Wednesday, November 29, 2006

today was a good food day for him. he finished off the jar of peas and also had a bowl of cereal (spiked w/ apple juice) for dinner. he's nursed and is currently playing in the floor beside me. :rolleyes: bedtime kid, come on! he's wide awake. me, I'm like this :tired: .


tomorrow will be our last warm day before the cold nasty stuff hits. I'm trying to decide what to do! we can go bowling tomorrow around 1:30 or I can get all my grocery getting done while its still nice and not have to get out so much on Friday. :P


wow, G is settling himself down on the floor. he's getting tired! whoops, flipped over. :lol: hopefully he'll be in bed and sleeping well by midnight. don't know why he's being such a night owl. NO caffeine at all for me today (and lord knows I needed it! LOL)

oh, he has had a bit of runny nose today. not sure where he picked that up from, so it could have been part of the reason for his stressful night.


aw, this is so cute: he's wallering all over sissy's pillow cause he's so tired. :mushy: I put it behind him when he's sitting (its one of those pillows with the sides on it) and its really soft. I got pics cause it was so cute. :heee: very tired baby!oh my gosh! he's actually SNORING!! he's NEVER fallen asleep like this before! WOW!

new pics!

this was funny actually. he was sitting here playing so nice after everyone went to bed (I was in my computer chair) and as soon as I snapped the pic, the red moon popped off and he went backwards! LOL!

snagging some of mommy's ice cream! he raised a fit to get it and started sucking on it to get him some. hehe!

now trying to snag daddy's popcorn!

peas and prunes today! looks terrible. LOL! he made a ton of funny faces!



so last night was rough. I dont mean rough as in 'oo, that was bad', I mean rough as in 'anyone want this kid?!' rough.
he was up all. night. long.he went down or was up at 11:30, 12:30, 1:30, 3:30, 5 and 8:15. what was up with that?!
I think it was my fault though. not enough water yesterday and too much caffiene. who knows. it sucked eggs though. I'm not in the best of shape or moods today to say the least. he's napping now (for about the past hour) but I've not laid down. the two younger kidlets are being rambuncous (sp?) and C has yet to finish his schoolwork.
I SO wanted to get stuff done today, like decorating outside.I have gotten a load of laundry done, got our indivigual pics up in a coliage frame (from the family pic series), dishes done and some material sorted through so I can make a taggie book or blanket for Landon at some point.

Called the ped about G2's poops again. she still doesnt want him to take any type of laxatives, only a suppository if needed. she said I could up the fruits for him and even give him a small amount of baby juice if I wanted. I dont want to get him on juice yet though, so I'll just add a smidge to his cereal like I've been doing.she said if he continues to be the same after he's walking, it may come to wanting to do xrays on his digestive track to see how things are in there, but for now to keep going the way we are.
for those not in the know, G2 will poop anywhere from once to many times a day, but nothing bigger than a quarter in diameter gets out. its not hard like a rock, still mushy-like, but no where near what he should be getting out. his bowels are still full after he does his business, but either he's too busy to want to push it out or perhaps he doesnt feel he needs to.
so we'll up his solids again to twice a day I guess, mainly fruits (no bananas) and see how he does this time. never had a kid who didnt know how to poop good.

meeting Santa

Garrett met 'Santa' today. he didn't mind at all, thought he was kinda funny looking with all that beard! (pics are from my camera phone, so poor quality. :P) and yeah, he was the only one I had with me today while out and about.

Monday, November 27, 2006

good times, yeah buddy!

today was a good day. everyone was in a good mood and really only had to get on to the kids a few times (mostly the two oldest ). dinner was chili and chili dogs and dh was in a good mood when he got in. :) yep, I like days like that!

tomorrow will be a MOMS DAY OUT! my mom is watching the kids for me while I go running to do a lot of errands. stops in town include the drycleaners and bank for FIL, Wal-Mart for a couple things, big load to drop off at goodwill, then some Christmas shopping w/ some $ FIL left us in the next town and I also have about 6 or 7 gift cards to work with as well. I called my big sis up tonight and she's off work tomorrow too, so she's going to run around with me! our first 'girls time out' in years!! I'm so glad she moved closer!

I'll probably be taking Garrett with me. I'd not mind leaving him with mom, but he's taken to a bottle strike and doesn't like them much anymore. I'd hate to have him be grouchy the entire time I'm gone. :P though he would get more sleep if he stayed with her. decisions, decisions...

we'll see how early we can get out the door to moms as I'd like to get started early enough to not be home at dinner, KWIM?

