Sunday, February 26, 2006

25 weeks!

belly pic page is also updated!
Do you realize only 2 more weeks til third trimester?! *eek*

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

weight issues

I'm getting more worried about my weight gain. (I know, same ol' story!) but reading through my journals of previous pgs, with H I gained a total of 22 lbs -8.11 lb baby-, with G a total of 18 lbs -8.2 lb baby-, with Katlyn 8 lbs -7.5 lb baby-, with C 32 lbs -10 lb baby. see a correlation in weight to baby size? I'm already up 15 so far with @ 15 weeks to go! (geez, that does NOT seem like long!) I just don't wanna pop out another 10 lber. I know it'd be easier this time, but still!
baby is seriously taking up much room in there. I know he's a floater though, so that helps me think he's not huge already. LOL! I have NO cervical pain, just hip pain, round ligament pain and small stomach to food ratio ( )and hard breathing. I've gotta get better on my meal sizing. I did better last night, but was still too full after just a grill cheese and a helping of mac & cheese (plugged up anyone? ) and a glass of apple juice. I was miserable!
for breakfast I had two pancakes and a glass of milk and I think I'm good til around 3 or later today. :P

I also think baby is almost transverse right now. I know he's sunny side up, but with the way the kicks and pokes are going, I'm thinking he's cradled in there instead of head down. I know, no worries, plenty of time and all, it just does worry me a bit. LOL!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

6 months!

6 months/24 weeks!
I updated my belly pic page on geocities:
we watched Just Like Heaven (liked it!!) and Red Eye (cool!) tonight. both were really good movies!

earlier my brother called up and then I heard the whole house singing Happy Birthday to me! even the dog started singing in! : too cute!

6 months!

What your baby looks like at six months

By six months (24 weeks), you should have started to feel your baby moving. She's still long and lean but will soon start to put on some baby fat. Her facial features — lips, eyebrows, eyelids — are more distinct and her teeth are starting to develop under her gums.

my birthday!

I've had a good day, took today to celebrate my bday since mom could watch the kids for us and it was a happy day! have pics to post too at the end.

started out with dh going to get Canaan signed up for baseball! dh will be an assistant coach this year again and he's looking forward to the new team (last years coach totally sucked eggs) so we switched teams, moved up and hope for a much better year!
about 1 we took the kids to my moms. we had snow last night, which wasn't much, but without getting out of the 20's today it made the roads kinda bad for most of the morning... so dh did all the driving.
headed off to the next city cause I was hungry for some Outback!! well, they didn't open till 3, so we went to Sams club and walked around (not members, so just browsing) found some good deals of course.
we got back to OB about 2:45 and waited. nothing like being one of the first in! hehe! we weren't the first IN the building, but with dh's finagling, we were the first to be seated!
we got the blooming onion and I got the outback special. I just love their steaks. my gosh!
the waitress brought us out a big ol hot fudge sundae at the end too for my bday.
it was all so good. my gosh, I'm embarrassed to say I ate so much, but I cleaned my plate... and my salad bowl, and about a half loaf of their bread and probably half that bloomin onion! plus about 3 or 4 Dr. Peppers!
in ALL seriousness, you know how when you drink, it doesn't hit till you stand up? well, none of this all hit till I stood up! I couldn't take a full breath!!! : OMGOsh, it was pitiful! I felt like I had a concrete block in half my belly trying to breathe around it! I was so miserable... but it all tasted so good! hehe!!
we went to the mall afterwards cause dh was wanting to find a pair of shoes (which he never found what he wanted) and I was literally holding my tummy with my hands cupped under it cause I was SO dang FULL! awful, pitiful. go into the restaurant looking 6 months pg, come out looking like it birth time!!!
while there we met some people we knew, including brother and SIL. we swapped belly stories of the day and relaxed while the menfolk did their magazine rounds.
at JCP I found a nice clearance on winter maternity! got me two tops for 3.77 each (will post pics).

after being in there till after 6 we headed home. I was beat and food was finally settling ( LOL).

we got to my moms around 7 or so and she gave me my bday pressie! she got me the Kecci bag I've been drooling over!! (got a pic!) its so pretty!! and much bigger than I thought! I was worried it'd be a mini diaper bag, but nope, lots of space without being huge! I love it! my first designer bag (would know it'd be a diaper bag ) and I'm thrilled!

um, lets see..

oh, played on moms internet (since she has DSL) and finally found dh a new ringtone for his new phone. (he HAD to switch phones today cause his antenna broke on the old one.) and he got Raiders of the Lost Ark. just his style. hehe!

