Tuesday, January 30, 2007

pickle boy!

he loves dill pickles! he just stuck it in his mouth and sucked the life out of it. :)

what is it coming to?

I'm so heartbroken for one of my OL friends whose been dealing with hospitals and dr.s for months, trying to find out what all is wrong with her little two year old son. One thing after another and hospital to hospital, and now they're trying to blame a staph infection and other stuff on her. :(
the world is not a pretty place...

Monday, January 29, 2007

much better!

so we got home late, after 10. we'd been playing on mom's puter with Google Earth and checking all kinds of stuff out. SO COOL! I want DSL so I can play with it too! LOL! I even found the hotel dh is staying at and the plant they're working at this week. hehe! plus we checked out Giza pyramids, Iraq, Japan and other stuff. so neat! (Japan has a LOT of schools and track/field areas!)
we were going to stay the night, but I didn't go prepared to do that, so we'll stay on Wednesday night instead. my mom will be coming over to pick up the kids while I go to an appt with H and Garrett, so we'll just head over there afterwards and stay the rest of the day!
Hunter burned his finger tonight a little. that boy is so stubborn, don't know what I'll do with him! he was sitting in front of the fireplace and papaw told him 4 times to not get close to it cause the 'fence thing' (whatever its called) was hot. did he listen? why no! so when he DID touch it (of course) he got a scalded finger tip. : I don't think its blistered, he kept it wrapped in an icy towel the rest of the night.

oh, Garrett did achieve a milestone today! he can put food in his mouth! using the pincher grasp, he can grab it and actually feed himself now! he was doing it with his snacks today! (I was reading yesterday, I think, in Dawn's journal where Kyle started doing this too! LOL) so that's cool, usually he just opens and closes his fist or looks at it, wondering why the snack is still sticking to his hands. LOL!

I did get pics of the kids and stuff from FL, but they'll need to be resized and stuff. I cant wait to do scrappages with a bunch of them!!

Sunday, January 28, 2007


its just a crappy day. is it tomorrow yet?
G is still sooooooooooooooooooo cranky today. its driving me bonkers and I don't have anyone to help.
on top of that, the power supply to my monitor went out about an hour ago. that was a birthday gift almost 4 years ago and the warranty ran out last year. I'm going to check into the limited lifetime warranty, but who knows if that'll cover it. I'm using this emachines monitor that was given to us and well, it works, but is streaking pink across the images and is very dark overall. yes, I've adjusted the color and all that stuff too. not to mention half my desk is now taken up again. I'm in a pity party mood.
I wish my mommy were home.

its frigid outside today too. we didn't go to church and we're not going anywhere cause its so cold out there!

G has gone poo for me some, but I'm sure he can go more. one thing about when he gets a butt pill, the poo that comes out smells sooooooooooooooooooo bad!  guess cause its been waiting to come out so long or something, but man!


I guess yesterday was designated Cranky Day huh?
G's already starting off today with some of it. oy.
but he did sleep great last night again! that's 4 straight nights of undisturbed sleep!  I'm loving it and will be soooooooo spoiled when he quits.

this morning he's trying to impress me by trying to CLIMB!  its just my footstool, but still!

ya know, I think part of his crankiness is his missing his biggest brother. C plays with him so much and G really loves hanging with him.

its also poop day. gotta go tend to him and hold his legs to help him out.


I've got such a headache.  I've had tons of headaches the past couple of weeks and I don't know why. maybe my hair is getting too long, maybe I need to get my eyes checked? I don't know, but I'm so tired of it. I'm not used to having headaches like this.  (I'm typing with my eyes closed, so sorry for any typos!  )
I decided to take the boys out today. we stopped at best buy first. I have a gift card and wanted to upgrade my RAM for my puter. the one on sale was sold out, so I got a raincheck on it. I did get some ink since that's something I desperately need too and got a free pack of paper as well.
after that went to the mall to JCP. more gift cards! my sis and BIL ended up meeting us over there and they were a HUGE help with the boys. I got me a few items and seems like most of the store was on special, so I got some good deals! I got 5 shirts, one skirt, one pair of jeans and one pair of athletic pants for $58. not bad I guess, but I'm just not used to spending that kind of money on myself.  its all on GC though, so I'm not really paying for it.  and at least I got some new to my clothes. plus sis gave me two cardigans that she couldn't wear cause of the wool content, so that's 2 more things!
stopped and got the boys some chicken nuggets for going shopping with me today then headed home.