Sunday, November 26, 2006

movie watching

we watched Ice Age 2 tonight. very good movie, funny! we were all laughing like nuts at a lot of it! :)


I love the season, just cheers me right up! I don't put the tree up early though as the space issue gets to me by the end of the month. LOL I'll probably get out the outside decor tomorrow though. want to get that done while its warm outside! its supposed to drop out the bottom in temps by the end of the week. *yuck!* I know I wont do it then! LOL!
inside decor can wait a while though. I may put some stuff up across the entertainment center or something though.

my sis was up today with Courtney, my niece. it was nice,we just sat around jabbering and cutting up (enjoying the great weather before the sun went down and it got chilly). she's such a country girl (in essence-cause she's really a city girl ;) )and fits right in with the nuts around here LOL!  she finishes her graphics classes in a couple weeks and is graduating! so proud of her! she's thrilled of course to be done with it and have it under her belt.

my brother, tasha and Landon were at church this morning! *faint* yeah, I did a double take on that one! LOL! mom loved it though since John's been saying he'd be there several times and never came through. she got both her baby grandsons there with her at church. ;)

FIL gave us $ to go out and eat tonight. dh wanted Chinese, so we had that. ended up spending $37 on it all (FIL gave us $40). dh couldn't get over the cost (he usually walks out with the kids while I pay the bill). I told him "I could have told you that". and then he asks how much better we'd have done if we'd gone to hardees or captain d's. LOL! (would have saved a good $17 likely!). amazing how it takes him dishing out the $ to realize how expensive places like that are!  oh well. it was paid for (but I'd still rather have some of that $ left over! LOL! ).


I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Rhyme :: or reason
  2. Substantial :: load
  3. Instant :: gratification
  4. Greed :: trouble
  5. Brad :: Pitt
  6. Season :: of giving
  7. Accomplished :: well done
  8. Invite :: enjoy
  9. Sparkle :: happiness
  10. Rainbow :: princess

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Pregnancy Q & A

Q: Should I have a baby after 35?
A: No, 35 children is enough.
Q: I'm two months pregnant now. When will my baby move?
A: With any luck, right after he finishes college.
Q: What is the most reliable method to determine a baby's sex?
A: Childbirth.
Q: My wife is five months pregnant and so moody that sometimes
 she's borderline irrational.
A: So what's your question?
Q: My childbirth instructor says it's not pain I'll feel
 during labor, but pressure. Is she right?
A: Yes, in the same way that a tornado might be called an air
Q: When is the best time to get an epidural?
A: Right after you find out you're pregnant.
Q: Is there any reason I have to be in the delivery room while
 my wife is in labor?
A: Not unless the word "alimony" means anything to you.
Q: Is there anything I should avoid while recovering from
A: Yes, pregnancy.
Q: Do I have to have a baby shower?
A: Not if you change the baby's diaper very quickly.
Q: Our baby was born last week. When will my wife begin to
 feel and act normal again?
A: When the kids are in college.

puter stuff

oh, the 2 big kids finally have their puter up and running again! they're super excited of course and they've already started putting their own details on their own usernames. ;) it'll help a lot too cause they can also watch their movies on there too, so it frees up my puter! :)
had a good day! my dad came up about 2. I'd just got up from a nap at 12:30 *blush* but got the food done in time.
Garrett slept through the night for me last night!  been about a week since he'd done that. he woke at 6:30 and didn't go back to sleep til 10:30, that was why I needed a nap.

dh and C got the Christmas lights up during that time, so we have pretties now! :D
don't know when I'll do any decorating inside though. I know the tree wont be up for a while. not sure how I'll set it up this year...

Friday, November 24, 2006

family night

we watched MI3 tonight. good movie, don't know why it didn't get better ratings.  we'll try to watch over the hedge tomorrow. C has seen it at the drive-in and is just itching to see it again! (and I've been warning him about telling me about it. LOL! )

got tickled at Garrett tonight. while watching the movie, he had been sitting in front of me playing, then decided he wanted to lay down (his way of telling me is to keep tossing himself backwards onto his pillow), so I put him over on his belly to play. I continued to watch the movie and when I looked to him, he was across the room-going into the hall to the kids rooms.  he was facing us though, he'd rolled and crawled all the way over there! FIL asked who put him there. LOL! course we started talking to him and he got mad cause we were *waaaaaaaaaaay* over there. LOL silly kid!
so then I brought him back and let him play at the mattress like he did last night. he really enjoys that. don't know what we'll do when we put the mattress up and he doesn't have that to lean on and stand.  its the perfect height for him. course I tried putting him in the saucer and he got mad.  rotten. yep. rotten.

