Monday, June 30, 2008

 we got good news on the WComp! what they send weekly will be like him making a few hours OT, so we'll be able to stay on top of things! the bad news is that the first check wont be here til about tuesday next week. I think we have about $40 for the week, which wouldnt be bad if we didnt need to go anywhere, KWIM? hopefully we can do most trips in the Escape since it gets better mileage and we'll get thru the rest of the week.
waiting to hear back from the car loan and house loan on whether they have disability on the loans.
oh, in other good news, we got our letter about our stimulus check today! it'll be here soon! maybe it'll be here tomorrow and take care of this week.

in other things, I'm PP shedding like crazy. figure the shower drain will clog soon. *blush*

weighed Sarina the other day and I think she's about 10.10 lbs now :)

G is still working on pt'ing. we had a couple days where he just stuck to diapers again, but we're back to trying now. I'm glad I'm almost done w/ pt'ing totally. LOL

Sunday, June 29, 2008

in good news, C's team won last nights game too, so they go to district on 7-4!!!! (didn't think it was regional or state, but I couldn't think of the right word before). they're playing again tonight against a neighboring team, but whether they win or lose they still go to district (though I really hope they beat them cause they've lost against them every time in the previous years!) C also hit two homeruns yesterday, so proud of him!

we should find out tomorrow who will be doing dh's surgery. hopefully when as well. its hard to imagine that he's going to be here at home till at least some time in august! he told me the first day that I'll probably be ready to boot him out of the house. I told him as long as he doesn't get all grouchy then I wont. ;)

I'm hoping for good news on the workman's comp. he was told they go back over a year's wages and average that out and that's what he'll be getting for the time he's off, and sent weekly since that's how we're set up on paying bills. I thought they'd just base it on a 40 hr week and that was going to be hard on us, but if its an average over the past year, that *should* be a bit better. we should know tomorrow I think.

the hardest thing is the kids. I don't think they really *get it* yet, KWIM? they know daddy is hurt and the older kids know he's going to be home for a while, but they don't really see the big picture of course. they keep asking 'can we go here to eat' 'can we go rent more movies' (rented 6 movies for $1.50 the other day!), 'can we go to the city again' and stuff. my biggest thing is Hunter's birthday is on the 6th and I don't know what I can get him! I'll probably have to go to the CARES center to find something. sucks, but I had to do that for Garrett as well. *sigh* I feel like a bad mom for that sometimes.

anyway, don't want to end this on a sad note. in other good news, Sarina laughed out loud for me yesterday morning for the first time! :)
at church this morning the ladies were making over her and how tiny she is. LOL.

Friday, June 27, 2008


 this one here has a special story!
back when I first got pg with Garrett, I had a dream of a baby girl playing on the floor with Hunter by her. it was so real to me that I drew a pic of it when I woke up (it was a Sunday morning) and here is that pic I drew:

and this is a pic I took yesterday! as soon as I snapped it, I had a flashback of this pic and I went to hunt it down.

 here is dh's comparison of his knees from last night. the thigh muscle on his right leg isnt attached to anything but a broken knee cap, so he cant pick his leg up by himself (though he can wiggle his foot. weird how that works)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

 dh is on his way home, the guy he carpooled w/ picked him up at the hospital, I figure he'll be home anytime. he's in an immobility splint (?) for the weekend to help the swelling go down and monday he goes to see the dr again to get a date for surgery. yep, not anything that will heal on its own, but is at least fixable. the dr told him that when he injured it originally a few weeks ago was the starting point and he caught it just right today and it snapped (broke?). he said there's a big space at the top of his leg where the muscles join before the knee bends. messed up.
he also has to go back to nashville tomorrow for more testing for workmans comp. he's also being stubborn and saying he'll drive himself. anyone that knows robert personally knows how typical this is. lol
my mom said she can drive him tho (I've got a ton of paperwork/leg work to do as well, before 3pm when C meets up w/ his team to go to their first game). it'll be a busy day/weekend.

all this is still processing. I'm very glad he got a good check this week to help out.

thank you all again for your prayers!

