Monday, December 31, 2007


listening to the MP3
the appt went just fine. didnt have to wait hardly 10 minutes so that was great! they said I gained 7 this month (remember I didnt gain any last month) but my scales only read 4. though I did stop for a biscuit/DP before going. oh well. they say a 19 lb gain so far, I say 16. BP was 123/56 and my HR was 85.
seen the female dr today. she's nice, just brisk. seriously she was good to be in the room 5 minutes. maybe not even that. 
I'm measuring 24cm and am 24 weeks so right on track! *whew* I love it when things measure right. :-)

I got my orders for the GTT and could have done it today if I'd not had breakfast, so I'll do it the next time after my appt. no biggie. anyway, she asked if I'd been feeling baby move plenty lately and I said yes and told her she'd been having quite a few hiccups as well (good stuff) so she had me lay down to hear the h/b. she put the doppler on my right side and we could hear her, just really low, so she said, let's check the other side to get a better listen. when she did that, she obviously got in the wrong territory cause Sarina kicked back twice. the dr laughed and said 'well someone is definitely wiggling around in there!' too cute! I told her she was getting territorial now.

dh has gotten all the Cmas lights down outside, I've gotten all the ornaments off the tree and all the decor put up. still need to do the tree and lights then start on the food for tonight. I'm just kinda pooped. :P

I hope everyone has a wonderful NYE and NYD!!! be safe my friends!!

Sunday, December 30, 2007


hurt wrist from sleeping on it wrong

Saturday, December 29, 2007

3 little ones are in bed, other two going soon. I've gotta wash my hair tonight, its yucky. :-P
I'm irked though cause my left wrist is hurting so much. yesterday it was doing good, but today, even after sleepign with the brace it hurts. I cant use it for any kind of weight at all. WTH? its not carpal tunnel stuff either, its the tendon on top of my wrist that hurts. it feels like I've overstretched it or something. I've had to catch myself a couple times today with my hand and dang if it doenst hurt bad and it gives out on me. I cant knit very well cause the brace just gets in teh way, plus I cant twist my wrist much. I cant use it to help pick up G either cause it gives out so I have to use my arm under his arm to lift him. ergh!!! gets on my nerves! (plus my typing is screwed up so I keep having to go back and fix stuff LOL).

Friday, December 28, 2007

happy bday honey!

dh is off work tomorrow (I guess the weekend actually, he didnt say) works half a day on monday and is off on tuesday. I've already got the stuff for our foods on monday (which is also my next dr appt). I'm going to fix/we'll have a cheese ball (first time making one, wish me luck!), smoked sausages, spinach dip, ranch dip, chips, salsa, ham/cheese pinwheels, summer sausage with sliced cheese, tomato slices, veggies like cauliflower, etc., and of course the regular drinks (sweet tea, etc and I got a free pepsi 2 liter for the kids today). we always just snack on NYE and enjoy a lazy day, so I'm looking forward to it.

dinner was good! I had every burner on my stove going, plus the oven tonight. the brownies are so fudgy and good! I think there are 6 left, which I'm sure will be gone tomorrow. no alfredo left, all gone! (love it when that happens), no breadstix either.
we watched reruns of ghost whisperer and moonlight tonight. I'll be glad when we get to see new eps!

dh is 40 this year!!! when we got married, he was 25!!!! geez, that seems forever ago!!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

365, 24 weeks

baby has reached viability!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

so lookit my ticker today! I'm 24 weeks, which is the age of viability! not that I want Sarina to come any time soon, but man, to be here already?! wowzers!! I do have belly pics to upload, along with a bunch from Christmas as well. and only 12 more days til I reach that double digit countdown mark! eek!!

didnt get any stats from the appt today. it was a wic checkin and I forgot to take any verifying info with me. so she just gave me a months supply and I'll get G's info in at the end of Jan. I felt so dorky. all the other appts I've been prepared, but this time my brain was not there. oh well.