Turkey Day

we had a great Turkey Day with the family. got plenty of pics, just not resized yet. went grocery getting today, just Garrett and I. Katlyn stayed at my moms last night and the boys stayed here with daddy and grandpa. its a gorgeous day out there, so we've been outside a lot. I just got Garrett down for a nap, he's been playing out in the jumperoo and stuff after we got home. his fav thing and been a while since he got to do it since it's been so chilly!
I've gotta pull out his size 4 shoes cause his 3's are getting hard to zip and tie. poor kid looks like he'll have big feet like big brother and daddy.

my dad will be up tomorrow for dinner since he couldn't make it yesterday. which is cool, gives us the whole weekend to play around.

my little sis and my niece will be here Sunday!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

fixing stuff

getting things ready for the feast tomorrow! got my green beans in the crock pot seasoning up for the casserole. I've made two dips for the vegetables (one with spinach, one with ranch and bacon).
I'll be peeling and cooking my sweet taters in a bit (as soon as a certain little baby lets me put him back down and hopefully takes a nap!)
got some chicken cooked up to make some little appetizers for tonight.
I'm going to fix vege soup tonight since there will be so much to eat tomorrow. keeping it simple for today!
also thinking of making a peanut butter pie. yum! I'm pretty sure I've got all I'll need to whip one up. :D
G is playing on the floor now, FIL's been holding him for a while and getting tickled out of how much he kicks and jumps. so G is on the floor 'yodeling' now and getting around.

not long after I went to bed last night (about 12), Garrett woke up @ 12:30 screaming his head off!!! I dont know what was up with him, but my gosh, I've never heard him scream like that unless he bopped his head!
There was no calming him either for a bit cause even once I picked him up, he kept screaming! Half way scared me, half way made me mad. *blush*
finally he calmed enough while I was holding him (still in his room) and we went in to sit down.he was fine then and settled down w/ his paci and went back to sleep.
I was back in bed just after 1. man!
he did sleep through the rest of the night, but I hope that's a one time thing! freaky!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


sitting here with a VERY awake baby in my lap. he took a power nap on daddy's shoulder about 8 and by george he's not ready for bed! *sigh*
FIL made it in safe tonight and C is going with him to the dr tomorrow. he wants to be there in case he needs help. he worked on his schoolwork for me tonight so he'd not be behind.

*G is fascinated with the red light under my mouse*

I got G a new mobile today! I couldnt resist! I took his swing and his old mobile to the cosignment store today and she still had the Nemo one I'd seen in there last week, so I got it. it can transistion out of mobile too, so it'll last a long time! he loves it as well.
hes nursing again and sleepy finally. hope he sleeps well tonight.made a list of stuff to get done tomorrow for T-day.


new pics  up! click in and go see. :)

Sunday, November 19, 2006

5 month update

lots and lots of new pics up in the flickr stream, go check them out! I put up pics of all the kids at 5 months this time. :)

Sunday stuff and 5 month update!

Not been in a computer mood lately but have actually been getting stuff done. LOL! figured it was time for an update and all that. uploading pics to the flickr site for sharing.

Garrett at 5 months!
Garrett's had some firsts this week again, he's moved up to sitting in the high chairs at restaurants and the shopping cart while shopping (til he fusses then gets put in the front pack).
he's officially crawling now. he goes forward and is getting into stuff on a regular basis now. sometimes he'll rock and toss himself forward, sometimes he'll roll to where he wants to get, and others he'll methodically rock on his knees and push himself forward. so yes, I consider that mobile! (I cant believe that at 5 months, my goodness!). hand over knee crawling is not far off cause he's working out the mechanics of it now, just hasn't gotten that part figured out yet.
the last I weighed him, he was 19 lbs and he's 27 1/2" long. wearing 9-12m items, gotta pull more stuff out of the closets again. really need to work on letting go of that stuff.
Let's see, I made a list of stuff he's doing now in his journal, so I'll put it in here too: crawling, sitting unassisted (though I have to watch him as he likes to jump and tosses himself backwards LOL), holds his bottle/sippy, puts his paci in his mouth (still perfecting that), squalls while talking to someone (sounds like he's yodeling LMBO!), sleeping through the night consistently, in the big carseat (yes, he likes it better cause it has more room and padding, but he's still not a big fan of riding in the van), grabs things directly in front of him (especially likes grabbing other peoples faces hehe!), gives 'kisses', is on the verge of saying 'mama' as he says a lot of 'mmmmmmmmmmm' and 'muh-muh' sounds. no 'da' coming out yet! hehe!

