Monday, June 04, 2007

busy, just busy!

I dont think I'll be on much this week since we'll be getting ready for the weekend. got to do a bunch of house cleaning and stuff, plus running.
we were out today for 2 shops and I'll need to go back in tomorrow to take back movies and pick up a bday gift for a party C is going to on wednesday night. he's staying that night with them and I'll go pick him up thursday, plus will probably go to Sams on that day to get the fruits for the party and stuff. friday will be the usual banking/food getting and saturday is the party.
I'm supposed to clean the house in the midst of this? oy.

worked on laundry today, got 2 loads done. wow. this week will be interesting. yep.

I did get my hair colored last night, so at least now I look decent. and yeah, just bought the $3 stuff to tide me over. I used a golden brown color to avoid any ugly shocking color that might erupt.

we also stopped at the $ store yesterday. I found a perfect platter to go with the party theme for $2 and some stuff for grab bags for boys. we'll be having 6 girls/6 boys. got the girlie stuff, needed the boys!

yesterday was also my nephew landon's bday party. it was good. got lots of pics of course. landon is such a cutie! he's so funny to watch dance! he'll shrug his shoulders up to his jaw and shake his butt.
will post some pics from that later.

today I stopped by Cares after my shops and found a cool large bowl that goes with our luau theme as well! got it for .50. I think I'll use it for ice for the drinks, and the platter I may use for the kabobs.
I've been making my lists and my plans for what I need to do this week. that's the best way I can keep up with what I need to do. LOL!

Garrett still has a runny nose. no fever since yesterday though! nothing else but the snot factory on overload. though I'm waiting for his activia to kick in and relieve him from firm poops again. seems he went from the runs to the stops in a day. *sigh* so he's got a bit of diaper rash from that.

crap... that reminds me... I seen a weird rash on gavin's arm tonight at bathtime. I need to check that out when he wakes in the morning. I'm worried it may be poison ivy, but he says it only itches sometimes. ?? ugh.

um... dont guess there's anything else. oh, I've got the snots myself now. joy. also the sneezes. does this sound like allergies or a cold? I never know if I have allergies or not.

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