Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Fw: Figure it out if you can

1) Go to the link below. After reading each window click on
the boy in the lower right corner of the picture

2) In the last window type in your answer in the white box using the
keyboard (there is NO cursor). You will be amazed.. and no, I don't know
how it's done.

Monday, October 30, 2006


lots of new pics up! just click a pic to go see more!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


oh, funny Hunter story: I've been on the boys lately about not putting clean clothes in the dirty hamper. they have a BAD habit of going through clothes, having something on an hour then deciding to change-therefore putting the other clothes in the hamper. makes for a MOUNTAIN of laundry! (and one upset momma ). so Hunter has this one outfit (the one he's wearing in the pics above) with Tigger and yellow pants he likes. he'd actually worn it the 2nd day in the above pics *blush* but they didnt get dirty til yesterday when they went down to the campgrounds and played. well, this morning I told everyone to go get dressed after breakfast and Hunter comes out wearing the same outfit. I told him he really needed to put on something else cause the butt was dirty, as are the sleeves and that he was going to stink if he dindt put on some clean clothes. so he dropped his head and slowly made his way to his room. about a minute later he pokes his head out of the room and in a tear-filled voice exclaims "mommy, I wanna stink!"

my gosh, I had to turn my head to not laugh right at him!!!! LMBO!!! but of course gave in since we werent going anywhere today *blush*. at least I know the laundry wont be from HIM this week!! ROFL!!

this n that

its been a good day, nothing spectacular, but hey, everyone's happy and resting now and no one got hurt today. G was super cranky this afternoon. he either needs to take a good poop or cut a tooth. the first will be a big mess when it happens! ick!
I did get a lot of vacuuming done today though (since he always gets quiet when I do that. why couldnt it be when I'm eating a cookie?? LOL)
so I got both the kitchen and LR fans cleaned, the bathroom crevices cleaned, the air duct unit and all the crevices in the kitchen. go me! LOL! vacuumed the walls and everything since our fans run 24/7 really (tho the LR fan is off for now so that it'll be warmer in here during the day while its chilly outside) so the dust gets on the walls/ceilings.

made pasta salad, deviled eggs, burgers and fries, fresh cucumbers and broccoli for dinner. very filling!
dh came home in a good mood again. the job is going smooth so far, which is always a plus! he'll be working on saturday this week (which is good, gotta have that OT ya know!)
hoping to pay some more on bill #2 this weekend! its knocked down to $276.22 (started at $451.22 on 10-6) so I really want to keep the momentum going! put some more stuff up on ebay earlier this week, just waiting and hoping it can all sell!

I got more pics (I know ya'll gotta be tired of that LOL) but its funny. I got progression pics from tonight of G and his 'reverse engine' LOL!

Monday, October 23, 2006

just tidbits

evenin'! just put little bit to bed. he was way passed out from a milk induced sleep I sure hope he sleeps well tonight cause he didn't do much of it today at all! maybe 2 hrs of naps the whole dang day. ugh! he's alright most of the time, but he goes through some really cranky spells cause he's so tired. amazingly though, tonight he was great! its usually his worst time of the day for crankiness. he sat on daddy's lap through dinner, played in the saucer for over an hour while I got my shower and stuff, played on the floor for a while (though he did fuss for some of that cause he was hungry). ate really well for me, even eating all the peas I'd dished out for him, plus finishing off a thing of applesauce. (got a great pic of a 'pea face' ).
tomorrow, my big sis is supposed to come. she couldn't last week cause her youngest got sick and then passed it on to her. LOL! and my mom is picking up Landon for the day as well, so she'll come over when Sis is here cause Lisa's never seen Landon yet. I'll be getting my 'new' furniture tomorrow from her! WOO! I'm excited!!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

knees and toes...

evening ladies!

waiting to see if little G will stay asleep for me. I put him down early cause Hunter was giving me problems going to bed and G's been working on going to sleep for about half an hour. he's not cranky, just a bit whiney. paci'ed him again just a bit ago and its quiet so far.

we missed church today! G woke about 4:30 to eat and he was back in bed by 5:30 (I think I fell asleep on the couch sometime in there :lol: ) and I expected him to be up by 7ish, as his usual, but Katlyn brought him in at 9:20! :wow: course after nursing him, it was 9:40, so we'd only get an hour of service before driving back (20 minutes one way), so we stayed home with daddy. :)

I fixed eggs, biscuits, white gravy and ham for breakfast then we started on a great day of getting things done! most due to my wonderful hubby! :D

he recaulked a portion of the kitchen window that ants were finding a way in through (onto my counters! :yuck: ), then reinstalled a strip of moulding from the boys bedroom closet, then put up the kids towel bar (finally!) in their bathroom. my 'honey-do' list has been cut down a bit! :D

also got the kids on cleaning their rooms really well. especially K's room (my gosh!) course the reason being that Garrett will soon be mobile and this stuff has got to be up and staying off the floors! sure we can close doors, but they wont always be closed. K's room is the worst with all her little doll stuff. oy!

both rooms look respectable now though. and this is a good reason for them to be:

each day he gets better and better at getting up on all 4's! :eek: he rocks himself back and forth too. he can stay up on all 4's for probably a good 5 seconds right now. doesn't sound like long, but he gets it figured out more and more each time. I don't remember if any of the other kids were doing this this early. will have to look back!

he's also practicing his sitting:

its a terrible pic cause my leg is behind him there so its really close up. LOL! he's chewing on my finger too. he was quite the cranky-schmanky yesterday (as Naomi will know since I had to get off yahoo so fast with her. sorry girl!).

