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today was good. after church, K went home with a friend and C went home with mamaw. she brought them both home tonight after night service. me, dh and the little ones went to fazolis for lunch and then he let me go to JCP by myself to do some shopping (we didnt have a stroller for G as we were in his vehicle). they're having super sales and I still had $ on my gift card! for $33 I got 3 tank tops for me (for wearing under other things that are otherwise too low cut), 2 polo shirts for C, a shirt for K and 2 polo shirts for the boys. good deal! all the stuff (except for my tanks) will be saved for Christmas. and I still have over $7 left on my GC.

after that came home. they were having a big family free day thing at the airport, but like I said, no stroller for G and it was super hot out today, so we passed. my sis was a helper though and they were giving free groceries, so she said if they had left overs, she was going to get me a box together and bring to me this week!  she said they had M&Ms in the bags! :-)

after getting home, put the presents up and then laid down for a nap. thank you hubby! I was pooped cause I woke at 5:30 and coudlnt get back to sleep til almost 7 (woke up at 7:20 for the day).

been feeling pretty good most of the day, til tonight. I had some ice cream after getting up from my nap and I was worried I was going to be sick from it. :P
feeling better now.

mom is comign in the morning to watch the kids cause I gotta go to town.


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we had an exciting practice. my two middle children heartily 'entertained' me today.  the park had moved a set of bleachers to the side lines cause they're doing football games where we usually practice soccer at, so the boys kept getting on and off the bleachers (of course). I warned them about running on them and so they'd quit stomping them, running down them, etc. well eventually you konw we had to have an accident though and Hunter tripped and fell on his right ear. didnt do any damage, but it just hurts like heck, ya know? then later at almost the end of practice (and I thought I'd make it through w/o big excitement), G decides he's going to bounce up the first bleacher step, but misses and instead, plants his face into the 2nd bleacher seat. he busted his nose completely when he did it. by the time he got to me (right behind me about two steps) both sides were gushing down his face.  :-( I grabbed a baby wipe to cover it and apply pressure and in just a minute it was totally bloody. yuck. the 2nd wipe lasted longer and it'd stopped bleeding by the time I'd packed everything up and got to the van. daddy was there waiting for us to get done, so he looked at it for me to make sure nothing was broken. he also knocked his top left tooth more loose (he'd already been complaining of it the past couple weeks) so likely it'll be coming out soon.
as of bedtime I didnt notice any outside bruising, but of course his inner nasal chambers are swelled from the blow and its tender. he asked me to put a bandaid on his nostrils.
poor little guy. if its gonna be big bleeding, its usually him that does it.

we went to captain ds after that and after getting home and catching the last 15 minutes of survivor, dh headed to bed and me and the kids watched TMNT. cute movie, Gavin asked if we could keep it.

Garrett got to go outside today and he was very happy about that. I didnt let him out yesterday cause of his low fever when waking and wanting to make sure he was all better before he got out and played in the water. he was NOT happy yesterday seeing everyone else go out but him.

tomorrow being friday I think I'll try to hit a yard sale I seen in the paper. they're to have a bunch of baby stuff, including stuff and clothes. might see if I can find items I'll need if its at a good price. there wont be hardly any yard sales come march/april next year yet and I likely wont feel like hitting a lot anyway. it'll be worth taking a look at least. :-)

I thought my m/s might have been leaving, but I think its just downgrading some.  last night it hit in the evening and today its been hovering a little through the day. nothing as bad as it was weeks prior, but still there.
I'm also just as hungry as ever. joy. I'm hungry again now dang it and its bed time. just what I need to go to bed on. :P
also, my sense of smell has increased as the m/s decreased. guess that's a good thing though (considering the heightened sense of smell w/ the m/s could be doubly worse). course it makes me want to scrub the whole house cause everything seems to stink.
my motivation to clean comes back when? LOL!!


10 weeks!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

10 weeks!

