Friday, June 29, 2007

soccer mom starts again!

soccer practice went well. it rained the whole entire time we were there.  and yes, they practiced in the rain. it was a slow steady rain, no lightening (except one flash I seen when we first got there) and no thunder. I did take my chair and umbrella though, thank goodness, but of course C and K were soaked to the bone afterwards.
The coach complimented Katlyn on her 'inner right kick' (?) saying she was really good at it. said he didnt expect any of the kids to know it, but she was really good and to keep it up!  there's mostly girls too (2 kids didnt show, total of 10 team members and 3 today were boys) and it looks like she already picked up at least one friend today.  plus in really good news, my good friend who lives up the road (but stays so dang busy) has her oldest son on the team with us!  so I'll get in a bunch of blabbing time it seems!

took the kids to taco bell afterwards. we were all freezing though cause of being wet.  then got some gas in the little car (drove dh's little ford focus), then to walmart for burritos and cat food and piddled around for a while. tried to find K some black shorts, but could NOT find any in her size.  even checked the boys department. so we went to dollar store and got her some cotton ones we found.

then to moms to get the 3 youngest.

it was bed time when we got home, so C and K grabbed quick showers and everyone is sleeping now. G was more than ready to pass out for me!

tomorrow I guess I'll go to sams. nothing else to do but hang out here. :P I get so bored when dh isnt here. even if we hang out at the house it doesnt feel as boring if he's here! 

Thursday, June 28, 2007


I sure didn't want to come off sounding like I was putting her or her situation down. I truly feel for her and like another friend of mine said, hope that she does get her children somehow, either by adopting, fostering, surrogacy or a miracle that she has her own children. there are so many options today to give people hope, without putting down other families.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

zoom zoom!

in happy normal news:
garrett is so wired tonight! just in the 2 hrs that daddy and C were
gone, he's pulled a ton of books off the kids shelves, pulled out my box
of lids (3x's), got in the trash several times (til I turned it
backwards and he couldnt figure how to open it), pulled games off the
entertainment shelf, climbed the couch and wallered all over it, tried
to get on *top * of the couch (and was only a few inches shy when I
grabbed my cam and he flopped down), pulled out the puzzles by the
couch, turned the tv off/on about 7 times (and got in trouble each time
to which he laughed... little booger), played in the game systems,
played tag with gav and H around the living room, ate again and had
another sippy, pulled the keyboard and mouse off the kids desk, knocked
over a kitchen chair, been all over the house wherever the boys went to
and he's not stopping yet! he's in there bugging C for the remote right
now. that boy needs his plug pulled! LOL!!

Don't Even!

I wasn't going to post this, but I just need to make something clear:
I am EVER so THANKFUL for EVERY single one of our kids! Not a SINGLE one of our children were "accidents" and not a single one of them were EVER thought of as "too much" or not wanted!

We have been through our share of heartache trying to have children. We have spent YEARS trying to conceive during our parenthood. We've lost 2 babies on that journey and they STILL mean so much to me, a part of my heart that will always be there. I think of them on their "birthdays", wondering who they'd look like or what their personality would be.

I have many friends in real life and online who either have fertility problems, lost babies, genetic problems, or have been told they can't have children. I've been there to hug them or pray for them and I do mean every bit of what I feel. I pray so much that every couple/person that wants a child could be blessed with them. It grieves my heart that those that want children sometimes can't have them and too many times, people that don't want them do.

BUT, don't you DARE come into MY "house" and tell me this:
"Please forgive me for being so bitter.
For those of us who are unable to be blessed w/the joy of a child, it hurts deeply to see what you've been given.
After 4 miscarriages & being told that you'll never be able to conceive....think about what this does to women like myself. I wasn't looking for your site..I just stumbled upon it. Forgive me."

You don't know me, you don't know my family or my history. You have NO idea what we have been through or how we feel. We do NOT take the fact that we've been so wonderfully blessed lightly. I thank God ALL the time for my kids and my husband and family, they are my world and without them my world would be dark.