I can see his gums reshaping on the bottom-the top of them-to accommodate an upcoming tooth. I'm still sure its going to be his bottom left to come through first. just waiting for the morning when it'll actually pop through! some days he's fine and other times its like a bottle of Tylenol for both of us is what's needed! LOL!!!

.....still quiet in there.....

guess that's about it. I'm sure there's more I wanted to yak about, but I've forgot. :P

catching up!

sorry, I've missed some updates, so here are a few dated ones:

do want to post a funny I keep forgetting to tell about. G2 gets SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited when its eating time (nursing). he's kicking, squirming. grabbing at everything in front of him (namely my shirt/bra/boobs/etc ) and snorting, puffing, grunting like a little wild pig!
cracks me up every time!!


its been a good day, just gorgeous outside! course tomorrow will be back to the norm. *boo!* my mom watched the kids while I took Garrett and Canaan for their checks. we stopped at BK beforehand for lunch.
G showed off his raspberry skills to the staff there. constantly! everybody got a good pppppppbbbbbbbbbbtttt!!!!! LOL!! the nurse had to chase his head down 5 times to get his measure and he totally destroyed the crinkly paper on the table cause he loved the sound it made so much! when the dr was trying to check his lungs from the back, she was holding him and he was going everywhere! she said "boy, he doesnt like to be still, does he?"
he was very ticked off at his 4 shots, but quickly calmed when he started being fed again. (I think he was more upset at being interupted while eating LOL)
Canaan did well too. he had to get 2 shots today cause the health dept never noted on his shot record if he got his last MMR, so he got that and his tetnus booster.
Canaan is 129 lbs and 5'2" (only 3" shorter than me now! *eek!!*). she said he's perfectly proportioned in weight/height. he's over the 97% in both, just as he's always been. at least he's consistent. the dr liked that he was able to answer all the questions readily, like give lists of subjects he likes and stuff. he even told her how I limit their tv and video game time. she's positive that he'll out grow me during this year as well. *sniff* I used to joke that he'd do it at 10 yrs old, so I wasn't off but a year. still...*double sniff!*
Garrett the wiggly worm was 17.15 lbs (just couldnt break that 18 mark ) and 27", HC is 17". he's got a small head for his size. hopefully it'll all even up for him later. LOL! said he looks perfect and definitely had no mobility problems

after the dr, I took us through McDs to get C a milkshake and me a cone as a treat. and we took the backroads home cause as we came down, seen the interstate was backed up more than 4 miles due to repaving. so we went backroads and hit the city park in Springfield. awesome place! they have like 200 ducks there! LOL! great play equipment too. and yes, I got pics! hehe! we stayed there for probably an hour and a half, then headed to my moms where we stayed til about 6 or after.
the kids had played outside and been down to the creek with my mom too.

we had leftovers/hot dogs and soups for dinner. good thing cause I had no feeling to cook at all! we watched the playoffs again and CSI.

Garrett was fussy getting down (its taken me forever to get this done!) but hopefully he'll do well tonight. I know his legs are tender, but I gave him some more tylenol before bed.

all pics here are clickable to make them larger.

in the dr office, both waiting to get a check up.

checking his ears and eyes

his 2nd shot

at the park, wishing we had some bread to feed the ducks!

swinging and playing!

cool zip-line they had. even I got in on that one! hehe!


I was going to comment that his spitting up had greatly improved since the beginning of the month, which it has, but of course since yesterday he's spit up all over the place. LOL! figures! oh well.
watching him 'airplane' on the floor now and push himself backwards. Canaan thinks the airplaning is funny cause he thinks he's like superman.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

saturday stuff

my baby will be home tomorrow! ok, so he's 11, but he's still my baby. I hope he's having a good time, must be good enough to not call mommy the whole time. hrmp, grow up way too fast! oh well, I'll hear aaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll about it for the whole week and will likely be bonkers before he quits. LOL!
we had a good day today. fixed a big breakfast for everyone and just after lunch we headed down to nashville (dh driving of course) to see some of his mom's relatives he's never met. they were both older couples, in their 70's and loved talking about family! it was great though cause dh has had basically no knowledge of his moms side since she passed away when he was 17. it was good for him and he enjoyed it. he also got a really old pic of his grandpa as a baby. they took a bunch of pics, but I forgot our camera, so she's sending me copies of what they took.

oh, speaking of pics, I stopped in to get our family pics today, but there was a white line running down the side of ALL the pics! wouldnt have been so bad, but it was right through Gavin's face in the group pic. so she's sending them all back for a reprint. *sigh* 4-6 weeks! ugh. she did give me 2 3x5's though cause I wanted to take those to the relatives today. the smaller ones the white line isnt hard to tell, but the 8x10 and up are quite noticeable! (dang it!) they turned out really well otherwise! (seeing if I can bring them up online now..

all the kids did SO well while visiting today! they made us proud! nothing like worrying how they'll be in a new house that is NOT kid-proofed.

well poop, they dont show the pics online, just the post #'s. sheesh! they did have 3x5's of all the kids poses today with a special price. I want to get them when they come back in if I have the $. they really turned out so well. I hate not getting them. but we'll see. perhaps I'll get a better deal since they had to reprint... hmmmmmm...... nothing like hounding them for a bargain.

church and a shop for tomorrow. and I'd like to get my hair colored. I think I'm pretty rough looking. waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much gray showing up there!! yuck!!