Wednesday, October 31, 2007


16 weeks

Movie Alert!

I looked this up on and the link is below. We need to pass the word to as many as we can for people to NOT see this movie.

You may already know about this, but I just learned about a kids movie coming out in December starring Nicole Kidman. It's called The Golden Compass, and while it will be a watered down version, it is based on a series of children's books about killing God (It is the anti-Narnia). Please follow this link, and then pass it on. From what I understand, the hope is to get alot of kids to see the movie - which won't seem too bad - and then get the parents to buy the books for their kids for Christmas. The quotes from the author sum it all up. I'm going to tell everyone about this movie.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

done some more loads of clothes, mostly coats/jackets. I swear dh has more than anyone else in the house!!! and of course his are HUGE so I can only wash like 4 at a time. I'm done with those after the next drying cycle though.
still need to wash all the boys dirty clothes so I can sort out any summer stuff to put up before taking the tubs back out. same with K's things. its gone rather easy this year.
I also went through my living room closet and took out some old blankets and curtains, rearranged the pillows (again) and got it all situated nicely.
found 3 more baby blankets (2 I'd made for K and H and one made for H by a lady at church).
I still need to clean up sooooooooo much. my house looks like a wrecking ball hit it.

16 weeks and Gavin lost a tooth!

I swear I'm feeling SO big now a days. I really hate to complain, but gosh-a-mighty, I'm only on the verge of 16 weeks. I've got SO much more growing to do. I feel like I'm going to be gigantic before April! I'll just have to watch my eating (which BTW is getting harder cause sweets are now starting to sound so much better).

next appt is on Thursday! I *think* I've only gained 3 lbs for this month, which is normal. amazing though how those 3 lbs can make you feel so big. :P

I did realize the other day that my braxtons had started up. likely they've been going on for a while, I've just not paid attention. I did notice the other day though.

Gavin lost his third tooth last night! he has two more that are loose, but not enough to take out just yet. he was pretty upset when daddy was taking it out. daddy asked him what he was so upset about and G said "cause you want to take my tooth out" *sniff sniff* and daddy said "I've already got your tooth. see?" to which G was like 'wow!' and immediately ok. he woke up when C was up for school to check the 'tooth fairy dish' and found his money.

strange baby dream last night. it was a long drawn out one, but skipping to the main part: it was some sort of mystery dream (aka: who did it) and I was on the search for clues. found some paperwork of 'things to come' and it was a file on someone wanting to kidnap my baby girl. course I knew the information now (was still even pg) so I would know who to look for and be able to kick their butts before hand.
guess its cause I was watching CSI and Journeyman last night.
but there's another dream for Girl. not that it means anything with my history.

Monday, October 29, 2007


"welcome Mullets to Portland!"

Sunday, October 28, 2007

my brother's wedding!

the wedding went over GREAT and it was so beautiful out there. I've uploaded a few pics of things, though certainly not all!
they DID end up with a pro photographer! another lady from church came out for them. they'll get to pick 50 pics for $100 as a starter package. cant wait to see them all, she said it'll be about 2 weeks. woo!

I am SO tired and my feet are killing me from all the walking and running around we've been doing this week! especially the last couple days! tomorrow I've still got some running to do. have to go in town in the morning for FIL and a shop, then we'll head to my moms to help with cleanup.

the only downer part of the night was my brothers dad ( humongous roll eyes at this man!) first off, they had to set the date for THIS day because of him (he told John this was the *only* day he'd be able to make it in since he was goign to a festival a couple hours away) then he gave him the time frame (he told John he could only be here for 3 hours total). so then he gets here and when he's ready to go, he wants John to leave the wedding and escort them back out to town (too stupid to find your way out???). so John was gone after the eating for about an hour. it was getting late by then and tasha went ahead and went home cause Landon was way past ready to go to bed (poor thing hadnt napped all day) and when John came back to moms, was sad she was already gone.

the good news though is that after Tasha's parents got home, they made them get in the car and he escorted them around the square honking the horns at everyone (a 'tradition' in town after someone gets married) and Lisa (tasha's mom) said they came home with big smiles on their faces after that.



Saturday, October 27, 2007


wedding arch!

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Indian heritage shows real well

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

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wedding candles

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Jennifer!