Canaan got back from Louisville after we got to moms. they had a safe trip, though they seen many accidents along the way! (icy roads and all that). his favorite thing is that he saw Big Tom and Kentucky Joe from Survivor there and got their autographs. he called me up to tell me that earlier today. he was SO excited. LOL!

oh, I got several bday cards in the mail today too! woo!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

show off

baby S has been showing off tonight. I put my cell phone on my belly and we watched it bounce around for quite a long time. :)
Dh is ask tonight "are we stopping at 5?" out of the blue. LOL! I told him I'm only half of the team, he makes deposits, I do the savings. LMBO!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

23 week dr. appt and then some

appt went well today. kids got to hear the h/b thumping away and baby kept squirming away from the dr. and no, only one h/b found.. course he only listened in one spot. LOL!
BP was 109/63 and I've gained 3 lbs. I knew there'd be weight gain this time. LOL!
I told the dr. I feel like baby or I had a growth spurt this week and he laughed at me.
he measured my belly for the first time and he didn't tell me the number, but I asked if it was 'on target' and he nodded.

baby woke around 5:30 this morning with dh and kept me awake for about an hour. he was playing all over the place. I actually had my first 'bad sleep night' last night. couldn't get comfy for anything. my belly felt so heavy all night. I thought I lost my knee pillow once, but discovered I'd put it under my head at some point.

I did go ahead and get Hunter's new carseat today. I got this one

the padding in the seat was more than the evenflo big kid seat and they're the same price. I went ahead and set him up in the back seat with Gav. they didn't have the half booster like the pic above for gav, so I just took off his front bar on the one he has now and will let him use it that way. course I know h will likely still sit in the middle at times before baby gets here, but they're set up now. katlyn said she'll sit by baby.

also stopped at Cares while in Portland and found 7 diaper covers a cute burp towel, a hooded bunny terry cloth baby towel, a cute baby gown and a bug holder... uh, its a little plastic bug home that the kids can catch them in and they can live a while and the kids can observe.
I did find an adorable crib bumper there. it had turtles, frogs and stuff on a mint green/light blue background. it was only $2, but I hadn't gone to the bank yet and they only take cash. tomorrow is quarter day on clothes so I *may* go back down and see if they still have it. may.... not sure. perhaps wait till Friday. LOL!

oh, my mom asked this morning if Robert was planning on anything special for my birthday. we usually just go out to dinner, so she may watch the kids for me on Saturday perhaps. Canaan will be gone with papaw to the tractor pull that day anyway, so mom will be by herself.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day

sorry I've been MIA from my own journal, nothing really to post about I guess. LOL!
I did get a beautiful V-day card and a dozen pink roses from hubby tonight. he got each of the kids their own mini heart box of candy too. I made each of the kids a valentine today and put their Reese's cups in them. they loved that of course. I also made dh's and I got him some beef jerky! he's not a candy person, but he loves that stuff. since we had dinner out this past weekend I didn't bother with a fancy dinner... we had Krystals.
we were just going to eat at the homeschool meeting, but hubby was hungry as soon as he got home, and I didn't have anything fixed. oh well. ;-)
he brought the two small boys home with him and me and the big kids went to the meeting to hang out. got a field trip on the 27th for the corvette museum and corvette plant. (FYI, any KY residents can get into the museum during Feb for only $1).
Tomorrow is my next OB appt. I've nearly forgot it, good thing it's written on several calendars! LOL!
I'm worried about what the scales will say THIS month cause even by my scales I've put on about 3 lbs this past week. I seriously think baby is having a growth spurt cause in the last 3 days I feel like my tummy has just stretched terribly! I feel HUGE now! one of the ladies at the HS meeting said I finally look pg! LOL! I told her she was nuts cause I've looked like that since I was 8 weeks.