ISO: prayers

need some big prayers today.
talked to dh at lunch and he basically broke his knee today. he cant walk and is at the hospital right now finding out the extent of the damage. he of course is the sole income and we're already dealing w/ unpaid bills cause $ was so short the past few months.
I guess the only good part is that it'll fall under workman's comp, so that'll be a bit of income and I'm going tomorrow to make the house payment (for June). I'm just a bit (like a whole lot) freaked out and praying hard that things will be ok.
we do have accident ins (not for cars, for injury) so that will also help. I'll be making those calls tomorrow plus stopping in to see about food assistance. I hate it, but theres only so many weeks you can feed a family of 8 for about $50 like I've been doing lately.
I hate talking all this stuff but I've broken down a few times today thinking about all this.
I'm waiting for dh to call me back w/ news. right now I dont know if he'll have to stay overnight or what.
my mom has assured me she's here to help however she can. dont know what I'd do w/o that!
... guess I'll journal hop while S finishes nursing.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

 just put G down for a nap, pt'ing is not going so well today. :P
S is napping too, put her in my bed to see how she naps there for me.
got my refill of diflucan called in yesterday afternoon so the next time I'm in town I'll pick that up. already started the genisan violet (sp?!) for both of us. I know my right bb has thrush cause its tender, started last night. hate that! S has nursed today, not without fussing though. she slept well last night, sleeping til 3:30 then til 5. but I couldnt go back to sleep after the 3:30 wake up. so I'm quite tired today.

I'm making a PB bread recipe right now in the bread machine. I'm just doing the dough and will take it out to rise (hoping it does!) to see if we get a better loaf this time.

C's team won their scrimmage last night 15-6, so they got out of practice this morning.
got some cute pics again (thought of posting one of G butt naked, but decided not)
I made a new sling for S this past week (first time to get to my sewing machine since before she was born!) not sure what you call this material, but its lightweight like the solarveil stuff I've seen other ladies use.  she was quite content yesterday in it

then today with K's baby dolls. (got the idea from Theresa) the first baby doll is a 'newborn' size and the second is a '3 month size' LMBO!

 ignore the purple all over her. :P (oh, K dug out one of her preemie shirts to put on her today LOL!)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


 I'm craving a burger today. :P
in upsetting news, I think thrush has creeped back in. this stuff makes our nursing SO hard cause S does not want to nurse when this stuff is bothering her. she screams a lot when hungry and trying to nurse and I end up w/ a little pumping or a bottle of formula. we do not have the easiest nursing relationship, its a constant workout it seems.
not to mention at my age I dont make an over abundant supply. I even asked the ped about it cause it just seemed like I dont have as much this time. she said its common for women who are older and have nursed a lot of babes to not make as much milk later. figures-2 strikes (counting the thrush)
at this rate, I dont see us going as long as I hoped. at least she still nurses well at night for me.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

2nd bday and 2m check

ok, 2 yr stats of the older kids

Canaan 34.5 lbs, 36.5"
Katlyn 32 lbs, 36"
Gavin 31.5 lbs, 35"
Hunter 33 lbs, 37"
Garrett 30 lbs, 35"
(these are funny to me because Gavin was such a porker before, then thinned down and Hunter was a runt and porked up )

2 month stats for all the kids
Canaan 16.5 lbs, 26", HC 17"
Katlyn 12.9 lbs, 24", HC 16"
Gavin 13.2 lbs, 24.25"
Hunter 11.13 lbs, 24", HC 16 1/8"
Garrett 13.4 lbs, 24.5", HC 16"
Sarina 10 lbs, 23", HC 15.25"
 Sarina has to wear a size 1 dipe to bed now or she floods out by morning.
she's the first baby to wear her clothes so much that we're wearing out her NB stuff! (I'm actually getting bored of seeing the same stuff) good thing I can put her in the bigger stuff for length at least!
her hair actually stands up like you see in the pics naturally. she doesnt have a double crown, but it swirls up like that. hehe!
cant get over sometimes that little G is 2 already (though he certainly acts like he's two!).
yesterday was a good day, although I never got time to fix his cake or fix a dinner for him as I'd planned. it'll be done today though.
we left out around 11 yesterday for the peds appt. boy, its always fun taking ALL the kids to the pediatrician. we got it done though without too many glitches.
got the two youngest stats though! (amazing I remember that LOL)
Sarina is weighing in at a whopping 10 lbs now! 23" long and head is 15 1/4" (she's finally Canaan's birth size).
Garrett is 35" and 30lbs (though he feels like 40 LOL!)
I thought he'd get shots yesterday, but they put them off til age 4 now. (kinda aggravates me cause I'd not have asked for a well check if I'd known that).
Sarina did get 3 shots and a liquid though. poor little girl. her legs were so sore last night. she's doing good as of bed time and today though. the swelling is gone and she doesnt cry when her legs are touched anymore. made me feel so bad. *sniff*
Katlyn also got her boosters she needed for school this year (she still complains about them LOL)
and I found that gavin hasnt had the chicken pox vacc. even if I opted not to get it when he was one, why has no one asked about it since? so he'll probably have to get those before starting school or something. :P