I did get to walmart though while out since all the Cmas stuff was half off. picked up a few things with the GC FIL gave me. got some new Cmas boxes, ornament hangers, replacement lights, angel for the tree (misplaced my light up one and it was old anyway), a Coke lunchbox ornament for papaw for next Cmas, a wreath box for the new wreath dh got for us, disney princess wrapping paper... and maybe a couple more things. with K's GC from papa jim, I went ahead and got her an Ariel doll she's been wanting for a long time. she was super happy about that one!
and with Sarina's GC from papa jim, I got some more yarn to finish the sweater I'm working on, and a couple of scrapbooking things.

K is staying with a friend tonight, which makes her day.

for me, I've got another stupid headache today. I dont know what is causing me to have a headache every day but it really bugs me.
and my left wrist is hurting. its been hurting for a few days, but its really hurting now, cant really use it to pick up things that are over 5 lbs without it giving out. dont know what's up with it either. I've got my wrist brace on, hoping it'll help.

in good me news, I've not taken any cold meds since the night before last! so I'm about over this crud and the coughing/hacking and blowing are letting up fast. yay!!! I'll be SO glad when this stuff is outta here!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

FIL got in last night about 9:30. he'll be here til wednesday evening. dh goes back to work wednesday too. so dh and FIL are out shopping today. I *think* they may be picking me out a new stove! FIL just called a bit ago and asked which one I'd been drooling over ( ). it's a flat top range if so. I told him if they did get me one, not to tell me the price cause I'd be telling them to take it back! I'm way to cheap. LOL!
I've wanted a flat top range as long as I've had my own place to live in. so we'll see!

I'm doing much better today congestion wise. I'm talking and all that and slept pretty decent last night. just up twice and once had to sit up and wait to suck on a Halls to help my throat. so just a lot of nose blowing today going on really.

oh, forgot to tell that when I was out friday, I stopped in the consignment store to pay on the crib and a lady and her kid came in. the clerk asked her if she felt ok (she knew her) and the lady said 'no, I feel like crap. I've got the flu."  so I avoid her like the plague and quickly get out of there! WTH is she doing going out to shop with the flu??? geez!
and then while at the grocery store, the clerk asked if I was having a Christmas baby!  I said 'noooooo, I'm going til April." to which she of course asked if I was having twins.  gee, thanks toots.

and speaking of baby things, my pg tracker thingy says I'm in my 6th month now. wow! makes me feel better with how big I feel. LOL.

I'm starting on a new baby sweater, wanted to try something a bit more complicated. we'll see how it turns out.

gotta go. G needs to take a nap and I just needed to take a break from all the up I've done today.

Thursday, December 20, 2007


its hard to be cheerful when two people who I've been going through this
pg with have just lost their babies over this last week. both due to
genetic abnormalities that would have prevented them from surviving the
pregnancies, but still...
one I only knew vaguely through my OL group, but the other has been an
OL friend of mine since we both had our earlier babies (Garrett) within
the same 2 month pg group, so over 2 years now. She just lost her baby
girl on Tuesday night.
it breaks my heart like crazy.
my friend hadn't had an ultrasound (by choice) so didn't realize
anything was wrong, but the other had and knew it was coming.
I think I would want to know of something imminent like that. some kind
of way to prepare at least. not that much can prepare you for losing a
child, no matter if its before they're born.
It makes me so thankful to know I've seen baby Faith and as far as we
know, things are fine. I know nothing can guarantee any future, but I've
done what I can to 'know'. as she's wiggles and squirmed inside me
today, I tell her in my heart that I'm so thankful to know she's
healthy and with me.
I really dont know how I would handle losing a baby this far along. :_(
I'm just so heartbroken for my friends.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

it was a good night, though I was tired at 10 (of course didnt get my butt to bed til after 11) had to take a half dose of nyquil to help me sleep cause I've gotten congested.  lathered some vicks on me and Garrett (he also got a dose of benedryl since he's been doing the runny nose/sneezing thing) and sleep was pretty good. really good for him, he slept til about 8:30 this morning and I was up at 8.
I set up the other humidifier in our room this morning. dh asked me too cause he's been getting dried out and I've also had some bloody noses from the dry air. :P we already have one set up in the living room, but man, last I checked the humidity was down to 40% in the house and that's dry for here!
feeling better than I did last night though. I was getting queasy whenever I stood up there later in the evening and during the night.

