Monday, March 31, 2008

37.5 wk check

 my appt went well, actually got some good news!
weight is still the same as last week, so that means I've not really changed weight in...I think 9 or10 weeks? (not counting the losing 3 then gaining the same 3 since it put me in the same place). my BP was GREAT today at 107/61. I think that's the lowest its been the whole pg.
baby girl is STILL measuring at 37 weeks but she's very active and along with her h/b the dr picked up an FM station with the doppler! I asked "what, does she have an IPOD in there?? LOL
for my cervical check, I'm finally at 1.5cm and 30% thinned. not much, but better than the 'nothing' I got last week! AND he could feel her head this time, so she's where she's supposed to be!
we both think I'll be there for my next appt on Monday again, but he said next week he'll do a sweep for me to try and get things moving considering how much I'm hurting.

the stinkin part was that I was just starting to be able to walk more than 15 minutes without pain until I had to lay on that dang table. now I'm a walking OUCH again, close to tears most times. give me labor any day cause at least it has a purpose!
so any ELV anyone wants to send my way would be great! LOL!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Garrett did fine the rest of the day. fever stayed down and he did eat. not a lot, but he snacked at least. he has been in one heck of a grouchy mood though!  so much screaming going on today, ugh!!! he took a good nap at 2 (I went down about 2:30) and we both slept till about 4.
now hoping he has a peaceful night (he went to bed at 9) and that we all get some rest.
dh got home tonight  and we just had leftovers for dinner (sloppy joes, and I added in some french fries and mac/cheese).
fine with me cause I surely didn't feel like going out and didn't want to chance taking G out either. he stayed in zip up pjs all day to make sure he stayed warm (and easy to change in case he puked more) and while at home I kept my pj pants on.
hopefully we'll get to go to church tomorrow (dh wants to sleep in since he's back on central time LOL).

the stupid sciatic pain is still there. I've done cat arch stretches to help, which they do for a while, but just like if I stay sitting down, it starts back up within about 15 minutes of walking around. *sigh*.
I'm getting worse cramping and BH as well, but nothing else to say Dday is near. typical.
still no swelling yet. I've done that with every pg so far and last time I gained 7 lbs in between weeks 37 and 38. still hoping I get by without it this time.

started a new knitting project tonight. I'm making a baby bag. just a simple 4 sided bag really, but it gives me something to do while I'm doing all this sitting! LOL!

there is sleep... somewhere

I'm so tired right now. but at least its not from me not being able to sleep. G was up puking once an hour from 3-6, so 4 pukes in all before he was finally able to sleep well. course the boys woke me up around 7:30 playing around in the living room (quiet for them, but momma still hears everything, KWIM? LOL) and then Gavin decided to go outside to the garage at 8, so I had to get out of bed (to give him a fussing on for doing that!).
C had ball practice at 9 anyway, so he and Garrett were up by 8:30 (nothing like last minute) and we got him there about 6 minutes late.
told him I wasn't waiting in town for him to be done, I'll go back at 12 to get him.
I'd love a nap in between, but that wont happen till G lays down for a nap-which wont happen till C is back home.
plus I'm not sure if I'll have to meet sis to pick up K or if she's going to bring her here. I really hope she brings her here. I'm too tired to do much driving.
still got laundry that needs to be done (stinky stuff from last night) but do I feel like doing it? nope. :P

bleh, please no.

well I slept really well up til now. was sleeping by 10:30 and didn't wake til 3am! had to pee then.
but when I went to lay back down, started hearing a "momma!" from Garrett, so went to check it out. thought he'd only need a paci replacement. nope. he'd tossed up all the cocoa pebbles that C had shared with him.
the funny part of it was his expressions when I figured out what was wrong and turned on the light. he was pointing at the mess like "I don't know how that got in here, but it needs to be gone!"
so I had to change everything. luckily his stuffie, and main blankets didn't get hit, just his pillowcase and sheet and extra blanket (I always keep one draped on the side). had to change him and wash his face cause it was all over half his face.
I'm waiting to make sure he goes back to sleep now. (just had to make one trip in to lay him back down).
course now I'm thinking 'oh great, not a tummy bug!' these stupid things always seem to happen right before baby comes. course I'm sure I've still got almost 3 weeks to go, but its the thought, KWIM? last time it was poison ivy that had me freaked out.
hopefully the puking is a one time thing (tucked an extra blanket under him to protect his sheets, JIC).
I'd really like to be in bed right now though. LOL!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Monday, March 24, 2008

36.5 week dr appt

 had a good day today, loooooooong, but good. glad to be sitting and doing nuttin' right now though.