Garrett slept awesome last night, down about 10 and slept til 8! I didn't sleep that well though. he didn't nurse before going to bed so I woke at 2:30 with aching bbs and couldn't rest from then til he woke up.  I did nod off a few times, but very lightly cause I hurt so bad. :P figures I'd miss out on such a great nights sleep.

but he's been super cranky ALL day. my gosh, he needs a chill pill, seriously. and I have no one to pass him off to now.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

I got sleep!

well, we had a reprieve from the 'no-sleep-club' last night!  he went down by 10:30 since he was exhausted from having no more than a 45 minute nap twice yesterday. he then slept until 6!!!  been a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOng time since he's done that! could have been from the dose of benedryl I gave him plus 2 teething tablets and some vicks rubbed on his chest? he's got a fierce snotty nose going on.
Could also be from the pillow I put in his crib for him to sleep on. its a very flat pillow, almost not a pillow, just enough fluff to call it a pillow. I put that in yesterday in hopes laying on it could help elevate him enough to help him breathe better. he loves pillows anyways.

and in the on-going poopie talk in here, G has had 2 days of good poops, on his own!! they've even been soft like a normal baby poop! course I'm sure its cause of his current snottiness that it is so, but its still nice. :)
he's also been in a very talkative mood again. DaDa, MaMa, NaNa are his words of choice. he even said Mama while crawling to me yesterday. *awwwwwwwww*  he was upset cause I was 'way' over there and he was looking for me.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


had a terrible night last night. don't know what was wrong with G, maybe that 2nd tooth bothering him. he went down about 10:45, but at 12:30, 1:45 (I gave him a dose of Tylenol then), 4:30 (nursed) then he slept til about 8. that is just so not like him. :P I did get to sleep in about 30 minutes though cause the kids got up with him and kept him occupied.

I sewed up a curtain to go in my bathroom this morning and I'm working on a gift right now for someone. Figure I should get all I can done while I can before things change around here.


Monday, January 22, 2007


tooth is in (this was taken a couple days ago, so it bites really well now LOL) and more pics up to see. :) he pulls up on anything!

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Go Colts! :)

Saturday, January 20, 2007

it's back!

the case of the disappearing tooth has been solved! the missing tooth was found on Thursday by mommy, right where it was supposed to be, on the bottom front left. it now enjoys scratching and scraping anything that comes in contact with it. Thankfully this has not been the boobs that feeds him!

Monday, January 15, 2007

didn't do much today. it rained most of the day (but nothing like what they were calling for) so very blah out there. we stayed home and just played here.
I got caught up on laundry (been working on it a couple days now *blush* ) so that was my big thing. also went through Garrett's tub of clothes and found some stuff he can wear that I'd forgotten about! WOO! hopefully what he has will get him through the cold season. and forgot to mention my mom took us to CARES this past Friday and let me pick out some stuff for G (18m stuff) to help stock up. cool!

my days stay dang busy with such a nosey body in the house.  I used to at least know he'd be in one area of the house, like the great room or the puter room, but now he's anywhere. night before last he crawled from the kids rooms to our room, which is across the whole house.  he's also pulling up. he'll get to his knees if he pulls up on things, but if he uses our hands he'll pull up to standing (even without moving our hands, don't know what the difference is  ). he gets SO happy when he stands himself up too, he just knows he's a stinker. LOL! so with this I'm expecting some sort of cruising/walking when or by the time he's 8 months. *egads* that's a month earlier than the C or H.

he's flipping his lips too (don't know what you actually call this), but he'll take his hand and go back and forth across his mouth (I taught him, I'm so proud! LOL ) and makes b-b-b-b-b-b-b- sounds.

I also weighed and measured him today since he'll be 7 months on Wednesday. he's slowed down quite a bit of course. he's 29 3/4" and 20 1/2lbs.

