Sunday, October 27, 2013

it does take me a while

to post that is. I really should try to do better. I forget that not everyone follows me on FB these days. ;)
Had follow up appts with all the brain drs this month. the latest MRI scan is "stable" so I wont need another one for a year (yay!). still having what seems to be simple partial focal seizures, so had to do another EEG to see if they could find anything this time (it was much more intense than the last one. maybe due to being at a different facility?). still waiting to hear the findings from that. have had my Keppra upped. moving up to 3K mg a day. this week moving up my night dose and next week (on thursday) will up my morning dose as well. it makes me more tired. I warned Robert beforehand and still warning myself. lol
had to leave church early today cause I stayed too long last week and was way too tired to be driving home. :p tired today, but no nap for me, trying to stay up til bedtime even though I'm worn out.
I have to say I'm very thankful for the migraine meds I have. I dont get them often anymore, but when they are starting up, if I take my meds quick, I can get them to back off before I'm down for the count. yesterday was close. I was already starting to get the shakes (how my body now reacts to pain) but thankfully it kicked in not long after that. dont want to repeat what they felt like before having the meds. awful stuff!
I see a neuro ophthalmologist next month. interestingly enough, he's also the same dr who did Gavin's last eye surgery years ago. maybe a good sign? we'll see what they have to say. the double vision I was having has cleared up most days, but it was a migraine that brought it on last time (my right eye feels like it swells up during those, strange!) so I may get down there and find nothing. but at least we'll have a base to follow up with next time. my previous field tests have already been sent down from february after first finding the tumor, so we'll see if anything has changed, and we'll get his opinion on how the tumor effects my eyes.

the kids are doing great. cant wait for halloween of course. usually we have our costumes already done and ready by now, but with me working full time at crazy hours, its been hard this year. :( I'm off work today and tomorrow, so I'm hoping I can pull it all together during that time.

having all the kids in school is still something for me to get used to. its so quiet during my days off during the week. LOL! but my brain needs the break, so I usually have no tv on and just a quiet house if I need it.