Monday, December 17, 2007

we have frost on the ground this morning again. I know, not 7" of snow, but the kids think its cool.
yesterday was fine, church in the AM, they had the Christmas program too, which is always nice.  C and K ended up going home with friends so they could go back last night for the youth Christmas pizza party, so it was pretty quiet yesterday afternoon.
we took the boys to have chinese food for lunch (I could have gone for something cheaper, but dh wanted 'big' food). we did end up eating with my parents though cause they seen the little ford sitting out in the parking lot, so that was nice.
after we got home it was laziness abounding!  baby finally took a nap and the boys played games, dh and I watched football games while I knitted.
G came up sick yesterday. seems its hitting him the same way it did K cause he's got a fever and little runny nose.  he slept fine all night, woke up a bit once, but went back to sleep. he's still resting now, though I know he's hot with fever. I'll wait til he wakes up to dose him up again. I think it'll be a clingy day here, which is fine of course.
Gavin might be the next one, he's got a little cough and he's sniffing some.
no plans on going anywhere today or any other day til maybe wednesday for story hour. C's last day of school is wednesday til Jan. 2nd, so he's excited about this week. I think I'll go a bit nutso with them all home again for 2 weeks!
how did I do this before he was sent to school??? LMBO course his picking is one reason why he was sent to public anyway. loves to cause chaos with his sibs and that drives me bonkers. big stinker.
I do have to call a fridge repair person today. our inside fridge has a leak somewhere and dh cant find it. we keep finding a small amount of water standing by the fridge under the trash can. at first we thought it was melted ice since the kids love getting ice out, but it comes and goes without the ice being used. dh got under it last weekend, but couldnt find anything, so gotta call the fixers!

my little sick boogie is up now.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


baby girl is wide awake tonight!
and I've been thinking about names and have come to the conclusion that of all the names I've been over (the whole dang name book, the name wizard site and the Nymbler name finder...) nothing else sounds good to me. nothing. sure there's a few things that I think are nicer than others, but not really to name my daughter.
the name that sticks with me is Serena (Sarina?) Faith Angelina S.
there are two meanings to the two spellings of serena as well. the first, Serena=serene; calm. the other, Sarina is a form of Sarah (my neice is named Sarah)= princess. I like both though I'm more used to using the Serena form.
so I dont know. I think its going to be hard for me to think of this girl as someone other than a Serena (Sarina) Faith.
My mom doesnt like the name Serena, she wants a name of Mary, but looking it up, Mary=bitter; bitter sea. I wont use a name if I dont like the meaning, sorry. so that one is scratched off my list totally. sorry mom!
I guess I could just call baby girl Faith for now. I do plan on using that as a name, no matter what dh comes up with as suggestions (and Lord, I'm really wondering what he's going to pull out of the proverbial hat!).
so that's that I guess.

baby bedding

some cute princess bedding to consider...

school woes and starting the day.. over?