C and K will be going to Florida this weekend with my parents! they're going down to pick up a load of flowerpots for my mom to use in her mum garden for the coming years. she asked if the kids could go for the adventure, as well as helping to load up the pots.  so C and K are VERY excited about it. already asking what they should pack! LOL!

oh and on a funny side note, Gavin and katlyn both got a Mario tee for Christmas (Mario from Nintendo, its one of their fav characters). well, I had to almost PRY Gavin's off his body, plus his Nintendo theme pj pants yesterday so I could wash them. they keep hiding them and wouldn't put them in the laundry!!! LMBO!!! I told him they'd be walking on their own soon if he didn't cough them up! thankfully his Mario is fresh... er now. katlyn, that's another story. yikes!

and another successful nap time today, though it was shorter. G-man slept for 40 minutes this afternoon and about 40 more this evening on his pillow.
night time has gotten much easier for him. when he's done nursing, he lets me know he wants to be laid down in his bed. so I lay him down and he gets his blanket and goes to sleep. yeah, I'll take that!!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

where'd it go?

it looks like our 'tooth' was a false alarm! which makes me feel quite goofy with this being my 5th, but in my defense, my mom and dh seen and felt it, but now there's nothing there.  course I always said I'd not mind if he held off on teeth til he was 7 months, so I guess he's just following orders. LOL! ah well!

pages up!

lots of new scrappages up in my craft blog. :)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

new milestone!

new milestone! he can go from crawl to sit by himself now! 
he showed me tonight while crawling into the kitchen. he didn't want to go in cause the floor was cold, so he sat up to just view stuff! I kept watching him and one look he was cocked over on one butt cheek and my next look he was sitting! :D I told dh "he sat up on his own!" dh said "he's been doing it" (since he was watching him do it and I missed it LOL! ).

on the bad side, this boy's not slept much today, at all! he wont sleep once he's laid down. hope that's not a bad omen for tonight. he's getting harder and harder to lay down. I remember it being like this with the other kids too as they reached 7 months and later since they were mobile and doing stuff, it gets harder. *ugh*

morning sunshine!

I had fun doing those pics yesterday.  he did get over to the tricycle in the corner later and was playing with the pedals on it. I was already unloading my camera then. he also crawled under the end table for the first time last night! he found a shortcut from the living room to the computer desk. LOL! I'd put him down in front of the couch (daddy was watching tv), came over to DL a song for Canaan and then peeked back over the couch cause he was being so quiet and couldn't find him!  asked dh where he was and he (picking on me) said he was in the bathroom.  so I keep looking around the living room and finally hear a whine ... from under me! (I'm behind the end table) so look under it and there he is, seeing me!  so he then follows me out from under the table and into the puter room. the kids of course thought it was so funny that he crawled under a table. LOL!

on good news, he's pooping on his own right now! yes, he had a butt pill last night but he actually farted a few times today!  (seriously, this kid doesn't fart without help!) and he's a stinkin' so hopefully we've got a good one in there. (amazing how that would totally make my day!! : )

in the BEST news, NO ONE woke up sick last night!!!!!!!!!   G woke around 4:30 to eat, but that was it! wonderful!!!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

pics up!

lots and LOTS of pics put up today. :) most were from following Garrett around on exploring. also had a bit of snow today. :)

Sunday, January 07, 2007


I'm recovering today. after breakfast yesterday, my honeymoon phase of the ickies turned on me and I was laid up the rest of the day. :P I did lose 3 lbs since yesterday.
I'm so glad dh was off work!
I'm feeling better today, just very weak. I did get a shower casue I felt so nasty.  had some soup a bit ago, gotta get my energy back.


Friday, January 05, 2007

new verb

wal-marting v. to go to and engage in the recurring act of the exchange of goods for money.

a tooth!!!

Garrett slept really well last night. :) he was up at 6 to eat, then back down til 9! which was great cause it took me forever to get to sleep last night even though I was so tired.


