Monday, August 25, 2008

the weekend was good hence the reason I didnt get on here. let's see...
friday, we did our banking in town and errands. my mom and sdad went to Gatlinburg for the weekend, so I had to go to moms and take care of her kitties for her. also it was C and K's game at 5pm. they lost by one *boo*. they stopped and picked up some movies afterwards casue it was a 2 for $1 night. *woo!*
saturday morning was gavin's game, they lost by 3. they did get their pics taken that morning. it was way early, had to be there at 7:15, though they werent taken til about 7:30, then had a game at 8. afterwards we did our grocery getting so were home about lunch time.
oh, C also went to Holiday World that morning so dh had him at the church at 5:30. dh and I both ended up taking naps saturday
Saturday Sarina started with some sneezing, watery eyes and a bit of a runny nose too. no fever though. I thought it was a cold, but Sunday she was much improved and today she's fine. someone at church mentioned allergies so maybe that was it?
she's also been sleeping like POOP all this weekend. up every 2 hours all night long, except saturday when she was up every 3. woo. it doesnt make a difference if she takes a bottle or nurses, its all teh same. but when she takes a bottle, she's only drinking 3-4oz at most, never the 6 oz she was. I dont think its a growth spurt since she's not eating more, just more often. I'm thinking maybe she's just gotten herself in a habit of waking up like that. I hope we can get her out of that habit. :P

cute stuff though, she gets SO excited talking to herself in the mirror. I hold her up to it and say "Hi baby!" and she just squeals and shrieks so cute and tries to grab the baby she's always loved looking in the mirror, but now its like she's trying to communicate with her LOL

funny stuff from saturday. at the store, gavin told daddy he'd pulled the waist string out of his shorts. daddy, acting serious tells gavin "well, you're going to have to take your shorts off so we can put this back in." gavin says "take my shorts off?!" daddy:"yes, we'll have to work the string back through." so gavin goes and DROPS HIS SHORTS IN THE JUICE AISLE!!!!  I'm like "GAVIN! NOT NOW!"  and he jerks his shorts back up. LMBO!!! crazy kid!

today the kids went back to school to a bunch of RAIN! woo!!!
I got several loads of laundry done and even got my kitchen ceiling vacuumed (yes, I have those blown on type ceilings and they get dusty!), painted a couple of old water marks on the ceiling as well, did dishes, dealt with a very fiesty and unnapped Garrett all day and other shtuff.

tacos for dinner tonight *yum!* and gavin had a game tonight, lost that one as well. that makes 2 wins and 3 losses for his team. only 2 more games to go for him. C and K are supposed to have a game tomorrow night in place of a practice cause the opposing teams coach is going out of town this weekend (were supposed to have a game friday night). we'll see on that one, we've still not gotten a call yet.

me, I've started on a book finally. havent really read a book in quite a while. I dont get much time to actually read it, but I am doing it, which makes me happy.

oh, some funny K stories: she was telling me about some of the kids she goes to classes with today and we were giggling over some of the 6th graders with elmo and barney backpacks funny stuff (not meant in a mean way cause these kids weren't mentally challeneged, they just liked the ones they had LOL). I asked her if she liked a favorite teacher and she said yes, all of them!  so that's good!

gavin had a mishap at school cause a kid tripped over his feet in the lunch room by accident. oops! he didnt get in trouble, but had to go to the 'help center', I guess to make sure it wasnt done on purpose.

guess that's about it, dh is giving a 'chore lecture' so guess i need to be in on it.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

pt and school update

dh's PT went well. he was able to do 90% mobility, but the dr is stopping him there for the next few weeks. he only goes once next week again. the doc was also rather ticked that the workman's comp place is asking dh about going back to work already! dh said he actually cussed about it. doc has dh on total disability til 9-29 and doc said that as of right now, he'll leave it up to dh as to when he wants to go back after that. no pushing, no prodding
dh did work in the yard monday and was pretty worn out from it. besides the knee itself, the leg muscles just arent up to par and cant do as much work as his other leg. it all aggravates him, but he knows its part of it and that it'll take more time.

no homework tonight, thank goodness! oh, Gavin told me his homeroom teacher said he was becoming one of her hard workers! :D
and yesterday, a funny thing, when I picked up K from school, her homeroom teacher came to the office to see me. she said 'dont worry, she's doing fine! I just wanted to know if she's liking it ok cause she never says anything!' I told her I'd warned her that K was quiet LOL so I made her feel better by telling her how K always talks excitedly about her classes and teachers. I told dh about that and he about peed his pants he laughed so hard
C has about 4 teachers he's liking so far. his history teacher is his favorite cause he's so cool and hands-on. he even plays rock-n-roll in the class

