Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Carrie, whom I've known OL for quite a few years now, is a big inspiration for me in her weight loss. she's done such an excellent job!

Monday, September 29, 2008

so last night was interesting. before bed, Sarina decided to puke all her milk up. twice. not sure what was wrong, we figure she just drank too much when she took her night time bottle about an hour before. she went to sleep without nursing, which I was glad about cause I didn't know how her tummy would act, and she was fine all night, though she was up about every 2.5 hrs cause of not getting that bottle. she's been fine today as well, so I guess it was a one time thing.

in other Sarina news, I can see where her bottom two teeth are pushing up her gums now. not expecting them until at least 6m, maybe 7 months though, but they're coming! no others are noticeable yet.

when she's ready to nurse, she gets all excited and starts snorting/breathing heavy as she gets in my lap, then when she's about ready to latch on, she starts 'singing' to the bb! then hums for the first few seconds! sooooooooo funny!!

Garrett: he's picked up a couple new words this weekend (or rather clarified words). the first was Friday morning when it was chilly in the house. he came out just in a diaper from waking up and was grouching and complaining. I kept asking him what he wanted, but he kept whining. (ugh) so finally I fixed him his chocolate milk and got his cereal bar and sat him at the table. well, after a minute, he leans back to holler for me in the bathroom. I look to him and ask what he wanted and he said "BLANK-IE!!"he sure told me! LMBO!!
then yesterday morning while getting ready for church, he noticed that one of the cats had puked in the utility room. so I was guiding him around it and he says "NAS-TAY!"
cracking me up!!!

the kids go on fall break this Friday! a whole week of having all my babies at home! daddy will likely be going back to work as well, so it'll be chaos.

gotta get the bills paid this morning, I've put it off all weekend. :P

Saturday, September 27, 2008

weekend update

ok, going to try to do my update while I got a sec. following my notes, so if it sounds jumbled, sorry! LOL!
first off, dh's teeth are doing really well (or non-teeth actually). the two molars came out really easy and he got 9 stitches to pull the gums together. he's already wanting to get them out (which will be done Tuesday morning before he goes to the doc for a reevaluation).
Thursday night (see, I don't know how long its been since I updated LOL) Gavin's
team won their game! it moved them to the finals which were played this morning!
Friday night C and K's team won their game as well! Their playoff game is on Monday evening. I hope they pull it off!
Thursday night, K came to us asking if one of her bus friends could stay the night. uh, never met this girl for one thing! plus with how hectic the weekend was going to be, not a good time to do it! well we said 'yes' at first, cause of being put on the spot (which I wasn't happy about), but then said no just cause of what all was going on. if she stayed I'd not be able to go to the game of
C and K's cause we'd not have room in the truck. :P well, the little girl ended up coming home with her Friday afternoon! argh!
now, for one thing- her parents have never met us, we've never met them. WHO sends their 10 (or so) YO kid off to someone they've never even met? I mean come on people!! that just wierds me out cause its something I'd not do!
well, dh made K tell her she couldn't stay that night, so she called her mom to pick her up. she lives about 2 miles on down the road, so no big deal. we finally get to meet her mom (and little brother) then and explained everything (hate sounding like the bad parents LOL) and she was totally cool with it. we told her and K that they can plan for another night, just give us more notice!
Friday, dh says he wants to go to the city. FIL wants us to drop a payment off for him anyway, so we decided to hit Sams as well while we're up there. now, yesterday was my total FLOP day as far as my WL goes! geez, I think I drank DP all day! totally not good for losing weight! LOL! my only saving grace was the walking we did around the mall and sams that day!
I found some awesome deals at the mall! some more 'clear out the summer stuff' sales going on! for the boys I got 3 Mario t-shirts for $5 each (SO hard to find!!) and a rock-n-roll tee for C $5. for Sarina, I found a sundress w/ bloomers for .99, a snap bottom shirt for .99 (both of those for next summer), an aqua miniskirt for .50 and a pair of pink cotton pants .50, both for now! (got pics of those to share). also found a pair of korker type bows from gymbo for 2.50.
and found myself a shirt for 1.50. like I said, awesome deals!!

one thing about Friday was that Garrett went potty for us the whole day!!!!! we're so proud of him! at sams we made at least 4 trips to the potty, even once for a poop!!!  he's done wonderfully! not that he doesn't go in his pull-ups at all, but one PU will last us all day now!

