Thursday, July 31, 2008

got a bunch of great pics yesterday of everyone while we were playing outside. it was rainging a bit so it cooled down and we got out to play and dh fixed my truck. it took a while though cause the battery was pretty drained from sitting for 2 days with a dieing alternator, so it had to take some loving and convincing before it finally started keeping charged and even idle.

Sarina had a meltdown last night casue she was ready for bed earlier than expected (8:30-9) and I wasnt ready. daddy got her calmed/sleeping while I showered though and when she started to wake back up, we climbed in bed real quick and slept. she was up every 2 hrs to eat last night though and I'm having to fix her at least one bottle a day right now. sounds like a definite growth spurt, it juts takes my body longer to catch up with making what she needs. I could have fed her every hour yesterday and it not be enough.
also the thrush is flared up on her. gave her some more drops today and medicating myself. it could be why she's so grouchy right now.

lots of rain this morning (woo!) and the kids have soccer practice today (g at 4, k and c at 5) and gavin's open house is at 5:30. he's excited to say the least! they go to school on 8-6, so next week it'll be a whole new routine!! I hope it all goes smoothly.

sorry for typos but I'm wearing my wrist brace today. I thnk I've slept on it wrong for a couple of nights and I can barely pick up any weight with it right now.  it hurts in the same places as teh carpal tunnel. :P stupid stuff.

I'm still kinda blah, but I think its mostly over self-image right now. I really need to lose weight and I dont like myself as I look right now. it makes me sad. *sigh*

been working on cleaning up the house today, laundry, cat boxes, kitchen floor/counters. still need to vac the house. I hate how it gets so dirty so quick. really need to dust.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

dh's appt went well today! he got the staples out of his leg (14 in all) and can shower without having it covered now. he still has to wear his full brace, but got a new one that he'll get to start wearing when he starts on physical therapy that has degree of angles that it will let the leg bend (pretty neat!). he'll talk with the comp nurse tomorrow about his PT and where he'll get to take it. he wants to go to the dr's office that did the surgery (which would make the most sense) and try to get it for M/W so that it wont coincide with the soccer schedule on T/Th.
he's totally off work for at least the next 4 weeks by dr. orders and after that he *may* get to go back part time. BUT I asked him how that'd effect the comp check he gets. there's no way we could survive on PT $ if they totally cut teh comp check out. so he'll have to ask about that one.
the dr was very happy with the healing in his knee though, says it looks great!

I'd planned on going in town today to put a reimbursement check in and get some gas (3.49 here!), mail a package and take some movies back before going to gavin's soccer practice (which was all called off cause of the heat), but I got everyone in the truck to find it was totally dead. :P
I called dh (still in Hendersonville) and he'd not be home for about another couple hours, so was going to walk me through jumping the truck.
well, I pulled the pickup truck up to mine and popped the hood, climbed into teh back to get the jumper cables... no more than got to the front side of teh truck when *WHAM*! Garrett runs into the tailgate of the pickup. he gashed his eyebrow.
so after taking him in to do some ER work, called dh to say nevermind, I'm not going anywhere. I figure it took 30 minutes to find Garrett's shoes, truck was dead, then a bloody head= I dont NEED to go anywhere!

Garrett is fine, a nice little pumpknot on his brow with about a 1/4" scab. dh thinks the alternator is going out in the truck though. it did start for him tonight, but it's like it was fighting to hold a charge, so he's going to take the alternator off and take it in town tomorrow to have it checked. hopefully it wont be *too* much.

