Thursday, May 10, 2007


so HUGE news on Garrett! I decided tonight, since he's set on holding someone's finger to walk, to just get a washcloth and see if he'd hold onto that. once I showed him what I was doing, he was ALL for it. he started RUNNING through the house! :-D yes, I'm holding one end of the washcloth, he's got the other, but its enough 'safety' for him to take off. nutty kid! reminds me SO much of Katlyn cause she was the SAME way.

we were chasing the kitty (now he's worked up to saying "gi gi" with a hard G sound), "kicking" the ball (basically walking it around the floor by bopping it with his feet), went to find daddy on one end of the house, snooping in our closet to find the scales, found katlyn and hunter on the other end of the house. him laughing the whole time cause he's so proud of himself.
plenty of times I secretly let go of the washrag and he kept on going, toddling along about his business.

and forgot to mention, my mom took all the kids down to the creek to play today. she said Garrett took off into the water right away. *splash splash* and crawled around to enjoy it. got a pic she took for me on my phone that I'll DL later.


Anonymous said...

I love knowing I can keep up with you guys!!

I'll have to try that washcloth trick. Is G free walking yet??

Kimmy Jones said...

I can't believe he's walking. Good grief how time flies.