Saturday, May 11, 2013

my how time flies

our oldest boy, Canaan, will graduate on the 18th.
graduating from high school.
how can that happen so fast and yet it just at times seems to take so long then BAM it's just here and you're going "whaaaaa?!"
we're so proud of him. proud of them all actually. he's set a good example (mostly LOL) for his siblings.
Can't believe graduation is so close. *sniff*

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

yesterday was my appt with the neurologist. I did like him, which I'm relieved about. he like the neurosurgeon didnt think the size/place of the tumor would cause seizures and the complications like I'm having. so, I had 6 more vials of blood drawn and the paperwork had a lot of Epilepsy terms in them. they'll have the results of that today, but I dont think I'll find anything out til I go back to see him. he's ordered an EEG (brain wave test) and will also do in-depth memory and thinking skills to see how I do with those. I think I failed the balance test yesterday.  so if they cant get me in for those extra tests before 4 weeks, I'll go back in 8 weeks. a whole game of wait. meh.
in the meantime, I'll be reading up on epilepsy to see what I find on it. I've seen it while searching seizures, but have skipped over most of it since they found the tumor. so many questions still.
he did say my keppra dose was almost the lowest possible and since i've not had any more known seizures, we'll keep it at what it is for now.

I, like anyone else, hate the waiting game. I wanted to call today, but I dont think they'd want to give me news over the phone. they didnt call me to say anything either. guess I can call tomorrow morning to see if they got the appts set up for the other tests at least and can maybe slip in a question about the bloodwork. though, IDK if I'd want to know if it was a 'yes' without being at the drs office so I can start rattling off a lot of questions! 
and I did find this on an epilepsy site:
When are people most likely to get epilepsy?

New cases of epilepsy are most common among children, especially during the first year of life. The rate of new cases gradually declines until about age 10, and then becomes stable. After age 55 or 60, the rate starts to increase, as people develop strokes, brain tumors, or Alzheimer's disease. (All of these disorders can cause epilepsy.)
nice to know i fit in there somewhere. 

and another:
There is a fine balance in the brain between factors that begin electrical activity and factors that restrict it, and there are also systems that limit the spread of electrical activity. During a seizure, these limits break down, and abnormal electrical discharges can occur and spread to whole groups of neighboring cells at once. This linkage of electrical discharges creates a "storm" of electrical activity in the brain. This is a seizure. When a person has had at least two of these seizures, that's called epilepsy.
I of course had 2 in one day and a 3rd had begun while in the hospital that night, before they got me laid down and it went away. (is that even possible to stop one? or maybe it was a mini seizure? IDK!)

I'm not going to dwell on it now though. unfortuneatly, I've chewed up the inside of my cheek. I chew on it when I get nervous or aggitated and its kinda sore right now from me doing that over the last day. :p 
note to self: STOP IT!!!!