Saturday, August 27, 2005

family pics and stuff today

DH and Canaan are at the tractor pull still. The other kiddos are in bed. I think hunter finally is resting. He’s not used to Canaan not being there. he told me (in a very sad voice) "see, Canaan gone!" while pointing at Canaan’s pillow. we had a good day today. I don’t have a pic of our family pic cause they didn’t give proofs, but gosh, they turned out good! I'll scan in our 8x10 when we get it.we did have individual pics of the kids made, but I didn't get them. if I'd known how much they'd cost, I'd not have bothered in the first place.: for just one sheet with a 5x7 and 5 wallets it'd have been $80! puuuuuhleeeeeeeeze! Momma doesn’t do that kinda thing. I'll wait til Wal-Mart has another pic sale and take them in for individuals. A million pictures for $5. They did turn out SO good though. Gosh. Hunter was of course a booger for it all. I don’t know what that kids problem is with pro pics, but man, he sure makes it a hassle.After the pics we went to my moms and hung out there for a few hours. Been forever since we've been there it feels like. so it was good to just hang out and yak with my mom. Took C in town to meet DH before he went to the pull and then came home with the kids. They watched sleeping beauty before going to bed. it was the first time Katlyn had seen it. Go figure. I thought I'd done a better job than that. I am uploading pics from today though. Got a few of K and I getting ready. I curled her hair for her (what little it stayed in LOL) and curled my hair out the wazoo. wow, it was pretty big. I did tone it down some though.You can also see my color. My hair is like... calico actually. the top is lighter than the bottom. *snicker* I make my own highlights. What can I say? LOL!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

fast is fast ending

just think, tomorrow, Thursday, I can have another Dr. Pepper!
*dreamy sigh* I avoided it today by getting a mello yellow, I was craving that fizz feeling. (what's up with that?) so I actually made it the whole three days!
this IS a big thing for me. ;)

I O'ed!

finally after all the waiting, I finally dropped an egg! woohoo! now to finally do the last half of this wait thing. FINALLY!!
Gosh, I hate waiting so long to O.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

sis and dr. pepper

Check out my little sister’s art projects she’s been working on in college. They’re awesome of course, so proud of her!

I’ve stayed away from the Dr. Pepper today. It was hard to cause it was calling my name!!! Seriously, it was speaking to me and it sounded awfully sneaky.
I resisted though! I’m happy, but man, am I looking forward to Thursday when I can have another. LOL!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Not as bummed

I'm still feeling a bit bummed, but not as bad as I was. Church was good for me today, a lot of things that were said were said 'to me' (you know how that happens) and I got to talk to someone whom I really look up to and she just came up and gave me a hug, saying "praying the peace of God is with you hon, whatever is bothering you." I broke down crying. It was really something to me, cause sometimes I wonder if all this bothering me so much is really so important, why cant anyone see it? So, it’s like God was giving me a thump on the head. "of course it's important child! I'm your Daddy, I love you!" I just have no one in RL to talk to and really, I don’t know if anyone would understand. Maybe they would, I don’t know. I think when you have one or even two (and especially no) children, they are more sympathetic, but to a family that has four and wants one last child, they tend to look at you funny like you're a french fry short of a happy meal and just nod with a glassy eyed look. That’s part of me that feels so alone right now.

on again, off again

Well, I think my body is trying to O again. This is like the third time so far this cycle that I’ve tried to drop an egg. What’s up with that? Why cant it just drop the first time? I’d have a normal length cycle then. Gotta make things difficult I suppose. Goodness knows the past 22 months of TTC have been too easy. *snort*

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Just not feeling it

I'm bummed about my chart. my cp has gone low and firm like I've O'ed, but my temps arent really showing anything. (image placeholder) Sure, maybe it’s a slow rise, but come on. I'm really just bummed about the whole ttc stuff right now. I just don’t feel optimistic anymore...

Friday, August 19, 2005

maybe safer?

I'm putting this here because my other blog server was hit by hackers this past week.
I'm hoping that having this here will at least have a place ready and possibly better if it happens again.
I do like my MT better, but I'll not complain as long as I can blog. ;)