good night and all that. C woke up again with a sore throat and stuffy nose. he cracks me up though cause he'll go gargling some water and hacking then singing to see if his voice is back. silly kid.
of course I didnt get to sleep in today, again. he woke me up to ask for more lunch money. I swear I dont know where this kid puts it! I gave him $5 on monday for this weeks lunch (he only pays .40 for lunch and .30 for breakfast if he wants it) but I swear he goes and gets all kinds of extra stuff during lunch. if he gets extra stuff he pays regular price for it. now I dont want him to go hungry, but usually his extra is to buy a bottled water which is $1. Now I offered and DID buy gatorades and flavored water to keep here at home so he can take with him to save lunch money, but does he EVER take those? no! gets on my last nerve. so its time for another talk about $ responsibility I see.
then to top things off, the bus lady came the opposite way today. normally, he can sit here at the puter and watch out the window and see the bus coming down the road and head out in plenty of time to catch her. if she comes the other way though, he's not looking out that side of the house. so he's sitting here and hears the bus outside and breaks into an olympic run to get out of the house and down the drive. of course he missed her (she didnt wait or honk or anything!) so he comes back in the house and is CRYING cause he missed the bus. (now, I'm sorry this sounds awful, but WTH? LOL!) so he's all upset and saying 'you gotta take me to school cause I missed the bus! *sniff sniff*' and I'm like, well, fine, but I'm not jumping out of bed right now (it was 7:00) to take you. school doesnt start til 8. which totally upsets him. *sigh* so I ask, 'what time do you usually get to school on the bus?' to which he says 'I dont know! I dont wear a watch.' (totally his fault and he did used to wear one at the beginning of school AND he cant tell me he doesnt know the approximate time he gets there). so I ask again and he says 'well maybe about 7:30 or 7:45' ok. sounds good. so he heads out to pout some more and I get up to put on some pj pants (yep, I was going to be one of THOSE moms who wear her pjs into town!). as I go to the kitchen I tell him he better chill out and calm down and clean his face up (he's STILL upset!) and K is asking why he's crying. I told him, I could see being upset cause you were left AT school, but cause you missed the bus??? its not like I'm not going to take you! sheesh! I think he finally realized how silly he was being about it.
well, while I was brushing my hair, K hollered out that the bus was coming up the road and C bolted outside to catch it. seems maybe the kids on the far side of the route werent goign to be on today? so she made two trips down this road. oh well.
what a start to the day.

K and Gavin were up by then of course with all the commotion, but I was able to paci Garret about 6:30 and he slept on til 8. when he got up he was good for about 20 minutes, then he got his eye on the couch blanket that Hunter was cuddled under on the couch and decided it was going to be HIS. he tossed the awfullest fit about having that blanket.  so I took him and we got one of his big blankets out of his bed and I sat him on daddy's chair with the blanket. that lasted about 5 minutes and he was back to arguing for Hunter's! gah!! he was a BIG pain for a good 30 minutes cause of that and ended up getting in trouble and had to sit on the couch without trying to get down for a minute. he did finally concede when H got up and left the blanket and G got it. good grief.
I refuse to let the rest of the day go like its started!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

belly pic page fnially!

I've been working on updating and deleting some pages on our old family site. all came about cause I wanted to finally add in a belly page for this pg. geez!! yahoo is SO slow! its drug down my system like nuts! but I'm done with it and aint touchin' nothing else til I add another belly pic!

so, if you'd like to see the page, you can go to my Birth Stories page and the links for my 6th pg belly pics (and all others since #3) will be there!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

the homeschool meeting ended up being canceled tonight. too many families were out of town and stuff so no sense of bringing just a couple families in. oh well. we ate the sandwiches and I got to nibble on lemon bars. quick and easy dinner! (dh also had soup).
Canaan wanted to go to a Christmas Chorus thing they were having at the auditorium tonight, so we let him go to that. K wanted to go at first, but with all the pouting and "I dont want to have to look after her" that Canaan did, she changed her mind. of course C was then saying "I want her to go!" but the damage was already done. I told him a person can only take so much "I dont want you there" and he needed to think ahead before he gets his attitudes.
kids were kinda wild tonight, dont know what was up their butts. bedtime was cute though, G seen that daddy had left the bedroom door open while checking his alarm, so he ran in real quick and hopped up on the bed and laid down like daddy. course he was quickly bouncing around on the waterbed and having a good time. LOL! all the kids came in to give kisses and G leans his head in to give daddy his cheek for a smooch too. I think that's so cute! he no longer gives kisses, but he'll tilt his head in so you can kiss him... time and time again! LOL!
he was ready for bed too once I got him out of the bedroom. told him I had his sucker (paci) and he ran to get that, plopped it in his mouth, then ran to K's room. LOL!

