Thursday, May 10, 2007

wednesday: MDO

so I had a GREAT day. though I wasn't sure how it'd go this morning. it seemed everything went haywire of course. didn't get to moms till about 10 cause they were working on a bridge going that way, so we had to take the long way around, which added about 20 minutes to my trip. then mom wanted me to take a couple baby things with me to do what I wanted (walker and baby swing) I ended up dropping them off at consignment when I came back home), and asked me to stop at the bank for her in town AND had to stop at the library to find my friend Danielle who was picking up C and Gavin for a sleep over to let her know the bridge was blocked. I ended up getting to my sis' a bit after 11. so much for being there as early as possible.
but once there it was great! she drove and we went to a couple different dollar tree type stores. I found stuff for K's bday party! I'm doing a Luau theme for her! I found flowers for the hair, Hawaii grab bags, party favors (mostly Disney princess stuff), a pink flower lai (sp?) for her, flowers to hang up, paper lanterns (Hawaii theme) and pink cutlery. I"m going to see if I can find pink plates in a bigger value at walmart than what was at the $ store, and hopefully some of the cheapy plastic lais for her party girl guests. (K will get the pretty flowery one ).
I think I'll do big flowers on her cake too.  ;-) she's excited about it and was very happy with what I found!

I also found a small gift for her (a little soft teddy with her name on it), a small gift for Garrett's bday (bath squirt toys), a gift bag for C's bday (baseball theme!) and more. I think for everything I got I spent $21 (that includes all the grab bag stuff like princess pencils, erasers, bubbles, stickers and more ). so I think that's pretty good! and the decor we'll reuse in K's room.(she loved that idea )

we also went to lunch at a local mexican place and it was delish! I had nachos.

then off to best buy! I found her MP3 player!!  its also Disney brand, pink/purple with flowers (they didn't have the princess style) and I got it for $40, plus $8 for the 2 yr warantee so we're good to go!  I've got one birthday gift down, 4 more kids to go! :-D
the best thing is that it listed for $50, but was the same as another that was $40 (only difference was the other was blue, they were both the last of their kind). so I asked the dept guy "why cant I get this one for $40? so after checking it out, they okayed it, so I got $10 off!!
a couple more shops, including hanging at her house for a while and I had to go back home. *wahhhh*

so it was great, we both laughed, yakked and had a wonderful time. we both agreed we needed the day out VERY badly!

af is kicking my butt!  :'( cramps aren't so bad (Tylenol helps wonderfully), but DANG if I'm not bleeding like a stuck pig!! it was a GOOD thing I took extra 'protection' with me today while I was out or I'd have been in BIG trouble.  I'm ready to be pg again to get rid of this stuff!! :-D

OH, funny stuff! Monday at lunch, the conversation came around and Katlyn ended up saying she wanted to be a vegetarian! she's doing this for a week. so I told her to feel the full effects, she has to be a true vegan w/ no dairy or meats. she's not that happy with that part. LOL! BUT she's doing it so far. and she only had cheese once. she told me today she doesn't like being a vegetarian. ;-)

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