Sarina 4 m checkup

today went well. got there in time and even got to listen to some radio before going in and S was quiet the whole ride (always a plus)!

so Ms. Sarina did grow like I said! she's 15.6 lbs and 26", HC 16.25"! she chunked up a heck of a lot this last month! but she's still the smallest of all the babies at this age by about 1.5 lbs.
she was quite upset with her shots, but fell asleep pretty quick with some bb and Tylenol.
after leaving there we stopped at Wal-Mart for dipes for G and she had a blowout I had to change (clothes and all).
Katlyn called me while I was there cause her head was hurting and she wanted me to pick her up. she's resting, no fever, just a headache. I figure its the same thing C had. :P
Garrett's glands look better and he's eating things for us, though still a slight fever.
C and Gav should be home in about 15 minutes and then dh will be taking them to practice. K gets to stay in and rest today.

my wrist has been hurting the last couple of days again so I'm back in the brace. I think its cause of my weight. I've really got to get my butt in gear and get rid of some of this stuff.


going ok. nak before we head to S's doc appt. dh is staying home w/ the boys while we go. which is good cause G's glands are swollen this morning, along w/ a low grade fever. poor little guy. no wonder he was so grouchy yesterday. he's back in bed already getting some more rest.
i've got a hardees shop after S's appt, so that'll be my lunch and I'll need to stop for dipes while out. soccer practice tonight!

yesterday we went to my moms after we cleaned up outside to help her can. got more pickles done and made some tomato juice.


so yesterday was a whirlwind, I tried to get on here and post last night before bed, but little miss wouldnt have it, so I logged off.

let's see, dh's check came in on wednesday afternoon, so we went ahead and did our banking yesterday and the grocery getting. that took a good half day there (takes just as long with dh going with me as it does with all the kids LOL)
so yesterday G woke up and had a low grade fever of 100.3 adn still had spots, though not terribly bad, but no where near clear. he stayed the same throughout the day on us but he was acting totally normal! that was a good thing since he wanted to eat again and was playing, being rowdy.
Hunter was feeling better, but still had a slight fever, but he never got sick again after that one time the night before.
so while at walmart, when we started out, G had a few welts on his right side of his face and little places in other spots like his arms/legs. we were in Wmart about 20 minutes and by that time, the whole left side of his face was swollen and welted up, his inner thighs were welted, and all of his forearms and calves! he looked red and swollen everywhere!!!!! it was totally freakign me out and I was getting really scared (though he was still acting normal!)
so we called our local dr to see if we could get him in asap and they told us to come on in! dh ended up taking him cause of the time, the kids were due off the bus soon, I had cold food to put up and S had been in meltdown mode from being in her carseat too long.
they got them in as soon as they got there (as a note, dh said when he walked in, a lady gasped "HE'S GOT THE MUMPS!" and everyone was freaking out, then another said "no, its poison ivy!" adn the head nurse brushed them off saying it wasnt any of that! he had them in panic mode! LMBO!). she took them back to a waiting room that had mirrors and Garrett got to see himself, poor little guy. dh said he looked at himself, touched his face while looking very confused for the longest time and asked daddy "my face?" awwwwwww! he knew something was wrong!
so the dr seen him w/in minutes and after the quick questions on allergenic foods, knew he was just fighting off an infection. the same infection that C had brought from school last weekend, but it was effecting Garrett differently cause of his age/size. dr said the welting was the white blood cells attacking the areas taht the infection was at. which explains why it never stayed in teh same places and could look totally different w/in 20 minutes.
he ordered him put on Zyrtec and a cortizone liquid the next 3 days and to continue the Zyrtec for a couple days after its cleared. he told us it could actually come back or it may never come back.
today though he looks so much better. he still has some red spots, but he's not welted up like a pufferfish has had ahold of him! plus no fever at all (same for hunter).

so there ya have it!

plus the kids had soccer practice last night and tonight C and K have a game and pics and tomorrow morning Gavin has another game.
throw homework into that and just every day stuff and its been a bit crazy around here!

oh, got to update on dh's knee! at his last PT wednesday, the dr said he's not allowed to go any farther yet. even though he has 75% range of motion, he wants him to slow down and just do the exercises he's been doing to give it more time to heal. pushing too hard too fast can set him back a lot and dr is very strict on his 'rules' but dh is ahead of schedule which is great! he's a bit aggravated though since he cant go farther yet. next week he only has one day of PT (wed) and then another evaluation.
the funny thing is the Comp insurance company! they've called to see if there is any light duty work he could do at the shop... um NOOOOOOO! they even called the shop to see if there was! they basically shook their head at them. goofballs. even the dr isnt letting him even think of work til 9-29!

hmmm... trying to think of anything else...

