Saturday, December 19, 2009

the country is going down the toilet faster than sludge.

Dems threaten National Security to force health 'reform'

yes, they did and yeah, it worked. :(

60th Senate vote locked in.
no, this crap isn't FREE like that idiot keeps blabbing. seriously, when did the government EVER give things for FREE?? WHO do you think pays for this??

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Uncle Allen

 if anyone is friends with me on FB, you'll have seen one of my uncles passed away today.  he awoke from his coma yesterday enough to actually talk with people. I'm not sure how cognizant he actually was. I know my mom (and someone else) had left the room for a late lunch and he passed while they were gone. she was going to read to him when they got back to the room. she's very tore up cause she feels guilty for leaving him for that short time and not being in there.
I wasnt really close with this uncle. he lived so far away and has been sick for a few years (I'm thinking since Hunter was about Garretts age) so we've not gotten to see them for quite a while. but I did grow up around them. when I was living with my grandpa, we used to make trips down there to visit which I remember really well.
he was a good guy, very charismatic and expressive, always ready for a laugh or to sit down with you for a serious talk. he was also a bit of a prankster. :) he had a LOT of insight into things and was amazingly smart and more than happy to give you an opinion on stuff ;) his wife is a true southern belle, very gentle and sweet spoken, always been a kind and loving spirit within her. they have two kids (adults now), great people.
we're figuring the funeral will be friday as of now. not sure if I'll be able to go. dh out of town, mom and papaw down there, the last week of school for the kids and they have finals to complete, plus I dont see me driving to memphis by myself.
I'll just play it by ear.


we put the ornaments on the tree tonight (by the urging of the kids) the bottom half of the tree is already half bare thanks to S. LOL
even Garrett helped put ornaments on, so cute, he was going "mommy! a ornmen!" he mostly put them all in the same location so I had to go spread some out later.  cute stuff!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

today was long, but good. we left out for the city today. wanted to hit a few places for some Cmas shopping and to see if sams carried the battery for my PT. they do and its about $15 cheaper than here! got some odds and ends we needed there, had lunch, seen my sis and her family at sams (always fun!). went to target, found G2 a wooden train set in the $1 aisle! a tee for lily LOL and a few other needed things. stopped at gamestop (? used game store) and found 3 games for the boys for $30! they had a buy 2 get one free going on. awesome!)
stopped at the singer sewing center to check out the machines. I found one I really like. its by brother and it does embroidery and sewing ... but its $700, oy! computerized, touch screen, all that jazz, loadable stitches/designs etc too. wow, nice! I've not talked with dh about it yet, but I dont think we'll do it. gosh. maybe for tax return time, maybe?  its a huge step up from what I have now, that's for sure! LOL! I do need one and I want one that does what it offers. maybe we can find it for a better price elsewhere...
dashed back home to get the kids ready for the parade. after dropping them off dh and I met at the library to wait for it to start. when it started, we realized they were coming down the back side of the square first (they usually come the front side first) so we dashed over there just in time and we got a TON of candy LOL! after it'd all passed, we went back to the other side to rewatch the parade ( LOL) and got a very little bit of candy- they'd already tossed it all out! LOL, though we did get a teddy bear for S!
after the parade and getting the kids picked up, we took them to taco bell for dinner (I have NO dinner food in the house with dh out of town *blush*). then, dh took the boys home and me and the girls went to the $ store for a few things (lunch food for tomorrow, chicken and taters!).
finally home around 8:15 tonight. so loooooong day LOL
tomorrow its back to the city to get my battery (have to take my old one in) and a stop at the mighty $. I think we about have the Cmas stuff done. I still need to get a few more things between C and the boys. simple stuff though. I did get happy at target today cause we found a lego batman long sleeve tee! and picked up some star wars legos

ok, s is still up, grinning at me here LOL! little terd stays awake as long as she can.

OH, forgot to mention that I found her some baby doll furniture! I dug it out of K's old stuff. its disney princess, baby swing and walker  I was very happy about that!