I started him back on some solids the other night. he was not pleased with that. (sweet taters), but the next night did take some applesauce. he did finally have a normal pooh for me yesterday! so we'll slowly reintroduce some solids, mainly sticking to the cereals mixed with some milk/juice for flavor. at least he makes it easy since he prefers to nurse mostly.

the kids are doing fine. Katlyn stayed at my moms last night so she could see her friend Dana at church today. we stayed home as daddy just left to go out of town til tomorrow night. so we got the whole morning with him.

we have another mouse I believe. I reset the traps today, JIC. I told dh it may be the ghost of the last mouse. LOL!!

Monday, November 13, 2006


I'm hopping around here before bed. its so quiet, so nice! Garrett has his firs official runny nose type of cold and has been SUCH a grouch all day (except while he was sleeping, which was thankfully about 3-4 hours this afternoon). he's down already, which he was very tired anyway, so hoping he has a good night and that the snotting doesnt bother him.
dh came home tonight. they got done with what they were working on in one day, which was suposed to take 3. course he didnt get any dinner, but he didnt ask for any. it was late when he got in. ;) tomorrow is the homeschool dinner, so I'll just bring in leftovers from that, unless he gets there in time to get his own.

we caught a mouse today! I'm 'wooing' because I just heard it last night and set the traps myself (with marshmallows) and hoped to catch it quick before it set up camp and all that! so less than a day and it was got! it actually just snapped its tail in the trap and we stuck it out the door and the cats did the rest. nasty mouse!

in G-news, he had a good poop today! that is really something to dance about! it wasnt a blaster-nursey poop, but squishy enough and enough of it to make me very happy! he started farting again the day before yesterday so I was hoping it meant good things. (yeah, he'd not even been passing gas during all this 'poop trouble' time!) so I'll keep feeding him as we are, one feeding of a cereal mixed with a watered down fruit juice and if he wants it, applesauce (he wanted the cereal more than the applesauce tonight) and the rest is just nursing. I know he gets hungry though, so if the cereal stays all right with his system, I'll up him to two feedings of it again. but no solids for a while. never had a kid with poop problems! a whole new adventure! LOL! (Gavin had an allergy to orange veggies, but none of the others had an 'I cant go' problem!).

and I'd call his mobility a pseudo-crawling. yes, he gets all over the place and is mobile, but I'm not worrying about him heading off to another room or anything yet. he can end up on the other side of the room or 180 degrees opposite from where he started if he sees something he wants to check out, but he's not gotten the hand over knee thing figured out yet. he'll rock a few times and then toss himself forward usually ( LOL! cracks me up!), and other times he'll push forward with his feet and maneuver with his arms/legs. I'm just waiting for the time when I look over and see him going around the corner after something though! I've been on the kids about keeping up the small toys!

hey, did you all hear that walmart will be doing away with the layaway program? that bums me out! I think Sam Walton would be ashamed of how W-Mart is doing a lot of things these days...

baby stuff

must document that he sleeps through the night more than he gets up now! he may get up once or twice a week now and the rest is sweet bliss. watch me get used to that and then get suckered. LOL

Garrett woke with a snotty nose yesterday. :( I know its from being out in the cold so much on Saturday too. I had to suction his nose yesterday morning (yeah, that was a real hit) and this morning Gavin keeps hollering to me "baby's got a snotty nose, Momma!". Thankfully its not disturbing his sleep, maybe cause he sleeps on his tummy. don't know, but I'm glad!