Sarina has been fussy today, wanting to eat a lot and just not nap like her usual self. growth spit? who knows. weighing her today she was 12.10 lbs.
oh, the WIC nurse let me get her on the Good Start with natural cultures brand. she only gets *maybe* 4 oz a day, some days its all BF, but we're hoping this formula will help with the thrush that tends to want to stick around.
I also need to get a new supply of the acidophilous/garlic since that's what I've been taking all month and I'm about out. dont want to quit that if its helping to keep that stuff at bay!

ok, guess taht's it, gotta go entertain Sarina some more, Katlyn has her, but she's being fussy. if she'd sleep a bit I knwo she'd be happier. its close to bedtime though, so not much longer any way.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

so have I mentioned that Garrett is sleeping full time in the boys room now? he started that last week. a must have situation! he was clmibing out of the crib and sneaking into stuff in sissy's room. definitely not safe. so cold turkey he had to get out! the first couple nights were hard cause he thought it was a game and kept coming out laughing, then daddy got tired of it and he learned to stay in bed. now its no problem at all and everyone sleeps all night. (well, Sarina wakes me up, but YKWIM)
so I was able to set the crib up all girly like with the mobile back on and have her cute stuffies in there. she doesnt sleep in the crib, so its just decor to please Katlyn for now.

hmmm... OH, been working on my knitting this week again. almost have my diaper bag done (as far as both sides and handles). still need to stitch it together when I finish the 2nd handle and start on the ribbed pockets for both ends, then sew up the lining for it. took pics of what I have so far and will post those next time I upload pics.

have I mentioned that Sarina likes her tummy time? she really does! doesnt mind being on her back either, pretty easy going with all that. she's floor playing right now beside me, looking at her littel farm blanket.
she's gotten really good at grasping things and bringing them to her to chew on. no passing toys back and forth hand to hand yet though.

our nursing has really improved this last month as well! maybe that's why she chunked up that bit on me. she doesnt take as long either, getting with it and drinking instead of constantly falling asleep! she's still a little punkin, but she does have small fat rolls on her now (mostly the crease in her inner thighs and the little rolls around her neck LOL). I really need to start pulling out the 0-3m stuff. she can still wear it, but its on the 'getting snug' end. I'm sort of avoiding it though, silly me!

the oldest 3 went to church with my mom tonight. C gets to play the drums at night and K and G have a 'back to school bash' in their class. this morning C was playing drums with Mr. Willis (who was on piano) after sunday school/before singing. he did a great job and it was cool seeing him up there doing what he loves! he said he was nervous, but he did great! I got a pic with my phone I'll share later.

I fixed mushroom and swiss burgers for dh and I and regular burgers for the kids for lunch today. I've not followed a Rachel Ray recipe to the tee, but it gives me great ideas to work with and make some tasty meals! which is a good thing cause we have no extra $ this week, so we'll be eating at home! :P (I do get bored with that).
I get aggravated too casue there's stuff I want to do (like mail a few packages and try to pay on my first small bill to snowball) but cant seem to with the $ right now. we just keep chugging along. it'll be ok.

Friday, July 25, 2008

yesterday was good, I never got on here I dont think. our WC check came early, so I got the banking done yesterday and the grocery getting (makes me feel like today is saturday of course LOL).
I stopped at a yard sale on the way home and scored big time on stuff for Garrett for thsi fall/winter! she was selling her barely used Gymbo sets for $2 each, so I grabbed them all 3. 2 sets are with matching overalls/shirts and the other is jeans/button up shirt. so cute! and of course I can resell and easily get my money back.

I had to take Garrett and Sarina to the health dept for our WIC update (C and K went with me) and Garrett is 30.5 lbs and 34" and Sarina is 12.8 lbs and 24.25" (I think she said 1/4" and not 1/2"). so seems little Miss is gaining a bit faster than she was the first 3 months now. she used to do 4 oz a week and she was just weighed on the 15th there and was 12 lbs. I told her she better not gain/grow too big too fast on me though cause I'm enjoying her too much as my tiny tot!

last night a teacher from church called to say she was wanting to bring some stuff over. I figured it may be some hand me downs for the kids, plus she mentioned a backpack for Gavin. turns out she'd bought new clothes (2 pcs each) for each of the kids! how awesome was that?! totally surprised me! all the clothes fit too (she did better than my mom at guessing sizes) the only one I need to take back is what she got for Sarina cause it was 9m size summer stuff and I just dont see that happening. one I'm keeping cause its a Polo style dress, so we can put tights under that with a sweater, but the other is the bubble type romper, so I'm going to get a 6m (or 3-6m, whatever they've got) to replace it.
I felt so blessed and the kids have some new school clothes!

today K is at a friends house for a bit and my mom is going to pick up the boys soon to go play with Landon at her house.