October 19th:
I know I'm late on it, but I did think of it all last week and wanted to
post on the actual day. well, look what that got me. *blush* Just wanted
to let you know I'm still thinking of you, missing you and hoping all is
I do wonder why I can never reach you or if any of the letters I sent
ever got to your address you gave me. :(
So happy birthday dear friend! I hope you got a LOT of hugs and great
stuff from your family. :)


Saturday, October 20, 2007

Friday, October 19, 2007

I feel like I could fall on my face and crash out for a while. oy.
taking any of the other kids to the dr is a breeze, but take Hunter? yeah, I knew it was going to be an adventure. but boy-howdy, was it a wing-ding!  so glad my mom went with me cause it'd have been undoable otherwise.
G didnt get any shots today cause he's got a runny nose and very slight fever. nothing wrong with him persay, ears/nose/throat are fine, just a snot nose. he'll pick up his shot at the next visit.

for stats today:
Hunter 5 years- 44.5" tall, 48.5 lbs BP was nice and low (like 85/63... amazing that with all the fit he was throwing) and pee was good, as was iron. oh, and he can shatter glass with his screaming. LOL!

Garrett 16m- 33.5" tall, 25.6 lbs, HC 19.25". he's officially the smallest of my babies at this age. height is right in range, but even K was a pound heavier at 15 months. guess he'll be tall and skinny for a while.  hard to believe C was 30 lbs at 12m. makes me gawk at thinking of carrying that kind of load again. LOL! G will probably be 30 lbs closer to 2 years at this rate.
Dr did say to try and boost his fiber intake to see if that'd help with his poop cycles (he's been in a "wet" cycle earlier this week) so we'll see what we can do. at least he's not constipated anymore, right?

besides the dr, just hit a very few yard sales. found a couple of zip up small sleepers and other odds/ends. not much out today, even though the weather is great. guess its getting the end of yard sale season. *pout*

did get to see my Sis today. she brought me my Karen Moning book, plus some other stuff. *Woo!* she sat with us at McDs after we had breakfast (me and my craving for breakfast these days) til her DS called from school cause he was sick.

the church is having a family night tonight. potluck dinner and blowup rides for the kids, but it starts at 5 and not sure what time dh gets home (he's not here yet). plus I'm so dang tired. the thought of chasing down the boys for a few hours doesnt appeal to me too much. :p

I think I'll go to JCP to look for a MOH dress for the wedding. hopefully I can find something of fall colors that will look decent on me (crossing fingers!). dh also needs to find something as well cause my brother wants him to be the Best Man. :)

I feel so huginormous today. :P looking in the mirror to me, I seem giant! I know my weight's the same, but man! maybe I need a girdle. :) I definitely need hair color!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007


today is laundry day. woo! actually its laundry catch-up day. :-D the boys laundry specifically. ugh. I know some of what I'm washing is clean, but I refuse to sniff clothes.

its all windy and gloomy outside as well. we got some good rain last night and its to rain more today! its looks like we might possibly be breaking the drought finally!
hopefully some nice weather will hold out for John and Tasha's wedding though (the 28th). cant believe its so close! next week will be spent a lot of time at my moms to help with decor making of stuff.

tomorrow is H and Garrett's dr. appts. both get shots. fun. I'm more stressed about Hunter though. he freaks at just the mention of shots, so it's going to be a wrestle-mania to have them done. :P

we're boring otherwise! dh *may* get to come home this evening if all 4 trucks come in today for them to unload. if not, he'll be home tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

finally back home! sometimes I wonder why I do story hour, it's always
refreshing when we LEAVE, but it does get the kids out to do something
else. it was all about firetrucks/firemen today. afterwards we got to go
see the ladder truck and the smoke house. the boys thought that was
cool. G was in the stroller the whole time. that kid is way too heavy to
pack anymore. (G wasnt in the stroller during story hour. that's when I
wrestle him to stay in my lap and resonably quiet. he spent his time
sorting crayons in/out of the cups and then taste testing them.) he was
quiet the whole time, guess watching everyone else and the fact he was
moving made it all ok. it did get DANG hot outside though! I think it's
warmer than what they'd thought it would be. I had to turn down the a/c
2* after we got home. I was breaking a sweat.

got some library books after the firetruck and K got her first library
card. (C just got his last week).

then to Lowe's to take back some stuff DH never had installed for me in
the utility room (a bar to hang the boys clothes on) so I returned all
that and just bought a spring loaded shower bar that I can install
myself! will do that later today!

I wanted to look at the wall-clings while there, but our Lowe's doesnt
have them. I'll have to look what Walmart has and check out the Lowe's
in the next town. If we have a girl, I'd like to find some Tinkerbell to
go along with K's Princess clings she has.


