Thursday, November 19, 2009

dh and I have been going over ideas to build on to the house. (I'll inject that I'm obviously the one with the money sense here cause I had to convince dh NOT to move the whole kitchen/dining area to the newly planned areas! LOL) the way our house is laid out now, the puters are in the 'dining room' area. we'd like to make this the actual dining room, get the table out of teh kitchen and put in a good sized island (lots of counter space and cabinet/drawer space!). of course we have to have somewhere else to put the stuff in this area now. which there is NOwhere to move it to. nada! as you can imagine, we're a little tight in floor space here. LOL!
dh's plan was to convert the great room windows into a doorway to a new addition (this is my idea as well... I gave it to him ;) ) only he mentioned building a new kitchen area out there, moving all the existing out there, making the kitchen ... into something. I forget what!
so I kinda put my foot down. I like where my kitchen is and the dining area! so MY idea is to make the new addition out the back side of the house like planned, only make two rooms with it. one would be C's bedroom and the other a bonus area. we'd move all the bookshelves and extras currently in the great room to that area adn then we can move the puters in the great room. I'd rather not have the puters in another room with teens/kids OL. KWIM? it'd give us a lot more stretching room, get C his own room he needs, be MUCH cheaper to do and accomplish more and be something easy dh can do a lot by himself and we'd be done a lot quicker.

he agreed with MY idea.  now to just wait til it can be done. I'm SO itching to make more room here! man oh man!

got to have lunch with gavin today at school. he was so sweet! hugging and loving on me all the while. he even told me he was so proud that I was his momma cause I'm the "bestest" mom and also the prettiest. I told him it was good I put on makeup then so I'd not scare anyone!

I made pumpkin cupcakes for the kung fu dinner. gosh they were so good! TY stacy for sharing that recipe! I do have some food porn to share when I get the pics off the camera. hehe! I'm making more tomorrow for the moms bake sale saturday morning, only I'm putting the cream cheese icing IN the cupcakes before baking. I have no way to wrap them with the icing on top otherwise. ??

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

drop off was fairly ok today. G was telling me he wasnt going to preschool today so I figured it'd be a bit rough at dropoff. nothing more than a butt on the ground and a fuss as he walked up, so overall good. they're on break the whole week of Thanksgiving, so that'll give him time to miss it

my teeth cleaning/scaling went really well yesterday. the dentist was so impressed with "what a good patient" i was no numbing or pain meds, which if i'd thought of it I'd have taken a tylenol beforehand, but oh well. he got all kinds of crap off my teeth the calcium build up was bad and he was having a GOOD time! got me laughing several times cause he was saying things like "Oh wow!" "Look at that!!" "I just love days like this cause my job is so much fun!"
the crazy thing is how much different my teeth feel in back now! behind my front bottom teeth, I'd gotten used to feeling them as a kind of solid side. could only feel the ridges where my canines were. (my front bottom teeth are crowded so I should be feeling the ridges of them) and NOW, OMGosh! I actually gave myself a jaw ache from pushing my tongue against them, rubbing on my teeth and keeping my jaw together  I keep rubbing my tongue against my bottom back teeth, getting used to once again feeling the ridges back there. its like having something foreign in my mouth! *blush*
he also polished them, so they're all sparkly  I'll go back in April for a redo.
they are a bit sensitive for now til they get used to functioning without the calcium build up on them and today at lunch I took a swig of coke without putting my tongue against the back of those teeth and YIKES, it was like slapping a nerve with a frying pan!! LOL!

off to do other stuff. I did manage to sew my new kitchen blind today, paint the base coat of 3 ornaments, put some clothes away, do laundry and wash my hair. still need to vacuum and stuff. bleh. I just wanna sit and read!

Monday, November 09, 2009

I know I need to update, right?  I keep meaning too then I get caught up in something else. what's new?

last week was a good one. Garrett had all good drop off days but one, and that day I think it was just cause of the teacher that helped him out of the car (it wasnt one of HIS teachers) so i consider last week a success!
sarina had her 18 m check on wed. 29.13 lbs and 34", HC 19.25. the funny thing was the NP that did her check. this was the first time I'd met her (we usually see a certain dr) so I was surprised when she walked in... cause she looked like some model. even the clothes she was wearing. at first I was wondering if she was the NP! she was super nice though. LOL
FIL came in on saturday, dh got home on friday. kids had Boot Camp on saturday (the Vets bring the kids in to do this each year, they have a blast). it all went great til right at the end. S took a tumble down the steps where we were waiting for the boys to finish eating and didnt hit any steps, but when she got to the bottom (about 4 steps down) she head planted the wheel of her stroller. :P a nice BIG bruise is on her head from it. I think I'd rather that happened though cause if she'd not hit the stroller, she'd have face planted in gravel. which would be worse?  of course I'd rather she hadnt fallen at all, but since she did...

