Thursday, May 17, 2007

need a V8

last night gavin started getting sick at dinner. he didnt quite make it
to the bathroom, but he did make it all over the bathroom door. another
job for the carpet cleaner.
then after bedtime, dh got it. it has been YEARS since he was sick to
his tummy. as he says he has a cast iron stomach. got me really worried
after that!
my tummy was upset last night, but I've not been sick (please oh please
let it stay that way) but I have been sitting on the potty. which I'd
rather do than toss my cookies anyway.
dh stayed home from work today (another sure sign that he felt bad )
and everyone is sleeping except me, garrett and hunter.
I'm tired too, but mommy doesnt get that rest yet.
I did sleep on the waterbed last night (with about 8 blankets under me)
and its warming up quite nice now, so we'll be back in our own bed soon!

supposed to have ball practice, one shop for sonic (hope I can handle
that tummy-wise) and PO stop to make. we'll see how the day goes...

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Anonymous said...

I hope that everyone is on the mend and that the reason you haven't posted for a couple of days is just that your too busy doing happy things.