I finally got Gavin signed up today. was going to yesterday, but they werent taking them for some reason. so everyone is set to go to school.

garrett is picking up more vocab and quirks. the other day he was sitting next to me here when he farted and then said "Moooooom!" LOL already blaming his stink on someone else!! he's also telling on the siblings too.

trying to find an exersaucer for S.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

finally an update

seems I've forgotten to put updates in here. things have been more than hectic lately. dh had knee surgery on July 14th in the evening. he had to stay overnight and did really well. the surgery was about 2.5 hrs long cause there was more damage than was hoped for plus it'd started healing already and had to be 'taken apart' to refix. :P
he's doing well now, getting around with his crutches and sometimes without, though he always has the leg brace on. he's not allowed to bend his knee at all, nor can he get the knee wet (as in any water, sweat or anything), so he has to stay cool, which means no outside activity.
that kind of stuff is driving him batty. :)
he goes back on the 29th for his post-op and we'll hopefully get the ok to start working with the leg and they may take the staples out. still a long recovery to go through.
K is signed up in school now and should get her schedule some time in the next few days. C got his today. I should get Gavin's paperwork in tomorrow for him to be signed up. they're all looking forward to it! school starts 8-6 here.
the oldest 3 are all playing soccer this year. luckily the practice times are at the same time, so that works really well.
Sarina is 3 months old and about 12.5 lbs now

isn't she a cutie!!! :D

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

C is getting very grown up looking! he and Katlyn are getting in that 'almost adult looking' stage. *sniff*
and speaking of Canaan, I measured him yesterday at his request and that boy grew an inch in a month! he's now 5' 7 1/2" tall! not even 13 yet and yes, he looks down at me easily. he's wearing a size 12 shoes! big foot!  LOL!
and I took Sarina by the health dept yesterday and she's 11.8 lbs and 23 3/4" tall. (their scale is 5 oz heavier than the dr office, so I put that for her 3m stats since it usually takes her a week+ to gain 5 oz. ). she can still comfortably wear her NB cloth dipes and covers though, even in her 0-3m clothes. LOL, long and skinny thing she is.
she's also LAUGHING now! its SO cute! I LOVE when babies first start laughing! she just babbles to whomever is looking at her and will get so tickled *awwwww!* I just love her smile too, so precious!!

went to pizza hut for lunch today (more bookit coupons WOO!) and we got there towards the end of the buffet, so when we left, I asked what they were going to do with the leftover pizza (3 of which had just been put out) and they let us have it all!
hmmm... I wonder what's for dinner?
dh finally gets to go see a sports/joint dr on friday! took long enough, but he's finally going! we'll find out how soon they can do surgery for him then and exactly what happened to his knee. he's getting very tired of crutches (he'll walk short distances without them if he's wearing his leg brace-cant do it without the brace).

Garrett cut his head the other night while outside. not sure what he did cause I was inside with S, but everyone else was out there. they think he tossed up a couple of sticks he was playing with and one got him on the head. it cut a good gash on the top of his head, about 1/4" long! his head was dripping blood down the back and everything. scary stuff! it did stop fairly quick with applying pressure though and I gave him tylenol that night JIC.

found there's no disability on our home loan, but at least the WC will be enough to cover it (granted with not much left over at all, but it'll at least cover it, right?) still need to check on the car loan and the 2nd mortgage acct.

today I finally got the checkbook balanced with the $ we deposited yesterday and am able to pay the car payment and 2nd mortgage (both late of course, I hate late charges!) and got teh water bill taken care of. once the WC check finally arrives (um, today would be NICE!) we'll go ahead and make this months house payment and catch up on the other stuff we're behind on. :P geez, hard as heck to get caught up once things get behind.
I must say though that I feel very blessed cause all of our needs have been met while this stuff is going on. its been tight, very-very tight, but we've made it through. thank God!

