Sunday, May 27, 2007

O Happy Day!

so we had a good day. after church mom took the youngest 4 with them and me, dh, C and FIL went to have dinner at New China (I must have been awfully hungry cause it tasted fantastic!!  :-D ), then off to the college to get there a bit early.
it lasted for almost 2 hours, so we got there at 2:30 and we were almost in our town about 7.
(it was scheduled to run 4-6 pm)
after that went to Tori's house for some cake.

in WONDERFUL news, Garrett actually ate really well today!! mom said he'd basically pigged out all day since lunch time! I'm SO happy! said he ate hard, played hard and slept hard. LOL!
he was up every 2 hours last night (yawn-ugh) so I figured his appetite was coming back. but he didn't eat breakfast for me today, except some milk. he had one mud-poop before church, but otherwise, no poops today either!
we did have prayer for him at church today as well. I'm ready for that boy to pack on some more weight! he looks so slinky right now.
he's also walking again (not all the time besides his cruising, just between places), though he's kinda shaky a lot of times.  don't know if he's worried about it now or just cause he went for 2 weeks with not doing it. ah well.

ok, I really need to go to bed! more stuff to do tomorrow and my house is STILL a wreck. *sigh*

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