took the kids to McDs after getting back. amazing when I can feed everyone for $9 (though Garrett and I shared a burger, so I only half ate)

back home had to feed Sarina and when dh got home, we went in town for the end of the tournament and the awards ceremony. C got a 12yo trophy and an All-Star trophy since he was chosen for the All-Star team again.
we got home about 9 last night. Sonic burgers for dinner.

today, K has gone with her friend Dana and her grandpa to
Beech Bend for some fun and C has gone up to his g/f to visit for a couple hours.
I'm going to make Garrett's cake here in a bit and work on the house again.

oh, did get Garrett a Magna Doodle for his bday. he really likes it too!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

 had a pretty good afternoon after a total meltdown this morning at the kids. took C to ball camp then hung in town the 2 hours we waited. got gas, went to BK to use a B1G1 whopper coupon, then to Sonic to get 2 free kid meals (bday club!) and bought one extra to share between the boys. turns out they brought us an extra one, so everyone got their own meal!
then went to the new Family Video in town and got some awesome deals on movies! we got um...I think 10 movies (?) for $3.50!!! the kids were super excited about that (as was I, cheap entertainment!). then to the bank for FIL again and then to pick up C. he had fun today, they were doing batting practice.

G has been such a handfull today. I know he learns from the other kids (and Hunter is quite a teacher on being a booger) but man oh man! I'll be very glad when he's out of this screaming stage. it drives me bonkers!!!

did finally get S's one month pic up on the wall with the others, still other redoing I'd like to get done, just need the room for it. :P

kids go to VBS in about 45 minutes! and G is going too since he did so well last night. it'll be nice and quiet for 2.5 hours!! (yes, I'm super excited)

ok, gotta get a load of boys laundry started

Monday, June 09, 2008

help me...

 so S is trying to take a nursing strike on me. its gotten more pronounced the past couple days. her morning feed she screamed her head off til I just finally fixed a bottle for her. I don't know why she's doing this, she only gets a small bottle (like 2oz) maybe once a day (before bed, unless its a long day in town), but suddenly its like she'd rather have a bottle. we just went thru another spell for this feeding. and I know she's hungry cause I heard her tummy growling.
I worry anyway about if she's eating enough and this makes me feel like my milk isn't good enough. I know I'm making enough milk. I can pump it out and she makes a heck of a mess while fussing w/ milk going everywhere. I'm just not sure what to do. maybe my milk isn't satisfying her and she's trying to tell me that?
I've never had a problem feeding one of my kids before.

tomorrow will be a long day, don't know if I'll even get on. Gavin's post-op before lunch, C has baseball camp starting tomorrow thru Thursday from 1-3pm, VBS this week from 6-8:30 (free time! woo!) and C's last ballgame is tomorrow night.
I think I'll take all the kids but S to VBS tomorrow nite so I can go to C's game. it'll be the first one I've gotten to go to except a short visit on a previous game.

we got the kids pool set up today (papa bought it for hunter). they played in it this morning before it got real hot.

S has dry skin on the crown of her head. not cradle cap, dry skin.
she goes for her 2m check next week.