Fetal development in pregnancy week 10:fetus in third month Your astonishingly tiny baby has been hard at work growing as fast as possible—almost doubling in size in the past three weeks! Amazingly, you’re in for a repeat size doubling performance within the next three weeks! Your tiny champion still weighs less than a quarter of an ounce but has already completed the most critical stage of their development. Using Doppler technology, your doctor or gynecologist can let you hear their tiny rapid fetal heartbeats this week (145-165 beats per minute!). Chances for miscarriage are greatly reduced when the heartbeat can be detected, so take a sigh of relief if you’ve been needing one—it hasn’t been an easy ten weeks! What’s more, they’re getting ready to make their first baby poop! Your little one’s major organ systems are developing, including a functioning digestive tract capable of moving food all the way through their bowels. The final shiny gold star on their fetal behavior chart for the week: your little scrapper has already developed defense mechanisms to protect them on reflex!

feeling better this morning!

he slept all night til 6:30 (I was worried cause he slept sooooooooooo
much yesterday) and at 6:30 he had a low grade fever, about 100* instead
of the 103-104* he had yesterday. I gave him a couple of chewable
tylenols and some juice and he relaxed for a bit. I tried putting him
back to bed, but that was a no go. :P oh well. he'll be ready for a nap
around 11 and so will I!
he ate breakfast for me (a whole cereal bar, most of a pancake and 2
cups of juice!) and its all stayed down.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

poor little pooh

my poor little Pooh woke up with a fever this morning. :( actually he got up with no diaper (the tab had broke), pee in the bed and a fever.  he's laying on the couch now resting some more. he's not felt like doing anything of course. had some juice when he got up and spit up some of that before going in to walmart.
I sent the other kids outside so he could rest better.
I was happy to see for me that I was down a couple pounds this morning. made me feel better anyway. LOL I feel pretty good today too, though I think I should have skipped the snicker bar I just ate. obviously chocolate is not a great thing to my tastebuds right now. :P

I had a good sleep last night, but it'd have been better without the 1,742 times that I had to get up to pee!!!  thankfully I just crashed back out after getting back to bed. sheesh!

***later today***
so the kids have their last soccer game tonight but I had to miss it.  we got to the park and were fine, I was letting G try to eat some applesauce since he's not eaten anything today, only had 3 cups of drink. he ate great, but before he could finish it, he threw it all up.  no change of clothes on hand (did in the van, just not at the field) plus he was still running a fever and it was hot outside, so once dh got there, I jsut brought him home. he's sleeping again now.
I hope the kids do good and have fun tonight. I think they'll be doing a tourney after this, not sure, but man, the teams not won a single game.  K doesnt care, but C is rather ticked. ;)

dinner will be soups and sandwiches cause when G wakes hes' in my lap the whole time.


Monday, September 17, 2007


laundry done!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

had a good day today, so to speak. it was all good around me, but I felt
like crap most of it. so icky feeling and then tired, no good nap and
then more icky feeling. all day long. yuck.
church was good, no big battles with the kids and Hunter didnt get in
big trouble during SS.
we were going to get pizza afterwards, but they were crowded and NO one
was coming up to see how many we had to sit. so we just left cause I
HAD to eat and soon. we went to have chinese which we all filled up
really well on. LOL! I got to have some sweet shrimp sushi among my favs
and G ate 4 sugar biscuits, 5 or so pieces of fried taters, a bite of
chicken and a bite of cheese stick. he's learning how to use a fork. he
cant spear things yet, though he tries, so I just guide his hand to
spear stuff and he feeds himself. he thinks its SO funny. LOL!

after eating, we went to look at movies. I rented TMNT for the kids and
got some free rentals and bought 4 used games (buy 3 get 1 free) for
$15. that's all our blow money for the week. LOL!

then home to rest cause I was pooped. we watched the rest of the
titans/colts ball game and I slept a bit after that. not nearly as much
as I'd liked, but oh well. the bladder called, of course.

gotta go to walmart tomorrow. didnt pick up any dipes on saturday and G
is in need, plus a few other items I need to get there. bleh.

oh, C had a GREAT time at Holiday World! he says he's so glad he went.
he talked about the coasters, water rides and everything all day. his
face is red from wind burn or something too.


