Monday, May 21, 2007

come on already!

poor Garrett has had diarrhea today as well, though not as often as he went yesterday, but still it is what it is none the less. he's eaten half way decently today and napped well for me too. I can tell he's just not feeling up to snuff though cause he's just not wanting to play much and when he does he's pretty quiet. :-( I want my well baby back! Canaan also had the same problem today as G. he's better now, but was NOT happy this morning.

in kitten news, I'm not sure if mama kitty will continue to care for him. he was fine this morning and nice and warm in the box (she'd moved him to the box she wanted originally) but she wouldnt go in the box with him all during the day to nurse. if I took him to her she would nurse him fine and clean him some, but she made no over effort to go to him. :-( not sure what we'll do. they're back in the barn tonight so we'll see how tomorrow goes. I really dont want to lose another kitten...

in great Gavin news, he taught himself how to ride without training wheels today! 8-) he's been practicing all week (the T-wheels have been on, just turned up so that they didn't keep him upright on the bike) and today Canaan took them off for him and he did great! I've got pics of course that I'll post later. I'm very proud of him and he of course is VERY proud of himself! :-)

couldn't get OL until tonight. my phone line was totally wonked out. if you picked up the phone, all you heard was an ear-splitting grinding type noise. its still crackly, but at least its usable. I'll be ever SO glad when they decide the area is worth upgrading the phone lines to new ones!

ok, guess that's about it. we do have ball practice tomorrow night. they have a game on Thursday. right now C's team is 5-3, so they're still in the running for first place again!

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