Monday, May 14, 2007


so we have a 2002 Ford Focus now! its ours, go us! 
ok, so we have a payment on the focus and the mystery machine now and for both, the total payments are still $40 less than the one payment on the caravan was! way cool. insurance is about the same as what it was on the ford truck, so no biggie on that one. good news also is that no caravan payment will draw this month since it got closed out before the date, so that's extra $ we'll have now (its already got somewhere to go, but still.  )
**dave ramsey happy dance coming up**
I did figure up our numbers tonight. seeing where we've come from where we started back in September. Our debt that we owe (not including the house) is $10K LESS than it was in September 2006 now!!!!!! (and yes, that is even with the 2 new vehicle loans) that is a LOT of headway to have been made for us! I'm very proud of us for doing that. I'm not saying that boastfully either, I'm saying it as a family that was scraping for a penny to be left over and usually that penny wasn't there. I'm saying it as a family who has learned their financial lesson and are trying hard to show a better life for their children and themselves. I'm saying it as a mom who doesn't want to tell her kids they cant have a quarter for a gumball machine cause I'm worried if I'll need that stupid quarter for something else!
we still have a long way to go (gosh, is it ever so hard to explain that to a kid), but we can see the progress and it does feel good! we're finally getting somewhere after so many years of just being stuck in the mud! it just boggles my mind how we made it through month after month before. when we get more stuff paid off, I'll be thinking the same thing still. there are a LOT of lines left to mark off our list (of debts) so I need to buckle down some more and get serious again.

ok, happy dance on hold for now. :-)

it was a long, but good day. we spent about 3 hours at the bank in all, got insurance on the focus, stopped to see if my brother was awake (nope), dh met us at the bank, which was great cause it saved me from bringing the paperwork home and taking it back in the morning.

we had subs for dinner (meatball and ham) and watched 24 and CSI: Miami.

never made it to my moms today, we'll be heading over in the morning after breakfast.

ok, gotta go get my shower!

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Kimmy Jones said...

That's awesome Gina. Jeff and I did Financial Peace with our church and it still makes a difference with us every month. It's amazing how much we can spend and not even think about it. More power to ya and keep it up!

And go Ford Focus! Jeff and I both drive one. HA!