so first for the dr appt:
BP 123/60 (much better!), up 3 lbs so I gained the 3 that I lost (plus I had a small breakfast this morning). She's still measuring at 37 weeks (same as last week) and at first he guessed her at 7 lbs. at first...
so did the GBS swab (yuck) and then the cervical check. dang it, no change since the last time I was checked. and now for the reason. he couldn't do a sweep today, though he did try, my cervix is just way too high and she's no where near my pelvis.
he even got to wondering about how she was positioned so pulled in the u/s machine to check. (no, didn't get any pics) she is head down like he was thinking, though her head is on the left side of my pelvis, no where near engagement (as I figured). he said "this is what we typically call a floater" LOL
I got to see the top of her head, her right hip, back and side of her arm as he quickly scanned down. didn't even get to double check the girly parts *pout* but she didn't like the u/s either and decided to go from snoozing to bapping the u/s wand. LOL!
so after seeing how floating she is, he went on the talk about how some hide some of the baby in their pelvis and still measure 37 weeks, but all my tummy is ALL baby cause none of her is hiding out anywhere else. LOL! so she's not as big as he thought at first
we both agreed that we'd see each other next week.
the painful part was when I went to get up! my sciatic nerve came to life like Frankenstein!!!!! OMGOSH!!!! I seriously couldn't do more than raise my head up on the table it hurt so bad!! I grabbed my tummy (since it was the first thing to get to LOL) and yelped out in pain. the nurse asked if I was having a contraction to which I said "no, my butt hurts!!!!" it took me another good 3 minutes to work myself into a sitting position. its still bugging me off and on tonight. OUCH!!

after getting stuff done in town, we finally got to the rental house to work over there. got both mattresses drained out! brought the glider home and the frame is all clean and the seat cover is washed-still gotta dry it. my mom took a bunch of the toys to her house too.
its getting better!

dh ended up coming home tonight cause they pushed the job back in Cleveland, so he said he'd help get our current mattress drained so we can get the new one in!
we didn't get in til 5 then dh got in and we had a simple dinner and some yakking and I'm finally getting on here to veg a bit. I'm tired though!

and in some other big news today, I cut Garrett's hair!!!!! got pics and still need to get the pics off the camera.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

worn out. *sigh*

 today K and i went to the rental/for sale house to find out what needed to be cleaned up. geez! we have a whole kitchen counter full of stuff (that can be used), two trash cans full of trash for starters. then down to teh basement we go and ugh!

there's a huge pile of stuff for goodwill, a huge pile of stuff for burning/trash and a few things we found that we could use/keep.

there was seriously a whole room of toys left, tons of Cmas stuff, a whole corner full of 32 gallon bags we had to go through (half goodwill/keep, half trash).
its just ridiculous really. the place was full of mouse droppings
got a bunch of painting stuff for my mom, lots of drywall fixing items and screws and other woodworking stuff.
why would people just leave all this? and they know I'm pg too so not like I enjoy having to clean up their big mess.

my mom came over to help us, which really made a difference! it took us like 4 hours as it was!
dh still has to go over. no way I could haul all the stuff. I'm goign to just make a huge goodwill trip with the stuff sorted out. I'll have to do it when none of the kids are riding, cause I'll have to lay down both of the back seats to fit all their stuff, plus what I have in my own tub to go! huge donation! LOL

so from the past two days, my feet, legs, back and tummy are aching. the top of my uterus was really sore last night and my pelvis still feels like its on fire.  I've got crampy nerves running down the backs of both legs too. what a mess.

we did find some good toys for the kids though. K got a whole set of the disney princess baby doll care items (swing, walker, carrier, etc), the boys got a toy weed eater, a couple of plastic bats, a sit and spin, a basketball goal, some small toys like tractors, etc too. I found a bag of baby clothes I went through. got a lot of 12m stuff and a few smaller items. nice stuff what I kept! other stuff was either goodwill or trash. I guess this is all the stuff she kept telling me she was going to bring but never did. ha.

OH, the biggest and best thing they left??? a waterbed mattress!!! not a regular one either, one of the boxspring sets!!! these are like $600 sets!! I've wanted one forever cause my mom has a set and they're SO nice! so its sitting in the master bedroom over there, ours for the taking! ha!!! its the size of our bed too, so it'll fit in our frame! (later we can buy a real bed frame if we want!) I'm tickled about that one!

so besides that, nothing much (but I guess that's really enough LOL). did get some loving from dh this morning. hopefully when I go in on monday, we'll see a difference in the ol' cervix!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

36 wk pic!

