Monday, June 21, 2010


 I got some awesome news today! OMG!
ok, to start with, last week while at the gym, when leaving I weighed myself (as usual) and it came up 158 lbs (these are the typical sliding dr type scales). I was surprised, but chalked it up to a fluke cause my home scales weighed me at 163 that morning, obviously just something flippy that day.
well, today when leaving I weigh myself and it came up 155!! I reweighed myself like 5 times! then I turned to Ben (gym owner) and said "Ben, I'm starting to like your scales better than mine cause they weigh me less!" so he asked if the gym scales were zeroed out. he checked them out to make sure they were set correctly and they WERE!!! so I'VE MADE MY GOAL AND DIDNT EVEN KNOW IT!!!!!!!!! I was smacking him on the arm saying "OMG OMG! do you know how awesome this is???!!!!"  he was laughing at me. LOL! needless to say I was bouncing out of the gym today and called hubby to tell him too!
I get to set a new goal now, but do you realize all the weight I've lost?? WOW!!! I DID IT!!!!!  I'm so freaking proud of myself and not out of vanity or anything, just knowing that I stuck with it and even enjoy it and actually DID it!!!!
I'm going to leave my ticker as is for a while just so I can enjoy it.  gotta think of what I want my next goal to be now.

for some comparisons, I'll post measures I've got. 
the first ones are from 2005, the last time I was this size

weight: 155
bust 41.5", ribs 33", waist 34", hips 38"

my heaviest this time around (weight is from home, but the gym scales were 3 lb heavier then. weirdness!)

weight: 174
bust 41.5", ribs 34.25", waist 37", hips 39"

and my current measures that I just took this morning (using the GYM scale number)
weight 155
bust 40", ribs 33.25", waist 35", hips 37.75"

my goal for my waist is 34" currently. long way to go, but closer than I was! my bust/rib measures flucuate so much each week it seems. can be .25" to .50" difference sometimes. :P I might set my new weight goal for 149, just so I can break that 150 line, KWIM?

so I'm a happy camper! happy happy happy! and I needed it too after the crappy morning start. LOL!