Tuesday, February 23, 2010

here, barely 
started with the sickies yesterday. head cold, achy crap, fever type stuff. been dosing up on the vit D3 and Vit C and feel better today. no fever, no aches, no sore throat, but I'm still a bit fuzzy. at least I can function though, right?
been running like a loon. seems my only down time is after I drop G2 off at school.
C's ball practices have moved to 6-9pm each night. dont they think of families when they decide these things? ugh. so with dh out of town (and supposed to be out next week as well) its up to me to be taxi service all day. I've been in town 3 times just today, that's a 14m round trip each time  maybe I should invest in that VW sooner rather than later. LOL
I did get boys laundry done today. hm... well, its washed. still gotta move it to the dryer.

we got our tax refund back on sunday!  we're paying off the one small CC bill and ALL the other smaller bills that have been a thorn in our sides the last few months. one I wasnt expecting was just over 1100.00, so that bit a good chunk out of the refund. still have enough to do all we planned, just not as much left over for getting insulation for the garage like dh wanted.

Sarina says I love you now!  she came up to me today and for the first time said "I loo loo"awwwwwwwww!!!! she told mamaw that on sunday after mamaw'd said it first. so sweet!!

I'm sure there's more cause I know I Thought of something a bit ago I wanted to tell, but darned if I dont remember now! drat!

oh, one thing though! I finally lost weight this week! only 1.5 lbs, but at least it went DOWN instead of up!! 

gotta meet FIL about 8:30 am tomorrow in a neighboring town to drop him off some stuff on his way through. gotta have G2 ready for school in case I dont get back here til drop off time. at least no kung fu tomorrow, so the kids will all ride the bus home, just have to pick up C when he's done. I feel like I have a part time job with all the time I'm out of the house anymore.

my laptop is still down. should hear from best buy this week that's its back from the 'hospital'. hard sharing puters with the kids when I'm used to my own. I know, I know, wah wah wah LOL!