Sunday, May 20, 2007

first thing this morning

its been 'one of those mornings' already by 8 a.m.

first when I went in to get garrett, I found that he had puked all over his bed and when I went to change him, discovered that he had messed ALL over the inside of his pjs. I thought we were done with this stuff! :-( he'd not been sick since Tuesday and had finally started eating well yesterday.

so katlyn woke up and I had her start a bath up for him to clean him off. while batheing him, I asked her to take out the walmart bag that had the whole messy diaper in it out to the big trash outside. while outside she found that something had come up and dragged off all our baby kittens and killed them! :'( she of course was VERY upset. breaks my heart that she found them. she loves animals and has loved on thsoe babies from day one. they just had opened their eyes and were starting to wander outside their box. :'(

so we're staying home today, dont want to take a risk of passing anything around (dang it, thought we were DONE with this! 

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