he's getting better at going forward on his hands and knees! (*faint*) if he concentrates he can go forward, if not, he'll go backwards. LOL

and I officially put in his convertible carseat in the van. *sniff* he just really doesn't like the carrier anymore, plus they just don't have the padding a bigger baby needs, so I put in his Alpha Omega yesterday. he's yet to ride in it, so we'll see how he does. with the carrier he'd gotten to where he'd stiffen up and try to just slide right out of it as soon as we'd sit him in it, plus all the hollering and carrying on. LOL so hopefully he wont raise such a stink about this one. course it'll be making whole other new obstacles while out and about. Luckily he can sit up well enough on his own that he can be in a restaurant high chair and I've got a shopping cart cover and a carrier for when we go shopping, plus the stroller (but he's still not much on a stroller unless its constantly moving). but we'll make it! it CAN be done! LOL!
and weighed him today and he's 19 lbs. told him I didn't think we'd have a turkey as big as he is for Thanksgiving! LOL

oh, he's also not supplementing right now. well, really for like a week. he's gotten to the point that nursing is all he needs (except for the applesauce I give him once a day). so that's pretty cool with me! we've still got 2 or 3 cans of Good Start left, but I'm saving it cause it may still be needed.
I also dug out the sippy tops for his 4 oz Avents yesterday. I gotta buy some new ones though. :P figured might as well get those out since he's not supplementing like he was so will give him time to get used to using it.

Saturday, November 11, 2006


we're going to the park for the Veterans Day thing today, but it is SO DANG COLD outside. after such gorgeous 70+ degree weather the past two days, it's not to get out of the 40's today! so unfair!! Don't know how much the kids will actually do, but I guess we'll go anyway cause my family will be there and I love being with my cousin. we'll get free food too. but still, its soooooooooooooo cold!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!

Garrett slept all night for me again, I was hoping so since I stayed up a bit later than I should have. LOL!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

CARS and stuff

we just got finished watching Cars, very cute movie! we'll be buying that one!
Went to go vote today and the kids always get happy for that. "don't forget to vote mom!" before that I stopped and checked my consignments and I'd made $13.50 so far! asked her about bringing in my travel system and she said anytime, so I just need to clean it up! hopefully I'll get a good price on that (and that it'll sell soon) so I can put that towards the current snowball bill.

yesterday the kids got a free cell phone! through one of the surveys I take, they wanted kids to try out a new service geared towards kids, so we got one, filled with minutes and everything. as we fill out surveys about it, we get more minutes. the kids are super excited of course! I think its great cause dh was just talking about getting a phone for them and buying minutes for it. so we got blessed and didn't have to spend a penny!

spent a lot of time redoing my blog site. my old server was about to go kapoot on me, so wanted to get my blogger site fixed up. I'm pretty happy with it now.

Monday, November 06, 2006

just yakkin

great nights sleep after he finally got to sleep for me. those dang poop issues. I hear him grunting again over in the saucer now. :( I think I'll call the ped today and ask about a suppository for him. poor little guy. the only solids he's had the past few days is thin oatmeal and prunes, the rest has been nursing and a bit of formula. I can tell he's upped his feeding amounts cause I've been getting full again more often. :lol: so I figure he's likely taking 8 oz now (at least) cause I used to have no problem pumping 7 oz.

I got his evenflo stroller fixed yesterday. I'd let a friend borrow it and the 'one handed pushing handle' had gotten broken, so we took the parts off the extra evenflo stroller (yes, I have a spare one that had broken a wheel, so I keep it for parts :lol: ) and dh fixed the handle for me, so good as new! :D I'll take my pooh travel system to the cosignment store this week.... that means I'll be moving Garrett to his big seat too. :sniff: Just gotta get it out of dh's truck and probably vacuum it out since its' been in there since we got the van (the van has integrated carseats for forward facing tots).

I'm not taking the swing in yet. its still got some weight limit to go and he still likes it and it does help sometimes with getting him to relax, so I'll wait on taking that in. :cute:

K and the boys are playing tag now. Lordy we need another room for them to run in. :lol: (I hear that Hunter is "It" and he tagged Gavin by saying "touch! touch, touch touch!" :lol: )

Sunday, November 05, 2006

good weekend

we've had a great weekend. not much going on, but still good!
grilled out today and dh did an excellent job on the chicken. been a while since I felt together rnough to have the parents over for a meal, so that was really nice too.
watched football mostly this afternoon. my hubby better love e for being able to do that.

Hunter stayed home w/ daddy this morning. he woke at 2:30 w/ a loud croupy cough. still had a low grade fever this morning, but he's better now. hoping that cough doesnt come back either!

Garrett's big news is he's figuring out how to go forward on his hands and knees! he rocks several times and then tosses himself forward. but he does go forward now! the funny thing is that he'll go 'in drive' for a while, then start going in reverse, then to the side, he's just all over the floor. he was headbutting the couch earlier tonight, then I had to pull him out from under daddy's chair, then he came to me in the floor and I kissed him for it . he'll get the real hang of it soon!