14 weeks

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


fall is coming!

Monday, October 15, 2007

For Dody

I'm so sorry for the loss of your big sister. It breaks my heart that
you have to go through this. She put up a strong fight through the years
she battled breast cancer and through your updates, I could see that
just like I remembered her, she was full of life.
So many prayers go out to you, your entire family and every person she
touched, for comfort through this time. I wish I could be there to give
you a real hug and give you a shoulder to lay your head on.
She is one of my heroes now, along with my husband's mother, that even
though they lost the battle, they didn't lose the war because they will
never be forgotten for all that they were.
Love to you my dear friend.
My poor little Boo. he just had his first bad booboo. he fell and hit
his head on the concrete outside, obviously a rock or something was
under him and he cut the side of his little head. left a good sized knot
too. didnt bleed very long, the cut is only less than 1/8", but it did
get all over his shirt, me and the concrete.
katlyn washed off the concrete cause it freaked her out. I told her she
at least was more worried this time than when Gavin cut his head when he
was about this age. she was about 5 and just walked in saying "gavin's
got a bleed". when I looked outside he was covered in blood all over his
face. scary scary stuff! nothing like that this time, thank goodness.
he's gotten some tylenol cause I know his little head will hurt.


blood from G's boo boo

Sunday, October 14, 2007



Saturday, October 13, 2007

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

baby stuff

I'm 13 weeks today!! I had to think about that this morning when I remembered I needed to take a belly pic. wow! last week totally flew by! next week I'll start my 2nd trimester!

OH, I had another baby dream this morning! I was at the hospital after the birth, relaxing in my room and was looking at my baby girl laying in my lap. she was all swaddled up, but had the fattest little cheeks and blond whisps of hair on her head! I thought to myself "you're so tiny!" but when she stretched out, she was longer than I realized.
I never looked in her diaper, but I knew she was a 'she' and called her that (but no name). the funny thing was, later dh was sitting on the bed looking at her and he was saying 'he' and I rolled my eyes and said 'its a girl honey'. that's so funny cause he's the one that so adamant that I'm having a girl.
so I'm going to sketch up a pic of the baby I saw in my dream so I'll have it for keeps! that's the first time I've dreamed of a blond haired girl though. normally I see dark haired babies.

course it all means nothing on if I 'know' the gender. I tend to have girl dreams anyway. this baby did look totally different from any others I've seen though. ;)


so, gosh, not sure when I last posted even.
let's see, for Sunday:
bought the new water heater and dh got it all installed and we had water again! no hot water though cause I had to call monday for an electrician to run a new wire for it (new codes have a bigger wire to use).

monday, called all the electricians in the phone book and was called back a couple hours later by the one recommended by my neighbors. he came out asap to look at it and see what he could do. turns out he could be out the next morning and get it done!
We mostly bummed around the house that day, but also cleaned house. (and as a side note, only one other electrician called back the same day. two others called back the next day and one recalled again today at 7:45am. duh.)

tuesday, it rained that day!!!!!! we got like an hour and a half of rain! made the electrician run a wee bit behind, so he got here about 8:30 and was finished by 11. we had hot water by 11:30! only cost $180 for his work and materials, so I was very happy about that.  my mom stopped by for a bit. she'd picked K up earlier to take with her to the vet's office. Billy (remember the little runt kitten that my cat took in and he'd grown so much?) had been sick and turns out he was almost gone. they had to put him to sleep. mom and C buried him out back where we have my Tilly and Callie.
I also had to run in town to cash FIL's comcheck he gave to me to help pay for the electrician and stuff. then last night was the homeschool meeting. we also had a hayride, which was really nice. it wasnt quite too cold, just chilly.
today we woke up late after staying up late to watch movies. we got in town in time for story hour, which was providing free pizza. we stayed til around 12 cause of mom yakking. LOL!

now back home and finally checking email and all that after a few days. scary stuff!


