Wednesday, May 16, 2007


seems the 'before bed puking' was only the beginnging. Garrett did end up sleeping for me (woke around 4 to be held for a while before going back to sleep) but at 2, hunter woke puking, then about 20 minutes later C ran to the bathroom to do the same.
they played a tennis match doing the same thing the rest of the night/morning.
they're both now resting in recliners, I'll need to be steam cleaning the carpets and mattress where hunter didnt want to get up to go to the bathroom .
Garrett woke around 7 this morning and after a bit of wallering in the bed with me I got him some juice mix, but that quickly got rejected. he doused himself this time. and me again. and the bed. and the pillows.
I called my mom cause I wanted to see how katlyn was and turns out she woke around 4 this morning getting sick as well.
so all my babies, except gavin (big honkin' knock on wood) are sick. dont know what the culprit was either.
course I'm mostly worried about garrett since he's not eaten much of anything since sunday night. he had been able to keep down juice at least until today. :-( gotta watch him more closely now.
so, new plans for today? a lot of laying around and being lazy.

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Kimmy Jones said...

Sounds like the bug that's going around down here. It was awful and lasted about 5 days. We were very blessed that Jeff and Courtney did not catch it. It was miserable. :( I hope everyone gets well soon!