Wednesday, May 31, 2006

ho hum

still here of course!
nothing special at the appt except the weight gain! I'm still the same as I have been the last couple weeks internally, with just a bit more thinning (30%) and baby is measurng at 37 weeks so that makes me feel good. BP was 116/60 and weight gain was 7 lbs in one week! can we say OMGosh!!!!! I've gained more in the past two appts than I had over the previous 3+ months! : no wonder my legs hurt so bad.
so I seen a new dr today, she's new to the practice, but very nice. she did strip my membranes for me, but dont know if it'll do much good since I'm only about 2 cm. dang it.
so I go back next week on tuesday, Katlyn's bday! I see dr. phillips that day and hopefully he'll go ahead and send me in. we'll be celebrating K's bday this saturday at pizza hut, her bday is tuesday-along with my appt that morning. I'm hoping that dr. P will strip the membranes once again, then let me come in the next morning (the 7th). I'd rather not deliver on K's bday. then they leave for Camp on the 8th-11th, so it's like a time thing now. *sigh*

Tasha is still pg, but the dr. told her if she'd not gone by this weekend she can come on in and he'd pop her water and they'd get things going. so she's figuring on going in on saturday night/afternoon . it's going to be an interesting few days here.

and the dr said that once I deliver, they'll see about getting me a shot to clear up the poison ivy (that seems to be spreading ) to clear it up quicker.

I stopped at walmart to get the rest of the material to finish K's blanket for her bday...nothing like waiting til the last minute huh?

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


update on SIL!!
the dr. said she's 3 cm and 90% with her waterbag 'bulging'. he stripped her membranes as well and her contrax (that she was already having) have stepped up! it could possibly be tonight or tomorrow!
this is such a hoot, especially if dr. agrees to put me in tomorrow.

can I get any bigger?

sitting here with the keyboard pulled on my lap so my feet can rest on another chair. makes it easy to see baby bopping about in my tummy (he must have either liked the mexican lunch or the vanilla ice cream I just had. )
we met dh in town for lunch, like I said, we had mexican. had to bring some home cause no way I can finish stuff these days. tried to get his prescription filled, but they wont do it til he comes back in for a checkup. so whenever baby pops, he'll do it then so hewont have to take an extra day off.
stopped and seen brother and SIL. she's at her appt now and will call me later to let me know how it goes. I think its going to be an exciting couple of weeks one way or another.
we stopped and picked up C's free ice cream for the last ballgame they won. he got me vanilla cause he says I'm such a good mommy. so I sucked that down just now. hehe!

I did my legs before going anywhere and kinda freaked out cause it left red polka dot rashes all over my legs for a while! looked terrible!!! not like my legs need any help with that right now, ugh. the color looks normal now thank goodness, but still cant get in the pool, unless I want the razor burn from hell to show up!
and of course I've got to whine. I had to dig out the big ol' roomy ugly shoes to wear in town and even with wearing those, the impressions are still on my feet after they've been off for about 45 minutes. for some reason, the muscle that runs up my left leg on my shin is SO painful. this is part of what was hurting last night, its at it again now. I cant see anything, so its inside stuff and it HURTS. I don't see how I could go til the 11th at this rate or even close to it, I'd not be walking by then if this past week is any indication. this is getting ridiculous. I pray the dr agrees to something tomorrow.
also been having an odd pain in my right side, not round ligaments and not appendix (don't have one of those) its farther down in my pelvic cavity, but is just a shooting pain. who knows! probably my butt going to swell up next.


Monday, May 29, 2006


I'm thinking of calling my dr. about the edema today. the swelling just wont go down anymore, even after a whole nights sleep, I'm still swollen from my knees down. it does leave indentions for like 30 seconds when its pressed on too. my feet just hurt cause I can barely bend my dang toes and when I'm walking it feels like I've got shoes on that are two sizes too small. my ankles actually hurt, feel like they're bruised, but there's no bruises there.

lost a bit more plug last night, finally. but still, a bit. big deal.

the kids are hankering to get in the pool today! as soon as I got up, I seen C watching the weather!