Monday, December 10, 2007


OH, and we have at least ONE name on the list for baby girl as a definite possibility!

boring day. cleaned the house, mostly the kitchen. swept, mopped, scrubbed the floors (got all the little black marks off from some certain kids boots) all the cereal bars up from G, cleaned off the fronts of all cabinets and appliances (amazing how much stuff gets on the front of a pantry or fridge :P ). got a couple or so loads of laundry washed and a couple actually folded.
stuck my return labels on my cards and sealed up a couple of packages that'll go out with cards
K vacuumed for me tonight. I did vac part of the kitchen wall. I have a wall hanging thing that holds some pans and DANG it was dusty!!
dinner was papa johns pizza. had to go in town to take a kids movie back I realized was due today so got pizza while there. bad me!

I've got about half of K's scarf done today. she's eager for it to be done so she can play with the fuzz.

tomorrow I've gotta make some lemon bars (my first time!) and some finger foods to take to the homeschool meeting. hopefully dh will get home in time to go with me. its much better when I have him there to help wrangle the young uns.
C wants to opt out of going to the meeting to go to a chorus program at the library auditorium tomorrow. he'll know a couple people singing in it. we'll see on that though.

guess I should get my butt in the bed. seems the night slips away from me anymore!

OH, super cute thing G is doing though. if he's tired, I'll ask "do you want to go to bed?" and he'll take off running to K's door and try to get in (he cant turn a door knob yet, thank goodness, but he's close). so I pick him up and take him to bed where he rolls over, grabs K's stuffed kitty he likes sleeping with and goes to sleep! he also did that at nap time today and I didnt hear a peep out of him for 2 hours. love that!
now of course I'm wondering how he'll do once we have him a toddler bed to sleep in. 

Friday, December 07, 2007


forgot to mention from yesterday! Katlyn had an idea for baby girls name...

... drumroll please!

... are you ready?

... you sure?

...ok, you asked for it.

... Tinkerbell! she was quite disappointed when it got vetoed. :)

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

booties and outfit together

I'm also working on a hat to go with it. ;)

365, 21 weeks!

21 weeks pg!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Monday, December 03, 2007

Sunday, December 02, 2007


the tree is up!

the ballet

K and I had a really good night last night. it was really fun to watch
her get all excited when she finally found out where we were going. we
got there about 6, but they didnt open the doors til 6:30. she kept
saying "arent they going to let us IN??" LOL!
I tell you what, she's a terrible talker though! All through the show it
was "why are they doing that, why arent they wearing ballet shoes, those
guys sure do look funny in tights!, what's wrong with her costume?..."
she was still happy about it though. I asked afterwards if she'd go to
another ballet and she happily said yes, so that's all that matters, huh?
we were worried at first that she'd have a problem seeing. we were
pretty far in the back adn she had to look over the adults in front of
her. luckily she's 5' tall, so it wasnt so bad. there were much smaller
kids around us who had to sit in their parents laps to be able to see.
(good thing K didnt need to do that, 95lbs is NOT sitting in my lap! LOL).
I do have a few pics to share, but my pictures folder doesnt want to
open right now til I reboot so I'll have to do it later. no pics of the
actual ballet, I got a few short video pieces though.
we stopped at Arbys afterwards for a meal and I should have just gotten
a kids meal. cant believe I forgot to think of that. I got a beef and
cheddar and man, had to let K finish half my fries and didnt eat some of
my bread cause it as too much.

daddy survived with the boys at home. just some minor things that could
have happened while I was here too.

I started working on the booties to go with baby girls crocheted dress
yesterday. I'm just using a pink color that goes with the pink camo the
dress is. I *may* try to make a hat for it as well, not sure yet, we'll
see when I get these booties done. LOL!

Saturday, December 01, 2007


going to the ballet!