Saturday, May 31, 2008

 Sarina has officially reached 9 lbs (tho I dont know an exact #) and has her first mini-roll on her inner thigh.  course its only there until she frog-legs, but its there! LOL
she's getting so expressive lately. this morning she got excited when I rolled over to her to feed her. big smiles and almost laughing, arms flailing in excitement, so sweet!
I've started trying some 3-6m stuff on her. a few things she can wear for length (she's over 22") but it has to have a small neckhole and cuffed arms or she's lost in it.
I finally got her birth announcement in the paper this week!
Garrett continues to bloom in language. things like "here you go", "babys feet", and other things tumble out of his mouth all the time. he also calls Sarina "Nah-nah" (think of how the last syllable of her name sounds). course its also what he calls bananas LOL!
Gavin's eye surgery is monday. I was called to LMK that it was moved up earlier in the day! he was going to have to wait til 1:30 (and no eating after midnight the night before), but now his surgery is at 10:15 am! I'm so glad.
dh is working today, but thats good for $. today is also my nephews bday party. free food! LOL!

oh, that reminds me! went to Mighty $ on thursday and found all kinds of princess bday items for S! they're so cute! I just got the candle and fur trimmed hats for now. remind me to get a pic to share!

I'm sure theres more, but oh well. I updated LOL

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

 the weekend was good overall. I think my tolerance limit is at an all time low tho w/ the kids so I get pretty grouchy. its not all them of course, all things mixed together ya know (money, sleep, sickies, kid-fights, etc) it just all builds up and we really have nothing/nowhere to go to let off steam. :P

had my 6wk pp check today. I'm 170 by dr scales and thats 4 lbs under my first pg weight check with them. that made me feel great! told doc I "was done" so we talked about BC options. not sure what route I'll take (tho I'd rather dh take care of it), we'll see.

stopped at the health dept for a weight check and she's officially 8.14 lbs, so she gained more than I thought this week (6oz). I'll skip next week since she'll go for her 2m check mid-june at the dr. I'm going to ask the doc about her skin too. she stays broke out so bad. I keep her face clean, I keep her out of the sun, but the least bit of heat and the red blotches flare up so bad! C had baby acne really bad for awhile, but I dont think this is the same ??

got pics to post too from the weekend next

w/ papaw

my mom sneaking her choc ice cream! (her eyes kept getting big LOL)


during the cookout

Monday, May 26, 2008

this morn

 today's weigh in by ebay scales: 8.12lbs
dont think I'll stop at the HD tomorrow for a weigh in cause we get the same things each week. we'll see what I decide tomorrow though, it'd give me more time by myself.

been invited to a cookout at a friends house around lunch. I need to go to best buy to spend a $5 coupon. I'd like to get a card program from their $10 and under rack.

last night

hi! here just busy as usual. nak for bedtime too.
today was eh...just eh. the highlites were making it to church, vegging at home, starting a new book, and nice weather.
bad spots were the trying to get ready for church, running over garretts new trike cause the boys left it behind the truck when we left out this morning , S's 2 nursing strikes, dealing with ants *grrrrrr!!!!!!!*, gavin finding he has poison ivy.

last night was fun tho. we grilled at my moms and stayed there til like 10pm. the kids got to play in the creek and stuff too.

measured S and she did have a growth spurt this week, tho I think its all in length and her noggin she's 22.25" and her head is 15" now. so about the size of C at birth now...except for weight. when I tried to get a weight friday, she was only like 8.11, so very long, but very skinny LOL I'll take her in for another weigh in on tuesday since I'll be in town (6wk pp check).
this morning I was going to let her wear a 3-6m dress to church and it'd have fit great in lrngth, but the arm holes came to the bottom of her ribs!
and she's finally wearing a 0-3m sleeper to bed since she's long enough now. hopefully we wont be losing legs tonight. gowns were getting on my nerves cause they kept ending up down around her arms (as in she'd squirm up out the neck hole and have her arms pinned to her sides), so she's been sleeping in LS onesies for a while. tonight tho G got in bed before I got her pjs on, so we're trying a sleeper.