13 weeks

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


new water heater and closet

Monday, October 08, 2007


plans are a no-go

Sunday, October 07, 2007

unexpected damages

ya know, being a home owner is a great thing. it really is! you get to fix up your own place, be in charge and create your own home environment how you envision.
but there are those other times when you really wish someone else could take care of things. :)
a couple nights ago, I noticed the water wasnt getting hot like it was supposed to. it was still more than warm, but not hot. I chalked it up to my weird pregnancy horomones and took my shower.
then night before last when giving the boys a bath, Gavin hopped in and told me "gosh mom! its cold! cant we get some hot water?" (now Hunter had already been in the bath the whole time I was running the water and never said anything!) but sure enough, that water was just lukewarm. Brrrrrrr!!!
Thank God though, my wonderful hubby came home for a day and a half this week. he'd been working out of town and they got a free partial weekend, so he came home for that time before heading back to where he was.
we cleared out the end of the closet (as this is where we had to access the water heater *roll eyes at such smart engineers who did that*) and then I discovered that ~gasp~ there was some leaking water from under the wall the water heater was behind. oh gosh.
so much for hoping it was just an element that needed replacing.
turns out the tank got a hole in it somehow and no, when the house was built they did not put a pan under the tank, but thankfully it was a small leak and caught in plenty of time before doing damage!
so my wonderful Jack-of-all-trades hubby has spent his partial weekend "off" taking out a busted water heater, creating a new access panel in a more convenient place, buying a new water heater (we bought one that has a lifetime warranty) and installing said water heater.
we do have water again, but not hot water. during the process, he discovered that building codes have changed since our house was built 10 years ago and the wiring to the WH is no longer using a 12 gauge wire, its a 10 gauge wire. *sigh* so that means I'm calling an electrician in the morning to have someone come out and have that part switched out. (dh could do it technically, but doesnt have the tools to do the job right). oy.
yeah, some things ya just wish someone else could be in charge of. LOL!
it could have been much worse though, so I'm just very thankful that he came home for this day and a half! yep, the mess would have been much worse otherwise!


water heater gone bad

Friday, October 05, 2007

Thursday, October 04, 2007

2nd Dr. appt

had a great day! my dr. appt went perfect. its neat going in on
thursdays cause that's the day they do u/s. get to see all the bellys
and the anticipation in the waiting room.
I'm up 5 lbs from last visit (ack! but I knew I would be from all the
eating I had to do to keep from feeling awful. BUT I'm down one pound
from where I WAS last week.) BP was 123/68. dont know what that top
number was up and my heartrate was 105. nurse commented on that and I
dont know why that was up either. maybe the DP I had for breakfast.
Dr wasnt worried about it though, so I dont guess I will.
I had to take K and Garrett with me today cause my mom hurt her back.
she was able to keep the two boys for me cause they can take care of
themselves, but no way I could keep G and do my shops and stuff as well,
so K came with me. they were both great though!
so dr P came in and said 'let's try to find a h/b!' said he wasnt going
to measure my uterus cause its too small yet (I told him "I can feel my
uterus and can tell you where it is." then he decides to check around
himself and sees where it is.) he found baby parked over on my left
side, thumping away! (and I'll have to go back and read, but I"m pretty
sure I'm used to the last few babes being on my right side). K was happy
to hear the h/b, thought it was neat and later asked why it was so fast.
so I asked the doc how fast the h/b was and he said "I dont know, sounds
fast though. maybe in girl range?" I said "I dont know." he laughed and
said "we like to play those games sometimes (the old wives tales about
the heartrate=gender) but the good thing is its a nice strong h/b!"
I go back on Nov. 1st.

we'll be having chili for dinner again tonight (what I fixed last night)!


first dr. visit!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

dance baby dance!

Happy 12 weeks to me!!! and I can make it even better by saying without a doubt that I've felt Itty Bitty move 3 times so far!!!!
Once was earlier this week and I was like 'nah. that's awfully early...' then again last night while sitting here and I thought '... maybe it was gas?' then again just a few moments ago before I wrote it in my written journal and I knew for sure that yep! Itty Bitty has been poking on momma's belly this week! so sweet!!!! I love it!
so last pg I was in my 12th week when I first noticed baby move and this time in my 11th week. which is right on the norm cause I've never first felt my babies later than 14 weeks anyways.
so cool!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

hello birdie!

cool thing today, this morning while getting dressed, I heard a "thump" at my bedroom window. I thought a bird had flown into it so went to check it out. turns out a bird HAD hit the window, only to land and hang out!  a full grown red-headed woodpecker sat on my window for about 20 minutes. got some great pics of him too. he acted like he was awfully tired cause he didnt mind at all all the peering out the window we were doing (got all the kids in to see) and the pics I took of him. at the end he started pecking my window and realized it didnt taste good, so took off. LOL! funny!

pics are in the flickr stream on todays date. :)


Monday, October 01, 2007

first baby dream

I also had my first baby dream last night! though it didnt help. LOL
I dreamed I went to the town next to us to find a dr who could do a quick u/s. even though my apppt was in two days with my regular doc. so I found one and he did a 3D u/s (with natural color and everything!) and I seen the baby! I was only as far along as I am now, but baby looked BIG and chubby and looked like a girl, but when I asked the dr about the gender, he said it was too early to tell. the gender looked a little of both. LOL! so oh well.
at least I dreamed of baby!

long update from the weekend!

