Tuesday, May 01, 2007

nothing much yet today. C has been warned that the two books he's behind on will either be done by friday or his PSP is being taken away. he got a  =-O look about him then.
my mom came over yesterday and gave the kids their gifts they picked up from Gatlinburg. K got a handmade pair of earrings (silver and precious stone), C got a new pocket knife and the 2 boys got bow and arrow sets (plastic with the little suction cups on the arrows) and G got a black/brown bear stuffed animal.
funny story about the stuffed bear. it was laying on the porch by G and one of our male cats was sneaking up on it wondering what it was. I got the bear and shook it at the cat and he bucked up hissing and running! :-D
the boys have been constantly playing with their bow sets, learning how to shoot them and all.

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