Wednesday, April 14, 2010

yes, I'm here!

no, I've not fallen off the face of the earth, just been caught up in mom business and been updating on Facebook and kinda bypassed my blog. for anyone who would like to find me on FB, just send a message or leave a comment. if you know my last name, just find me. LOL!

we got to go to Chattanooga last week for the kids spring break! it was great! that was our first vacation since I was pregnant with Hunter (so that'd be 2002). we went to the Chatt Zoo (small but nice) and Lookout Mountain. found a nice playground up on the mountain in a neighborhood called Fairyland. no kidding! all the street posts were wooden with the arrow design of story books with names like Alladin, Wood Nymph, Cinderella, etc. so cute!
the weather was beautiful and the kids even got in the pool (them, not me!). we hope to go back when summer break hits. :)

Canaan is playing high school JV baseball this year, and Park League baseball as well. so we're back and forth with practices or games every weekday and part of the weekends. keeps me running! (him too, but that's good for him... keeps him out of trouble. LOL).

Hunter is still taking kung fu, he loves showing us his new moves. I love seeing how dedicated he is to it and how intense. :)

Gavin is waiting for soccer to start as far as sports go.

Katlyn is into her artwork and music. what can we say, she's just not a sports person and that's ok. can't say mommy ever was growing up!

Garrett is loving preschool now, he's made so much progress! I think he'll be sad when summer break comes.

Sarina will be TWO tomorrow, the 15th! our little Precious celebrating her 2nd birthday with us! love it!

from baby girl to big girl, we sure do love her!