FIL was only in one day, had to bring in his tahoe to be worked on.
we went to church for a couple of hours yesterday before having lunch with him and seeing him off.

today I have my dentist appt, plus Tori is coming over at some point to get help with studying.

I'm very ticked at C this morning. that boy... its like he cant handle doing two things at once unless its listening to music and doing homework! he was to go to the dojo today after school for his ONE class a week for JUST this month so he could practice his forms and finish getting his blue belt. NOOOOOooooooooooo he said he was "too sore" to do this. (from baseball conditioning, which his last day of that was on friday and he wont do it again til tomorrow). I called dh cause I was ready to box C's ears for the disrespect he's showing his sifu. dh is upset with him too. 4 weeks ago it was one of the most important things to him and its taken him a year to get to this point. YET, he cant take ONE 45 minute class ONCE a week to accomplish this at the end of THIS month??? TEENAGERS!!!!!! we'd already talked to sifu about this and they were open to let him do it JUST so he could still get his belt. the little stink-wad will get a HUGE talk tonight. also to be told he gets to take no more morning showers! he gets in there and stays for over 30 minutes in the mornings! today he was just coming out (by my insistence) at 6:40 to get dressed. they have to be ready for the bus to be here by 6:45 cause she's usually here by 6:50. this has been an ongoing issue with him and we've tried and tried to get him to see the point, but he refuses. so no more morning showers for him!  I thought the girls were to be the ones hogging the bathrooms?? K is no problem at all

i have a parents lunch with Garrett this week at preschool (thursday), next week is Gavin. I think Hunter will be doing the Christmas dinner next month.

the kids are off the whole week of Thanksgiving. I'm liable to be asking if anyone wants an extra kid that week.

Monday, November 02, 2009

pics of G and S

halloween pics

tori got here after 3 and I did her hair and makeup. if anyone remembers, she's a platinum blond. hehe!

didnt do katlyns cause like I said she opted to go to bed LOL! I did get myself done up a bit though. ran out of time, so decided to just go as a normal me: Zombie Mom!

it was funny while I was doing my makeup, Garrett comes through my bathroom adn looks at me... stops and exclaims "WHAT YOU DO MOMMA?! WHAT YOU DO???"

the boys were Optimus Prime, Batman, Kung fu kid and Sarina was a halloween ballerina (I totally ran out of time to get her ready and had to nix my more detailed plan. Daddy was sporting a Punisher look, Canaan was dressed in camo (daddy's retired army gear) and went to a friends house while we took the kids in town.

we were going to do the trunk or treat on the square, but omg! the line to get in was longer than the candy givers! crazy stuff, so we went to the houses. our first year doing this if anyone remembers (last year was our first doing anything and we did the trunk or treat)
so here is S at her first door. tori was here helping with candy

garrett was funny cause he actually went IN the house LOL!
there were a couple that g was leery of going up to, but only for a few seconds. people dressed up and stuff. he was so nice tho saying his 'trick or treat' and 'thank you' (all the boys did). one time though he said "happy birthday!"
we took them to zaxbys for dinner after we picked up canaan. I have pics from there on my phone I need to get off.
so it was fun and there is NO telling how much candy garrett has snuck already. I had to put the candy in our room LOL

stopped at walmart today to check out the clearance stuff. found hunter a Bumblebee (transformers) costume half price! he'll be SO excited! it was the only one I could find and it was the size I needed! picked up a few other goodies, along with a bag of smarties  great treats for the LOs to snack on.
I took most of the kids candy and sent it to the schools as reward treats (they're always asking for wrapped candy). I kept the chocolates and small suckers. hehe!

Garrett did great at preschool drop off today! that's only the 2nd day he's not made some sort of fuss. lately he just fusses cause he thinks he needs to, but today he just stuck his lip out a little and went on his way. love those times!

dh is out of town again this week. back in Miss.
canaan starts baseball conditioning this week. tryouts arent til the 15th. he'll be dropping kung fu til ball is done, probably about 9 months. makes me sad though...

sarina is napping and I'm working on laundry and such til mom comes about 2:30. she's going to watch S and wait for the kids to get off the bus while I go to the dentist at 3. I'm really hoping its nothing BIG. (its been 14 years since I've seen a dentist.) mainly cause we've had no dental ins til recently. good thing we do now I guess.

I'm going to get a few things done before mom gets here. my days are short enough without having to stop doing things in the middle of it to do other stuff. :P I'll try to get back on tonight and catch up!