Monday, February 14, 2011

  I set my ticker with my new goal of 150 now. WOO! I started on my zumba officially today! I got to go through the intro a couple days ago, but today was the first time I got to actually do anything. I did the 20 minute express and started about half of the cardio party. I had to go get Garrett at that point.
my hips are sore. I obviously dont swish my hips like a latin woman LOL!

tomorrow G will start riding the bus home from school. it'll be a big change for us! his teacher said he wants to ride the bus each day though, so hopefully it'll be an easy change for him. 
it'll save me gas for one, which is really a good one. a couple times this week I have to be at work at 4, so I have to go pick up K at school so she'll be here when I have to leave. so if I still picked up G, that'd have been 3 trips in town in one day. :p not good. this will keep me at 2 trips at least. 

C's baseball tryouts are tomorrow! he's excited but nervous.  he's already been assigned to left field and pitcher, so not sure what he's nervous about. 

got our taxes done this past weekend. it'll be a couple of weeks before the $ gets here, but I'm excited for when it is, we'll be getting more stuff paid OFF!! relief is on the way! (I say this each year and each year it gets better)

we had the power go out in the county last night for over an hour. seems some power lines caught on fire. 

dh installed my kitchen faucet for me this weekend!  my countertops arent in yet. its supposed to be wednesday when they come in finally. but dh went ahead and put in my water at the sink. makes it SO much easier! its hard to keep a kitchen clean when all you have is the water in the fridge. :P I got it all sparkling today!

Had a good talk with K this weekend about choices that effect your future (where I've been stressed about this one friend of hers and things it can lead to). it went really well and she even gave us both big hugs afterwards.  I love my girl! I'll keep up with her to keep her on course. I want her to succeed!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

A very lazy morning with my baby girl. :)