Sunday, June 08, 2008

 so trying to catch up a bit (boy, I'm so far behind-sorry for that ya'll!)
Garrett was sick all day yesterday. seriously sick. he was throwing up anything he put in and squirting out anything else. no to a very low grade fever was all he had sometimes, and if you went by how he was acting, you'd have never thought he was sick! into everything, even trouble, but his poor system was wreaking havoc on him.

after my mom brought him home, he didn't eat (he didn't ask for anything either). I eventually let him have some very watered down juice (about half a cup) and he kept that down. about an hour later he got the runs which really kinda scared me cause it was reddish colored (blood?!) so I called my mom and she came back over. he had fallen asleep but woke when she got there and he got sick again while she was holding him.
she said the pooh color was likely from the juice I'd given him since it was going straight through him.

it stayed that way the next 3 times he went (the amount he squirted increasingly less each time). his behavior never changed, full of energy all day. never got sick again either. he slept great last night as well. still had a low fever this morn, so he stayed home w/ dh. he's eating now (though not as much as normal) but will drink all he can.
we did let him eat all the ice chips he wanted yesterday.
today he seems fine. the runs are gone and so is the fever. weird stuff!

Saturday, June 07, 2008


here S is in an outfit I made years ago (think I was pg with Hunter?). its one of the tie behind the neck dresses with the matching bloomers. also has a matching bib and head band she wasnt wearing.

gavin and papa talking at walmart (I forgot I had my camera while at zaxby's)

in checkout line. my mom is the close one, papa is holding sarina in the back

birthday girl!

Canaan finally got some new strings for his guitar

K and papa Jim

 my dad came up yesterday to spend time with us (poor thing had to go to Wal-Mart to grocery shop with us LOL). he took us to zaxby's for K's bday lunch and my mom joined us. it was wild with all the kids cause they were all excited to see papa and were ALL trying to sit by him. LOL! crazy stuff!
Wal-Mart was veeeeeeery interesting. much more calm when its just the kids and I. LOL! one of the entertaining parts was Garrett opening a bottle of syrup to drink!!!
so K got for her birthday a bratz jewelry box and pc game from daddy and I, a $75 GC from papa, plus the $ to sign up for soccer this year. mamaw and papaw are also getting her a GC (it'll be going to get new school clothes she needs). and her friend Dana came to spend the night and brought her a gift, but I don't know what it is since they disappeared into K's room all night. :D
Garrett stayed with my mom last night (since he still sleeps in K's room, that way the girls could have the room to themselves).
C had a game last night and they won again. he only has one more regular season game on Tuesday then its the playoffs, then the all stars.
papa also gave us the $ to sign K and Gavin up for soccer this year! signups go through the end of the month, so soccer will start up next month for them. its going to be sooooooooo busy! (and HOT!) boy oh boy.

gotta go in town today to take the recyclables in and then need to make K's cake. we'll be having pizza for lunch. :)

got some pics from yesterday to post next...

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

thanks for all the hugs and prayers ladies! gavin is pretty puffy today, but is feeling good overall. he's not asked tylenol today, and is playing almost normally. he's not allowed to get water in his eyes for 2 weeks and the same for other stuff. no playing in dirt, pools, horseplay, etc. he'll be bored, but oh well. I'd rather he be bored than risk an infection!
he gets eye meds twice a day for now and we go back on the 10th for his post op.
this is expected to be his last surgery til he's maybe my age or older. and that one isnt guaranteed, this may be it, which I pray it is!
got pics from today, but they have to be loaded.

today Sarina is 9.2 lbs, moving on up! and once a-freaking-gain, we are dealing with thrush! I noticed it last night and I think thats why she slept like crap sunday night, cause after starting meds again, she slept great last night, like normal. I called in a script for diflucan today to try that while we keep her meds going. I just dont know what else to do, this is crazy!

K's bday party is this weekend. my big girl is turning 11! it'll be very low-key compared to last year tho. for G's party on the 17th, thinking we'll just have pizza and cake here.

Monday, June 02, 2008

eye surgery

Gavin's surgery went well today and he's resting up on the couch now. it was a long day (made even longer since S decided to eat every 2 hrs last night) so up at 5 to get ready and home after 3. got pics of the day of course. one of these days I'll make a scrap page!
 on the ride down to nashville
 getting gown and slippers on
 tired boy! and yes, thats blood in his eyes.