36 week belly pics to share! took them yesterday afternoon since I was dressed nicely.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

36 week (a day early) checkup

finally back home! I'm pooped! they were running almost an hour behind today, even though my appt was at 10. :P
so for the appt today, I'm down another 2.5 lbs (total gain by the dr is 16 lbs. I was thinking it was less, but guess that's what I get for thinking). nurse did ask why I was losing (since I'd dropped .5 lb last week), and I told her I just don't have the room to put much in. I eat maybe 1 1/2 meals a day right now. plus I'm not swelling (yet). I'm definitely not used to dropping weight til right before labor, so goes to show that even #6 can be different.
BP was 131/77 (up some for me) and all else was fine. Dr. P measured her at 37cm (he always measures a cm bigger) so she's right on track. he's guessing an 8lb baby. I do wonder if he's taking into consideration that she's floating like a beach ball in there so doesn't sit down that low.  but 8lb is a normal baby size for me, so we'll see!
I turned in my birth plan today and it was all okayed.

my major points on it were:
-only a heplock and no IV til pit is needed after the birth (to help my uterus contract since its had so many babies)
-able to walk around if I feel like it during labor instead of being tied to the bed with monitors.
-no meds, forceps, vac or episiotomy without permission.

then there were a few other things like who'd be in the labor room and at the actual birth, who cuts the cord and stuff. they faxed a copy over to the hospital for my records and he also made a note on the bottom for the nurses of "has fast labors". if anyone remembers I only had pain for the last 30 minutes of Garrett's labor and only the last 15 minutes were 'very bad pains'. he was born in those 15 minutes. LOL

he asked if I'd been having any contrax, which I had. told him, 'sure, contrax/cramps/BH. how many you want?' so he asked if I thought baby would make an appearance anytime soon. nope, sure don't. LOL!

next week will start cervical checks. I'm going to ask for a sweep next week just to help things along. I know Dr P will do that for me. Dr C wouldn't do it with Garrett's pg and made me mad. LOL! ("no, its still too early for that" ppppppttttttttt!!!!)

we stopped at sonic for lunch (I was finally hungry! yay!) then at cares. found a couple of baby outfits and a swimsuit, a couple items for the boys and a couple items for K. all the kids clothes up to size 14 were only a quarter today!
started feeling like crap while waiting in line. had to hurry up and get to the truck so I could sit down. :P I was fine afterwards though.

C has ball practice tonight and then its supposed to rain through tomorrow.

oh, we rented Nancy Drew, Bee Movie and Gameplan for the week.

Monday, March 17, 2008

 G is on the upswing today! he woke around 11 (right after I went to bed of course LOL) and was burning up again, so another dose of tylenol, some water and a snuggle on mommies lap til it had some time to kick in and he slept the rest of the night til 7:30 this morning. he's still warm, but nothing like he has been. plus he's jabbering away like crazy, so I know he's feeling better.

STILL waiting on our deposit to clear the bank! its now on 'pending' status. *grrrrr!* I'll have to keep checking today to see when its actually clear. this is ridiculous! I hope dh has them to stop the 'direct deposit' cause that's a load of crap!! I'm late on getting the rest of my house payment in now, plus other bills thanks to this stupid stuff.

ah, G is playing with the boxes I got from Katie yesterday. definitely starting to feel better.

I'm still waiting to eat breakfast, I'm not hungry yet. get this: the last time I ate was for lunch at BK yesterday! I had two cinnamon rolls and choc milk for bfast, then a 'big kids meal' for lunch. that's it. I was stuffed the whole rest of the day! little miss has taken all my tummy space from me. LOL! if only I could be like this when NOT pg, maybe I'd not have a weight problem. LOL!
next dr appt is tomorrow. I need to remember to take my birth plan in and to actually write it down so its readable.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


 me and g, the sick baby

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

35 weeks belly pic

 finally getting my pics OL. me and my big ol' belly
35 weeks!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


 I'm kinda freaking out cause tomorrow I'll be 35 weeks! 35!! wow!! the thing is, normally I'm anal about counting down my weeks after I hit single digits (9 weeks to go, 8 to go...) and I've thought of it yes, but REALLY thought of it? no! so today I was writing in my baby journal and was like "whoa, what's wrong with me?!" LOL
do you realize I can tell people I've got at least 2 weeks to go? (full term-which I'll tell people I don't know LOL!) and at the most 5! omgosh! it seems so 'out there' to me still. this is my last pg that I'm planning on cause I am SO through with the worry of the 9 months. let me watch my kids grow now please! but its like my brain doesn't comprehend this is the last time 'this or this' will be. these are the last weeks I'll feel a baby in my belly, etc. I've been thinking of it today to really try and get my mind to grasp it. I guess since we've never opted for permanent birth control before, its not really sunk in. it feels weird!