I did get to hold a good friends baby at the meeting tonight. he's @5 months old and just a happy little fella. I actually got him to sleep. I love how they hold on to your neckline when they go to sleep in your arms. so sweet! got me some practice in too, let me know I've still "got it".
and ok, can I have a mini-freak phase for a bit? My bday is coming up on Sunday and *gasp* I'll be 33! Daddy was asking the kids how old I was going to be on Sunday and after all the numbers being thrown around (Katlyn knew for sure), Gavin says "you'll be 58 mommy!" *ACK! bop that kid on the head!! LMAO* I told him that'd be a miracle cause I'd be almost 9 years older than my mom! LOL!! I don't guess I'm freaking TOO bad... since its not here yet (I can deny all I want, yes?) but man, I much rather see the kids bdays than to see my own calendar tick like that. LOL!

oh, dh is still convinced we have a twin hiding out in my belly. and its a girl. LOL! course with how I look right now, I'd sure have the room! I swear I've had a major growth spurt! I told him if the dr. picks up two heartbeats tomorrow, I'll let him know. hehe! Course he'd have a fainting spell most likely if I told him we did find two. LOL!!

ok, I've blabbed, now off to visit for a bit! :-D

Monday, February 13, 2006


I've been so tired the past few days. I think the baby is going through a growth spurt cause I'm feeling like my belly is popping out so much. Could I be going through the same spurt with him and its making me tired?
I took a 3 hour nap on Saturday and a couple hour nap today. I've not had to take a nap since my first tri (or at least closer to the beginning of my second tri).

I feel HUGE tonight. :P nothing like feeling pumpkinish.

I must say baby is laid back. I don't get bombarded by kung fu karate kicks and hits often during the day. its usually if I squish him that he takes exception to being bundled up and promptly gets those little arms and legs flailing out to make me move. :)

I'm 23 weeks now and man, that's on the verge of 6 months! where'd it go?

in some great news, an OL friend of mine has found out, as of yesterday, that she's pg again. her first 2 pgs ended in early miscarriage, so she's terribly worried and on edge, but so happy that they were surprised like this and is praying baby will stay with them. I pray so too! they have so much love to offer. :)

Saturday, February 11, 2006

23 week belly pic!

clicking will enlarge. :)

snow pics from this morning!

Looking out our windows:

Friday, February 10, 2006

update finally

sorry I've been so MIA this week. hanging with the kids and just not feeling like a puter girl. :P katlyn was also sick the past two days with a fever yesterday, so I stayed by her side. she's fever free (last I checked) today, so she's much happier about that.

let's see, nothing much going on really. I did get some belly shots today finally. missed last week cause I was planning on those beautiful Kate-shots *pout*. so maybe you'll see some expansion from the last pic now. LOL!

baby is doing fine, I must say he's a quiet baby. not that he never moves, but often than not, I forget I have a wiggler in there till I lean forward or something and he doesn't like it and proceeds to poke and prod his aggravation. he does have certain wake up times, early morning, late night are the most notable, especially late night.

its supposed to come a winter wonderland this evening! we're under a winter storm watch for it. I'm really hoping my brother will go ahead and get on over so I can get the shopping and stuff done. not that I've got much to do, but I don't want to be out till 4 today. :P

oh, in a couple of hilarious things that happened here this week:

a couple days ago, Hunter got in trouble and was sent to bed for a nap. well, he's a VERY dramatic child, everything is crying/wailing and rubbing the eyes like he's trying to make them fall out ( ) and stuff like that. well, after being put to bed, the wailing gets louder... and louder (now, this is normal since he's just feeling really put out and mad that he was put to bed LOL, but this was getting on my nerves). so I go to the door (which I can hear him right behind) and open it and he's standing there holding himself, bouncing-hopping back and forth on each foot and hollers "I GOTTA GO PEE PEE!!" which of course sends all the other kids into fits of rolling laughter.
afterwards Gavin and Canaan were both doing a pee pee dance for more laughs. silly kids!

then night before last, we were online looking for ringtones for dh's new cellphone. one of them was "angry cat" (we'd gotten bored so were looking through all the silly stuff). so I played it then all of a sudden Robert starts laughing his head off! I look at him like he's crazy and ask what's up and he says Twinkie came tearing out from under my desk all puffed up like a pineapple and ran into the other room! so we look to find her and she's coming back in to us, eyes as big as grapefruits and sure enough, hair raised all over looking like a Halloween cat! : I played it again and again (oh, I'm such a torturer) and she kept running around hissing at everyone and nothing, puffed up and wide-eyed, ready to fight the unknown cat! Cassie went and hid under the other computer desk, peeking out every now and then to see if it was safe. I was laughing so hard I was crying!! I told Robert it'd be worth downloading that just to watch the cats go nuts.