feeling yucky

Saturday, September 15, 2007

stupid things people say

when I walked in the grocery store (with only 4 kids cause our oldest is at Holiday World) the checker looked at me and asked 'hon, are you pg again?' I smiled happily and said yes, then went on my business cause I've heard this womans comments just about having 5 kids and I want to fry her! so then she starts talking to the bag guy, going on about 'I could NEVER have all those kids....' and I'm out of earshot by then.
when checking out, unfortunately she was the only one checking (of course) so I had to go through her line. a couple of times during check out, she'd look back at my kids (who were checking all the gumball/toy machines LOL) and turn back going "sigh" really big.
*grrrr!!!* my kids were doing nothing bad, not even being noisy (until they found an unclaimed bouncy ball in a machine and came to tell me of their treasure). its like she has a disgust for kids or something! argh!!! and her fav expression (no matter HOW many times she asks if "all those kids are yours (mine)") is "OH LORD JESUS!". I think next time I'll happily mention that "yeah, he's one that blessed me!"


new shirts!

from yesterday

I've felt like more crap today. it was totally my fault though. yesterday I had WAY too much caffiene and we ate a kinda late dinner, so I just could NOT sleep last night. PLUS I kept having to pee like every dang hour. ugh! finally around 2 (?) I got out of bed and went to the recliner so I could sleep semi-sitting up and got in about 3 hour stretch of sleep. woke when dh got up for work and went to bed and finally got some more rest. interrupted though cause C woke about 6, then I heard G and H up about 7 and H came in and out of the room to see me. he likes sloshing the bed and everything, cant just be still. baby finally woke at 8, so I was up then.
no nap or anything today either.

I looked for yard sales, but nothing that mattered. :P there's one tomorrow that will have maternity and baby stuff, so I'm going to go to that one. I did go to Cares for some cheap shopping though and found one gender neutral sleeper (green/white with jungle animals on the front snaps) and a pair of pink crib shoes with little flowers/hearts on the straps. they had a pair of ones with a little princess crown, but I couldtn find a match. couldn't find anything boy in newborn sizes, but did find G a sweatshirt for this winter.
also scored a kolcraft umbrella stroller with a parent bag there for $3.  I have a shade for it that I bought at the mega dollar. after the last soccer game on tuesday, I can get rid of the big stroller and just use my umbrellas til baby gets here. I'll start using my double then.

had lunch at the lunch box again, kids had taco bell. dinner was spaghetti, though I just ate noodles with salt, butter and parmesean, no sauce.

K stayed the night with my mom and C is going to Holiday World in the morning. DH is going to drop him off on his way to work, so that is great for me! I was stressing about having to get everyone up at 5 or earlier to get him there!

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expect net game

I'm giving notice to all my JBs! I have an ExpectNet game set up! Link is to the right!


sock day!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


new pics

there are a ton of new pics in the flickr stream, just click on the box
over there. I've gotten kinda lazy about posting them singly up here. :)
I do have a lot of belly pics too, but those are in photobucket and I'll
need to make up a belly page to share those on. not that much to share
yet, just round belly. lots of it too. I feel so very big.
also been reading through some of my journal with Garrett. I had a ton
of bloating problems with him, no matter what I ate. glad that's not the
problem this time. I only had nausea during the evenings with him where
with this one its basically all day.

C almost missed the bus today. I woke about 6:30 to pee and noticed the
bedroom light was on, so figured he was getting ready. I laid back down
and about 12 til I woke up again and noticed I didnt hear him about. he
usually sits at my desk and plays on Gaiaonline for a while. so I get up
and go to the room to see him sleeping on the floor! after a quick "what
are you doing?!!!" he shot up and grabbed some clothes to put on. dirty
pants too. ugh! he was out the door in 3 minutes and the bus got here
about 4 minutes later. I'm telling him tonight that he better not let me
catch him sleeping on 'snooze' like that again or his bedtime will be
pushed back to 8:30! (he's supposed to go to bed at 9 now, but tends to
lag around til about 9:30.)

9 weeks!!!

