Tuesday, May 15, 2007

sun and not so fun

boy, I'm tired! I got a lot of sun today, even though we had a lean-to over us with shade. good thing I put sunscreen on before going over. still got burnt a bit though. my shoulders are touchy (and I have a farmer's tan from my tank top :-D ). we got maybe 50 pots done today, only about 450 more to go.  LOL! yeah, lot of work!
the kids did well though. Garrett wasn't too happy about being in the PNP at times, but once he took a nap (after falling asleep in the swing) and the other he just played. katlyn and the boys did their best to keep him occupied by swinging and romping in the grass. they were all dirty by the end of the day though. my little piglets!

Garrett is still not feeling 100% though. he acts fine, plays great, naps like he should, but he's not eating well still. he again, didn't finish his yogurt this morning, did take some juice/pedialyte mix. at lunch he ate.... um... well, not sure what he ate. oh, he helped mom finish her cereal (special K), but barely touched his PB sandwich. drank a small bit of milk then. and some more juice mix later.
for dinner, he ate some of my garlic bread and I got out my last jar of stage 3 stuff (squash) to see if he'd take that. he ate half a jar for me.
I fixed his bottle for bedtime and he took 6 oz of that and went to sleep on me.
well, I went to go lay him down after typing up in stacy's journal when I reached the bedroom door, he power puked all over me!  totally missed himself! bleh!!!!!!!! nothing like the smell of given-back formula. I didn't have to change him, seeing as he was still DRY *sheesh* but had to completely change myself and wipe off and clean the floor up (which will need the spot cleaner tomorrow).
he went right back to sleep and is laying down now.
obviously we need to hold off on the milk a while longer til his tummy is more set to rights. (reminds me of how hunter did with his first tummy bug). this was the first time he got sick since monday at lunch. :-(

plans for tomorrow are to stay home and get school work done. havnet been able to do anything the past two days. ugh! katlyn stayed at my moms house though, but she's not behind like some 11 year old boys I know.

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