I do forgive you, but I think you should look into your heart. I know that feeling of wanting a child so bad it hurts and to cry every day and want to scream your frustration at a system that lets innocent children be hurt by negligent parents. I was there when we first started trying, it was a long 14 months that first time and the subsequent times it didn't feel any different. And no, I don't say that to make light of your situation, at all!

I think I'm a good mom, and my husband a good father (actually, I'd say GREAT, but that's IMO). We love ALL of our children with all our hearts and our children are happy! They are well provided for and we give them all the 'perks' we can. We don't abuse our kids EVER and I think they'll grow up with GREAT memories of their childhood.

So YOU should forgive yourself for being bitter of a family that is doing their BEST for their kids! YOU should forgive yourself for begrudging someone else a blessing! YOU should forgive yourself for EVER thinking bad thoughts on another family that LOVES their children, no matter your situation.

Yes, children are a blessing and a bigger blessing are those children who are born into a home where they get all the love, hugs and education they could ever want. You should be thankful for that and be hurt by the many instances where children are left to hurt and a need for love.

DON'T try to make me feel bad for my blessings, EVER!!

just everyday normal stuff

my FIL came in last night. he's leaving out today after he gets some
business done in town to go to Ohio. Katlyn went in with him.
My mom is coming to watch the boys today while C and I take Garrett to
the HD. I'll also go pay off one bill and smack a big payment on another
while in town.
oh, my A/C in the van has been working great lately! I'm hoping all it
needed was a recharge in freon (?) to make it work well. I really don't
want to have to take it in for them to work on it all day to find a
leak. it costs more for the labor than anything. :P
dh goes out of town on Thursday til mid next week. *pout* but it'll be
good money, so I cant complain too much. I think we'll make a trip to
see my Sis during that time to relieve some boredom.
Canaan is out mowing the yard this morning! finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank
God for rain so he can get that ugly stuff mowed off!!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

kids are SO funny!

so just put G down a bit ago. think I'll try to hit the hay earlier tonight cause my eyeballs feel like they need it.

had a FUNNY Hunter comment though. tonight while fixing dinner, he was helping me with the taters. he'd count them while I peeled ("I took one away, how many do you have left?") and finally after all were done and I'd sliced them up, I told him "Now I'll cook them and we can eat those boogers!" to which he replied "no, just the taters." TOO funny!!!

and tonight G filled his diaper with stinktacular stink again and K and Gavin were sure it was Hunter. they came running to me saying "Hunter's underwear stinks!" "he's got dirty pants!" and poor Hunter is looking perplexed cause he's not even been to the potty in the past while. so I ask him "is your underwear dirty?" he shakes his head no and says "no, they're still clean." well, G toddles up to me then and yeah, there's the skunk in the house!  so I pick him up to go change him and K and G1 are whooping it up in the living room about how Hunter stinks. so I tell them its the baby, not hunter. ...
after changing him I come back out and get ready to fold some laundry. the kids are still whooping it up in the living room, saying the carpet stinks, the couch stinks and everything. (turns out G scrubbed some of the poopy smell into the carpets  :-D ) so gavin, being the investigative person he is, sticks his nose in the carpet and proclaims in a great theatrics "ITS A TERD!!!!!!!!!!" to which sets off a whole 30 minute chase around the living room of It. the IT being the one that "smelled" like a terd! they were laughing so hard they wore themselves out!  course Garrett just sat/stood and watched it all, amazed at them all. LOL!!

monday shmunday

the kids and I are working on cleaning the house (ok, so my butt is sitting for a bit, but we have been ). kitty boxes changed, animals fed, clothes put up, dishes done, kitchen swept, trash out, toys picked up, half the bookcase put BACK on the bookcase, breakfast and all that good stuff.

still need to do our exercises (the kids and I are doing "Abs of Steel" in the mornings. :-D

I got a ton done on Garrett's first year picture video last night. I dont know how my mom does this stuff for a living.  my butt gets tired and my wrist starts flaring up some carpel tunnel after a while. I'm hoping it turns out well though. I've already got Hunter's done and I want to have them both done before August to burn off and give as gifts for the grandpas (who both have bdays then).
then I'd like to do one of dh and I to cover our 15 years together (14 married).
I'd like to have one of C and K, but I'm not about to do it from birth cause then I'd have to scan all the pics in. bleh! too lazy for that.  but I may do them one from the start of when I got a digital camera (2000) and go from there.

practice again today, I think at 6. I've already planned what we'll have for dinner (go me!) meatloaf, mashed taters, green beans, and mac and cheese. time for a good dinner around here!

