Friday, May 04, 2007

friday talk

dh and C are at a ballgame (which kinda irks me as its been pouring for hours so C will be coming home CAKED in mud). went yard saleing today only to find ONE that was actually open. it wasn't raining this morning, but was cloudy, so I guess a lot of people opted not to put stuff out. :P I'll try again tomorrow. I did find Gavin and Hunter a spiderman shirt and a spiderman 2pc set, some popcicle freezer pop set and a couple of rubber spatulas.

havent been to walmart yet, it was already 3pm by the time I got there, G had just fallen asleep and it was crowded! no way jose!

G has been fussy today. argh! his latest return is to SCREAM at everything he is displeased with or if you take anything away from him. he can even do it with a mouthful of food. eating at pizza hut tonight was a real blast. yeah. going through food lion was a real hoot. yeah.
he's been sleeping great, so not sure what the fussiness is from, unless he's missing some good day naps. Fridays are always hard to get a good nap in for him.

and guess you found his way in the potty this morning? he can open the potty lid too, and if he discovers the gate isn't put up or if one of the other kids leave my bathroom door open, he's full blast heading in there. yuck yuck yuck!

not sure what else. I know there was something I was going to yak about, but I forgot what it was.

I am going to get a 'girls day out' with my sis on Wednesday though. we're both looking SO forward to that! I'll take the kids to my moms about 9 am and head out so we can go play! this will be the first time she and I have gotten out by ourselves since she moved back. not sure what we'll do, but we'll be laughing the WHOLE time! she's a nut and she brings out the nut in me!

oh, I do need to post pics, but still need to DL them, so later on that

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