OH Sarina is 4 months old today!!! I was told today "she's so big!" LMBO! what a change from a month ago!! LOL!! still need to get pics of her today.


so G's rash is back as bad as ever as of this afternoon. he's not eaten anything all day til this evening when he had a few crackers. otherwise he's just been taking in juice. he did play for a bit tonight, but is already laying down resting on the couch. I just HATE that I cant fix it! is the rash just from the germ in his body? is it something worse? what???!
plus H started in w/ the fever today and got sick once this evening. ugh, I hate sickness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
H has no rash tho, nobody else does.

Gavin and I worked on his homework tonight. man, he had a lot! we got him caught up tho. also found he gets free lunch/breakfast!!  I've been making his lunch to take since school started, but C and K have been buying their lunch, which is $2 a day. I'm expecting them to get their statements saying they'll get free lunch as well, hopefully before this week is out. that'll help a TON on saving money right now!

well, S is getting fussy and I've gotta change a diaper she just messed up. BBL!


so another update.

yesterday after Garrett woke from his nap, he had a fever! aha! remember he hadnt when we were at the dr's office either, so it was just an onset thing. some tylenol and he cooled up and totally seemed normal the rest of the night. ate some of his dinner (chili dogs/hot dogs) and went to bed fine.
well, about midnight dh said he was calling out for me so he went in to check on him and he said he was hot and dh brought him out to the couch to sleep and give him some mroe tylenol. (I slightly remember him asking if he could get another dose at that time). a couple hours later, Garrett woke up getting sick all over the couch.
can I say that hotdogs are NASTY when puked up??? ugh!!! so my super sensitive mommy hearing heard when he was happening and I woke up and came in to check on him and dh. waht a mess. :P he was hot still and a little crying mess poor guy (Garrett, not dh).
dh took the couch coushins outside while I sat with G and got his dirty pjs off and got him wiped down.
after getting a clean spot on the couch, towels laid down too, we brought him back in, only to have him get sick again. so back to the bathroom and another towel tossed outside.
after that, Sarina was waking up and fussing, so I had to go to her since dh cant do anythign with her when she's hungry.
so I went back to bed adn dh stayed up with Garrett. I told him to watch him for at least 20 minutes cause that's how it usually cycles.
I prayed hard for him when I got back in bed, along with prayers for the rest of the house that this stuff would be gone from here!
dh got G back to bed about 30 minutes later (G never got sick again!) and they slept through the rest of the morning.

kids got off to school fine today.

after G woke, I gave him more tylenol and a new dose of benedryl. the spots/welts are mostly gone, just a few places from the worst areas are left now. so I'm thinking that he picked up whatever C had on Sunday (he was just a bit achy/tired and didnt feel good) and it just effected Garrett totally different. I'm thinking the rash was it showing up and hte fever/sickies are the ending. I'll keep him on the tylenol/benedryl as needed til its all gone and just go from there. the timing would be right cause the rash started Sunday afternoon, about a day after C started feeling puny.

G is napping on the couch now. he's had some juice today (watered down and only about a 1/2 cup each time) but he's kept it all down. he was super whiney this morning and I pretty much kept him in the bathroom since he'd not tell me what was wrong, but he did fine.
it does look like he has a bug bite on the top of his foot? it was scratching at it this morning and it got red and a bit swollen so I cleaned it up and put anti-itching cream on it and he stopped messing with it. it could also just be a left over welt that he decided to mess with and it got to bothering him. ??
that boy keeps me on my toes!

OMGOSH! Sarina just rolled onto her belly!!!! how cool!!!! and she's so proud of herself!


my goodness its been a long day, but its been good.
I was up at 4:30 this morning to start the day (woke to pee and would have to be up by 5, so just stayed awake and nursed Sarina). we were out of here before 6, C and K already waking up from the noise.
made it fine to the doc office. we actually beat the staff into the lobby and had to wait for them to get in the boys enjoyed having the office to themselves though cause they could get a bit rowdy and not get in trouble.
Gavin checked out perfectly! he IS at 20/20 even from his surgeon's check, so he's been released from Vandy and next year before school can see his regular optometrist before school. Doc also said that if after a couple or so yearly checks, things are still great, we can even start skipping some yearly check ups! that's such awesome news!

so left there and went to dh's work so he could stop in and see them. the kids and I ended up waiting in the car for an hour men. at least Sarina was sleeping and Garrett was easily appeased with a cup of juice.