new G talk this weekend: comes up and says "what ya doin?", "nite nite", feet, toes, and a couple other things I've forgotten... my fav tho is still "I want some!"

me, coughing. :P most of the kids have it or have had it too. So far S has not, praying it stays that way!

going to bed now

Thursday, May 22, 2008

feeling very blessed!

we got awesome news today! remember I mentioned earlier back that C wanted to go to youth camp with the church but there was no way we could do it for him? well, my dad sent him the money! *wiping eyes with a thankful heart* it was actually twice as much as he needed, so we'll put $50 in a savings account and then he can have the $50 to spend on things he's wanting (per papa's orders LOL) AND get to go to church camp! how great is that?! I feel so blessed and very happy for him. Canaan's in awe about it cause we really didn't think he'd get to go.
my dad is the bestest!

dh and C had ball practice tonight and are staying for a game afterwards, so me and the others are just hanging out at home still. boring boring, but what are ya gonna do?

dh works close to home tomorrow though, so we'll go and have lunch with him! that's always great cause that happens very seldom.

had grilled cheese for dinner tonight, burnt a couple though. bleh! (so I had a pudding cup to make up for the one I didn't get hehe!)

some of you will be getting a birth announcement (finally) in the mail. I'm going to mail out what I can tomorrow. close family will be mailed out later though cause I pick up S's pics tomorrow and will put extra pics in theirs. I cant wait to get them, they're so good!

I'm (slowly) working on getting S used to her pack-n-play to sleep in. she cosleeps right now, which is fine, but dh sleeps in the living room cause it makes him nervous, thinking he's going to roll over on her or flop a 20lb arm on top of her LOL, so it'd be nice to get him back where he's supposed to be! don't know how well or how soon, but a start is a start, right?

Friday, May 16, 2008

 in milestone news for Sarina, she's started batting at objects now. so cute!
and can I say how much I LOVE how a newborn will paw at your chest when they're hungry, its so dang cute!!!! she's also on the verge of laughing out loud. she's done a few little laughs a couple of times (those breathy types when they're just learning) so a real laugh is coming soon!

Garrett went to bed without the paci again last night! he'll no longer get one! *whew!* katlyn was going to give him one last night cause it was taking him a while to settle down, but I stopped her! it'd been over 24hrs since he'd had one, no way were we going backwards! and he's only taken Sarina's paci once in this time LOL!
 the church has a youth camp at the end of June. Canaan 'says' he doesnt want to go, but then says "it costs too much", so I think he does want to go, but feels bad asking for the $. *sigh* we coudlnt get him the $ for a yearbook either which upsets me cause it's his first year in public school. if freaking gas wasnt so high things would be easier! robert's gas $ was almost $200 last week and he has the 'economical' car. good thing I dont go places all the time. heck, we dont go anywhere that's not necessary. what a boring thing.
Happy 1 month to my baby girl!!
I have the one month stats of all the kids! (would you expect less of me? LOL!!)

so at one month (birth stats are in parenthesis):
Canaan- (10 lbs, 22.5") 13.5 lbs, 24 1/4"
Katlyn- (7.5 lbs, 19.5") 10 lbs, 22"
Gavin- (8.2 lbs, 20") 12 lbs, 24"
Hunter- (8.11 lbs, 21.5") 10.5 lbs, 22 3/4"
Garrett- (8.5 lbs, 21.75") 10 lbs, 23 1/4", HC 15"
Sarina- (7.10 lbs, 20.5") 8.4 lbs, 21.5", HC 14.5"

 I got the boys hair cut today! FINALLY! they look like my boys now! LOL! between Gavin and hunter, there was a half a Wal-Mart bag of hair! LOL!!!!
 OH, G went to bed w/o a paci the past 2 nights!!!
Canaan gets to go see Prince Caspian with his class today. his last day is Wednesday so they're basically 'playing' now. LOL

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


 got pics!

playing on her quilt that was made for her. its' crib size BTW

cute pic!

thomas is so silly LOL

funny face!

playign with daddy! (I look dang rough LOL)

at the eye dr between testing

what Sarina did most of the trip hehe!

