Wednesday, April 29, 2009

important site
please visit and read Michael's story. It's shameful that our own government would do this to a serviceman!

Friday, April 24, 2009

 well I tried to update earlier today, but lost my connection when I did. :P afer monday maybe I wont have that problem so often!

I had to run in town early today cause the school called to tell me gavin was throwing up all over the place. it came on after he'd gotten on teh bus. he was sick for about 2 hours total before his body finally quit rejecting everything. I did take him to the dr and got him some phenegran. he never napped until I was driving everyone in for kung fu, then he napped for a good hour+

he's doing well now, been eating foods and stuff like normal. guess its a good thing its the weekend now.

had a great time outside again, we stayed out til it got dark!

hmmm... sure there was more, but I've forgotten for now.
oh, do have pics, but need to upload them. may just wait for monday to do that!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

pics and stuff

we had a good day! church this morning (we were on time even) then off to the city. we hit sams to stock up, best buy for a new dvd player (our old one we've had since 2000 finally went wonky a few weeks ago), fazolis and home depot to check out blinds.
c and his friend luke had a great time at the Skillet concert last night! they got home about midnight. today they both went to practice for this thing their band is doing for the school tomorrow. they have 5 songs planned: gotta be somebody, leader of men, if everyone cared (all nickelback), wipe out and one more. my mom is taking her mixing board and video recorder for them.
then he has a ball game after that and the other kids have kung fu during.
so long day tomorrow for my big boys, I dont expect to see c or dh til bedtime.
I have a bunch of pics to post next from our nice day yesterday

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

One Year Ago

with my mom

with daddy and papaw

with sister

with my dad

and her birth!


so I guess I should be labeled an extremist by the new administration...
I'm against abortions, I dont believe in same-sex marriage, I dont think illegal immigrants should be given any favors and I think we should be allowed to own guns. yeah, I'm a bad bad person.
I didnt vote for him and I'm very happy to say that!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I forgot to post that Sunday I got a Wii fit! our walmart actually had one in stock and dh let me get it! I used it yesterday for the first time and played on it for an hour. my legs are so sore today. I'm looking forward do using it more. seems I'm really good at the yoga stuff, but awful at the skiing stuff!

I got to go get me some capris last night by myself (quiet sweet quiet!). also stopped in at walmart and grabbed an easter basket with a soccer ball at half price. the kids already have plans for it. LOL!

Canaan's first game is tonight (tuesday)! and his regular practice has moved to wed/sun, so I have to change my pickup days again. no biggie. only about 5 weeks of school left anyway!

dang, I know there was other stuff I wanted to yak about...

Sarina says "hi" and waves to almost anyone now. its so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!
I did cold-turkey take her off bottles about a week and a half ago. she's done fine, though we've upped our nursing by probably one extra feeding a day. good trade though.

'new' wagon

last nite after my short shopping stint, as I was driving home, I seen someone was tossing out a Little Tykes wagon! I was like 'no way!' so I ended up turning around a few times thinking about snagging it from the side of the road. finally I do it! you should have seen it. that thing is huge! plus the back of my truck was loaded, so I had to STUFF that thing in there!!! but I MADE it fit!!! I need to check it out today, but it looks great from what I could tell last night, just needs cleaning up.
looks like this, only its a solid teal color and has a mini door on the side to get in/out.

I crack myself up! but no way could I see it go to the trash when we could use it!
ok, ya'll can make fun of me now

Thursday, April 09, 2009

so I'm feeling so much better today! my throat only hurts enough to make me wince when I sneeze (and of course I've sneezed like 5 times today!). G and S had another ROUGH night last night. ugh. G ran a fever last night and wouldnt take any meds til about 4 or so this morning. he was up about every 20 minutes and when he wasnt whining and hollering for me, S was doing it.  thank goodness they both eventually passed out hard about 5 this morning and I got a decent stretch til 8:30.

got ready and out the door by 10. wanted to drop stuff off at the thrift store, but she's moving to a new building and wanst there. means I still have stuff in my truck, but guess it wont be in the house to be cluttered on saturday. LOL!
got a few things dropped off at the cosignment store, went to the pet shelter for K cause she's doing a scrapbook on Animal Kindness for extra credit this week. we got pics while there.
finally made it to walmart to finish getting waht I'd need for Saturday and ended up spending $67! *eek!* course taht included a new pair of shoes for K (church shoes which she had none of) and stuff for cake decorating that'll get me through all the bdays this year.
got a lot of fruit cause I decided to do fruit kabobs instead of meats (bananas, pineapple, raspberry, blueberry, grape).
I'm excited about doing the cake!
last night during my many wakign moments, i was thinking of different cakes to do for the other bdays. K is thinking tinkerbell/fairy stuff so I have all kinds of ideas blooming for that. I think I'll do a spongebob for Garrett since he's into the Bob these days. the boys are into batman and bakugans so who knows what we'll be doing. and C just wants another guitar. easy!

I also found the centerpiece for saturday, very simple, but I did stress over it (and I dont know why, I rarely have a centerpiece for anything!)
I got the fake eggs loaded (hehe, that sounds funny!) and tomorrow I'll boil up the real ones and let the kids decorate them.
I'm just doing baked beans and the dips and dh will be doing the burgers, so that'll leave plenty of time to work on the cake! I hope it comes out all right! I have lots of grand ideas, just to see if they actually turn out like I want!