when we finally got to leave there, we headed up to teh ped's office. they got us in at good time and was basically told what I already knew. they dont know the reason for the rash. the NP said he had a red throat so she did a swab, JIC, but it came back fine. no fever, no ear problems, no respiratory problems, nothing. we went over foods he'd eaten, changing of the linens, new clothes washed, etc. nothing new or unexpected came up. *sigh* so I'm to just keep him on Benedryl every 6 hrs til it clears up and then continue for a couple days afterwards.
his legs actually look worse today than they had, but his back looks almost clear. so its not staying in the same places, its moving around. took this pic from the doc's office while we were waiting. both thighs basically look the same and he has welts all over his arms and a few on his face/ears and he has them on his front torso:


he woke up much better today, still a few raised places on his lower buttocks (funny word), but then after his nap again he had more! so I'm going to change his pillow case, I just put it on there a couple nights ago, though dont know what about it would cause him to break out like this.
I told dh that I'd like to stop by the peds office after gavin's doc appt tomorrow to have a quick check if he still has signs of it.
dh's PT went really well! he's at 75% mobility, but they wont let him go farther w/o the doc's consent, so wednesday when he goes in, he gets to see the doc again.
as I said, gavin's eye appt is tomorrow, I think this is his last follow up to surgery. we'll drop him off at school when we get back in town (to which he said "what?!")

my mom hurt her back by falling on the steps down their back porch sunday evening, so she's hurting. went to our chiropractor today and will go back tomorrow at 2:30, but she's still keeping Hunter at her house for us tonight so we can take the Ford instead of teh Suburban tomorrow.

I got a ton of stuff done today, though the day seemed to fly by! its amazing how much a person can get done when kids are at school! I'm totally impressed by it! LOL

Sarina was wanting to play at 4:30 this morning. *yawn* due to the fact she slept way too much before bed. will try not to repeat that one tonight! we have to get up early cause the appt is at 8 am and we'll be beating Nashville traffic!

hmmm... I'm sure there's more... we had a good weekend, mostly just hanging out family-like. oh, got to try our pickles teh first time today and YUM, they're good!!!

the kids still like school! its' funny how excited I get when I know its time for the bus to bring them home. but its nice that they can get the work from somewhere else and I can just help with teh homework. takes such a big load off me with just Hunter to work with! he got to play on some phonics software today since I've yet to actually organize his curriculum.

ok, must go, Sarina is getting tired and I still need to shower. I'll try to catch up thsi week!


no swimming. its slightly raised but not itching (at least he's not bothered any of it), the blotches aren't warm to the touch either. no fever or anything and no change of habits of any kind.
I talked to the ped and he said it sounded like hives as an allergic reaction to something, but we just dont know what cause nothing new has been introduced. just weird!
I'm giving him benedryl to see if it helps and the doc said I can bring him in at any time, so I guess we'll see how he is in the morning. :P (I hate it when kids throw something so off the wall into the mix LOL)


Garrett woke up with this from his nap this afternoon and we're confused as to what's caused it. no fever, sneezing, coughing, itching, sickness of any kind, normal eating/drinking habits, nothing new to the diet or wash.


morning! guess what? school's cancelled today! we were waiting and waiting and waiting for the bus and at 20 after 7 I called and was told the water was out in the school (middle school?) and so no school today. said they didnt know til people started arriving at school this morning. totally messes up my day plans LOL!
so Gavin says "I'm free!" so the kids are settling in for a normal day today and daddy and I will flip our plans around to accomodate. ;)

yesterday went really well for them. I have pics to share too of course and they were all smiles getting off the bus. the only thing that seems confusing is what in the world Gavin did with his whole box of 24 pencils! course they each have his name on them, so they'll be easy to spot wherever they are, but still.

and I got a ton of stuff done yesterday!
cleaned the boys closet
cleaned the kitchen
sorted clothes
time on here

plus dh left about 12 for PT so it was just the 3 youngest and I. went really well!

already have the dishes going today and folded laundry taht was in the dryer. need to do a load of boys clothes and get them to clean their bathroom. Sarina just woke up (she was only up to eat twice last night after goign to bed at 9. 1 and 5am)

pics will be next!

oh, we DID get our mail yesterday! when I'd talked to the postmaster, she was totally on my side and I could tell she'd been upset with the mail carrier. someone got in trouble!!!


we found our mail! its been taken to our neighbors who live before us.  how HARD is it to read the BIG numbers we have on BOTH sides of our mailbox??? I mean REALLY!! so I went down today and painted them on the door of the mailbox and painted our name on the side the mail carrier sees. I think we have a moron for a driver now. great.

the 'get the kids to school' morning went great, though I'm really wishing I could see what they were all doing right now. poor K was so excited, she woke at 4:30 this morning! LOL! she's going to be so tired by thsi evening! they dont catch the bus til 6:50 and they were all out there by 6:40.
I'm eager to hear how today goes for all of them

dh is off mowing the yard at FIL's house so its just the youngest 3 and me here.