Monday, May 12, 2008

 it was a really good weekend, sorry I didnt get in here (dont think I did). cant remember all I did though.
friday was regular in-town day. it was just the kids and I so it was a bit rough, but we made it through (with only a few extra gray hairs LOL) and I rented some movies for us (Enchanted (very cute!), shrek 3 and some kids movies). dinner at home that night.
saturday we went to my moms for a while, they got a new big screen TV and wanted us to see then ended up having dinner over there last night.
yesterday was church, then after we came home to grill out for moms day. I'd much rather have that than go wait in a restaurant. it was goooooooood too! my mom and Sdad came over to eat with us and we watched the new Rocky movie (sappy, but good).
Sarina has slept great the past 3 nights still. first night, up once, 2nd night, up twice, last night, up once. the only thing is that she now has a snotty nose. I really hate when my little ones get snotty noses cause there's so little to do for them. and trust me, she HATES the nose sucker LOL! she's not screamed that loud since the day she was born!! holy moley!

everyone was still making over her at church yesterday. how tiny she is and her CUTE 'its a girl' bow she wore and her red hair. what's amazing is looking at her compared to Chloe who was born early march (she just had her 2m appt this last week). she's about 12.5 lbs and 22" while Sarina is (at last check by me) 21.5" but *maybe* 9lbs (?). Chloe looks SO big! LOL!!
I've gotta go in town today to get some cat food, so am going to stop by the HD to get a weight check and see how heavy she is. not that she's that heavy. LOL I cant believe she'll be a month old this week! wow!! and *sniff* at the same time.

she's still in NB diapers, NB clothes (though some 0-3 will fit without falling off her).

I had to clip my nails off again yesterday and take off any rings with raised surfaces cause I kept catching her with them. had to clip her nails again too cause she kept scratching herself.

ok, gotta get dressed so we can go in town!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

 a slow morning. pretty much up at 5:30 with little miss. I'm going to have to change stuff up with her cause the past two nights haven't been good ones. I think she's snacking too much, especially come evenings and then isn't able to fill up well for bed. plus I need to up my water better. I've seriously slacked since delivering.

I think she's having a growth spurt as well. not much, but some. LOL her little belly is getting bigger it seems LOL plus she's stretching out some more or at least is keeping her legs stretched out more. still cant put her to sleep in a sleeper cause her legs both end up lost in the belly area

I think I forgot to mention she got a beautiful handmade quilt as a gift from one of the families dh works with. it has ABC print on one side and jungle animals on the other. I'm letting it be her tummy time blanket cause its so colorful.

hopefully going to go to church tomorrow. hopefully. it'd be nice to get a good sleep again before going. my mom wont be there since she'll be in Nashville, so I'll need all my wits to wrangle Garrett and sarina.

I'm sure there's more, but oh well. I'm just taking a short break cause there's popcorn in the kitchen that needs to be picked up.

Friday, May 02, 2008

it was supposed to be pretty warm today, but rain moved in and winds and it got kinda chilly :P
Sarina doesn't like her carseat. good thing she does like the pouch so I can put her in that as soon as we get to where we're going! I finally found her a swing today. its a quiet wind up kind, which is what I had been thinking of wanting (save on batteries). so its cool! and she took a good 30 min nap in it already
grocery getting was *fun* today. we made it tho.
had to pick up C from school around 10 cause he wasn't feeling well. there's been some sore throat crud going around. he's feeling better for now, has G outside playing (the rain quit)

Thursday, May 01, 2008


and to show her diva side, as soon as she's mad

and the pout