Friday, May 25, 2007

big gifts!

well, Garrett got sick again today. :-(  he's not been sick in days, yet this morning after we were out and about, he puked up all his gatorade. he'd only drank about half of his cup too. :-( I just dont know what to do about him.
daddy got to change his diaper this morning though.  :-) course I had to clean up the highchair and the floor.  but he's only gone once today, so that's cool.

we've had a good day otherwise. we went yard saleing with my mom (the kids and I took daddy's car in since C was with daddy today). we hit some awesome finds!
G got a new leapstart learning table for $1 (we've already been playing with it)
I got a new huge medicine cabinet for $2. dh will get it up this weekend! (I'll get pics then)
I got a Step2 (like little tykes) chalk board/art easel for $1
tickle me elmo (original) for .25 (no, we've never had one LOL)
a huge play tent, little mermaid, .25
full bag of clothes for G and a couple items for the boys $4
2 shirts for me .75
barbie stuff for K (scooter and new doll) $1
Hulk figure for the boys and 2 peek-a-blocks .50

and I think that's all.

BIG gift today though is what dh bought me when he went to Lowes (what is that commercial where the man is going to home depot and he cant promise his wife he wont spend to much?  :-D ) well, dh bought me the new dishwasher we looked at a few weeks ago! it was $50 off today and we have it on 12m no interest. (but I tell you, I'm SO nervous about buying big ticket items anymore *breathe deeply* it'll get moved to the top of our pay off list). it'll get put in this weekend of course (he's got a 4 day weekend!)
I'm VERY excited! this is the first new appliance we've bought since the dryer to go with the washer a few years ago.
there's nothing wrong with our current dishwasher (its just the old style with only one washing sprayer and doesnt do a good job) so we'll sell that on the local trading post. *crossing fingers*
I'll get pics and stuff when it gets installed. right now its just in the box out in the garage. (guess I could go sniff it.  :-D ).

dh and canaan have already left for their two ballgames tonight. hope they do well, the neighboring team is said to be hard.  ;-) canaan was saying how long the day was going to be and I told him to perk up, he gets to have FUN and go PLAY baseball!!! he laughed and agreed then! silly kid.

Garrett is sleeping now, first nap he's had today, poor baby. and at least he didnt mess all over himself during the night/early morning today. that's a plus!

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