a dufus! when I stored it back last year, I didnt take the batteries out!!!! so not sure if it'll even work or not now.  gotta get me some C batteries (or charge up what I have) and see if it'll move for me. I cleaned up the leads as well as I could, but one of the springs (that push against the batteries) broke cause of the corrosion. *sigh* there's still a small piece of spring there, but not the full size. so we'll see. what a duh moment! (and I couldnt blame it on pg brain cause I wasnt pg at the time! :P)

C goes back to school tomorrow (yay! LOL!!) never thought I'd be one of those to do that, but man oh man, does he like picking. and between him and Hunter its like WWE all the time! *grrrr*
C still has a bit of a cough (did I mention he had been under the weather from thursday afternoon til sunday morning?). he always coughs when he gets any kind of sicky though, so that's what he's dealing with now.

G has little red cheeks, they look like they're chapped, but he's not been outside in the cold today.  course it could be from playing too. he's not been ill, though he has refluxed 3 times tonight after dinner, which is something that he very rarely every does anymore.

been big time windy here today (finally its settled down). had to send the kids out to pick up the trash from the yard cause it was trash day and of course with the trash truck coming through, it got all kinds of stuff all over the yard. :P

in baby news:
I had a couple small pieces of mucous plug to show up this morning. nothing major, just noticeable to me. nothing to worry about obviously, just enough to make me glad that I go in tomorrow and will know what exactly is going on up there.

I feel like I clean clean and clean some more around here. been forever since my house was this clean I think.  in fact, I've got the urge to grab a bottle of windex right now. (resisting that urge!) I think dh will be so sad once all this nesting phase has passed.
course I've not had a "cooking phase" to hit at all, so maybe he will be happy if I switch out!

oh, I'm also planning on getting some highlights put in my hair, hopefully by this weekend! my bday gift to me!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

hey, lookit my ticker! I'm under 60 days now!
baby girl has been doing a LOT of stretching out on me lately. pushing out both sides on me. makes for a lot of *ack* moments!
dont know if I mentioned in here, but she head butted my cervix yesterday while at walmart and my eyes about bugged out!
C is off school tomorrow (but dh is working). we'll just hang at home since its going to be cold. we did get our St. refund in so I'll be going to pay off our property taxes on tuesday (*pout*) and my dr appt is that day, plus my bday!
I'm going to ask for a cervical check at my appt just so I know what's going on in there. I know the bottom of my cervix is open (I think up to 2.5cm now) so I want to know what the top of my cervix is doing, JIC.
I had more cramps start up last night for a while and I think that's what got me the next .5cm. :P

um, did I mention I found a PINK Bobby bouncy seat for $11 at the consignment store friday? its all cleaned up. I also pulled out the travel swing from the garage and will get it cleaned up tomorrow I guess.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

dh got in a bit early tonight, so we decided to go for pizza. they charged us for our salads tonight so our ticket was outrageous. (usually they let the salads go free and even comp a couple drinks for us since we're in there so often). but dh is going out of town in the morning and wont be back home til saturday, so that's our eating out for the rest of the week I suppose (no captain ds tomorrow night).
I stopped and got him a bag of Vday M&Ms to take with him (since I'd not gotten him anything ya know) and paid for C to get his little $1 pink bear in a Vday bag for his g/f he'd been wanting. ah, young "love". LOL!
dh brought home a pot of tulips for me tonight! he hid them on the bathroom counter (he always puts things somewhere so I 'find it'). I'm SO pleased with him this time! I always ask that if he gets me flowers, to make them plantable, not cut flowers, that way I can put them out in the yard and they can come back year after year. he did good this time!! (normally he forgets that part).
so I have red tulips to put out in my flower bed later on!
didnt get company today cause of the weather, but she's supposed to come out tomorrow (since its supposed to be 50*), so we'll see.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

busy day

so mom called this morning to tell me papaw would be stopping over around 10 to pick the kids up and bring them to their house.  that was great cause I wouldnt have to worry about stressing with them at the tax office.
C wanted to go with me, so I let him. I wanted help anyway since I needed to pick up some heavy items at the stores and JIC I started feeling bad while out.