Friday, June 22, 2007

friday finds

we did find some great deals today while out! the best snag was the last one where it was $1 for a bag of clothes! I've got Katlyn a whole new wardrobe for fall/winter and even some summer stuff! most of it is name brand items too, she's finally got a new stash of jeans to wear (Mudd, Aero, etc) and she's wearing a size 3 in misses! I spent $2 on clothes for her and came out with like 5 pair of jeans and 10 tops! go me, go me!
while there, I also found a GREAT wooden train set for Hunter!! got it for $1 and it has 2 trains w/ magnetic cars, tons of track and bridges, trees, signage and other stuff with it. I'm going to save that for his bday next month. he was sneaking in my room and once even got into the box and said "look mom! I found the train!" little booger. hopefully he'll 'forget' and be surprised for his bday.

got K signed up for soccer this week. it was $55. *sigh* and that doesnt even include the shorts for their uniforms. the county needs to find a new place to get their stuff from! but anyway, her first practice will be probably july 9th and games will start about the 22nd. thankfully she can wear the cleats that C outgrew from last year, so she has shoes to play in.
the bad thing is that to do this, Robert told me to use his spending money since he was going out of town this week, we'll, they moved it back to thursday now he said tonight. that means he'll be needing more money to get through the week. dang it.

canaan had a good batting practice today. they were inside a building, so no need to worry about the heat! but he has a scrimmage tomorrow morning at 9 am. thankfully daddy is off work tomorrow (though works sunday) and he'll take him to that.

in cute Garrett news, tonight dh was hugging on me while sitting at the kitchen table and G comes up to pat daddy on the arm (he loves daddy!). so dh looks over and says "my momma!" G laughs and says "mama!" dh repeats "no, MY momma!" and G says (laughing) "mama!" repeat this a few times. so cute!

and I think he said "that" today a couple times. I'll have to keep an ear out on that one.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

yesterdays news.. year check up and all that stuff :)

its been a good day. we got some much needed rain again! but its supposed to trail out til a small chance this weekend.
mom took gavin, H and K with her today so it was just C, G and I to the dr.
uneventful appt. everything looks good. he toddled around the waiting room and exam room, impressing the dr. then showed his silliness by crawling into the wall and repeatedly bopping his head.
the funniest thing was him discovering the dr's chair. oooooooooooooo! it moves! he'd been having a great time pushing it around the room until the dr came in and sat on it.
he walked to me for some 'shy time' (which lasted about 30 seconds) then he walked over to the chair, plopped down and started pushing her around! it freaked her out (he shook her back and forth about 2 inches both ways several times. she's not a small woman either, about 6' and not thinly built). she exclaimed he was a 'strong boy!' and then planted her feet really well to keep him from moving her.
... which really ticked him off and set him off hollering and turning red trying to move the chair again. she asked if he was trying to poop! LMBO!!! (funny how that got her an 'are you nuts, cant you tell I'm mad' kind of look from G )
he only got 2 vacs. we passed on the Hep A, didnt see the need.
she said he's doing great with his vocab (he says Mama, Dada, Bubba, Kiki, UhOh and Awwwwwwww and today started saying Gone) and he recognizes people/words but doesnt point, but will look at the person/thing you mention (like the kitty, ball, mama, turns when you say his name, etc.)

his stats are 32 1/2" long, 23.7 lbs and 18.5" head. (height over 95%, weight 60ish%) I'm thinking their scales are a bit off though.  he'll be seeing a local dr next week and I'll see what they weigh him at and will do an average of both weights to log in his baby book for his official one year weight (I'm so anal about correct numbers LOL!). I just dont see that he's the lightest of all 5 kids (by over a pound). plus the last time we were there, they put him on the scales twice and got two different readings (its a digital scale), and there was about a 2 lb difference between their scales and the ones at the local dr. so we'll see what the difference is in that. of course he feels like 50 lbs when carrying.