I cant even remember all we've been doing, but I'll think on it.
Most of the weekend I worked on my free 8x8 picture book from shutterfly I needed to order. the last day was the 30th and I couldnt get the flash to work at my moms, so after uploading all 166 pics at my moms, I had to come home to actually work on the book. it got done though and I'm eager to get it! I did it on Garrett's first year

Friday was town day and hit a few yard sales. found a few things and even got to surprise a few people with my #6 on the way. :-D
I had to take K to my sis' around lunch so she could go to the girl scout thing for the night. I hung out over there til they left at 3:30. I love hanging with my sis, she's such a nut. :-D

that night we stayed at home and watched some tv. we seen the premieres of ghost whisperer and moonlight. I think moonlight will be really good.  I'm looking forward to more of that one!

saturday I got some ME time! daddy was off work and I got to go in town by myself to hit some more yard sales and get groceries and have some breakfast. it was wonderful.  found a few more items, but I have to say, either God is trying to tell me something about this baby or things are conspiring against me. ALL I can find are little girl sales! I swear I've not found one with baby boy items these last few months! Usually its all little boy stuff I end up finding. so I've bought a few things, dont think I spent over $2 on it all, but got a few zip up cotton sleepers, one brown/offwhite gap outfit that will be gender neutral (it'll be for the fall though) and a couple of long sleeve snap bottom shirts. also found a couple pairs of dress shoes. for all that under that price, I couldnt resist. LOL!

later that day we got to go pick up K from my sis'. my sis was so tired cause they barely ever sleep on those overnight girl scout things. LOL! we ended up hanging out there til everyone was ready to go eat, so we all went to fazolis for dinner. it was really great too! been forever since we got to go out with another family and all. the kids were great and we were all laughing like loons back in our corner.

after that we got home to veg and watch some more tv, seen moonlight was replaying so called my sis to let her know. she wanted to see it, but of course didnt get to the night before.

sunday we went to church and boy oh boy was I in a grouchy mood by the time I got there.
G didnt go to bed saturday night til after 11, then woke at 10 til 7. he was fine for about 20 minutes while he ate and stuff, but after that he was into everything. on the table, tossing and tearing up papers, in the toilet (3 kids in the next room 'didnt hear' the commotion. ha.), in the pantry (who keeps forgetting to put the lock on??), screaming for attention, then getting all grumpy cause he was still tired. I was glad to hand him off to my mom when we got there.  he slept through sunday school she said.
but anyway, church was good and I felt better by the time we left!

after getting home, we hung out here for lunch cause at 3 we had a parents/kids soccer game and pizza afterwards. I fixed some toasted sandwiches for lunch and we watched some food network.  I got dh hooked on paula's cooking. hehe!

the parent/kid game was fun. dh sat with the kids and I played a wing position. (dh's ankle is still sensitive). I was good though and only fell once, by my own fault. LOL! landed on my butt, so all is ok. parents lost though. LOL!

we went to pizza hut afterwards. only cost $5 for the whole family so that's cool! the kids had a blast hanging out with their friends of course and we got to yak with the adults.

so fast forward to pizza hut. all was well until after we ate and G decides its time to poop. he acts like its a tough one, so I let him go about his business for a bit. oh no. cant do that. he not only blew up, he blew out, blew over, blew around, blew everywhere! it was inside/outside everything!!! disgusting!!!! dh carried him like a rotten sack of taters at arms length for me to the bathroom and I took him in. I had to totally strip him down cause everything we wore except his shoes had poop on it!! I had to use wet paper towels, toilet paper and half my wipes to clean the kid up. it was awful! and stinky to boot! nasty nasty nasty!!!!!! feel sorry for those taht went in afterwards. hehe! I did bag up the dirty dipe, but still, yuck! I had to sanitize the whole change table after we were done with it.
we left after that cause dh was done and I had no diapers left or extra clothes. LOL!

so that's us!

oh, Garrett cut his 11th tooth this weekend! its his first canine on his bottom left. the twin will be following very soon. he also more clearly says "outside" and "go". his favorite things to do. LOL!