Friday, May 26, 2006


well, we made it through the night. I slept pretty well, but noticed every time I woke, I was having a contrax. so I've pretty much been contracting since yesterday morning. I know its not that I'm not drinking enough water, cause I've had to have downed a gallon just yesterday and I know its not from not resting cause I was dang lazy yesterday!
but I don't know if anything at all is going on in there! no more mucous plug, no 'show', no nothing to make me think that I should be prepared for this weekend. : rather aggravating actually!
most of them are ranging @ 6 minutes apart, but they will puter off to space out longer sometimes. some are mildly annoying and others make me want to holler for the epi cart!
BP was great this morning when I got up, 104/66.
can I go have this baby now?

Thursday, May 25, 2006

slow, lazy day

definitely lots of relaxing today. I feel mighty lazy! but my feet look good, as do my hands. my BP hasn't been under 121/72 at any point I've checked it today though. (it went up a smidge this evening for some reason). I have felt like snacking all day I'm sure that will help the scales.

the kids were actually really good today, except when G and H wanted to play WWE in the living room a few times.

been having contrax all day. sometimes they'll get regular, sometimes they'll space out, sometimes they about double me over and I can barely breathe through them, other times its just annoying. I sure hope it's all making a difference! nothing like going through pain for nothing.

I hope I'm able to sleep tonight... ya know, unless I need to go to the hospital. I'm sure it wont happen though, just one of those nice thoughts.

BP update

the dr. just wants me to be 'lazy' today and keep my feet up or lay down when I can. said my BP, though it is high for me, is w/in normal range but to call back if the top gets to 150 again or the bottom to 90. just took it after getting up, the first reading was wonked and freaked me out cause it said 193/116! LOL! I took it immediately again on the other arm and it read 121/72. *whew!*
I'm still not feeling 'normal' though. everything is still tingling, though my hands arent swelled-but my fingers are still puffy enough that I cant get those 2 rings off. feet are still puffy and I've not done squat today. plus my eyes are once again puffy. this is even with those slightly above normal readings. ugh.
my contrax did calm down while I was sleeping, but are starting back up now since I've been awake.
dang it, I told Dr. C to do something this week!

BP issues

ok, so I'm up way early today! actually been up since 4:30.
I'm going to call Dr. P today after the office opens up. I'm a smidge worried over the swelling and my BP. I know, probably nothing, but last night I had absolutely no swelling in my hands and during the night I got up to pee and since my arms/hands had been tingling since yesterday afternoon, they were feeling puffy. like my skin was just too tight on all my extremities.
well, I couldn't get my rings off, at all.
I went to take my BP w/ dh's wrist cuff and got a 149/80 reading (HR only 69). so that bottom is like 20 points higher than normal for me and the top, like wow. my average is 110/60 (remember it was slightly up on Tuesday at the dr.).
so I go back to bed after noticing my feet are still swelled, though not in a complete 'cankle' state ( ) the tops of my feet are what's puffy right now.
dh wakes up, cause he heard the BP machine. he wants me to call Dr. P asap, he's worried.
so after he left I took another reading (@ 5:30) and it was then 138/84. I have no clue on BP readings except that bottom # really shouldn't keep going up.
I thought it'd be down a bit cause I was able to take off 3 of my rings, 2 are impossible.
my left side is more swelled than my right, but I can actually see the tendons in the top of my left hand now.
my eyes feel puffy too, but at this time of morning, I don't know if that's just me being awake way too early or what.

so anyhoo, if anyone knows anything about this shtuff, tell me. I did some reading on the edema last night and it seems they're not really worried unless the bottom # gets over 90?

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

say wha???????

and OMGosh! does my ticker say 18 days????? course in about 30 minutes it'll tick down one more! wow, freaking wow!!!!!!! I think I found out I was pg about 18 dpo!!!
oh, no wait, I was more like 21 dpo!! nuts!!!!!!!