oh, and for those wondering what Hunter finally got for his bday! dh got him and gavin Hulk figures yesterday. I also have him a spongebob cup (one with the tops and straws like you can buy at walmart... though I found it at cares for .50) and a Venom figure which he's been wanting (they have a lot of spidey figures, so I guess they need a bad guy to beat up on ). he keeps waking up and asking if its still his birthday since he's been getting gifts almost every day like this (moms gift on sunday, brownies that night, cake on monday, gifts on tuesday...)

ok, guess that's about it that I can think of. :D

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

 well, we never heard from the comp lady today. dh started calling at 7 this morning and we never got anything but voice mail. irritates me to no end! dh even called the shop to ask if they had a different number but the one we have is all they have. guess we just have to wait til they get back to us. :P
so I still cant get OL til after 5pm *grrr*

gavin got his call from his coach today and his first practice is next thursday. he's very excited about it!

stepped on the scale this morning and I'm down to 166.5! (down almost another 4 lbs) wow! I've been eating like a pig so it must all be going to nursing. LOL!

oh, while dh was talking to the shop secretary, she told him the little bit of his last check was deposited today, so it's a bit over $100, but it'll give us gas $ til the first comp check comes next week. *whew* I was worried about that part!

so I guess that's it as far as new news goes here. not very exciting (which I'll take! LOL)
oh, I did call my local magistrate to voice my opinion about getting broadband in the county today!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

no stimulus check today. *pout* but hopefully it'll be here at some point this week... I can be positive, right?

and I likely wont be on during the first part of the day much for now. I was on *trying* to upload pics this morning when the comp lady called about an appt for dh, so I got the info and gave it to him and we've not been able to get back hold of her all day! it all goes to voicemail. its really aggravating too! dh even gave her his cell # yesterday but she never called that. so we'll have to wait for her to call in the morning or TRY calling her again so he can get that appt set up! (its for July 9th) and I told him when he talks to her again to tell her to call his cell cause he always has it on him and it has call waiting in case he's on the phone (our land line doesnt, just have that callwave thing).
so maybe he'll get to see the dr next week. hopefully the two appts she had arent filled up by the time we get to talk to her again. :P
dh fell this morning. he was getting up this morning and his foot slipped out from under him and down he went. scared the CRAP out of me! poor Gavin was scared too cause he was there helping him by handing him his crutches. he hurt his finger a little, but I believe it was mostly pride that was injured. still freaked me out though cause its like seeing how much he cant do when he's always been able to do. :(

I got in town to get some diapers, sugar and alcohol this afternoon. had to buy a 10 lb bag of sugar since dh is here, we're going through a LOT more tea than usual. (2-3 gallons a day). while out, I stopped at captain d's to borrow the wifi, but it wouldnt let me do any post-data so I couldnt upload pics or post here. lot of good it did me. :P but Sarina and I had some quiet time cause it was past the lunch rush.

got pics to share, need to get a new one of dh's knee, its all yellowing up from the bruising. the bruising goes from about 6" below his knee to half way up his thigh and bands around the back. ugly looking. LOL

oh, and can I say that the daily routine of the kids and I will be totally disrupted the whole time daddy's home?  awful to say yes, but nothing will go like normal weekday time for now. LOL!
there are good things though, with soccer starting up, dh will be able to stay here with Hunter and Garrett while I do the soccer running! I was worried before over who would watch them (especially Garrett), but now I have a built in babysitter! LMBO!

also thinking we'll be doing Hunter's bday cake and stuff, maybe Monday next week. with C's team going to district, C and dh will be gone almost all this coming weekend for that. and since dh wont be going anywhere else after that, he'll be stuck at home so we can do cake and stuff during the day! he's not told me what kind of cake to decorate, but he's really into spiderman and hulk still, so I may do that... hmm... never done a hulk cake before, that could be fun!