BUT our big news of the day is


Garrett's first tooth is coming through!  its his bottom right one and half of it is through now (as in half the top, so I can see one corner and not the other yet LOL )! I was doing my daily check this morning and PRESTO there it was!

so I can definitely attribute his recent crankopotomous-ness to teething! (egads, what's this say for the rest of them?).

on the plus side, he has taken to not baring down when he finishes nursing lately, so that's a big plus! its only a once in a while thing.

those adorable gummy grins are almost gone. *sniff*


for me, still feel cruddy, just in my head. cant get up really quick or it pounds like a hammer up there. :P


I did get my floors vacuumed, it was driving me bonkers! now gotta find some food!


who told him to be a night owl?

gosh, last night was rough. not talking weather either. little man didn't go to sleep til 1:30! don't know what was up with him, but he was determined to not stay asleep any time I laid him down. I was almost crying cause I was tired of course. he then woke around 2:30 but just needed a paci fix, then slept til 6 something and I brought him to bed. I think I slept with my mouth open after that cause I woke later with a sore throat and still have it.
the day hasn't been bad though. besides a late start, the in town stuff went fast since I already did my walmarting yesterday. made for a much better day!
dh is on the way home. he wanted to get in before the rain hit bad down in Nashville since the people drive bonkers (worse than usual LOL) when its raining.

oh, didn't see any other damage outside from the winds last night. thank goodness. we did see several trampolines, garbage cans and other odd stuff laying around the area going in town today. some roof damage to a few places and such as well.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

feeling 'bleh' today. my head does feel better than yesterday and my back isnt aching anymore (I was so sore yesterday), but I think I'm running a low grade fever off and on since last night.
been taking tylenol and it helps a lot.
they say strep throat is making the rounds around here :P dont know if that's what I've got or not since we dont go to the dr for every day things like this stuff, but its on the way out now.
Canaan has had a form of it as well, he's been mostly coughing (which is normal for him when he gets a cold).

otherwise, went to walmart today to fill a script for dh. went ahead and did our walmart shopping while there. stuck to my list too. only spent $58 and that was with a DVD travel case for the van (to hold the DVD player my parents got the kids) which was $10.
also got me a new Oneida pasta spoon cause my old plastic one has been missing for months. dont know what the kids did with it and I used to have two!
while there though we got grossed out. while in the electronics area looking for the case, this young girl (maybe around 9) was standing at a cart with her little brother and just started getting sick all behind the magazine rack at the end of the aisle. and the kicker was we were just feet away from the restrooms! : and she KEPT doing it! WTH? her parents were freaking of course when they came arount the corner and I'd told the associate who was helping us what she was doing. he was real thrilled. ha.
nasty nasty.

we also seemed to have lost paci while out today. *eek!!* so he's using a spare for now and dh will stop and pick up a new pack on his way home.

Garrett's been working on his pulling up on stuff. he's getting more efficient at it. its so adorable watching him reach for people to get up. dont know what it is about those little hands grasping out, but its dang precious!!
he's learning to play at his toybox too. got pics of him digging around in it to get the goodies.

I finally got the tree out of the house today! now need to move the couch back around and redo a few things. I'm feeling the 'declutter urge' hitting, so stuff better watch out!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

we had dinner at my moms house tonight, which was great for me cause I've felt crappy all day. the back of my head's been aching, like a cold or something is coming on. :P
all the kids are staying at moms too (except Garrett of course), but he's passed out now and will hopefully rest well for me tonight. he was only up once last night around 1:30 then slept til around 7:30-8. he's eating better again (sorry if I repeat myself, too lazy to go back and see what I've updated on LOL! ) and is taking about 3 containers of food a day, sometimes he'll do 4. the rest is nursing. my milk supply has amped up now so at least he's not starving at night.

I worked on a few scrappages yesterday. I've not done too much since my 20 week u/s so there is a ton to catch up on! I got 2 more LO down, so that much less to do. LOL!

I've got a ton of pics to resize and upload as well. stuff from NYE and just around the house stuff.

I've started having to share my OL time with C! egads! LOL! he's found a kids OL place that his cousins hang out at and he's all over it. kinda scares me cause ya just never know who's out there, so I sit with him often and we talk about him 'making friends'. he's all excited about it, so I let him play and it takes out of my OL time. LOL

oh, my toe is doing well, just some discoloration around it now, but no limping. Gavin's head MUST be fine cause with how he's acting, you'd never know he had a knot the size of a real egg just 2 days ago!

ugh, my heads hurting, so I gotta get off here and find me some tylenol.