Friday, July 21, 2006

today and yesterday

lets see, thursday I took all the kids to walmart for the first time by myself to get the shopping done. it went well actually. with the new stroller, I put G2s carseat in there and both young boys were in the cart. (gavin sorts my foods for me in the back ). we made it though and I was proud of myself!
also took everyone to lunch in town that day. we have a new eatery that on tues and thurs has a $2 burger and fries deal. it was good! handpatted 1/3 lb burgers with a full plate of fries, awesome deal! fed everyone for $11 (G and H share a burger and we had to pay for cheese ).

last night was canaan's last ball game. finally! Im so glad. they lost of course so I think he's ready to be done and get over this losing streak they've been in.

today was yard sale day! found a lot of yard sales and some good deals. got some new shirts for me (nothing over $1), a johnny jumper for G2 when he's older $3, some clothes for the 3 youngest (nothing over .50), carter's baby blanket that matches the carters onesies G2 has for .25, a box of johnson's disposable washcloths .10, little tykes tow truck .50, pokemon movie .25, a baseball light (saving for canaan's birthday) .50, spongebob tenni shoes for G 1.00, and K got some clothes from mom and I and she got to pick out a new MyScene barbie for $1 (even had clothes on LOL). so good shopping day! I know there were other things, but thats' the best.

canaan stayed home today to wait on papaw cause he went to the tractor pull with him today in chapel hill. he's not home yet, figure he'll be in before midnight.

katlyn was picked up about 7 tonight to go stay with her friend dana for her bday.

dh is off work tomorrow so not sure what we'll be doing. may hit the saturday yard sales.

still trying to hit more journals, I know I've not gotten to a lot.

off to bed while I can!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


tonight he rolled tummy to back during tummy time! he looked mighty surprised too. LOL! I tried to get pics of him doing it again, but of course he wouldnt do it, just got mad.
he's finding his hands now. I love this stuff! when I laid him next to me this morning to nurse, he was having a ball grasping and rubbing on my gown. he'll swat at stuff he likes too, including faces. so sweet! I've gotten out the wrist rattles and rattle booties for him.
I've noticed his spitting up has lessened the last week. dont know for sure the reason as I've done a few things: supplementing w/ good start, a tsp of rice cereal in each bottle, plus he's just gotten bigger. whatever it is, I'm glad! not that he's not messing up lots of bibs/outfits/burp towels and receiving blankets still, but its better. LOL!

C got nailed in the head w/ a baseball last nite at the game. it was his left temple and it was w/o a batting helmet. he's got a knot/swelling there and a small red place, but no bruising so far. he's fine and only gripes if someone touches it. dh got rather ticked off tho cause it was an overthrow on the field and the thrower never came to apologize or check if C was ok (a team member too). he's ok tho.

I took the kids to my brothers to swim today. the had a blast. my brother has one of the bigger hard side pools, so they played hard!
I got to see my nephew again too, he's filling out so much!

Tasha's having problems tho, seems her cervix has never firmed up and she started bleeding very heavily on friday (the pad an hour type). the dr put her on meds she has to take daily for the next year in hopes of correcting it, or else its a hysterectomy. she said its already helping the bleeding at least cause its slowed down some, and she's not stressing over it right now. said she's blessed to at least have had Landon in the worst case scenario. I hope things heal up. she goes back in 2 weeks for more tests & another pap cause she was bleeding too mich the other day. I think he'll check her uterus as well.

ok, all that took about an hour to type!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

almost a month

click on the pics to go to flickr and see them all!

Garrett will be a month old in two days *sniff*. these pics were taken this past week. lots of them in the picture files to look at. :)
he's filling out for me finally. when we were at the dr on Friday he weighed in at 9.6 lbs and he's 22 3/4" at last check about a week ago. look how his little legs are filling out, and check out those chubby cheeks!

everyone is doing well. hard to get updates in much right now as my hands are usually full of little one. he has his good nights and bad nights (I sure love the good ones).
Canaan is finishing up ballgames now. only about 5 more to go. he just got a new ball bat today that was on sale (though still dang expensive IMO) because he warped his other bat (with batting, not being ornery with it ;)
katlyn keeps asking about soccer, but we're not letting her do soccer this year. for one thing the price went up. the other is that she's so girly, we know she wont like this league of players. when she was 7 it was smaller kids and more fun. now its 9-11 year olds and its all about competition. she does NOT like being run over. LOL!
I'd not mind getting Gavin in soccer though. his league would be fun, but alas, the $50 to do it is not here. :( and sign ups were done on the 12th. HE is excited about his birthday coming up (well, in about 4 weeks LOL) he's already making his list of birthday wants, and they all pertain to superman items. so I guess he'll be having a superman party. :)
Hunter, who is now a big ol 4 years old, has been going through a bit of a change. sometimes he is still very ornery of course, but he has many days where he's very loveable and tender. (who took my kid??? LOL) he's been giving lots of kisses again and loves on Garrett. course its still much of the day "MOM! HUNTER DID *THIS* OR *THAT*" from the other kids, but hey, a work in progress, right? :)

Friday, July 14, 2006


will update the ticker and all those blinkies at some point. :)

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Garrett at almost 4 weeks

Took the opportunity to have Garrett weighed again since we were at the dr for Gavin's booster shots (he did really well BTW, cried, yes, but was so 'big boy' for me :) he's currently 51 lbs and 45" tall).
Garrett is up to 9.6 lbs (birth was 8.5 and two weeks ago was 8.3 lbs) and he's 22 3/4" (21 3/4" at birth). he'll be a month old on 7-17. *sniff*
I really think he'd be much chunkier if not for his spitting up issues. reminds me of his sister. big spit ups with every burping. he still eats about every 2 hours and sometimes sooner cause of that. he is gaining though and I can tell now, chunking up a bit and getting a little round tummy! ^_^

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

the 4th

we finally had a great nite last nite! G2 went down @ 10:45 and slept til 4 am! brought him to bed w/ me @ 5 (after dh got up) and we slept til 7, then I got up at 9 and he slept til 10. I feel good today!
figured out what was wrong, he simply slept too much on Sunday and it messed up his days/nites. wont do that again!

we went to tasha's parents last nite, they had a big cookout and fireworks. had a great time! got a lot of pics too, just gotta upload some. G2 wore H's coming home outfit.

Monday, July 03, 2006

new pics up!

playing w/ my fingers

real smiles! I rub his cheeks or give him kisses and he thinks its funny!