and in that same time frame, I'm going to be a mom to 6 kids! six beautiful, prayed for kids!! ME! it sounds funny, but when I look in the mirror, I don't *see* it, does that make sense? I always imagine moms of 6 kids (or heck 5+) to be really stressed out looking and haggard LOL! but I KNOW that's not the case (plenty of moms of LOTS in our homeschool group that don't look that way). I guess its just a worldly perception of things. I still feel young (erm, well, after the pg I'll feel a lot younger LOL) and I think I look young for my age (?). I must be doing something right, cause its rare for someone to just think that all the kids are mine. LMBO!! hmmm... if I had a dollar for every double or triple take I got, I'd be rich! hehe!!
oh well. I'm just rambling! I feel so very blessed with each one of my babies. sure I gripe about them sometimes, but what mom doesn't. they drive me bonkers sometimes, but what kids don't at some point? I'm proud of every one of them and still amazed that they came from dh and I. they've been every bit worth all the scares, all the time TTC and everything else we've been through to get them here! once LO arrives, I'll feel like a full circle has come 'round.

listen to me getting all sappy. yep, you can tell I've been watering up at the labor/delivery shows!


so we had a good afternoon/day. actually got school work done with all the kids (wow, go me! LOL). did some more cleaning around the place (this 'cleaning bug' will eventually sprout wings and fly off at some point).
when C got home, he didn't know what time his practice was cause no one told them last time, so I had to call. turns out it was at 4 (he gets off the bus at 4:10, so we called and let them know we were going to be late and got there about 4:45.  oh well. they said next time it'd be at 4:30 (Thursday).
after dropping him off, we went to the consignment store. guess what she'd put back for me?
someone had brought this in this week and she put it in back til I came in! yes, I have one, but remember its blue. I *really* wanted one of the lighter colored seats so it'd look better with the cover I'd made! I had some selling $ as well, so I only paid $5 for it! woo!
this is it all cleaned up and washed (I always sanitize/clean everything!!!)

and with the bonnet on and MY carseat cover just cause I made it, so it should be on there!

she said the couple also had the matching stroller, but were still using it and didn't know when it'd be coming in. so I may be able to snatch that later on. don't need it now anyway.

Monday, March 10, 2008

knitting done!

so I actually pulled out my knitting tonight! been procrastinating on that one. I finally finished Sarina's other sweater! it looks like the first one, only its about 2 sizes bigger and has a texture to it and ribbing along the bottom. (which I totally screwed up one piece of that). but its DONE! I feel so much better
still have a ton of yarn to think of things to make with, but at least I don't feel hindered for not having finished that.

I fixed pizza bread tonight for dinner. ran out of pepperoni, so pulled out the bbq pork to use. turned out good! out of 24 pieces, there's only 4 left! I may have those for lunch tomorrow.

dh will be home tomorrow evening hopefully. tomorrow is also bball practice so we'll be eating out. I'm thinking Sonic since they have the 5 for $5.95 thing on Tuesdays. I'll take my own cheese and chips and buy a two liter.

Sunday, March 09, 2008


 here are some of the kids after coming in from the snow on Saturday:


Katlyn (who was mad the boys were coming inside)

look behind H here and you can see Thomas sneaking into the cabinet that holds his canned cat food! I asked him if he was going to open the can himself too *giggle*

cool boy Garrett

this is a pocket organizer that goes on the back of a car seat. he was wearing it on his head LOL

the little snow man who is now a snowlump

SIL Tasha and my nephew Landon. mamaw brought him a balloon today when they came over. he kept saying "mouse!" and "boon"

landon's trike that G reeeeeeeeeeally liked! he was on this 90% of the time we were there. I think we know what he'll be getting for his birthday!

just vegging a bit this afternoon. G is napping, as is dh. the kids are watching TV and I think I'm going to take a snooze myself in a sec.
stayed home today cause the roads are questionable past my moms (going to church) but she did tell me later today that they were actually all clear. they think the area magistrate must have finally started fussing about never getting the roads out there plowed or salted.
we went to have Chinese for lunch (spent almost $40) and of course I could only eat one average sized plate and a bowl of ice cream. no room at the inn I tell ya. told dh I felt robbed.
the snow is about gone now. just some patches of thicker piles left and areas that are shaded. the kids are sad of course. they built a snowman today and he's more like a snowlump now. LOL
oh, finally got to ask my SIL if she wanted to be in the labor room when Sarina comes. she said yes of course. so all 3 of my sisters will be there (as long as they can all make it).
today is my brothers birthday (he's 22) and the 4th was Tasha's (also 22) so we stopped by to see them.
guess that's about it. I'm feeling kinda 'blah' today for whatever reason.