so like I said, Friday night we all got to go to the game, it was a gorgeous night for it too! they won and we went to have pizza hut afterwards with my mom and Sdad. K went home with them afterwards and we dropped C off at one of his friend's house for a bday sleep over and we brought the other kiddos home.
about as soon as we got home we had to get the kids showered and in the bed cause Gavin's game was at 8 this morning. thankfully Sarina slept well for me last night (the night before she was very restless- I think because we had all the windows up and she got to chilly). last night though she went to bed at 9 and didn't wake till after 4 am!
it was chilly this morning, but not as bad as we thought it'd be. Gavin's team didn't win today though, so they got 2nd place out of 7 teams, still great!! after the trophies were given out, he happily told me "its my first real trophy momma!!!" 
 so happy for him! (got pics of that too)
cool thing, while at the trophies, I seen a guy I graduated with. I knew he was in town, just hadn't seen him in years- like since K was a baby! I heard a kid called for a trophy w/ his last name and started looking around for him. he's not changed much at all! after the trophies I went up to him to say hi (didn't know if he'd remember me) but he did! said I was always a sweet girl that was always nice to everyone and with a great personality. *blush* made me feel good to be memorable when I wasn't one of the 'in crowd' KWIM?
so we yakked for a bit and he took me over to see his family and littlest one (a girl about Garrett's age). met his wife... and I don't think she was too impressed with meeting me. I'm thinking she has a jealous streak over David I guess, she never smiled at me. oops! LOL!
so after trophies, Gavin's coach wanted to take all the kids to McDs for happy meals and ice cream-a huge hit! LOL!! so guess where we had lunch. yeah, another great day for me losing weight. LMBO! the kids had fun though so its all worth it.
after that we hit a few yard sales. dh found him a radial saw for $80 which is something he's been drooling over for YEARS but could never afford them (they run $300 and up easy) so I was happy that he finally got himself that. he'll be out there cutting wood even more often now. LOL!!
oh, the place we got the saw from, they were selling their house as well. he told us to take a peek through since H and Garrett had to go potty. very nice house, though not overly "DONT TOUCH" KWIM? 5 bdrms, 4 bath and 2 kitchens! 3 story with a full finished basement on 18 acres. yeah, I'd love me some of that! LOL!! but at the price it totally wasn't/isn't happening! $550,000!!! yikes!!! oh well. nice to look at anyway.
oh, I got me a free blender at a yard sale! woo!

K and C are at church since this afternoon. They're having a youth rally with games, music and all sorts of stuff. They're still not home yet.
in baby news, Sarina totally freaked me out last night by getting up on her hands/knees and ROCKING! I said "girlfriend you better quit that!!" LMBO!! I don't think she'll crawl till at the least 6 months though, but dang, she went from just rolling/playing all over the floor and pushing herself forward with her feet only or pushing backwards with her arms to doing that all of a sudden. eek! stop it baby! LOL!
oh, and dh and I came up with a new nickname for her today. after picking a tomato that was a bit light, I said, "that's the same color as her hair" ... so guess what we said?
'Mater! *ROFLMBO* I told dh that's a great reason to be mad at ones parents! LMBO!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm down another .5 lb today! gotta love watching the numbers go down instead of up like they have been!
C enjoyed his football practice, he's got a lot to learn though I don't know if he'll actually get a lot of play time in this year or not, but its a learning experience for him at least and keeps him busy.
tonight they have a game, so he'll be going on the ball bus right after school and wont be picked up till about 8:30. they do kick kids off the team if they cant keep their grades up, so he's been warned LOL! he's doing really well this year though, so hopefully it wont even be an issue!
tonight is Gavin's playoff game at 6. if they win tonight, they'll play again on Thursday. if not, then trophies Saturday. K and C play their playoff game on Friday, but they have the championship game scheduled for MONDAY. tell me how they're going to do that since trophies are Saturday?

picked up a new entertainment center for the boys room today. my sis has been waiting for us to pick it up seems like forever and we finally went to get it today! its much smaller than the huge thing in the boys room now, so it'll give them more space!

Monday, September 22, 2008

have had a good day and a good weekend. Saturday we were kinda lazy after a busy start. Gavin had his last regular game (they won!) and are in 3rd place right now. he plays Tuesday for the first day of tourneys and we'll have to see how it goes after that. we hit a few yard sales, and picked up a few things from the store then back home. they had a car show in town that day so dh picked up C and they went in town for a few hours to ooooo and ahhhhhh
we others vegged here at home.

Sunday was church and stayed home afterwards to cook burgers and fries. saved $20 easy!
today starts C's first day of football practice. dh says he's going to go up there and watch. it'll be interesting to see how he does with it. he's been learning all he can about it and practicing on his throwing the last week.

today I've got a roast and all the fixings in the oven, dang it smells SO good in here!!

I've stuck to my WL plan and today was aerobic for me and I pushed myself harder. I'm determined still to do good at this! one week down, 11 to go! oh, I've already lost 3.5" overall already!! I'm wondering how often to take progression pics. I thought maybe another set at the 6 week mark for comparison and a final at the 12 week mark.

ok, guess that's it, I think. I should make notes of what I want to yap about

Sunday, September 07, 2008


...so, 13 years ago today I was in the hospital, still waiting for the dr to get off work to come in and check on me after a boring day of laying in the hospital. my mom was there and my sis, but dh was still at work.
I'd been leaking water for 3 days by now (though told it was 'only discharge', even though I had to walk around with a beach towel between my legs) and was more than ready to pop this HUGE kid out. he'd not arrive until about 3 a.m. for me, after some hard pitocin and 2 shots of demoral and the threatening of the on-call doc to use vacuum or forceps to help get him out because of his size. with my hubby's urgent "get this kid out NOW" whispered into my ear, I gathered my strength, cleared out the haze and gave it everything I had to get his big ol' head through and push him into the world. I was nearly tore in two, along with a wonderful ( ) episiotomy, but my 10 lb, 22.5" first son joined us in the wee hours of the morning on September 8, 1995.
and so our parenting journey began...