got there on time and spent probably an hour there, maybe more.  Mrs. Kay loves taking her time with her clients and we yakked about almost everything and C got to hold her mini poodle, Trouble, while there. (I got a pic on my phone I'll post later).
we're getting back a very nice refund! a little less than last year since dh got more overtime in '07, but is only a few hundred $ difference, so no biggie.
that'll be going to pay off our property taxes and two CC bills that are late every month. (*grumble complain gripe!*). so I'll be a very happy camper! doesnt look like I'll get a laptop out of the deal. oh well. I'd rather have this crap paid off!

after leaving there, we stopped at the goodwill. I wanted to see if they had a baby swing, but they didnt. then we hit the donut shop!!! I got my creme filled donut and C got one called a chocolate chip and we shared a creme horn.
then off to hobby lobby. I wanted to see if they had any book binding tape and they didnt!  imagine that!
so then off to eat finally! (you know, real food) and I took C to ruby tuesdays. (dang if I'd forgotten how ridiculously expensive they are!!!!! should have gone to TGIF!) I got this smokehouse cheeseburger and C got 2 mini burgers w/ the salad bar. we both got drinks (should have gotten water!) and I spent $23!!  that's the last time for a long time! it was good though and we had food to bring home since C coudlnt finish his burgers and neither of us could finish the fries. (H and G enjoyed them later)

then off to Sams. when we pulled in, he thought he seen my sis' car, so called her and sure enough, they were in there! so we met them and they walked with us around the store while we got what we needed. (I'm stocked back up on Nesquick and grape tomatoes!)

after leaving there, headed back to our town and stopped at food lion. got my diapers, catfood, cat litter and totally forgot to get any teabags! will HAVE to do that tomorrow cause we only have 2 bags left! (we drink at least a gallon a day, 2 if dh is home all day-which he'll be tomorrow).
then stopped at dollar market to get the kids cokes (a case for $3.50!) then stopped at my brothers ILs house so C could borrow a couple of games from his cousin. found that my nephew, landon, and SIL, tasha, both have the flu!  T wasnt there, but L was (looking so pitiful) but I stayed clear of him and we didnt stay long.
finally back to the house where we stopped long enough to pick up my flash drive so I could get a few things at moms (DSL!) and then to moms.

the kids and I got home around...5? I think. I'm STILL not hungry!  I fixed dh some fresh shrimp, mac/cheese, a left over crab cake and rice ball and some fried taters w/ carrots and onions for dinner. the kids had soups and stuff. I had a glass of tea. LOL!!

not sure if we're going to church in the morning. G had a low grade fever tonight (about 100*). gave him some tylenol before bed. not sure what's up with him though, so will have to see how he's doing in the morning. if we stay home, I may get the changing table out to the garage so I can paint it.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

new truck

the new suburban that will seat the whole family! we fondly call it the MIB cause it looks so official. LOL

new nursing necklace

my uncle made this for me and baby girl! I love it!!


sold the old stove! off to a new home.

Monday, February 04, 2008


me in the kitchen (one of the kids got this pic)

Sunday, February 03, 2008

finally an update!

long time no update, sorry!
my puter got fried last week from storms that came through and it took me a few days to get the part and the boys computer I was using was not user friendly. :) now our connection is really crappy cause of all the wetness around here from the weather, so I'm getting nothing big done online.

funny stuff: Garrett decided to try and stick his head in the kitty's house and almost got his head stuck!  I got a pic the 2nd time he tried.

while we were in the last 2 minutes of the game tonight, he decided to to the streak thing and go without his diaper. LOL! I didnt want to miss the game, so I was letting him run free. well, he went into the bathroom during this time and after a few seconds I went in after him (he LOVES playing in the potty). so I go in and he's standing in front of the potty, then looks under the front of the potty and points to where a good sized wet spot is!!!! he'd tried peeing in the potty, but was about 4" too short to get his bird over the rim!!!! ROFLOL! who'd have thunk it!!
he was so excited afterwards that while I was holding him and telling everyone in here, he popped me in the nose! dang that hurt!
Go Giants!!! so it finally got exciting and had a good ending!
dh and the kids and my mom all got here about the same time, right before 4th quarter started, so I had some fun people to watch the rest with. :-D


before church

Saturday, February 02, 2008


trying to update the old 98 HP... unsuccessfully

Friday, February 01, 2008


taps for the dead computer...