*Happy 9 weeks to me!!!* I do have belly pics, just need to get them off
the camera. not that there's a lot of change in my belly. round is round
after all. and so much for those 3 lbs lost, it came back with a
vengance today. I think my weight was squatting down so it could jump
back up.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

we had a good day today. got all our school done (woo, go me and kids!) and K made an 82 on her spelling test and G made a 100 on his.
we never did get any more rain today, but the temps were super nice! at one point I walked out and thought, dang, its chilly! but it warmed back up later. LOL
we did find that one of our kitties died this week. it was patches, the stray that had come up and just made himself at home. he'd had an infection in his jaw late last week, but it seemed to go away, then we found him today just under the porch.  :-( I'm guessing the infection got into his blood stream?  he never seemed like he was on deaths door at all. just dont know.

kids had a soccer game tonight. I feel very bad though cause I forgot to send the team snacks with them.  I've had these things waiting to go for weeks cause ours was the first game to be canceled when I was to bring snacks. I was so set to do it, but then in the course of the day, with the homeschool meeting tonight, then finding they had team pics tonight as well, plus everything else, I forgot. ugh!! our next game is thursday so I'll take snacks in on that day. most of the parents have not brought snacks for the kids and I was ready to step up for them and look at me.  bad mommy!
so I dropped the 4 oldest off with dh and he took them to the game and G and I went to the meeting. we got some neat field trips coming up. Chinese Acrobats, weather center at the local TV station, library, and more. I'm really looking forward to the acrobats!! I've always wanted to see them!
we had a baked potato and salad dinner at the meeting. it all sat well in my tummy too so that's even better. G munched on chili and taters for me.
tomorrow I'm going to try to make it to Story Hour at the library. wish me luck. LOL! mostly the handling of H and Garrett through it. neither like to sit still. K is glad to go cause she can browse the books while the kids are being read to.
gotta do a load of whites before we go to town though. tonight dh kindly asked if I could take time out of my busy schedule to get some socks washed.  um, yeah, I'll do that. LOL!


water on the leaves!!

Monday, September 10, 2007


1000X and once more

so how many times will Garrett spill his toys out of his toy box and
leave them laying? there are no numbers to count the real amount. but I
keep picking up, which totally annoys him to see and sets him on a
course of immediately dumping them back out. guess he thinks they look
better that way.


cool, my surprise of the day? I dropped 3 lbs! didn't think that could
happen with the fact I ate a half bag of grapes last night and the pizza
and pasta I had yesterday, along with the whole cantaloupe I ate
saturday. guess the good thing is I'm craving good stuff overall.
sour stuff is totally not sitting well with me this time. I ate green
grapes last night and I had to wrestle them for an hour after going to
bed. granny smith apples taste horridly sour to me (and I LOVE GS apples
cause of the sour!!!). I guess I have a 'gentle' tummy this time. LOL!!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

we had a really good time today at the pizza place. he got to invite his two cousins and katlyn got to have cousin heather over as well. my mom, step dad, dad, BIL mike (two of the cousins dad) and of course all of us were there. it cost $60 to feed everyone from teh buffet, but it was worth it. everyone got full and then got to play games. my mom brought a ginormous cake she made. LOL and we all got to pig out on that as well. I've got pics, but darn if I dont feel so tired and like crap tonight, so I'll do it tomorrow.


C's bday party

Saturday, September 08, 2007


boy or girl?


reading time!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Meet Itty Bitty!

My first OB appt was today and I got to see our newest addition in person, so to speak, via ultrasound! Nothing was wrong, mostly just checking dates to make sure everything was like I was figuring. I got to see the heart beating away and Itty Bitty hanging out, being relaxed. :D


Meet Itty Bitty!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


shopper extraordinary!

Monday, September 03, 2007


clean kids bathroom!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

today was a good day, though I feel like crud. we made it to church in
time and I even fixed cinnamon rolls for breakfast. go me! LOL!
after church we went to hardees for lunch. me and sis both had the
southwest chicken salad with no onions (though I think I should have
gotten the big chicken sandwich instead). after coming home, I took G
and we both laid down for a nap! took about 30 minutes to get him down
(even though he'd fallen asleep on the ride home) but after that he
slept til 4:30. (2 hr nap). I only slept for maybe an hour total in all
that. waking to pee once and waking before him after that. course I've
felt cruddy after my nap. I hate that.

the rest of the day was lazy. watched tv with daddy and the kids played
outside and inside.
G had a blowout this evening which prompted a bath asap. luckily nothing
like yesterdays where he decorated the porch and had to be sprayed off
outside. yuck!

dh is off work tomorrow, so it'll be another family day!


favorite sunday shoes!

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