I had to take back one of his 24m birthday outfits to walmart today. it had no growing room at all! and of course the 24m was the biggest size they sold in that style :( (a baseball outfit), so I found some snack bowls and will hold the rest to put towards the new stroller I'm still searching for! (unless I find something else he needs before then. hehe)

speaking of the climbing monkey, I'm going to have to lower his bed all the way down. the crib has about 7 levels and I put it down to like 2 up from the bottom back when I first lowered the mattress. well, when I got him the other morning, he was trying his darndest to hold on to the rail in the corner and push up with his feet on the adjoining corner rails to get up and over! he had some of his upper body up on the railing when I walked in! its either that or make him wear socks to bed so he cant get traction!

C had award presentations tonight after the last tourney game.
he got picked for All Stars again! and the best news is that it'll be held in the next town (basically a local tourney) so no big driving or hotel fees!! WOO!!) but the 'bleh' news is all the dang practices. starting tomorrow its every day (maybe not sunday, I hope) for at least 2 hrs each day, if not more. dh can at least bring him home, but I'll have to drop him off. their first games will be July 8, 9, 10, 11.
C was very glad to be picked for it again, he was the 3rd pick out of 13!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

one year ago...

The labor and birth of my dreams! perfect could easily describe this no-meds labor with only 15 minutes of pain. yep, he made it nice for mama. :)

Happy 1st Birthday Garrett!!

its been a GREAT year with him, he really is a true joy in every way and I'm so blessed to have him added to our family!
not much going on today really. after church we went to have some chinese food and while feeding G some ice cream we sang Happy Birthday to him. course he looked at us funny then started clapping afterwards saying "yay!"
he's napping now, great thing to do on such a HOT day!
for now, I'm going to reminisce a bit and go back to the days when I didnt know I was pg and my JB's convinced me to take a test! after 2 long years of TTC this little guy, he snuck in on us unexpectedly! he was a sneaky one!
we've had a good day. it was SO dang hot outside. these 90s are torture when you get no rain to help the ground and plants.
I'm not even letting the kids get on the slip n slide right now cause the 3 places where its been have just wiped the grass right out of the ground cause the stuff is so dry it has nothing to hold onto. so we've got big bald places in the yard, much less the crunchy grass that's high enough to tickle my knees. (ok, not really my knees, but it looks like it. ) even the clover is dieing now and the yard looks ugly.
we did play some air hockey today though (gavin beat me once and I beat C 3 or 4 times :-D )
G and I took a 2 hr nap this afternoon about lunch. he kept me up late and woke about 7:30 so I was tired. probably a repeat tonight I guess. :P

C had his first play off game and they won! 12-3! they'll play again on monday evening. I had to leave early cause it was just too hot to sit out there with G. even with our huge beach umbrella for shade it was awful. we left after dh arrived and I took the 3 youngest to walmart (K stayed at the park). we found dh 2 tees (one w/ his fav saying "nothing to prove") and I found me a pj set in pirate theme on clearance

Monday, June 11, 2007

to do list

I'll be taking gavin to the dr at 1:30 today for his poison ivy shot. he
keeps spreading it to other places and I'm ready to be done with it
before he spreads it to another kid!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

almost here!

ok, the only things left on my list are to:
frost the cakes
wrap the gifts
make dirt cups

I'll be getting pics of everything tomorrow as I can. we'll have plenty of food for everyone and they better all come hungry! LOL!!
I patted out about 18 burgers today, skewered about 20 kabobs tonight (some all shrimp, some shrimp/chicken/pineapple), got the ranch dip made, sliced the kiwi (4 lbs worth!), 2 lbs of strawberries, and have 2 lbs of grape tomatoes and also red seedless grapes and a pound of cubed sharp cheddar cheese.
plus we'll have tater salad, chips/crackers, hot dogs, little smokies, bratz and of course cake and ice cream!

got the gift bags made up today, hope the other 2 girls that katlyn invited get to come. (they said they would).

katlyn, cousin heather and friend dana are here tonight, along with G. the other boys stayed wtih my mom (woo!). the girls are still awake, but they'll be going to bed when I'm done with this. I'd told them they could stay up as long as they wanted, as long as they were quiet... well, dana is one that cant keep quiet. :-D I can hear her all the way in here at my desk, so they'll have to call it a night to make sure the baby sleeps. (the girls are camping out in the boys room and G is in his bed).

