Sunday, May 20, 2007

and tonight

so dh and Canaan buried all 4 kittens up on the back hill where our beloved Tilly and Callie are. I felt so bad for mama kitty though cause she knew her babies were dead (she sniffed them and followed the guys to the burial place) but she still cried for them all day. :-(
in good news though, my mom brought over an abandoned kitten from her place (the mama cat just stopped caring for it) and it was the same age as our kittens that were killed. mom had been bottle feeding him for a couple days, but wanted to see if our mama kitty would take him in.
she DID!  it took her a few sniffs and questioning looks at us (as in "this isn't one of my babies") but the little one was SO excited to have a mama kitty and I think she really needed a baby to love on so she laid down and started letting him nurse.
she took to him very quickly, which I was very happy and partly amazed. just glad it wasn't the other 'temp' mama kitty that was helping to take care of the other babies, cause she wont have anything to do with this one (which I expected of her).
we were worried about its safety though, so I got the PNP out (I keep it outside generally to use out there) and put the kitty box in it cause the baby is a wanderer now. but, mama kitty did NOT like it one bit and would not stay with baby in there. so I turned the box up so it had 4 sides and she was quite happy.
tonight we took them into the garage, which I'd planned on doing, but obviously mama kitty was worried too, cause before dh closed up the garage, she had taken baby kitten in there to a new place. I think she wanted to feel safer too.
so box and all are in the garage tonight and we'll get them out in the morning. I may set her up a temp area in there with a litter box as well.

the shelter lady brought back our other two mama kitties today as well and brought some more food for the cats (I love this lady! :-D ) so all my kitties are home now.

I'm also going to ask her about the possibility of katlyn taking a couple days a month to help her somehow. K loves animals and I think she'd get a lot out of helping Ruth.

Garrett hasn't been sick anymore today, but has had diarrhea all day long. I've cleaned up several puddles of poop from the carpet and the porch. poor little guy, by the end of the day it was just clear stinky farts that he'd pass.  he had a low grade temp this morning, but it faded out by lunch (along with a good 2 hr nap). he ate GREAT for dinner. scarfed up probably a cup worth of fresh green beans and boiled taters! plus his juice mix (w/ pedialyte). that was the most he ate all day though, so I was glad to see it, just hope it stays in where it should!

let's see.. yesterday I got to Sam's club for the first time (did I mention that?) and I know where I'm going to buy the strawberries, kiwi and cherry tomatoes for K and G's party!

ok, I think that's all. sorry if I've not made it to everyones journals. I feel like I've missed out on a lot, but between all this stuff this week, I've not been in an OL mood...

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