Thursday, February 26, 2009


I couldnt get on yesterday I hurt way too bad most of the time and the other I was holding onto an ice pack.
I woke to some serious muscle spasms that covered my whole right shoulder and all the way down my right arm. hurt like a MOFO! I even called my dad, wanting to ask him to come down and stay with me a couple days. he did talk on the phone with me a couple hours til I started feeling better.
seemed like it took forever til it was time for my chiro appt.
I got both sides of my neck adjusted and my whole spine. boy, did that feel good!
so I sat on ice the rest of the day/night. I got up at 3:30 this morning to feed S. the spasms had started up again (I'd already been awake at 3). at 4 a.m. I called robert in tears asking which meds he'd taken for his muscle spasms when he injured his knee.
so I've had one percocet today (one, cut in half so that I had two doses a few hours apart). when the spasms start up now they cover the whole right side of my back/shoulder and work down my right arm. 
right now its just that nerve pain that shoots down my arm, so I thought I'd get on and update.
I have another appt tomorrow morning, but am still working to find a baby sitter.  I really hope I get to go cause I want to get adjusted again along with the therapy. this stuff is awful!! hard to believe its from sleeping on my side. :P
my xrays came back ok except for a couple of compressed nerves, but no serious damage.
I do feel like a big ol' baby though! the bad thing is labor techniques dont work on this pain cause it doesnt ebb off. LOL I sure tried though.
I asked K to stay home with me today, partly from taking the pain meds this morning and also cause I just need help doing regular stuff around the house since my rt arm doenst have teh strength it normally does. sucks and I hated to do it, but I needed help and no one else was available.
so that's my whiney post for the day.
I'm doing a lot of sitting with an ice pack, some icy hot and a remote in my hand. still in my pjs and I need to get dressed. ugh. so much I need to do and I cant get it done. :P

Sunday, February 22, 2009

DH has been in all weekend and we've been enjoying that! he's going back to AL this week in the hopes they can finish up finally. seems like I say that every week, but he thinks it should actually be done now. that'd be nice!

  Saturday we got a babysitter, K stayed with her friend friday night til today, C went to his friends for band practice Saturday and dh and I went on a bday date!
we went to see the movie Taken. well, dh got to watch all of it, I got to see parts and pieces cause S went with us and she got all fidgety on me. :P I think it was a good movie though from what I seen, something to really make you think too (the plot behind it, not the action scenes)

Sarina has been sleeping like crap the last few nights. her two top front teeth are giving her crap I believe. she has a little runny nose to go with it. so she's up about every 2 hours all night. I keep having to lay her down to go back to sleep. she has quit taking a paci, wont suck her thumb either, so I'm trying to teach her how to comfort herself, either with a soft toy or something. so I've been one very tired mommy. took a nap today, finally (2 or 3 hours, cant remember) and hope to sleep tonight. here's hoping!
my shoulder is messed up again though cause I slept in K's bed while she was gone to be closer to S. my whole right shoulder area hurts. dh has popped my back for me several times and it helps for a bit, but then hurts again. sitting here is very uncomfortable even. it sucks! I guess I'll call the chiro tomorrow to see if I can get in.

oh and thanks for the hair love! I'm getting used to it again. been a long time since I had a perm, but I love them! this one is much more loose than my usual ones.
on a good note, I've had several comments this weekend as to how young I look! one lady today thought S was my only baby (we were in the nursery and she was visiting) and never thought I'd have a kid as old as C. makes me feel good!

sorry if I'm not caught up with everyone, tons of stuff to do here. still working on getting the last of the sashes done up before graduation at the dojo too. C signed up for baseball saturday as well adn we're waiting to hear if he made it on the high school team (he tried out for the 2 spots open).
he'll be having band practice M-W-F til the talent show in March (they'll be playing "Gotta Be Somebody" by Nickelback) along with our regular kung fu schedule. plus all the stuff I'm wanting to get done around here. I've got a list made out and I plan on getting it done! *note to self-quit slacking!*

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

today seems to be big for Sarina! besides pointing (which I read G didnt do til 1 yr) she started taking off from the couch on her own tonite! laughing like a nut the whole time, she'd take off and go 3-4 steps before squatting down to a crawl. it was so cute and the kids were so excited! she even stood up in the middle of the floor once!!
i told dh she may be walking before he gets home!

I went to pay off one of those bills today to find I didnt have any checks in my purse. *duh* so I'll have to go back tomorrow. also need to pick up Gavin's shoes he left at the dojo and pay off the other bill. oh, the first one I found out that the payoff is about $450 less than what I thought, so that made me very happy!

Garrett and Hunter have both been little terds today. I think they're making up for the weekend or something but its driving me batty!
I have a list of things to get done and I'm determined to do them. though I dont think any of them got done today. LOL
OH, I got an appt on Thursday morning to get my hair done! happy birthday to me! I'm getting it cut/layered and *gulp* permed!  big hair, here I come!

forgot to mention that I picked up my prize at the library today. I won in a drawing they were having for Valentine's day I got a tote bag filled with two hard back (romance) books and two big sticks of chocolate! also checked out about 5 books while there.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I guess I could update, but its been kinda boring. I did get my babysitter today to get to the store before those crazy storms came through. so I got 2 hours out by myself. got food, dropped stuff off at the thrift store and consignment store, dropped some gogurts off at my brothers.
oh, I've been getting in the spring cleaning mood too, so I'm putting a lot of stuff in the truck to drop off where it needs to go (which is out of my house!) and also did a Belle puzzle to hang up in the girls room.
found some cool buttons to add on my new bag (will get pics later).
guess that's about it.
still need to start on getting our tax stuff together! appt is on saturday!