wax on, wax off

decided to make the homemade chicken noodle tonight. turned out really good, especially for my first time making it! LOL! everyone ate two bowls of it! got enough left for about 2 bowls later.
cleaned off the top of the microwave tonight... can we say this was really piled up? coupons and stuff from 2005!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

dr. appt

no big news at the dr, except the weight gain. it all goes like this:
weight +4 lbs ( some of that IS from swelling cause I've noticed a big change in my legs later in the day, but still! ugh), BP 117/72, which is actually up a bit for me. forgot to ask the fundal height today but Dr. C said I was basically the same as I was 2 weeks ago, with no big change. he wouldn't sweep my membranes cause he thinks "its a bit early yet".
I go back next Wednesday, don't know who I'm seeing, they didn't circle it on the card, so maybe then.

anyhoo, after getting home, I stopped at the consignment stores and found some deals!! I got a Tiny Love classical music mobile. will take a pic, but I wanted one of these with Hunter and couldn't afford it and since I didn't get the other mobile, I got this one, for $10!
then stopped at the other consignment store and finally found a PNP with the bassinette and change table by evenflo for $40. my mom is giving me the money to reimburse that. I'm so tickled!

Monday, May 22, 2006

old friends!

I have some very awesome news about a friend of mine who called today. some of you will remember the past year, I wanted to find a friend I'd gone to high school with. my best friend for so long and we'd lost touch and I didn't know how to find her.
well, she called me today!!!!  we talked for 2 hours!  the bestest most fantastical part of it is that now she's saved and have given her life to God and is on fire for Him!!!  she is a total 180 of the girl I seen last time and was SO worried about! she told me at one point that she knew I'd been praying for her cause of things that had come about and the way things happened.  made me feel so wonderful to know those prayers I've said over the last few years really did manifest!
we talked about so much and I got to tell my mom tonight too. it was just such a blessing to know she's finally found peace in her life and is sharing her joy! she was always a happy personality person, just makes you want to smile.  she said she never knew what to smile for before hand, but now she does! I'm so happy for her! I even know how to find her cause she lives in the house she grew up in now! I cant wait to see pics of her, her two kids, new hubby of 2 years and her 2 step kids!
so it was an awesome night!!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

the shower and plugs falling

Sorry its taken me so long to get back on here, just now getting the time or energy. LOL!
yesterday was great! we do realize though that we should have started earlier yesterday. LOL! mom and I were still working on stuff when people started coming in. oops! it was cool though cause it was family so they helped out with the last minute stuff.
The shower was so fun, my crazy aunt and cousin know how to liven up a place which in turn livens up mom and I, so we were laughing so hard my tummy was hurting and mom nearly peed on herself at one point.
I'm not sure how long it lasted, I think about 8 possibly but people hung around for a long time to yak and eat and all that good stuff.
I didnt leave with the kids until after 10 (dh left about half hour earlier) and I got in bed at 11:30.
I was SO sore and tired! the first time I woke to pee, I didnt know if I'd make it cause I had to go so bad, but couldnt move that fast.
I'm better today though, just taking it easy after church, doing a lot of sitting!
I have tons of pics to post, not all that were taken though, there were over 100, so I tried to pick the best ones or the funniest ones. LOL! plus pics of all the gifts I got last night and also today at church!

In some great pg body news though, I started to lose my mucous plug today! been having a few contrax off and on as usual, but nothing to get me as excited as seeing that nasty plug stuff.

also, I have to give thanks to my church members. we werent going to be able to send the kids to church camp this June for the first time since they started going. just didnt have the money at all. the church asked us if we needed help and I said yes, but then felt guilty about it cause we couldnt help at all with it. we had like $6 to put towards thier camp fund. (the cost is $110 per child). so I wasnt going to let them go. then with Canaan so upset about it, I was going to let him go, but keep Katlyn home since she hadnt really said anything. so today Pastor Toby talked to us (the youth pastor) and I told him what I'd planned and he said "nope, they're both paid for! of course they both want to go!" which Katlyn was nodding her head vigorously to! Canaan was jumping around he was so excited! I'm just touched and humbled by it. we've always been able to pull out some way to get them to camp and this year just wasnt coming together. they are SO happy now!

also, thanks to a "little blessing" I received from a friend, I stopped today at the store and did their 5 family packs for 19.99 which I was able to get 2 big boxes of breakfast TN Pride sausage biscuits, a huge box of corndogs, a family pack of ribeye steaks and sirloins! awesome deals! Thank you!

tons of new pics in the flickr account, go check them all out!! :D