Monday, February 25, 2013

Things have changed

yeah, I know I've been quiet in here.
For those who hang out with me on FB, you'll know (probably) what has made this year be a doozy so far.
On Jan. 15th I was taken to the ER after having 2 seizures. No, I'd never had any type of seizure in my life. After much testing, another 'almost seizure' and many more testings, we found out I am housing in my brain a meningioma tumor. yes, they're benign (supposed to be). the one that is nesting in my head is nestled under my pituitary gland, skull based in the cavernous sinus, about 1" and egg shaped. it's wrapped around my left carotid artery as well and pushing up on my left temporal lobe. that's what caused the seizures. it was messing with my head, literally.
We've recently had our 2nd opinion at Baptist Hospital in Nashville and have decided we've found our neurosurgeon for when the time comes. As of now, I'm under Watch and Wait (W&W) to see how the tumor decides to play.
I go back in mid-April for another MRI to check against the first one I had in Jan.
Right now, no one wants to touch it because the risks definitely outweigh the benefits because of its location and all the sensitive type stuff it's snuggled up and around. Yeah, I do like feeling my face, having the use of my eyes and stuff like that.
I'm on medication for the seizures. It took me a good month to adjust to that. harsh stuff that it is, and I'm on a pretty low dose. I feel for those who have to have a high dose.
I did have symptoms before anything happened, but I wrote it off as "getting older" (I just turned 40 this month!) Now, I know what I've actually got going on. I also find new things that make me wonder "is this part of that, or should I just ignore it?" I hate doubting myself.
Its been a bumpy road already. I have faith that everything will be fine. But still, I'm only human and I've gotten a shake-up. My hubby (of 20 years now) is wonderfully awesome! I cant ask for better. My mom has been by my side almost every day as well. She's my taxi cab too since I cant officially drive til mid-april now.  Dont know what I'd do without her!
The kids are fairing well. the older ones understand better than the younger ones of course. we try to keep things as normal as possible. the best thing I think.
This will likely be a long fight. whatever it turns out to be, I'm wearing my boxing gloves and am ready to fight!