Friday, March 07, 2008

finally got some winter weather moving through. they even called schools off today before hand JIC. course the weather didn't change over til after school hours. :)

Thursday, March 06, 2008


sometimes I wish I wasn't active OL. getting to know people OL is a great thing, but sometimes I just wish I wasn't so close to some. Another of my pregnancy playgroup girls lost her baby. she'd have been 36 weeks tomorrow. she and her husband went through several rounds of IF treatments just to get pg and the pg had been going picture perfect. *sigh* I'm just so sad. that makes 4 of our ladies with losses after 20 weeks. its so hard. :(

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

how many?

oh oh, funny thing from Ryan's tonight! I was going back for my 2nd little plate and one of the girls was asking if I was ok (my left hip was hurting cause of that dang sciatica so I was limping a bit and walking very slow). I told her it was just a slow process. well, she asked how much longer I had and I said "hopefully only 3 weeks" (cant let them know I can go another 6!) and then she asked how many this made for me, to which I said Six. her eyes got huge and she said "how many??" I said Six. she repeated herself "how many????" to which I nodded and said yes, Six. she said it at least 3 times if not four! I just smiled and went to find something that would fit in my tummy. LOL!!

34 weeks belly pic

34 wk belly pic!

gavin's 'haircut'

 and Gavin's cut by katlyn

and after mommy fixing it a wee bit so we could make it through the day

it has been recut now and I'll get a better pic tomorrow. :)

34 weeks! dr appt and stuff

34 wk checkup
had a very good appt today (good day overall)
I've dropped .5 lb so basically no weight gain in 6 weeks at the drs office. so very odd for me in the 3rd tri! baby measures at 34 cm so that's perfect, h/b was nice and strong (she was also objecting to being pushed around while listening for it). BP 130/61 today, so very good. and she guesstimated baby at just under or up to 5 lbs right now, which is right on target for average size. (she'd said "well its not in the small range, but definitely not in the big range" and I said I wasn't the least bit worried about 'small' cause my babies don't grow small.)
told her about the BP issues and she said things look great right now, no swelling, no protein spilling over, so to just keep an eye on it and let them know if I have more problems.
I go back on the 18th for my last 2 week check then I'm on weeklies after that! I've got my appts set up til march 31st for now.

after leaving there, went ahead and preregistered at the hospital. while there, someone had a baby cause they played the lullaby over the intercom. plus when I was leaving, a mom was being escorted out with her new baby. nothing like being surrounded by newborness to get hormones going.

ate at Arby's afterwards (dang I was hungry!), then stopped at their goodwill to check on a swing. they did have two open tops ones, but I didn't like either one. (plus one was $30! :P ) I also found a Fluerville diaper bag while there, but again, they wanted $30 on the thing, so no thank you. (I wasn't impressed with it anyway).

on the way back home stopped at cares to check for a swing, which didn't find one, but DID find G a toddler bed! its a cute wooden one like I wanted too and only paid $16 with tax for it, which is cheaper than what dh could build it for. I'll get pics later. its already in the boys room, but need to get a sheet put on it (came with the mattress even).

oh, the adventurous time of the day: before we left, K trimmed Gavin's hair!!!!! this was me when I walked in the bathroom
omgosh, it looked like the short wave hit his bangs! LOL!! I had to fix it a bit so it didn't look *as* bad before we left, but I've still got to trim it up all over now. he did need a cut, but not like that! LMBO! and yes, I got pics.

Monday, March 03, 2008

 been working on some cleaning. lots of clothes washing to do of course as usual on a monday. got that load of baby clothes washed up that was given to me. cant get them all put up though til after G gets up cause the tub for the bigger clothes is in K's closet.
I also started sticking stuff in my hospital bag. nothing major of course, just stuck in Sarina's coming home clothes and her blanket and a pair of nursing pads. I am making a list of what I need though cause dang if my mind aint blank!  I probably wont get it fully packed til the end of the month though. no reason til then anyway! it at least got the stuff off my desk. nothing like storing everything where I want to work on stuff. LOL!

my belly button has fully popped now. it actually did like last week I think. right on time.