I'm really excited about tomorrow. I think I'll start on the cakes first thing (well, may do the other 2 things first, we'll see...) but it looks like it should go pretty easy tomorrow.
all this working my butt off should pay off!

oh, big G news! he's cutting another tooth! its his bottom left canine. go figure! he'll have a big gap between his two bottom teeth and that one. a little vampire. the other side isnt showing like the left is, so he'll be crooked for a while too. cute!

AND he's got a new tantrum he does. he gets mad, flops down on his butt and proceeds to push himself around with his feet in circles until he flops on the floor! I call it his Curly Shuffle. we all crack up watching him do it and dh says I need to get it on video (which I will!)

ok, off to shoo some girls to bed and hit the sack myself! *yawn!!*
see ya'll on the flip side!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Happy Birthday K!

happy 10th birthday Katlyn! we love you baby girl!
make a wish!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Happy Birthday

to our little princess! She turns 10 years old today. *sniff*
I cant believe she's been with us for a decade already.
she's our Baby Girl and we love her!

Happy Birthday Katlyn!

so far...

ok, so far today:

Garrett slept til 6:30!
came to bed with me and we slept off and on til 8 or so.
boys have brought in all their dirty laundry (Lord help me).
have the first huge load in the washer about done.
folded clothes from the dryer.
K and I cleaned both litter boxes.
dishes are washing.
breakfast is eaten.
Garrett can stand up out of his high chair.
Garrett stole some PB crackers off the kitchen table as a snack.
Tom cat came up on the porch and tried to hurt the kitten.
Garrett is now looking for more crackers on the table.
K got a Birthday call from TRU.
K decided to have brownies today as a Bday treat (no cake since we'll
have it saturday)

Monday, June 04, 2007

busy, just busy!

I dont think I'll be on much this week since we'll be getting ready for the weekend. got to do a bunch of house cleaning and stuff, plus running.
we were out today for 2 shops and I'll need to go back in tomorrow to take back movies and pick up a bday gift for a party C is going to on wednesday night. he's staying that night with them and I'll go pick him up thursday, plus will probably go to Sams on that day to get the fruits for the party and stuff. friday will be the usual banking/food getting and saturday is the party.
I'm supposed to clean the house in the midst of this? oy.

worked on laundry today, got 2 loads done. wow. this week will be interesting. yep.

I did get my hair colored last night, so at least now I look decent. and yeah, just bought the $3 stuff to tide me over. I used a golden brown color to avoid any ugly shocking color that might erupt.

we also stopped at the $ store yesterday. I found a perfect platter to go with the party theme for $2 and some stuff for grab bags for boys. we'll be having 6 girls/6 boys. got the girlie stuff, needed the boys!

yesterday was also my nephew landon's bday party. it was good. got lots of pics of course. landon is such a cutie! he's so funny to watch dance! he'll shrug his shoulders up to his jaw and shake his butt.
will post some pics from that later.

today I stopped by Cares after my shops and found a cool large bowl that goes with our luau theme as well! got it for .50. I think I'll use it for ice for the drinks, and the platter I may use for the kabobs.
I've been making my lists and my plans for what I need to do this week. that's the best way I can keep up with what I need to do. LOL!

Garrett still has a runny nose. no fever since yesterday though! nothing else but the snot factory on overload. though I'm waiting for his activia to kick in and relieve him from firm poops again. seems he went from the runs to the stops in a day. *sigh* so he's got a bit of diaper rash from that.

crap... that reminds me... I seen a weird rash on gavin's arm tonight at bathtime. I need to check that out when he wakes in the morning. I'm worried it may be poison ivy, but he says it only itches sometimes. ?? ugh.

um... dont guess there's anything else. oh, I've got the snots myself now. joy. also the sneezes. does this sound like allergies or a cold? I never know if I have allergies or not.