I've already gone through the boys toybox and gotten a bunch of stuff out to take to a new preschool teacher at church. figured someone can use it and it's not me!

oh, and wanna talk about a growth spurt? with all the eating Sarina's been doing thsi last week (she finally slept normally last night, so I think we're through it) she's now up to at least 13.5 lbs and 26" long! when she went in a couple weeks ago for her WIC check she was just 12.8 and 24.5" (or maybe 24.25"), so that's a huge jump! LOL! still well behind the other kids in the weight dept right now, but has caught up on length almost.

her fav activities these day? doing the curly shuffle on the floor (going round and round in circles), trying to roll T-B, chewing on all her clothes she can get to her mouth, including her hands and stuff and any toys she grabs, getting a little handfull of hair on the crown of her head, laughing out loud to any tummy tickles and knee tickles,'standing' with help as much as possible and 'talking' to us.


logging on late right now. I actually got on here a couple hours ago, but forgot in all the goings on and just got back
my dad came in today and met us all in the city and took us to the mall to do some shopping for the school kids! gavin got two new shirts from Gymboree (a polo and a button down) and Sarina got a 2 pack of lamb socks :D
he got gavin and hunter gameboy games (2 for $10), C a PSP game he's been wanting for a long time too (said he didnt want any shorts and stuff) and K got a new shirt and a zip up hoodie for fall and a pair of sketchers sandals on sale. everything was on sale that we got. *woo!*
I also found myself a shirt on sale at JCP, but got the wrong size so will ahve to take it back. :P
then he took us to ryan's for lunch soooooooo full! LOL!
soccer was cancelled for today cause of the heat, so we all came to the house to hang out. C went to his cousin's birthday tonight and I worked on paperwork for K to take back to school tomorrow.
plus making sure everyone has their school supplies sorted, clothes picked out, gavin a haircut.
its been hectic today, really!
garrett has been a pill ALL day. I was SO glad to see bedtime (or close enough to it) come around and put his butt to bed!
last night was good for the open house as well. K has friends in all her classes except one (and I expect her to make some there ) and her homeroom teacher is really nice (since she worked with K to get her a top locker like she wanted).
C likes his teachers too and dh really likes his history teacher since he's a hands-on type teacher. (dh loves history)

tomorrow morning will be hectic getting everyone off to school. it'll be quiet here too after they head off. plus dh will be leaving about lunch to go to PT (gosh, gotta update that one too!). I never did get the pickling stuff, so dont guess any pickles tomorrow unless dh picks up the stuff for me when he's in town.

dh's PT: it went great! he was actually able to do more than they had hoped! he was only supposed to have 10% mobility and he has 30% they're more than pleased (and very surprised)

oh, dad brought my new printer today too and I'm so wanting to try it out! nothing to print yet though. I'm sure I can find something soon though!

another oh, we've not gotten any mail since friday here. :hmmm: we have a new postal carrier so I think they're goofing up somewhere since we *may* go one day without mail, but 3? no! I've already talked to the postmaster and will call back in the morning since no mail was delivered today either. dh's check will be coming in either tomorrow or thursday and I want to knwo it'll be in our box!!!!

ok, I think that's all that's gone on here... I think. LOL!
I'll try to pop on tomorrow after things calm down.

Monday, August 04, 2008

just hanging out right now. ms S wanted to eat all night again. I guess this is how she ups my supply
she took a shower with me last night! it was her usual cranky 'I'm ready for bed now' time and I'd not gotten my shower yet, so I put her in the mesh pouch and in we went. she loved it! not that I want to do that every night, but she'll get a bath more often that way and it'll keep her from being so cranky sometimes. she reminds me of Canaan with how much she loves the water. :)

went and picked up K and C at moms this morning (they stayed with her after going to church last night) and C helped dh mow the yard and K helped me clean up the house. I carried S in the MT while I worked, she konked out on me. she's big enough now that I can put her legs out to the sides. all you see is the top if a little red head and two slightly plump calves sticking out. ^_^

dh has his first PT today at 3:30. we're hoping he'll be back in time to make at least some of the open house with us (it doesnt start til 5:30, but we dont know hwo long he'll be in PT yet)