Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Saturday, November 03, 2012


Off to Berea today to meet the baseball coaches again and tour the campus.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Our oldest turned 17 this past weekend. He still will kiss his mamma on the head and tell me he loves me, even if his friends are there. He gets comps all the time on his manners. He still drives me crazy with his antics. He still loves messing with his daddy. He still impresses us with his goodness and strengths. He still loves the Lord and he still feels blessed.
We feel more than blessed to have him as ours.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Our kitten Boo

She's pretty easy going to say the least!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Crappy day at work. Bleh.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Off for a girls lunch with April. Olive Garden, makes my heart sing!

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Father, Son and Friends playing

Worn out from a weekend at the games.

Caber  toss

Saturday, June 02, 2012

The sound

On our way to a Celtic rock concert

The majestic sounds

Of a bagpipe band in full sound.

Friday, June 01, 2012

Off to work

Long day ahead but its all good. This weekend we're going to the Highland Games for Katlyns Birthday. I'm so excited!  I'm hoping her friend gets to come but if not, we'll make it super special for her.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

This 'happy birthday ' will b better.

This mobile text message is brought to you by AT&T

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Birthday bread! Yes, My birthday. :-)

life as we know it

so yeah, it takes me a while to remember to post. maybe I need to look into a quick post feature for my phone? hmmm...
things are trucking along here. working a lot, time with the family, searching for free time to do anything. not much of that these days.

Canaan gets his license next month! the official ones where he can drive by himself! yikes!!! I'm already praying and already worried. LOL! he's a good driver though, I just want him to remember that and not let teen idiocy get in his way. it will be a huge help with us though once he can drive on his own. between his baseball and work and our work and the other kids, having one that can get around on his own will be wonderful. I think he'll be surprised at how much he cant just "go" whenever or wherever he wants though. yeah, he's not making that much money right now only being able to work one or two days a week. ;)

he also goes and gets his 4 wisdom teeth taken out this friday (the 17th). its the 5th time we've had to reschedule the appt, so it better follow through this time. he's worried about it interfering with his Varsity ball practice, but he'll have a long weekend to recover, so NO, we're not going to reschedule!!

Garrett (the 5yo) recently got leg braces. he's a avid tip-toer and has been for years, so we're using those now to help stretch out his tendons in this legs. at first he liked them (they have spiderman on them!) but now he grumbles and complains. he does at least keep them on for the 2 hrs each night. buuuut, he'll be starting to wear them all night soon, so we'll see how THAT goes over with him.
other than that, he's been really good. I've been impressed with him at school. he's staying on blue the last almost month, I guess. he's picking up stuff so quickly now. I can really tell he likes kindergarten much more than he ever liked preschool. and with his tendency to get bored easily, this is very good!

Hunter is going for another perfect attendance school year. this will be his third one if he makes it. he's very proud of it too.  he's staying on honor roll, loves math stuff (GOT to get that from his daddy!! LOL) and is starting to like writing. He left a cute letter on my desk last night about a magazine he found that had super hero articles in it. he also signed it "your sweetheart, Hunter" ;) sweetness, huh?

Sarina is such a little diva. a good one though. LOL! that girl, I tell ya, you can tell she's the baby in the family and that she gets some coddling. Gavin can be the worst one to do it too. maybe that's why he's her favorite brother?? She can bring out the crocodile tears at the blink of an eye if someone does something to her (now this could be anything from sibling hitting to just not letting her have a piece of candy!). sometimes it gets really old. lol! 
she's a sweetie though, loves snuggling and getting loving. hams it up for the camera, loves her baby minnie mouse dolls and hello kitty. bows, frills, girlie things are her life for now, though she will keep her eyeballs glued to a nintendo ds if I let her! pouting ensues when it's taken away...

Gavin is starting to like middle school finally. he told me this himself last week. always a good sign. the kid talks constantly about drawing and mario. I DO mean constantly. I sure hope he gets a career in the art field because if he doesnt, its a good waste of vocabulary on his part. LMBO!! his grades are good, just a big of struggling with the math and social studies, but we're getting a handle on those too.

Katlyn has been our struggle. her grades go back and forth between in the toilet to doing well. honestly, I'm not sure if she'll pass the 9th grade at this point. we've done all the things we can think of except letting her fail herself and I'm on the verge of letting it happen. I cant do the girls homework for her and the only reason its not been done is her own laziness. yes and I'm sure of that.  might sound harsh to some, but we've been going through this for two grades now and she just bobbles back and forth with it. I love that girl like crazy, but she drives me crazy too. *sigh* she's so smart and has so much talent...

we're trying to get the funds to build on to the house. we thought we had it done this last week, but then that fell through and so I'm going to talk to someone else today to see if they can do anything. This is something we've been wanting to do for years and need SO badly. seems so frustrating that its the MOST difficult thing to get done! praying about it, God can open any door that looks like its padlocked.

in other good news, on spring break this year Robert and I will be going to Myrtle Beach!! ok, Canaan is going with the Varsity team for the Cal Ripkin Tourneys and we get to follow along. the other kids will be staying with their papa for the week. you may ask "why not take them all with you?" well, its a 9 hour drive and the youngest 4 do well to drive to papa's without having a melt down. the last time we went to papas (a 2 hr drive), Garrett informed daddy one hour into the drive, that he was lost and that momma needed to drive to papas. LOL! so we'll save that kind of family trip for when they're older and can handle sitting still so long. I have told Katlyn that she can come if she wants. at any rate, Robert and I have never had a honeymoon or vacation together, so this will be our first! and it'll be the first time I've been to the beach since I was 4 years old. yeah, been a while! so I'm super excited about it and am already planning my wardrobe, eating places and working on my tan. the last one is because I'm petrified of burning! I know I'll still be amped up on the best sunscreen I can use, but I'm hoping that having a base tan will help me out a bit. we'll see. the sun and I dont get along that well, no matter how much I love it. *sigh*
so I guess that catches me up on here more or less.